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  1. I watched it twice, watching it in German this time, with English subtitles. It really does make it better.
  2. One of the good guys for sure!
  3. So you delivered the rims and beer then?
  4. I believe you are correct. I'll need to get back out there and sort that out.
  5. Sooo, I decided to do 1/4 notch this morning, starting from the center. I have only done it a couple times the other direction, never this way. Somehow I got turned around and ended up on Double Down. I have never been on it at all. I kept thinking, 1/4 notch got tougher, hahaha. Bailed when I found Picnic, since I had never ridden it either.
  6. I have proper lights, and have never actually used them. I do cycle the batteries and keep them healthy. I have to get off my ass and try this.
  7. I'm sure some beer would be nice too, since you're traveling anyway.
  8. Any mixer/modifiers here? I add Dave's Insanity Sauce to weaker sauces if I love the flavor.
  9. The seat on my gravel bike feels like a thin cover kinda sprayed on a carbon shell. If I don't have chamois, I need a different seat.
  10. I just realized that in the last 700 miles I haven't had a single crash/OTB incident. I think it's because I ride alone 100% of the time. I haven't had anyone to tow me around, giving me something new to try. Looking forward to things getting back to normal!
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