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  1. The other week while riding Brushy I got stung by something, not sure if it was a wasp orbea. It was no Picnic, it was Mulligan.
  2. Just watch out for the Diamondbacks and Ghosts..
  3. Not sure, are you referring to the massive amount of rain they got tis spring?
  4. Visiting Family in Tucson and my wife's cousin insisted that I take his bike for a spin. The trail He recommended was basically Suburban Ninja in Tucson, it was even called "Urban Assault" 😂
  5. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073RMHXC8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_i_FG8BNZ6FTGV5S5NQRB0F?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 This used to be helpful for small. Detailed tasks, now it's a necessity for doing PCBA work.
  6. 100% I'm not even that old but to stay active I find myself digging up more and more PT/PE exercises to avoid pain, especially from areas that have been previously injured. If someone hated Hondas because there's didn't last very long but they never maintained it you'd blame lack of maintenance. Plus older/ more high strung machines generally require more maintenance.
  7. As a bonus, NR Luminas can double as a mower light....
  8. Agreed, my ideal setup is a moderately bright, self contained handlebar light with a super bright helmet light with a remote battery. With just a handlebar light I can make through the trail but I'm not comfortable enough to ride very aggressive.
  9. For every gear below 12 you need at least one oil slick accessory/farkle.
  10. You guys are hacking the system and the Pinkbike users are coming for you.
  11. Yes, Lots of the "lollypop" trails and new hillside trails could probably be saved with some work as long as it stays blessed by the city/county. I could see them wanting to block them...? I actually really enjoy the straight featureless trail, it's one of the more scenic sections and its a good warmup/cool down for the S-N-S direction I usually ride it.
  12. Bummer, as well used as that will get, I will miss that south section of SN. It's a little slice of Texas in the middle of suburbia.
  13. My daughter and I tried to ride Sat PM. Trails were still tacky. No Ruts but collected on tires. We bailed after 1/4 lap of peddlers and rode the Brushy Creek Fishing Trails and H&B to 183 and back. I think the heavy dew and cool nights are really slowing the final bit of evaporation. I have a spot in my yard that I use to gauge the trails because my dog gets muddy paws going through it and it hasn't dried out either. It's like those rope weather stations:
  14. Thanks everyone, I think Erwin is the place for us. Looks pretty cool.
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