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  1. I'm hesitant right now with the market being so... flat. Waiting for it to be more... inflated. I know it will... blow up soon.
  2. I'm not arguing that this isn't true for you but I'm after 3+ years of Austin trail rides and 2 bikes I've used 5 tubes total. I carry everything with me to change a tube on the trail but I've never had to. Yet. I'm not saying I won't ever.
  3. I know I'm in the minority but, reading these threads really doesn't make me want to give up inner tubes. Then again, I don't race and I'm lucky if I ride single track more than once a week.
  4. Actually yeah, that wouldn't be so bad and I'm usually opposed to targeted advertising but that seems better somehow.
  5. I'm selfishly opposed. I do what I can to minimize subscriptions, especially to things I use sparingly. I avoid them even more when the slowly erode free features and constantly remind me I could pay to be annoyed less by their own ads. I created a new email account to take advantage of a 6-month free Spotify offer that was sent to me but was only for new users. Free Strava/ Free Fitbit aren't too bad yet. I think the features I'll miss on Strava Free are the the comparisons on matched runs and rides (new for rides). When prepping for my 1/2 marathon I really liked that feature and wanted it on rides.
  6. My 4yo has been getting more and more endurance since ditching the training wheeels. She's gone on a few 2.5 miles rides now. To increase our range so we can both enjoy ourselves I Jerry-rigged a bike rack on our trailer. As a bonus we can also use the trailer as a stroller and go on some longer walks while the kids ride with us. The 6yo is now hitting the trials really well. She's grown into the new bike quite a bit in the last few months. 20200502_111247.mp4
  7. Both are unopened but over a year old. I'm east of BC.
  8. I rode this trail 3X last week and put it back each time. The trail is now flush with neighbor hood walkers and dogs with legs too short to get over these.
  9. So as a B line rider, who enjoys 1/4 notch I decided to try DD about 3 weeks ago. There is so much un-rideable sections of DD (for me) and walk only stuff (for me) that I can't imagine getting to this section and trying to make that one thing easier for me. I don't understand the logic, it would be like drowning in the middle of the ocean and building a liferaft for my hand. Seriously, if I hadn't seen 2 or 3 riders clearing some of the obstacles I wouldn't have believed it could be cleared.
  10. I'm a big ban of the topeak morph series. I've been carrying either the mountain or mini for 10+ years. They have a fold out leg that makes it easy to pump against the ground like a shop pump. If I got a new one, I'd get one of the newer ones with an inline gauge. https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/mini-pumps/248-mini-morph® https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/mini-pumps/245-mountain-morph® https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/mini-pumps/849-mini-morph®-g
  11. It's got a new (to me) line up to the cliff that's pretty fun. I like the tech level of the trail. If I ride it regularly enough I can see progress. I can never remember the right candy names but ankle biker makes sense to me because of the overhanging rock at pedal level along lots of the trail.
  12. Rant, Rode Ankle Biter 3x today (as well as nearby trails) . Ankle Biter was flush with the with families and not your typical trail crowd walking dogs and asking where the waterfall is. Lots of bags of poop trails side and 2 logs removed from accros the trail. I put both back on the first lap and did it again on the 3rd lap after Karen must have thought her anemic rat of a dog couldn't surmount the 6" tree. Also noticed random hatchet marks on larger trees. Ankle Biter used to be my favorite out of the way trail now it seems like the masses are branching off the BCRT.
  13. Is that the EMS access point for 1/4 notch?
  14. On a scale of 1-10 how thick does my tin foil hat need to be to watch this? On a side note: My favorite conspiracy theory is that there are several made up conspiracy theories to make the real ones look loony.
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