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  1. Man, these injury threads really make me second guess my willingness to leave the house! For those of you are recently injured or still recovering: Keep up the PT, listen to you Dr's and PT's. If they aren't pushing you, find a different one. I had a pretty nasty Bucket Handle Tear on my meniscus on top of a partial MCL tear on the same knee back in 2011 and recovery sucked. I skipped leg day for too long and didn't keep my PT up. It took years instead of months before I would say I was 100% again. It's actually one of the big reasons I got into MTB because the pedaling motion helps my joint and was a good way to build strength. If I had stuck with my PT I think I would have recovered and been more active much sooner than I was.
  2. Agreed, I just like am used to the ergo or lack or ergo of Shimano. Whenever I ride a friend's SRAM I spend the whole ride poking the air with my thumb or using the backside of my hand to up shift.
  3. Nope: +1 for forks and brakes, get what you want I am not interested in carbon Sure, why not if the price is right: I have a preference on drive trains, but I can adapt Droppers can be added easily and inexpensively Tires wear out and need to be replaced I couldn't tell you the difference in rims/hubs/spokes I like the idea of building from scratch, that's basically what my FS is. Except I bought it as a complete but parts bin basket case and over 8 years have replaced everything on it except for the shock and handlebars. I'd do it from scratch but worried about acquiring everything in a reasonably short period
  4. As of 20 hours ago I had no idea this thing even existed.
  5. Apparently, we have lots of rarely seen large to largish cats: https://tpwd.texas.gov/education/resources/texas-junior-naturalists/watching-wildlife/texas-cats
  6. https://www.kvue.com/amp/article/news/local/it-makes-you-look-over-your-shoulder-more-mountain-lion-spotted-in-hutto-community/269-333012e5-bcde-41a8-a289-201d616efea0 I couldn't find the old thread on the mtb rider in the Seattle area who was killed by one, it might be on mojo.
  7. I'd also add: My HT beats me up more than my FS but my FS wears me out more than my HT.
  8. I have a HT, just a tame one: non-boost, 27.5, 100mm of budget fork travel. Really aside from the fork I've really enjoyed the bike and even then I've been impressed with the fork for what it is. But this thread got me curious and with the help of ShineRider's spare front wheel I put my 26'r 150mm Talas from my FS on it and rode it for the PP race and a single lap on 1/4 notch to see whether I'd like to replace 1 or both of my bikes with one of the numerous bikes listed above. I rarely missed my FS on either of those trails. Mostly because I'm not what you'd call an aggressive rider, I'm happy just to clear features and stay on the pedals. I could definitely see where a 27.5+ HT could be a fun, "do-it-most" bike.
  9. AJ has done maintenance on that bridge before, I'd check with him.
  10. Dang! That's Mid-Picnic near the entrance to 1/4 Notch right? I take a breather there 99% of the time I ride those trails.
  11. As a former West Coaster (not CA), you guys have never experienced evening on shore flow and it shows...
  12. A few were posted on the PP FB page. I don't know where else.
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