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  1. use my macbook pro to run zwift on my trainer. It sits on a music stand, knocked it off and the screen broke. I hate the new macbook pros with the touchbar and no ports, so i bought another 2015 with all the ports. Mac backup is awesome, I just did a restore from backup (usb drive) and i was up and running immediately. weirdly I let the old macbook sit in the audio cabinet with the amplifier on. it got really hot and the monitor started working again. After a few days it stopped working.
  2. I pretty much always build up my bikes. Cant stand to pay 6-7K for a bike (or 4K for lower spec parts). Im currently working on an I9 wheelset w/chinese carbon hoops. Have a 1x11 drivetrain ready to go and internal dropper post. I ended up buying a used lyrik for $350. Also going to put a works 1 degree angleset on. People say that is close to the geo of the V2. I definitely want total confidence climbing and am willing to give up plushness on the downs. The ripmo is supposed to be a better climber than the evil. Went to rent a ripley from cycle progression, but they were all rented out, then saw the deal on the V1 ripmo so pulled the trigger.
  3. someone spray painted leash dogs on the concrete trail as well With the concrete path both sides are much more accessible. The whole park should be leash free now.
  4. I ended up getting the ripmo. Cycle progression didnt have any rentals so Im just going to wing it.
  5. backcountry apparently has the v1 ripmo for 2200, a little less downhill than the V2
  6. call more companies precision is good service wizards is also good
  7. I sold my tallboy LTc so now im looking for a new bike. I mainly ride my turner czar and the 100mm bottoms out a lot. I feel like 120mm is perfect, but might be too close to the czar. I love dw-link as i hate pedal bob when climbing. I dont enjoy downhills as much as I enjoy a tough climb. The tallboy was great as I was bombing sketchy greenbelt downhills right away. I rarely bottomed out the 135mm, but I also dont do large drops. It was also at 28 pounds even with a 2x in front. I was prepping to take the front derailleur off which would have made it 27. I think Im sticking to dw inspired suspensions as whenever someone says such and such a platform is great (eg fsr, vpp, vpp2) they always have too much pedal bob for me. Giant maestro (copied dw-link) is also good. I mainly ride four corners, cat (but not the big drops), and sometimes brushy. Im going to rent the ripley first, then the ripmo. I think the evil is prob out as Ive read the suspension isnt as firm as the ripley/ripmo. I have ridden pivots before and for some reason I always feel like Im slogging through mud while riding them, so they are out even though they technically should be a good fit.
  8. When I first make a trail it typically just goes straight through. I try to make a complete loop as quickly as possible. Then start to take individual sections and make them better. Straight through is boring.
  9. facebook marketplace, craigslist, facebook bicycle sell & trade austin facebook neighborhood groups - lakeway swap, nw hills garage sale, westlake swap
  10. I put my tallboy ltc up forsale and got about 20 inquiries over 24 hours. Sold it the day after I posted.
  11. Apparently everyone is trying to start biking and there is a shortage of used bikes (like there is a shortage of fitness equipment). This is a really good time to sell a bike you have been sitting on for awhile.
  12. would love the tri bars if they are still available
  13. probably because everyone in that neighborhood is working from home. I rarely have seen anyone on thumper except for the days leading up to the EB.
  14. Rode the ebike around cat today. Hit the motor on some ledges and not others. I tend not to slam into ledges, just lever myself up and over so hopefully the motor housing will last awhile. It is definitely cheating on the climbs. I kept it on the lowest setting and even then it surged a little too much. After my ride I wasnt tired so I ended up riding mesa and was able to hit 30mph pedaling hard.
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