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  1. TheX

    Hail damage

    I don't need ambulance chaser roofers.
  2. So nice to have the second jab done.
  3. I have a pic of the paperwork in my phone. Just in case.
  4. TheX

    Jokes and Funnies!

    Video game for entitled people.
  5. I just had to upload the new rabies vax info to our dog groomers, like I always do when they get their shots. Do anti-vaxxers bitch about having to have rabies tags for their dogs? This popped into my head today, and I'm getting my second jab in an hour. So simple, so smart.
  6. More people that happen to like different things treating others like shit. It's really sad, but people gonna people.
  7. TheX

    Hail damage

    We got our asses kicked here in Pflugerville. My truck has some dents, neighbors cars have broken windshields, lots of dents. Looks like my 20 year old roof will finally get replaced for freeeee.
  8. It's amazing how this one thing can make or break a relationship. I know things happen, and timelines can shift but...just let me know, don't make me go looking for updates.
  9. Just started the new War Of The Worlds series on Prime. Pretty badass.
  10. That can end up going wrong in a hurry.
  11. Looking forward to my May 24th solo trip up there. Never been, going to just ride around and explore.
  12. I have not seen any automatic ones, would drive me crazy.
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