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  1. crazyt

    tracking lost bike with gps

    There were ones made that went into stem. I don't think they were successful. I keep a tile on my bike Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. I use a tile on my bike to hopefully track it if it is stolen. The tile creates a bluetooth mesh network which depends on someone using tile nearby. There is a new device from ping gps which uses cellular and GPS to transmit location which means you are much more likely to find your stuff. https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/ping-bluetooth-cellular-gps-tracker/ the trackers are selling for $90, not sure if they are shipping yet.
  3. cat has a few lines that are in that vein. Essentially straight down one of the typical rock gullies
  4. crazyt

    Getting Shorted

    I wear regular roadie bike shorts (easy to find) under regular outdoor shorts (easy to find). I can wear the regular outdoor shorts without the bike shorts and when I ride they protect the bike shorts from getting torn. I learned this lesson when I tore a $100 pair of bike shorts the first time I rode.
  5. If flats are as good as clipless I would much rather ride flats. It means I can wear any shoes, can hike a bike much easier, and other people can ride my bike. When I rode flats (about 6 months) I was constantly slashing up my shins. Not while riding but just getting on/off the bike. I also struggled on dicey technical sections where I needed that extra little bit of power. Those two things were enough to make me prefer clipless. For mountain biking I dont think the efficiency really matters. But I find it hard to believe that when you are riding on the road where you pedal for 1+ hour (or all day) straight with no coasting, that being clipped in doesnt help in some way. Even if it just spreads out the load to other muscles.
  6. very well. If the next day is sunny, cat is rideable. Just like 4C. Mainly because there are virtually no flat parts on the trail.
  7. when TDF riders start riding flats, Ill believe flats are as efficient as clipless.
  8. the main area where I think clipless are better is when you need to generate that last bit of extra power to get over a feature. For me that happens all the time. If you are riding on the road they also help you to use different muscles as you pedal.
  9. Im not getting all the complaining. Are we just not telling people about the trails that dry in a day? All the stuff that is on steep hills is rideable if it is sunny the day after it rains.
  10. crazyt

    Riffing off the other thread...

    local billionaire (michael dell, joe liemandt, robert smith, tito, john paul devoria - patron, and one other I know of) takes up mountain biking, buys thousands of acres of land and builds trails. local billionaire packs the city council, travis county trustees, and BCP board to get BCP opened up to mountain bikers.
  11. crazyt

    Replacement Batteries.

    I thought magic shine was the no name knock off brand..
  12. crazyt

    old BCGB trail map

    I was thinking the SOS map was too new. The map from reddit may be old enough that it predates BCP and so those trails are automatically grandfathered.
  13. might be useful when discussing grandfathered trails with BCP groups was posted on reddit/r/austin today, not linking to it here directly.
  14. crazyt

    droppers and workstands

    Very lightly clamp to the top tube (carbon). It is mainly resting on the bottom jaw. I then screw down the clamp rather than actually clamping. alternately I clamp to the collar of the dropper.