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  1. It sure as hell would!!!
  2. @olddbrider I'm going to send you a message with an email address you can send the image to and I'll see if I can post it.
  3. If anyone has problems uploading images, please let me know and I'll be glad to help. If an image isn't attaching even though it seems to be uploading fine, it's probably an issue with the image, such as being an unsupported image format (although that's rare). I upload images to forums running this software from my phone all the time and haven't had any issues. For the iPhone there is a setting for the camera, "Formats", with two options, "High Efficiency" and "Most Compatible". Mine is set to "Most Compatible", but not sure if that's the default.. There are three ways to upload images when composing a post. You can click the "Choose files..." link that will prompt you for a file. You can drag and drop images directly into your post. And you can copy/paste images as well (place the text cursor where you want the image to appear, then paste it right into your post). ..Al
  4. Yep, people are always the problem!!
  5. Thank you, and that photo makes it clearer to me where this was. Maybe someone is trying to protect the roots of the tree by blocking that line? Of course, the line around it also has roots. How long has that alternate line been there?
  6. I was just outside running some errands here in Round Rock and it's pretty wet outside with a steadier rain now. And it was already wet before that.
  7. Yeah, I used that trail all the time, but not a huge loss. It was nice, though, as it allowed you to bypass the BCRT for that segment.. I'm more concerned about the apparent breakdown in the relationship between Williamson County and local trail builders. ..Al
  8. That's unfortunate, but why???
  9. Is that Dave's Ditch or something else?
  10. Where's the rope so you can rappel down the rock face?
  11. I'm happy to contribute financially to signs. I'm a big advocate for trail signage, and very much appreciate when there's good signage on trails I've never ridden before (such as when riding out of state). ..Al
  12. I don't think, "It's cool to get lost!" is a really good reason not to have signage. ..Al
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