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  1. As long as someone makes a new segment (which they did) it will work automatically. It's called Peddlers Pass 4.0.
  2. You inspired me. I'm officially a (1 day) licensed MTB Racer and have registered for the race!
  3. I feel and my Strava times show that I'm faster on my HT. The only section I KNOW that I was faster was the old direction creek crossing. I could bomb through that in my FS before but never my HT. Now that it's reversed I bet the difference through the creek is minimal.
  4. Not to burst your bubble, since we're on the same one. But that's only the Austin VooDoo List. Here's the full 4.0 leader-board. I move from a respectable yet tenuous #10/12 (I already got bumped) to #66/84
  5. All I've been seeing is Squirrels and Lizards!
  6. Better than I thought I would do, although I know I couldn't keep that up for 3 laps. I had to take 2 decent breathers/ water breaks as it is. I would say my lap time would definately be in the 13-14 range had the course not been partial reversed! 😉
  7. I'm just starting to practice as well. If you want a digital competitor whose times will make you feel good find me on Strava. https://www.strava.com/athletes/redrider3141
  8. A lot of comparisons have been made to motorcycles which is fair, but maybe a more applicable comparison is boats. Many small lakes are wind/ people power only or have HP limitations. I could see certain trail systems adopting rules based on their capability to handle E-bikes.
  9. Something I've noticed is that I haven't got a single email from the site in a few days even though content has been added. Usually I get several a day. I don't remember changing anything, did something "break"?
  10. Tires are gone, rims are still available.
  11. I agree! Riding in Austin is technical and challenging which has been fun to push through but as a mediocre skilled rider it has been challenging to find trails with features that build skill rather than test it. I've been pushing myself to ride 1/4 notch lately and one by one I've been working on cleaning features but there are a few that I don't know how to work up to, they seem so far above my skill set. While I am not above walking a feature I appreciate the B-line strategy, especially if it was a B+ line to help build my skill. Sometimes I feel like I have two choices, Picnic or Basket Drops... I've actually really liked Peddlers, especially East (central now?) because it had some great introductory features and more are being added. The park I started riding at (Duthie Hill in Sammamish, WA) had a great system of Y's and well marked black diamond route with a challenging but a less than death defying route right next to it. One trail in particular "Ryan's Eternal Flow" was a great example. Sometimes even the B-line had a B-line. These weren't just easy go arounds, they were paths of staggered skill designed to build up on. The park also had a skills area with multiple height drops, jumps, skinnies of various widths, etc. All designed to build skill and prep you for the trails. It was relatively compact and extremely helpful. Here is a video of Ryan's. At 0:45 sec you see two paths, the 1st right goes directly to the trail 2 corners ahead via a double black step up. The 1st left has a drop or a ride by and goes to yet another split (0:49) to a single black step up. That left goes to yet another drop with a rollable side route. They all meet a the same corner at 1:01. In 15 seconds of riding you have 3 choices of varying skill level with 2 side options. It's hard to tell from GoPro but this trail is built down a gully, using both sides of the hill like a half pipe in the woods.
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