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  1. That's a great idea. It still looks great with your color scheme too. I did use some clear thick vinyl for chain stay and cable runs but in the end, my advantage is that it's a kids bike and she's going to crash/scuff it on the first ride. I already warned her and said it's ok to get scratches from riding.
  2. Thanks! I'm curious how it the paint will hold up. It definitely had some cracks/chips develop at the rear axle (bolt) and kickstand mount. But otherwise seemed pretty durable during the build process. Honestly, if it doesn't hold up, 50/50 it was my prep work.
  3. Shopped at the Parmer location for the first time time after the transition. I called ahead to find a 7 speed master link, they said they were out but had a SRAM chain for $16. Not too bad. I showed up after work and they sold out of the SRAM but they had a Shimano for $24. He priced matched the SRAM without me even asking because he remembered that I had called ahead. It was also the first time I had been in the store because when it was BSS they were doing business from the sidewalk.
  4. All "done" ! She's one happy camper! It's been a fun project with her.
  5. Sorry for the tease, my daughter and I built what we could today after dealing with yard pickup from the storm. I feel a little regret after seeing some of these quality builds. My choice to not touch the fork/wheels is going to bug me. 😂 To do: shifter cable, chain, ergo adjust, grips and bar trimming.
  6. It's true, went for a walk through the neighborhood greenbelt and the crushed granite walkways are all soft.
  7. Can't be any mud if it's frozen. Y'all going to hate me if I ride?
  8. or for those of us who were raised with plastic covered sofas...
  9. On the topic of Leftys. They've always intrigued me and I understand the draw despite it's apparent draw backs. Has there ever been a generation of Leftys that are reliable and easy to service?
  10. Couple of things... 1) Someone got the bridge back to the East End of Ankle Biter/Gum Drop. 🎉 2) Ankle Biter/Gum Drop is really widening out with all of the new traffic. It's like a highway now, well not quite, but still. 3) I crashed/ barrel rolled from the upper ledge (Right-side of picture below), luckily the tree (far left of same picture) stopped me from entering Brushy Creek from an unwelcome height. 4) I'm limping somewhat today and kicking myself for not wearing my clunky knee pads, anything would have been better than nothing. Any suggestions for "better than nothing knee pads" that can be peddled in?
  11. Too impatient, pulled all of the plugs tonight, looks like they did their job.
  12. No, I sprayed ~1/2 the can and let dry for 2 hours and finished off the can, per their website. With my lack of paint skills and steady wind I got semi-gloss on most of bike and matte on some. For my first go and a kids bike I'm happy with the result. I pulled off the BB and seat tube plugs last night and they worked great at protecting the inners. If I don't freeze in my garage this weekend I hope to remove the rest and assemble it with my daughter.
  13. Thanks! Sure thing, when do you need them?
  14. Got the vinyl decals on and two clear coats. Planning on assembly next weekend (instructions says 7 days for full cure). I'm slightly regretting not doing anything with the wheels or fork other than cleaning them. But I can always change it later.
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