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  1. Thanks for the trail report! I also prefer it in this direction, which I think is how it was initially setup when I moved to Austin in 1997. I've only ridden it once like this since the change, but need to go out and ride it some more. 🙂
  2. Between the two, 1/4 Notch is more fun for me, particular when riding it west to east, which I feel flows better. I only have to dismount once going up SpongeBob. Next time I'm out there I'm going to see if I can charge up that, though. If it's hot and the sun is overhead, it can be tedious as there's very little shade, so I prefer to ride when it's a bit cooler (such as in the morning). Double Down is still fun, but it's more tedious and I have to get off my bike multiple times to walk some of the larger ledges (such as EBD). While it is mostly shaded, hardly any wind flows through it so it is even more oppressive when it's hot. I don't ride this too often any more, especially with so much other trail where I can still get 20+ miles in pretty easily without repeating too much. ..Al
  3. Yeah, I made the mistake of trying to scramble down that first drop when it was wet and I ended up sliding down on my ass, getting my bike shorts soaked with algae and water. Won't ever try that again! We did get some rain a few nights ago, so that could explain why it's wet and slimy. ..Al
  4. I can take the forum down to make it easier for you. 🙂 ..Al
  5. Thanks, I will try that! Too late! And I'll have you know that many of our 2600 game cartridges have an ARM processor in them now! 😉 ..Al
  6. Using Trailforks would be nice if you can load custom courses into it. I have a handlebar mount that works with my huge iPhone 8 Plus, so it would be much easier to see the route compared to the small 520+ screen. As long as I don't crash and slam my phone into some rocks. 😄 ..Al
  7. Well, courses. I haven't tried loading maps into it, either, but I care less about those. ..Al
  8. I'm currently using a Garmin Edge 520+, and I've never tried loading maps into it. About time to learn and see how well it does, and if it'll nag you if you go off course. ..Al
  9. I need to try this, as I'd like to follow some of the SATN Strava tracks. There are so many trail intersections out there that without a good route you can access on the fly it's pretty much hopeless in areas!
  10. I agree, as long as you have a GPS with the route loaded into it, it'll be pretty obvious when you've taken a wrong turn. I do know people have gotten lost and/or frustrated trying to ride the loop for the first time without any such tools. ..Al
  11. I love Lake Georgetown, such a variety of trail types, plenty of rocks to keep you busy, and nice views of the lake from various points along the trail. It is brutal to ride in the summer, though, and it's not something I generally do these days. Once it's cooler, though, that makes the trail considerably more bearable. I have not personally done more than one lap in a single sitting, but I don't think two would be too bad as long as it's not hot and you have plenty of water. Three laps would definitely be a challenge, but still doable as long as you don't push yourself too hard during the first two laps. I also usually ride clockwise from the Cedar Breaks parking lot. Doing it this way you get the hardest sections of trail out of the way first on the south side, you can then fill up your water and take a break at Tejas, and then complete the northern section of trail (which begins with several miles of easy singletrack, although it's exposed to the sun, which is bad in the summer). I don't think the trail flows as well in the opposite direction, so I don't ride it counterclockwise very often. I'd still like to do an entire lap at night someday. 🙂 It's definitely possible to make wrong turns in several areas, so improved signage would be a great help for those unfamiliar with the trail system. Right now there are only mile markers and signage at the trailheads. ..Al
  12. Yeah, that climb is nothing, on either side. I assume he's talking about something else? The water tower climb is considerably more effort than the one in the above photos, but even that one's not horrible (unless maybe you're climbing it in the middle of a hot summer day!) ..Al
  13. That one is even easier as it's more gradual... 😄
  14. Are people complaining about that tiny climb north of Slaughter Creek on 1826 to the intersection of Slaughter Lane? lololol ..Al
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