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  1. Us getting an update is a *nice to have*, you finding a job is a HELL of a lot more important. If I weren't stuck on calls with vendors I'd go check.
  2. Hoping someone that lives very close can update us.
  3. Sold the Sony NEX5R a few years ago. Needed a small backup cam for hiking/biking, etc. UPS just delivered the Sony a6400. Man, what a HUGE step up. The auto-focus is unreal. 0.02 second focus acquisition.
  4. Yeah, it rained here in Pf this morning also.
  5. TheX

    Random Dogs

    That is a seriously cute pup.
  6. TheX

    Car Glamping

    I used to carry pretty much everywhere, but now it's a tactical whip in the truck along with pepper spray.
  7. TheX

    Car Glamping

    Not if you're riding where bears are a problem.
  8. TheX

    Random Dogs

    Yeah, my wife will never see this pic.
  9. TheX

    Car Glamping

    This is VERY true!
  10. Struggling with a re-injured shoulder but got out for a quick 15 miles.
  11. If they don't know, then I'm not going to fault them. Going around the chain on purpose, fuck those people.
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