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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bTUNHztAYMeXPZZD8 A variety of local trails including, Gumdrop , Suburban Ninja, BCRT, Candyland, etc.
  2. These puns are so bad y'all must have gotten them on shale.
  3. So I am tearing out a defunct firepit in my backyard. Half of the rocks are just sitting with no mortar/concrete and half are in the wall. All are 6"-10“ Any need for trail building/ low spot repair?
  4. It wood be though if it was made from old bike frames.
  5. Interested in what you came up with. I've been tempted as I've had a few pedal gashes from flats myself.
  6. I thought we Transitioned Treked off of this topic?
  7. When your bike has higher aspirations than you do...
  8. I'm no snake expert but I've had several self proclaimed experts swear up and down that Williamson Co. has no Cotton Mouths/Water Moccasins. This seems in direct opposition to several hunters/fisherman I've spoke with. On the other hand seems like every water snake in Texas is called a CM/WM.
  9. Gumdrop? Dang those houses on the ridge are pumping the fertilizer in their lawn
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