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  1. Albert

    Random Bike Pictures

    Nice pic, where was that taken?
  2. Albert

    Spider Mountain

    That's very cool to see!
  3. Albert

    Walnut Creek

    Rode Walnut Creek today, and overall it's in great shape! Hit pretty much every trail, a few damp spots that weren't covered by trees (as I think it rained lightly overnight and it was misting slightly in the morning), but pretty fast overall. Will be great this weekend! ..Al
  4. Albert

    Barton Creek Greenbelt

    Thanks for your reports. 🙂
  5. Albert

    Barton Creek Greenbelt

    Anyone been out to Barton Creek this week? Curious how high the creek is. Thanks!
  6. Albert

    Cameron Park - Waco

    Has anyone ridden Cameron Park lately? Haven't been up there in some time and I'm considering going up there for a ride this week. ..Al
  7. Albert

    Madrone Trail

    Rode Madrone two days ago, it was in great shape! A few wet spots, but overall it was nice and dry and pretty fast. Except for the parts that aren't fast because someone put rocks in the way. 😄 ..Al
  8. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    Did anyone else ride Brushy Creek today? Would like to know what to expect mid-day tomorrow, especially for trails that traditionally take longer to dry (Peddler's Pass, Picnic, Gumdrop, etc.) Thanks!
  9. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    Great, thank you!
  10. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    If anyone gets out there today, would love to know the conditions of the trails for a possible ride tomorrow. Thanks!
  11. Albert

    Brushy Creek

    Most certainly. They'll usually ask for your ID and maybe a credit card in case you bring the bike back damaged. Generally there will be a set amount of time you can ride the bike (say, 30 minutes or an hour). Enough time to get a good feel for the bike, depending on what you choose to ride. 🙂 ..Al
  12. Albert

    2018 EB

    I'm glad that you have decided to simply postpone it instead of canceling it outright. This now gives me an opportunity to participate, as the original date I was out of town and just arrived back this weekend. Not really leaving me much time to do additional training. ..Al
  13. I did not. I was time limited, so I was trying to do a full loop with as much as I could fit in. I was following a 26 mile track from MTB Project called "Baby Grand", which included nearly everything out there, minus the Rock Garden Trail. I ended up skipping some stuff at the end because it took me longer than expected to get to the 20 mile mark, and I really had to get back on the road to head home (this was the end of my trip, having started in Portland on Monday). Next time I'm out there I'll be sure to include Rock Garden Trail. 🙂 ..Al
  14. Albert


    Yes, it rained a few days before my arrival, which is why Kokopelli wasn't rideable the day when I was there. Had I stayed another day, might have been able to start there and worked my way down to Porcupine Rim.