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  1. It's going to happen, it's near impossible to stop them from sometimes getting through. Just report them and I'll take care of them as soon as I see the reports (or I see the bots myself). I do have third-party software installed that catches most of the bots, but it's never going to catch 100% of them. Unfortunately I was gone for a while today and wasn't able to nuke that particular bot and delete their posts until now. ..Al
  2. I've always written it as "Peddler's Pass", but I have no idea what is actually correct. I'm sure I'm about to learn!
  3. Very cool! How many of these posts will be out there? ..Al
  4. Wow, that is super sexy! Can't wait to see these installed!
  5. This sounds great, would love to see that trail make a return! Good luck!
  6. I enjoy going up that when it's dry as well.
  7. Time for a game camera out there to catch this asshole in the act. ..Al
  8. Nope, if that first drop is wet, I turn my ass right back around. I tried scrambling down it once when it was wet, and that resulted in an uncontrolled slide on my ass, after which my ass was soaked in the muck accumulating on that drop.
  9. Awesome, thanks for the confirmation. Maybe I can get out there tomorrow or Friday morning. Interesting about the flagging, I'm curious what that's about. I'm familiar with all the trails out there now that I'm less likely to get turned around, but I do wish the individual trails were marked with names, especially at some of the intersections where it can get a bit confusing. ..Al
  10. Is it trimmed all the way in that big, open area going north before you get to the trees? That sure would be nice. Needed some trimming beyond that as well, but haven't ridden it in a month, so no idea what it looks like now! ..Al
  11. I've never made a serious effort to go straight up it, but after reading a previous discussion about Spongebob, I certainly want to give it a try. It's the only serious obstacle for me on 1/4 Notch.
  12. Next time I'm out there I need to try shooting straight Spongebob in this direction, as opposed to taking the cheater line through the trees on the right. ..Al
  13. Same with me, I usually start out with the bailout climb and then ride West to East. Flows pretty well and I'm not slowed down as much by technical elements. I usually hit this towards the end of my ride with 15 or 20+ miles already under my belt. I run into people going both directions, and much of the trail is open so it's easy to see other people. Just have to be careful going around some blind corners at speed. ..Al
  14. Thank you for the report!!
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