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  1. The things people say. So many conversations here where I learned something new, or realized something I was doing wrong. Some of them seem intuitive and logical...now. Simple things, like AB saying that he doesn't wear baggies because they catch on the nose of the seat. After reading that I'm aware every single time it happens to me. It used to just be part of riding and it didn't bother me. I need my pockets so I put up with it. Another one, people that ride *through* things instead of *over* them. I was definitely one of the people riding through features like rock gardens. Now that I look further ahead, and roll over them I'm faster and safer. When I focused on the rocks/roots/etc. I was actually more likely to hit them while trying to avoid them. Riding faster to be safer. This one took me a while. 95% (estimate of course) of my OTB's have been from riding too slow for the trail. That goes along with looking ride in front of me instead of looking down the trail, and through the turns. There are a LOT more examples but you get the idea. I appreciate the people here. I appreciate resources like austinbike.com, and recommend it to new riders that I meet. I don't agree with a lot of opinions other people have but I will defend their right to have them. kindness, inclusion, and the desire for equality for all people means accepting things that we don't agree with. It means not pre-judging and using stereotypes. It means getting out of our comfort zones at times to defend the rights of those that have a different view. I have enjoyed my time here and wish nothing but happiness for all of you. Because of what I learned here I have a lot of road trips planned to places I never knew existed. I may be slow because of my heart attack and previous injuries, but I get out there and do it. I greet everyone I see, and hope that crossing paths with me out there is a pleasant experience. Thanks again. Even though my time here is done, I will still point people this direction. This is a well run, amazing resource.
  2. I have tires for the Bronson on the way for $151 shipped for the pair. I ordered the same ones that came on the bike originally, they work well. Front: Maxxis Minion DHF, 2.5" 3C EXO TR Rear: Maxxis Minion DHR II, 2.4" EXO TR Amazon Prime, ordered today...will be here Monday. Thanks Jeff!
  3. You forgot zombies. Being uninformed leads to fear as well. The media desperately needs people to keep clicking to follow links. They are very good at herding sheep for profit...and people are very good at following their lead.
  4. It gives them something to appear concerned about. The fashionably offended and outraged rule the media right now.
  5. I won't ride on the street again. The accident wasn't my fault and once I realized that I wasn't in control of my destiny on two wheels I stopped. I do miss riding on the track though. It's funny that the cables are wonky like that, I'm a neat freak, too many years in datacenters. I was just putting the garage together.
  6. Was the last day I ever rode a motorcycle. Hit by another rider, and busted up pretty damn bad. Thank the lawd for mountain bikes.
  7. Love this, but I'm not a fan of Roger's on a lot of topics. This one I agree with.
  8. I can't argue with that.
  9. Sadly, the more we evolve as a society, the worse people get.
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