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  1. I've never understood why people leave their dog shit bags on the side of the trail. Do they think we have a cleaning service that cruises the trails to clean up after them?
  2. I think I might have 2 more people interested. They don't post here, but I ride with them. We'll see, hopefully they'll sign up.
  3. I might have to drag my broken ass body, heart attack surviving, 60 year old self out there and do this.
  4. TheX

    Buds Required

    I've got your black coffee.
  5. I would think from vehicles, but I have nothing to back that up.
  6. I noticed that as well. People need to seriously lock that stuff up.
  7. Apologies to everyone else. I decided to take RA off ignore today and the first thing I see is him and his old man crap. We have NEVER met and I've had him on ignore for months without any interaction. Nothing I said in this thread prior had ANYTHING to do with him, I couldn't (and now can't) see his posts.
  8. Back on ignore, can't trust juvenile idiots to play nice. Freakin' jerk.
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