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  1. Here is the post, I'm still waiting for him to reply.
  2. A guy on FB was saying he lost it. I'll message him.
  3. Beat me to it! The visuals are great, but the smell is amazing.
  4. Cedar Park had a "kaleido-spoke" festival on Friday night. It was an impressive event for being free. Great for kids.
  5. I don't know about the LG solar Panels but a neighbor/ friend recently installed the "indestructible" Tesla Solar Roof 1 month before our last hail storm that peppered my roof and chimney and the Tesla Roof was completely destroyed. Yes...
  6. I disagree, 100%. Watch a few videos on cobalt mining in Africa. Compare that to the BP rigs on the North Slope in Alaska. Night and day difference in environmental impact and human safety/ impact. I'm not saying Big Oil's hands are clean but I'd rather live next to a refinery (I actually did for 4 years in college) than anywhere near a heavy metal mine. None of the kids being raised in Blaine, WA or Ferndale, WA have birth defects from the refinery. Greenwashing by switching to batteries as fast as we have is having a much bigger global and individual impact than anyone realizes. Money goes where the demand is much faster than any regulations. Here's a few to choose from: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cobalt+mining+in+congo Oil refinery in Alaska: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=oil+refinery+north+slope+alaska
  7. I found another solution to a problem with kids bikes, frame space for a water bottle. Both of my girl's bikes have limited space for a cage the 20" actually has no place for a cage. I found this thing, I forget why I originally bought it but I realized that it would work on the 20". Vincita Stem Top Cap Bike Water Bottle Cage Adapter. https://a.co/d/fjuUmpN
  8. Part of me says replace the tire (rear) , but the rest says nah, you can get another season of chasing the kids on the BCRT and Peddlers Pass. I'm being too cheap aren't I?
  9. Selling another tool for my dad. No sad story about health or anything, he just buys too many tools. 😂 This is like new, runs very smooth, everything works great. Cross posted on FB for $75 Happy to sell to someone on the forum who's (probably) alot less crazy for $60. It's literally a rebranded version of the delta for anyone who wants more details: Lowes Delta Grinder
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