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  1. TheX

    Spider Mountain

    ^^^^ This is true ^^^^
  2. TheX

    Why I did it

    My wife of 20 years has never been able to ride with me, lots of health challenges over the years. I ride alone a LOT,. I think riding with family would be amazing! Super jelly.
  3. TheX

    WC conditions (Jan 28)

    The work around the dam is GREAT. Someone put a LOT of time into it. That required actual machinery.
  4. TheX

    Co Bend State Park

    Nice! I got stuck there one day when unexpected rain happened and getting back to my truck took all day. It was a MESS. I do like that place though.
  5. TheX

    WC conditions (Jan 28)

    WC is awesome once again. The trail crew has done amazing work on sections like .6. The first climb on Windy sucks balls but it's rock so it's mostly just dangerous if you aren't careful. Inner/outer log loop, powerline, Marks art, Twist of trails, Severe, BMX...all in really good shape.
  6. This is community right here. *loud sound of applause*
  7. I'm riding tomorrow, screw everything else.

  8. TheX

    performance bike deals

    Got it yesterday. I was a SuperGo shopper years ago, then Performance when they took over those stores. Used Performance now and then over the last 11 years but not a lot. still sad to see companies go.
  9. TheX

    Brushy Creek

    As it should be.
  10. Big pit full of foam things for flipping in to.
  11. TheX

    Buds Required

    Saw JR and the Sex Pistols in Memphis in '78. Un-freakin-real.
  12. TheX

    Need a computer

    This! I have an Asus and it rocks. Chromebook FTW.
  13. Dogs > People. The places we ride aren't free. Someone is paying taxes/upkeep/etc.