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  1. Hey yall I am hoping to get my very own gravel bike in Feb/March. Are there any groups/trails that you would recommend?
  2. Yeah the carbon builds are not only more expensive but make me a little more nervous and the "outdated" geometry is also kind of putting me off from buying a Canyon
  3. I was looking more specifically at their MTBs but this does make me feel better about the brand as a whole
  4. Didnt think about that, kind of feels like the WWII story about where to put more armor on a plane.
  5. Recently found out that the Cannondale Scalpel SE 2 inventory (the bike I've been saving up for the past few months) might not be available again until next fall. The only other option would be the SE 1 and its nearly 2k more (way out of my budget range). So I began looking for other options, like direct to consumer brands like Canyon. Does anyone have opinion about brands/companies like this? Are they worth it? Will the bike maybe not last as long as other major brands? Will I have to make upgrades off the bat that would negate the cheaper cost of the bike? Anything would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Anyone know what the conditions would be like after yesterdays rain? \
  7. Yeah if he could send pics to my email that would be great, smithey314@gmail.com
  8. Been looking for a 58cm road bike nearly all summer. Preferably looking for a Cannondale CAAD series with 105/Ultegra components but let me know if yall have any offers. Need help. Budget is around a grand, little more or a little less might work. Thanks yall
  9. So I've recently gotten into mountain biking and my girlfriend who is 5'3" really wants to start joining me on some rides but would rather stick to road and/or gravel biking. Since I work at the Austin Tricyclist(very new to being a mechanic) I was either looking to get just a frame and build it up or buy an older bike with a decent frame and flipping it. What would y'all say I should do and also what frame size should I be looking for? I've been seeing a lot of different numbers being thrown around and I'm not as familiar with road bike sizes and such. Thanks.
  10. I appreciate it, Ive been scouring Facebook marketplace both down here in austin and up where my family lives in Austin. Closest thing I could find so far was an XXL road bike
  11. After my dad saw my recent mountain bike purchase he wants to get in on the fun and asked me to help him find one. He is 6'8" and ~250lbs. So obviosuly he needs an XXL frame and he wants a 29er with full suspension. Message me here or text me at 972-217-6097. Budget around $1000. Thanks
  12. Based on that thread AntinioGG showed ,I just set both to a little under 25
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