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  1. Nope. But I've had the same thoughts, I've kinda been in the lookout for a reasonable flamibles cabinet which is what most companies would have if they need to store things like that. These are double walled metal cabinets and have a spring loaded door to ensure that they close.
  2. 100% Agree, I think this is the use-case that makes the most sense to me. A previous employer of mine was 12 miles away and a 30-45 minute drive. My home and work was very close to a former railway turned gravel bike path. The issue was my work had no shower facility and a business formal dress code (slacks, button-up shirt/tie). There's no way I could have ridden 10-12 miles without being a mess at work with no way to clean up. An e-bike would have been a no brainier and may have been a wash on time in comparison to the traffic.
  3. That's me. I started on my wife's 10 year old FS mongoose. Rode it for a few months, liked riding enough that I got my first real bike. I think it's an excellent strategy for first timers. I always laugh at the CL ads with a brand new 5K bike with an obvious 2-3 rides on it and figured out they hate MTB riding.
  4. Just got back from my first ride out there, really neat place, a little scenic in places, lots of short, odd, crescent shaped rock walls in random locations. Overall like a 1/10 on the technical scale and only because the north end is a little rocky. Once my kid build up a little more stamina I think it would be a great place to bring her. My biggest question is parking. I'm not in one of the adjacent neighborhoods so I ended up parking at the pool and riding the drainage ditch trail then into the center of the ditch. Based on Strava this seems common. But i'm curious if there is something more recommended.
  5. No Experience with the specific jacket you linked but in my moto days a lot of my gear was was Alpinestars and it was all fantastic stuff. Fantastic in that, it lasted well, fit well and took crashes like a champ. I am very confident that it saved me from several broken bones.
  6. I'd actually say your comparison is not applicable to e-bikes. More accurate: 1936 Olympic Archery = 1980's Mt. Bike 2016 Olympic Archery = 2016 Mt. Bike Chewbaca's Bow Caster = eBike All of them will get the job done, but they are admittedly different.
  7. The first and only time I got to pick my crank length I went with 175mm becuase it seemed common spec on new bikes. I've found them to be too long for my bikes BB and Austin Terrain. I ended up swapping for the 170s on my HT and was stunned how much difference 5mm could make in pedal strikes. I do notice a slight difference in feeling of leverage vs spinning out but not in a bad way on either bike.
  8. I've got the timberbell that rings constantly with your bike movements (when turned on). It gets the most use at Walnut.
  9. This has come up a few times and I'm always torn. Traditionally, downhill yields to the uphill. This is easy when hiking but I find it harder to put into practice on a MTB. I was just recently in the situation and had I stopped going down I probably would have slid out and maybe right into the oncoming rider. I usually conclude with have a nice day and how many people are riding in my group.
  10. Sure, send me a PM and we can coordinate a pickup
  11. What axle size? I needed two sizes for my rear QR vs my 15mm through axle.
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