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  1. We had the Hong Kong Flu, and the Spanish Flu. They had other names also, and the people calling by their country of origin are NOT racists. This has been normal for many years. Suddenly, the snowflakes of today have decided that people that have a different opinion than they have, are racists. No different than my other thread about not selling guns to panic buyers. I got attacked for that, which made be seriously LOL. It's the Wuhan/Chinese Virus, and guns are a good thing. Calling people racists because you don't like what they call something, is offensive. Racism is a real issue, and you people that throw the word around so loosely should be ashamed of themselves for calling people that. The world is a rough place, and people that forget to wear their big boy/girl pants get what they get. I'm not a racists, but I'm also not a po0sie. Have fun, peace out.
  2. Harm is in the intent. The virus is from China, I can call it Chinese without being a racist. People yelling the loudest give power to things that shouldn't have any power.
  3. Looks like a lot more Zwifting.
  4. Look at day three after Katrina.
  5. I appreciate what you're saying, but I have not changed how I feel about it. In fact, I'm heading out to pick up a sweet Kimber Ultra Carry right now.
  6. I miss the gym more than I thought that I would.
  7. I have two Bosu balls, and LOVE them.
  8. What are you doing to stay fit (other than riding)? I have a lot of dumbbells, and a bench. Covers a LOT of things I normally do at the gym. Zwifting helps as well.
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