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  1. I went round and round with 5 different sites, almost pulled the trigger on a Marzocchi Z2, missed the great deal @ATXZJ posted on the Yari and ended up getting desperate and tried Facebook Marketplace. Went back and forth with a few sellers and then found a great deal on a NIB Pike from a guy in South Austin. Turns out it was Wes! I should have listened from the beginning. My urge to stay north of the river is too strong. I've been sick since I got it installed so I've only been able to ride around my yard. Already can tell it's a big jump from my RS 35 Gold RL and my only other good reference my old Fox 32.
  2. Sorry should Have included that. Shimano M8000 11-42 (11spd).
  3. On a separate issue. I discovered a missing tooth while cleaning my cassette. I've haven't been able to notice it while riding. At $65-$110 for a replacement cassette, it's not exactly a item I want to replace, especially since it has ~300 miles on it. Any issues with just riding it as is?
  4. Anyone have a favorite shop Chain Breaker? My 9yo Bell from Fred Meyer finally met it's match. Luckily my trailside tool worked well. I was eyeing this one. Seems like a nice balance in quality/price https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005EP95ZC/
  5. Electronic Bike = eBike Human Bike = MeBike
  6. Maxxis is having a decent sale on almost all of their tires. https://shop.maxxis.com/collections/bicycle?utm_source=Singletracks&utm_medium=Article&utm_campaign=May Sale
  7. I've had AB Ovals on 3 bikes now for 7+ years. I love 'em. They are subtle, "getting used to them" is a matter of less than 1-ride 2-3 areas where I notice their benefits, enough to make me prefer them: Low Traction, I spinout less in wet/super dry conditions, Right as it starts to peak, the oval backs off the torque and I can maintain steady power without breaking loose. Powering out of corners, when I'm too lazy to downshift, I can feel the oval giving me some room for error and still power down out of slow turns Stall Speed, kind of the same thing as the two above. On techie stuff, when stalling results in stopping, I can keep going from almost 0mph more often than a round.
  8. Sale on Osprey gear, including one of their hip packs. https://www.osprey.com/us/en/product/savu-5-SAVU5S21.html
  9. OK, so if Yari is to Lyrik as Revelation is to Pike, why not start with the Revelation and do the same upgrade? As I understand it the Yari/Lyrik chassis is stiffer and capable of longer travel, targeted more at Enduro. The revelation/Pike is just a little notch less, targeted at trail rosing. Less max travel, lighter chassis, etc. I'm a little heavier at 220lbs but I don't ride aggressive, I prefer to pick my way down a trail than huck myself.
  10. I'd have to buy the upgrade air spring to bring it to a 140mm travel. Even then, that's a pretty solid deal.
  11. 29/27.5+ (Boost) yes. That's a great deal on a new fork, I'm not as familiar with the Yari. I've been mostly looking at the Fox 34 options, RS Lyrik or Pike and more recently the Marzocchi Z2. From what I found in 10 min of googling, I'm afraid it's not much of an improvement over my base RS 35.
  12. I dunno what used tires go for these days but how about $20 or best trade. Lots of life left, about a 1/16 of a Wookies head. Great tire with gobs of traction but I wanted something with a little less rolling resistance.
  13. Side note, have you been able to ride this fork much? How do you like it? It's one of my front runners for replacing my RS 35 Gold RL.
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