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  1. It felt like 10 minutes, I thought we were all living life by how we feel now?
  2. My turn, I had a pleasant ride on SN Sunday morning, weather was good, bike was doing good. about 1/4 mile from the car I carelessly drifted off the trail and jerked back on to the trail right through a sapling stump cut 2-3" high. OTB I went with my bike somersaulting behind me. Somehow, I got away only with a good scrape on most of my right forearm, a decent scrape on my right knee and a dirty bike. I'm pretty shocked that It wasn't worse but fortunately it was on a pretty smooth/soft section of SN. In the 10 minutes it took me to hit the ground and stop rolling all I could think of was this thread and what I was in for...
  3. I got the wolf-tooth bag, super high-quality, very tough, but ultimately too small for what I wanted to put in it (cell phone) so now my 4yo uses it to store sunglasses, stickynotes and barbie shoes. https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/products/barbag
  4. I'm not sure If SS is for me, I actually like shifting but having the ability to run a 1X drive train would be ideal. Drop bars are new to me but I have seen some on gravel bikes that do look interesting. What's the point of drop bars? aero? comfort? The few times I've ridden they seem so narrow and twitchy, probaly from lack of experience.
  5. I did try brake clean and sanding on top of a granite tile to keep the surface flat and that helped some but not enough. I didn't get rid of them so maybe I'll try the torch. Why do y'all prefer metallic?
  6. Exactly, any recommendations on a frame/ bike to start with?
  7. I got tired of my poor brake performance on my rear SLX brakes compared to my fronts. With 180mm rotors I could not lock up the rear and it squealed terribly. It's possible that they got contaminated but they've never been good as long as I can remember. I noticed the rears were metallic and fronts were organic so I decided to buy new rear pads to match the front. After throughly cleaning the rear rotor and installing the pads it's night and day how much better it is. What brake compound do you guys/gals run?
  8. I got to ride this today and it made me a appreciate it on BCRT more than my 2.4" MTBs. Now I kinda want to find something similar and build it up. Either way, this was an interesting/new bike to me, has one of those biopace ovals on it, which I found to be pretty unnoticeable compared to my AB oval on my MTB.
  9. Thanks mack! $20 later she's all set with a new chainring and bling chain!!
  10. 2X curb height, at least. We can't all be Seths.
  11. Yeah, I haven't been on peddlers in awhile so last time I saw it was in good shape but a lot can happen in busy trails. Whole thing looks great BTW! I like the cedar fence rails and new berms on the Eastside. Watch out in the roller coaster/roost section, the dry leaves on the last turn make it super loose.
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