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  1. I was the SS with drops, correct
  2. Hey were you in the group at the end of Katy ln riding around the cul de sac? I went by all yallz in the AM.
  3. Scott texted me and I reached out. I'll return it to him Thanks
  4. Riding SN this morning and found a device. Hit me up and let me know what I found and I will happily get it back to you. I don't do FB so if someone asked if their thing was found today on SN on FB , let me know And I can try and get this returned back to its rightful owner.
  5. Thanks JB! I dont have FB so didnt know. I saw the work though
  6. Selling my Mac. Just prefers my Windows machines better is all. 15" Space Grey 500 Gig drive \ 2.4 ghz core i9 32 GB $750
  7. I had booked a site at Coler Campground on Fri Oct 15 2021 - Sun Oct 17 2021 but will not be able to make that now. https://www.peelcompton.org/coler-mountain-bike-preserve/camping/ I have stayed there before and it is pretty nice, This specific weekend is the Oz Trails offroad races and events https://epicrides.com/events/oz-trails-off-road/event-guide/ I am into the site for $30 if anyone is interested in it let me know Thanks
  8. I have known you long enough to know you disappear in late spring only to emerge in the fall. Ill ping ya.
  9. So this came off the rack and no one had decency to stop and help or anything? I hope you find it and whoever has it isnt a dirtbag and kept it. Maybe they are trying to find you. Notify the shops in case there is damage and they take it in to repair.
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