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  1. What is the race in February? ..Al
  2. If you're in Round Rock, I just received an email soliciting feedback for the upcoming 224 acre Behrens Ranch Metro Park that is currently in development: https://publicinput.com/5980 You can rank your priorities, so you can put "Trails" at the top in one question and "Mountain Bike Trals / Singletrack" at the top for another question. And there's a comment section at the end, where I mentioned it sure would be nice to have some mountain biking trails in Round Rock (there's pretty much nothing now, perhaps some of the eastern stuff at Brushy Creek is in Round Rock, but most if not all of it is in Cedar Park). ..Al
  3. I'm also curious, as I was also out of town yesterday. I'd really like to do all that mileage someday, but it would help to ride with someone who's already familiar with the trails (or at least more familiar with them than I am, with a few exceptions of trails I do know). ..Al
  4. Yes, and you can ride through Russell on the trail without any issues (I did so a week ago).
  5. That is very interesting indeed. Nice alternate route to Parmer if you want to ride north to Lake Georgetown. 🙂 I wish they'd work on the missing segment of Brushy Creek Regional Trail from where it begins on Hairy Man Road over to I-35, as it's a bit of a pain to get there from east of I-35.
  6. Where in the hell is that jump line?!? Did 20 miles out at Brushy today.. Didn't see anything new in the Suburban Ninja area, but didn't really explore beyond what I normally ride there. ..Al
  7. I'm about to head out there, and we're going to hit Suburban Ninja first. Is there new stuff out there? I haven't hit Brushy in about two months. Thanks, ..Al
  8. I'd gladly accept the blame if I came home with a new bike, but alas, I did not.
  9. Yeah, really sucks, as I just got home today and haven't been able to ride in over a month. Figures we'd get a deluge tomorrow.
  10. You're more than welcome to start your own forum if you want to integrate religion into mountain biking. And, yes, please do get back to Brushy Creek instead of complaining about suppression of religious/political talk here. Thank you, ..Al
  11. Good for you, but please keep it off the forum here. Thanks, ..Al
  12. That's fine, but let's keep politics and religion off this forum and focus on enjoying mountain biking. If you (or anyone else) see religious or political posts, feel free to report them. I don't see every post here. Usually I'm around and can take care of such things relatively quickly. ..Al
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