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  1. Thanks! I did not realize that! On this particular bike I've got a Microshift Advent 10spd that runs on a Shimano HG driver. I don't know if a 10spd cassette exists for an XD driver. So I'd have to swap it. But if the supply chain has it available then I don't mind that.
  2. So I've been half-heartedly looking at FB marketplace for a spare wheelset but because I'm about a decade behind in understanding the standards I'm not sure how common the set I'm looking for is, especially in my price range. What I (think) am looking for: 29'r, Boost, Shimano 10/11 Driver 2.4" width capable. What I see: 29'r non-Boost 29'r Full Carbon (too pricey for me) SRAM XD Driver Does what I want commonly exist or is it more niche?
  3. Both sides of Parmer are one way.
  4. Varies by OEM. My '17 Toyota Nav was out of date ~10 years before they released it. Destination entry is a wretched UI, map data must be updated via $150 micro SD annually, Resolution is circa 2005, no Apple Carplay/Android Auto, overall absolute junk. Feels like the '93 Jurassic Park Ford Explorer Infotainment system whenever I attempt to use it.
  5. There are lots of variety's of Loctite from low strength to high strength. I would NOT recommend High Strength Loctite for your use case. Loctite is like Kleenex and within in the brand it goes like the following: Low Strength PURPLE 222 Removable BLUE 242 High Strength RED 271 Other brands of thread locker may have different colors. Use Cases: I use Purple at work, typically in very light duty steel to plastic joints that are regularly serviced. I use Blue in several locations on my car/motorcycle/bike including rear suspension bolts (when I had a FS). These were all Stainless Steel bolts into Stainless Steel Nuts or Aluminum Castings. I don't have experience using it on composites unless it was into a metal threaded sleeve. I use red on things I don't ever plan on taking apart. The label on Red says "Must be heated to 500°F to separate parts"
  6. Working on my oldest's stamina. Was hoping for a cooler morning like earlier in the week.... Nope. We rode from the Harry Man end of the BCRT to the very end (or beginning depending on your perspective) at the YMCA. I had already had the bike rack loaded so my wife could make a pickup, was hoping to make it back to the sports park but she was convinced that she was done at the Y. Overall a great ride.
  7. Saw two snakes this morning, a 3ish foot rat Snake, just before the bridge to Mulligan and one Rough Green Snake at the base of the waterfall by the YMCA.
  8. Scratch and Dent Links available too, awesome! https://cascadecomponents.bike/collections/scratch-and-dent/products/scratch-dent-links
  9. https://bikerumor.com/specialized-levo-kenevo-recall-expanded/
  10. Wait until a few forest fires happen and a low quality eBike is found to be at fault.
  11. Did I miss something? I haven't seen rain since Tuesday.
  12. Stans, doing its job. Didn't notice the thorn (~1" long) until I went to check my sealant. I pulled it out and the hole seemed too small for bacon so I rolled the wheel around and the sealant closed it up.
  13. Made a first go at an angled mount for my new wheel holder tool. This makes tubeless maintenance WAY easier. Pleased with the angle/usability but it's not quite "shop grade" enough for me. Plus my kids like to paint wood while hanging out with me in the garage and if they find out I used their rainbow block...
  14. That ticks me off and it's not even mine... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/336329072049338/ I
  15. Looks fun! I need to get out there, it's been awhile.
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