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  1. I had an e13 150mm for a few years on my bike. It needed a rebuild after about 1000 mi (wouldn't fully return) which I was able to do myself. After about 1500 mi something internal exploded and the shaft popped completely out of the sleeve. That ride was cut short fast.. impossible to finish with an over-extended (and spinning!) post. I could not repair it. But I'm a pretty active dropper user and I guess I'd say 1500 mi is not too bad of a lifespan for it. Replaced it with a OneUp 180mm. Love it so far.
  2. Hey there, I'm a new member. First post. I've been riding bikes on Central Texas dirt since the 90s, but I was pretty casual about it until the last few years. I've been lurking here for a while.. seems like a good group of people. Anyway I've got an old 1.25" hitch rack I'd like to get rid of. It's built solidly and gets the job done, but the main issue I had was the top tube holders could never be tightened enough and the bikes would bounce around a little. It nicked up the paint on my top tube a bit until I added some extra padding. I eventually just started using a ratchet strap to keep things tight on longer trips. So not perfect, but racks aren't cheap so maybe somebody can use it.. BTW, I'm off 290W near Belterra
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