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  1. Start here, where I asked the same thing several days ago:
  2. Seems to flow nicely in both directions to me! Just more climbing if you're starting at the west end.
  3. Well, thanks for the sobering bad news. Guess I'll enjoy those trails while I can!!
  4. I rode most of Suburban Ninja yesterday, including all the new stuff (which is great!) I noticed there are a TON of red ribbons along the new trails that weren't there a week ago, usually following the trails but sometimes seemingly in the woods by themselves. There was also what looked like survey crews by the church and firehouse. Don't know if there's a relation between the two. Does anyone know what this is about?
  5. Thank you! Will get out there tomorrow or (more likely) Friday, and try to ride trails at Brushy as well. Will bring a saw and can trim anything egregious while I'm out there.
  6. Also curious about this, need to get outside this week while the temperatures are nice! Also, how's the rest of Brushy?
  7. Albert

    Nailed it!

    Yes, that's going to be amazing to see! I'm sure we'll get photos/video from the rover of the flights and probably photos from the helicopter as well. Will be pretty interesting, hope the tests go as planned!
  8. Albert

    Nailed it!

    Pretty remarkable given how complex the landing sequence is. Looking forward to the video of the landing once it's transmitted to earth. And we'll be able to hear audio as well, as they added a mic to this rover. The last one only took photos on the way down, so this should look much cooler.
  9. Today would be an excellent day to take a video!
  10. I have no problem at all with the ones on Rim and really enjoy them (in both directions)! Just that one specific g-out on AoC has me being conservative.
  11. I suspect I know where SN's Roller Coaster is, and that is indeed a ton of fun. I have no idea what "Xtal Falls' Pleasure Loop" is, but I would like to find out. And Bob Ross is really well done, much prefer that to the original Up and Over trail. That last g-out on Attack of the Clones, though, is special. 😄
  12. Great, thanks for confirming. Yeah, if I watched some others do it and the line(s) they choose, I might be brave enough. But I could just see my fork bottoming out and my slamming into the rocks face first. Will have to look at it moire carefully next time I'm out there. Which won't be this week!!!
  13. Is that when you get to the end of Rim and can go either up the hill to the left or to the right and either down to Dave's Ditch (bypassing the slippery rocks) or stay right and go along the parallel trail to Rim that eventually reconnects to the main Rim trail? That is fun, and that is what I rode on Monday, but that last dip I haven't been brave enough to ride.
  14. Having slipped and fallen on my ass on those rollers when they've been wet, I'm happy to avoid them unless they are completely dry. I could have avoided them and ridden the rest of Dave's Ditch (dumping me right near Snail, and avoiding more of the BCRT), but given how wet Mulligan was, I figured there'd be a lot of water in there as well.
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