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  1. Found it. Yea. Wow thanks though
  2. Lost my little wallet on SN this AM Right by the intersection of the 2nd bridge Message me please Wife is gonna hit up face book Thnx
  3. And yea, Back 40 and TV and Little Sugar are ridable in normal rain. Those trails shed water like RainX
  4. Can't find a specific size listed. My wife rode this back in the day. She is 5'4" ish. I am 5'6" any taller of a person itll be too small as is without swapping parts
  5. Sorry-- I just saw this , Ill look when I get home.
  6. Tree has been removed. Several others removed also. For sure not ready for tires. Please keep off
  7. I rode 1/4 with no pick up and it was dry,, Will said DD was primo. I did not go anywhere else because the other trails dry slow. Was there rain last night over there?
  8. Have you officially moved up there?
  9. Nice and simple, New I assume? You gonna do anything to the floor?
  10. Mt Kessler was real fun. Also they have connected Mt Kessler with Centennial Park nearby.
  11. Trek 4300 26 " Old skool yes. Would we by this for ourselves? Nope. V brakes and 8 speed with 3 up front. Asking $75
  12. SIZE XS My daughters but she has not touched in too long. Asking $100
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