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  1. Please, no one buy a new bike for a week. I have a friend coming to town and I took Monday off to go on a ride with him. Please.
  2. RedRider3141


    This is the work around that I use. Recently, I have not had to do anything.
  3. I'll take the black one with red handles! PM Sent!
  4. It's a no for Me. No 29rs in the stable.
  5. I've heard the same, then again, they support a lot of privateers who expect that kind of service. I wish they had a "Weekend Warrior" level of service where they take it down a notch.
  6. They (Bradford Pears) all will at some point, just a matter of when.
  7. I love the mini-me color scheme!
  8. Interested if you aren't too far away from me. People are always complaining my loaner bike has sharp pedals.... PM Pending.
  9. Gald you liked it, I agree with everything you've said about the AB oval except my experience wasn't quite as drastic, but enough where I prefer it over round.
  10. My friend got a writeup in the Statesman with a little but more information. https://amp.statesman.com/amp/5082147001 TLDR: We may not know some trees fate for a few years...
  11. You'll get used to it. Then you'll love it but not really realize it until you get back on a 2X or 3X drivetrain and you have to "think" about shifting. 1X is still the best "innovation" to come out of recent MTB tech.
  12. After mocking the Element endlessly when they first came out, I secretly want one now. Seems like a great activity rig. However, the 4 passenger limitation and high-resale value is a deal breaker. They are too expensive for too many miles on the used market.
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