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  1. Not to beat a dead horse but a recent video from Daily MTB rider showcases Duthie Pretty well.
  2. Just what this drag strip needed, more turns. 😛
  3. I actually would like to discuss this as I find it, as usual, a lot of hype. However, stuck and work and unable to put down my full thoughts right now. In short, I don't get it? My 1x10 and 1x11 is perfectly reliable and more than enough ratio for where I ride. If all you did is ride up, and then ride down then it makes more sense, but I rarely do that anymore.
  4. https://www.1up-usa.com/product/equip-d-single/ I can see some of their improvements but I'm not sure how it fits in their line up price-wise. Cost Comparison: All single versions in black, because the new one is black only. The "original" version: $350 ($319 in Silver) The "new" version: $480 The "Super Duty" Version: $410 ($380 in Silver) Am I missing something, what makes the new version that much better?
  5. So, so, so, so listen up, 'cause you can't say nothin' You'll shut me down with a push of your button
  6. Your knees'll start shakin' and your fingers pop Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock 👾
  7. To be clear, the glasses were found sitting as shown and are still there as of this morning around 9am.
  8. Found on the lollipop loop with the triangle rock marker at the beginning/end.
  9. Did you remove the tree next to the drop?
  10. Another helmet story for you on the fence: Had been skiing for 1-2 years and someone made the point that I wear a helmet when I ride my bike (21 speed Costco special) and I go alot faster on my skis than my bike so logically I should wear a helmet while skiing. Now, remember this was Washington state so skiing isn't that fluffy pow-pow you get in CO. 8/10 ski days of the year It's ice, or at best groomed ice; so falling hurts. Anyways, I agreed, purchased a helmet and some time toward the end of the year, my buddies and I were looking for fresh tracks and ducked under a temp fence made from flagging tape and bamboo posts. The tape caught on my backpack and eventually brought me to a full stop until the pole let loose from the snow and WACK! speared me in the back of the head. If I hadn't been wearing a helmet, I would have been tasting bamboo skewer for the rest of my (short) life.
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