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  1. lol, I should try to sell it to some homebuilders. "Lightly used 2x6, some disassembly required. $80"
  2. Wooden manual trainer built by me based on some of the youtube videos. My drill turned out to not be strong enough to drive all the screws flush, so if you have a better drill you can clean it up! It is a bit janky but I never felt unsafe using it. Make sure you learn proper technique before jumping on this thing, I was able to get a pretty consistent "manual" on this thing using wrong technique that didn't translate on the bike at all. (I still don't have my manual, I don't have room for it anymore and had to take a break from MTB for a while) It is in my garage up in Cedar Park. Free to whomever wants it.
  3. That is always dangerous. I once tried to do network maintenance right before my wife was scheduled to game with her friends.
  4. Think anything will be rideable by tomorrow? I was too lazy to get out before the rain today.
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