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  1. I'm matching up to $100 in prize money. Race organizers can decide the split. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Ill match donations up to $100.
  3. thanks cody, didnt have time to research the specs, but based on your rec I got the merida.
  4. I have some friends up north and apparently fat bikes have been a revolution for winter riding. 5psi!
  5. Planning to ride there too before I buy a new bike.
  6. any details to what this request is about? There are no videos on youtube on the sustainable texan channel.
  7. efficiency, Ive never had problems with traction, but I hate the bob.
  8. My czar is 120/100mm and I was thinking about getting something with more travel. My first bike (tallboy LT) was 140/135 and I was pretty awesome for pretty much riding anything. For spider mountain is 140 perfect or would something like 160 be better? I didnt like the VPP on the tallboy LT for climbing. For descending it was fine. Love dw-link on the czar. Rented a pivot (429?) from cycle progression and didnt love it. Felt like I was riding through molasses. What bikes actually have decent climbing that would be suitable for spider mountain? I prefer to get a frame only and build it myself. Turner has the RFX (160mm), but I think it would be hard to get a test ride Seth is pimping guerilla gravity Where I dont trust most people is when they say the climbing is good, Im generally skeptical and think they are just used to shitty climbing.
  9. what travel? axle? What size frame does he need? hardtail/FS?
  10. alternately they are keeping their seat too low for ideal climbing so they can improve their climbing times by raising their seat to the optimal height.
  11. does anyone have a faster way to girdle a tree? like with a chainsaw?
  12. according to the article ligustrum can strangle and kill ash junipers..
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