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  1. Just put an order in directly from their site. Here goes nothing! FYI, I ordered: 2X Color Smoothing Putty (this frame has some dings) Clear Coat
  2. I came across this while watch bike restoration videos on YouTube. I need/want to paint my daughters' HotRock 24. This stuff seems pretty easy to use with minimal prep compared to even other rattle can jobs. Anyone ever use it? https://spraybike.us/pages/how-to-use-spray-bike Example use:
  3. I think that's a two pieces of Ply wood separated by some rubber balls and a center pivot. Maybe a NBO...
  4. I was going to go the Amazon route for led fixtures. But one of the reviews pointed out that many are not UL listed which can be a big red flag if theres ever a home insurance claim for fire. I got 6 of the Costco ones when they were on sale and now I can let the kids ride at night in the driveway/sidewalk if I roll up the garage doors.
  5. Taking your kids bike somewhere but don't want to resize your rack? Use the locks!
  6. No joke. I've got a compost bin and when I overload it with too much grass/kitchen scraps I've got a big open tub of oak leaves to balance it out. After one of our drenchers where we got several inches over a few days I was digging through it and 1.5 inches down was bone dry. And untouched. I finally had to run the whole thing through my blower/shreader to get them to start breaking down and get some moisture into it.
  7. Me too but live oak leaves are dry, waxy, slippery death traps. PNW leaves are never dry and make a nice mat over the soft loam and get pulverized by the 10th rider.
  8. I'll take it! My daughter and I are working on a 24" Hotrock build. She thinks it's for a friend...
  9. I've had them mounted since 2012...😐 *starts googling new tires*
  10. I'm still running Nevegals... But I agree, I was 100% satisfied with them in the NW but in Austin they are only good in a limited band of conditions. I'm just too cheap to replace them when they still have knobs left. My HT has a Maxxis Ikon (rear) and WTB trail boss (front) and they are better than the Nevegal in almost every situation.
  11. Was this an actual model or did someone put this together...? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/427563438233153/
  12. I heard that @AustinBike had a great tool loaner policy with no late fees...
  13. Seen most of usuals, opossum, squirrel, bunny, armadillo, deer, non-venomous snakes, etc. But my one claim to fame is a pair of civets right after sunset at the end of picnic, right next to the bridge. They were so skiddish I couldn't even open my velcro pouch to get a picture. But I got a good look at them. Bigger than a squirrel, ringed tail, big eyes and ears.
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