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  1. Go look on Strava and see if they posted anything there at the same time. Should be easy enough to locate them if you know what time it was..
  2. Did anyone get out to Brushy later yesterday or this morning?
  3. Great, thanks for confirming. 🙂
  4. That would rip me off the bike the first time I ride by a tree in Peddler's Pass.
  5. That's not going to happen, but feel free to report posts/topics you feel are "click bait/useless" and don't contribute positively to the site and I can evaluate them on an individual basis. Thanks, ..Al
  6. I just paid $15 to purchase an "Ignore Topics" plugin for the forum, which I have installed. You'll now see an "Ignore this topic" button near the top of the page when viewing any topics. If you click this button and confirm, you'll no longer see the topic at the forum level or in search results. You can manage your Ignored Topics here: https://austinmountainbiking.com/index.php?/settings/ignoredtopics/ ..Al
  7. You should just be able to drag images straight into the post editor. If that's not working for you, or is clicking the "choose files..." link, please send me a message and I can help you out further.
  8. I'd like to know how much that weighs. My first thought when seeing these photos was "Erector Set". I'd love to see video of that in action. ..Al
  9. Yes! There's a giant berm where one was falling apart. Lots of berms and Juno's throughout the trails since last time I rode out here. A nice path leading into the trail near Lincolnshire that's cool. Mist get out and start second lap! Also chased by several small dogs. Ran into tons of loose dogs on Point Six - three different owners, one with five loose tiny dogs. Every dog but one I've seen today has been without a leash. ..Al
  10. On mile six of my first lap out here and it's perfect!
  11. That's great to hear, thanks for the report. Last time I went out there a year or two ago it was a mess and I wasn't encouraged to go back, even though it used to be one of my favorite Central Texas trails. I'll need to get back out again soon and check it out. ..Al
  12. Is that a new bike path they're building?
  13. That looks like the motorcycle I saw at the recent BCGB Death March ride...
  14. That's what I always do, and I usually ride Picnic in both directions while I'm out there.
  15. Are you talking about the big drop straight down into that tangle of trails?
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