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  1. Yeah, I certainly would not ride on Slaughter Lane proper, I always use the trails or sidewalks until I reach 1826.. And the singletrack south of the Slaughter Creek trail entrance is completely unbroken until you reach 45.
  2. It's not bad, really, there's singletrack all along 1826, north and south of the Slaugher Creek Trail entrance. The only sketchy bit is right before the SCT entrance heading south. There's a culvert that yesterday was full of water, with no way around it but to ride briefly on the road. We just waited for a clearing in traffic and jumped onto the road over to the SCT entrance.
  3. It's not really that much farther to go to the end of Slaughter Lane. ..Al
  4. We weren't sure if maybe people were driving in there and it was to stop vehicular traffic. I'll certainly avoid it in the future. It's not a big deal to go all the way to Slaughter Lane and ride the singletrack along the side of 1826. ..Al
  5. The singletrack along Slaughter Lane forks left onto this trail, most of which appears to be an old road. We did not see any "no tresspassing" signs. At the end where the "road" exits onto 1826, there was a large pile of brush blocking the entrance, but you can easily ride/walk around it on one side. No idea what the other end on Slaughter Lane looks like, since we didn't see it. If that is indeed private property, I'll avoid it in the future.
  6. Ha, I remember you letting us pass, thanks! 🙂 I haven't ridden this trail in the opposite direction yet, will have to do that next time I'm down there.
  7. Thank you for the confirmation We did exit south onto 1826 yesterday, then rode the trail in the middle of 45 (Boneyard?), and made our way back north via the trails on the western side of Mopac.. I'll take a look at the route you described, thanks! https://www.strava.com/activities/2160382809 ..Al
  8. I have a question unrelated to people intentionally riding in mud.. What is the easiest/best way to get from the Circle C trails over to the Slaughter Creek Trail? In the past I've gone all the way down to the end of Slaughter Lane and then left onto 1826. Yesterday we took a shorter route that cuts some of that off.. Are there other alternatives? Thanks, ..Al
  9. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    I am really no longer surprised at the sheer amount of idiocy some people are capable of.
  10. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    I wonder if they blocked it off in any way. Sunday when I rode past it (before concrete was poured) there were no barriers, cones, tape or anything to warn people not to proceed up that path.
  11. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    Wow, they must have just poured that yesterday. What morons, and doubly so for the second and subsequent people who rode/walked on that.
  12. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    Interesting, I'll look for that next time I'm out there, thanks!
  13. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    I usually ride them west to east. I generally start my ride with Gumdrop, then do Snow White clockwise, then ride up to Gnargasm. At the end of Gnargasm I take the upper connector trail to Snow White and ride that portion of it counter-clockwise, take the bridge across the creek at the exit, and take a left onto the singletrack immediately after the bridge that runs along the creek and exits across from the play area at Champion Park. I then proceed over the dam and continue over to Peddler's Pass. I haven't ridden Caddyshack in a while now, since I don't really like going down the sketchy rock to the wooden exit on Gnargasm. And the exit onto the golf property where you can then go down by the bridge to reach the Caddyshack entrance seems like just asking for trouble if golfers complain about seeing mountain bikers.
  14. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    Dave's Ditch. I didnt ride it on Thursday as there was still plenty of water at the top and the limestone gets super sick. I'll check it out again tomorrow.
  15. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    I was going to ride today, but I'm a pussy and didn't want to ride in the cold, so I'll ride tomorrow instead.