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  1. Damn, that climb was epic. Great camera work as well.
  2. TheX

    Random Dogs

    Our old girl, and her new adopted rescue sister.
  3. I put a top on my truck when I quit having to carry a Ducati around. Now I carry more *stuff*.
  4. Short, to the point, and accurate.
  5. Holy crap, that works GREAT!!!!
  6. I'd be willing to be a paid member. Albert? Any plans to add paid memberships?
  7. Yep, if I couldn't see quotes from the ONE person I have ever ignored on any forum, ever! I wouldn't even know he was here.
  8. Truth...maybe we should get him a cape?
  9. Mojo became not non-shitty.
  10. Holy shit! Marc fell down, Rins wins for Suzuki with Rossi 2nd. Dove leads the championship with Rossi 3 points behind.
  11. I was speaking in general terms, not in your specific circumstance. Should have just stayed clear of the conversation.
  12. I was tired of the crap at the other place. Thanks to *almost* everyone for making this place fun and non-shitty.
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