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  1. So I purchased my way into going tubeless at least on one of my bikes. I have sealant and am having fun figuring out that learning curve. However, for larger punctures are y'all packing bacon strips? What's your favorite trailside tool for installing them?
  2. Get your ride in soon, this afternoon will be wet.
  3. One of the best things I did on my current (33yo) and previous (53yo) homes before getting them painted was clean up the coax and phone. Looks so much better!
  4. Lots of different lock washers, most are garbage and a bandaid on a Fastener/joint issue. Split washers (shown in the article) are the worst kind garbage. I've been lurking on this thread waiting for the experienced SS riders to comment. I agree, sounds like braking force is the issue here. Motorcycles from the 60s/70s use a very similar chain tensioner bolt but rely solely on the rear axle (~17mm Dia) torqued to 40-60 ftlbs. Adding friction by removing/scuffing paint and using friction paste is a great idea in these smaller bolted joints with high loads.
  5. I'd love to see your homemade Jig! Share some pics!
  6. Obligatory staged photo for my desktop background.
  7. Is that a real ad that got generated on your Social Media?!?!
  8. Internal rim width = 40mm Tire size 27.5 x 2.8
  9. Tubeless NOOB question. How low of a pressure do I need to worry about needing some sort of insert? I've been experimenting with pressures. Since getting the new bike. I'm currently in the high teens (18-19psi) but might try lower.
  10. I recently upgraded my entry level 1 1/8 straight steerer, QR 10mm fork to a Manitou Markhor. It's available in a variety of configurations of wheel size, steerer and axle, usually for less than $300. I have the 27.5, straight steerer and 9mm QR. I have a few rides on it and it's simple but I'm happy with it.
  11. Don't send me questions, I'm just the messenger stirring up conversation to pressure me into signing up...
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