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  1. youtube videos will be very helpful. You might not have all the tools so factor in having to go out and buy tools. Most of the assembly should just be hex wrenches as the cassette and rings should already be installed. But pedals probably wont be so you will need the right size pedal wrench (or hex wrench).
  2. there are carbon repair wraps you can buy that will fix it stronger than the original. It applies like tape.
  3. She can do the same thing on a kickr, while saving around $1000 and getting app controlled resistance with other apps. The mountain biker will be able to use a kickr much easier than a peloton for zwift and other apps. Kickrs are available used for about $600-$650. (I think) Peloton digital has cadence, heart rate, and the full video library plus live classes.
  4. call BSS they constantly have boxes.
  5. you can subscribe to peloton digital without getting the bike. The bike is very overpriced vs an actual trainer. The bike doesnt do automatic power training which sucks. I think peloton digital can receive cadence and heartrate data so you dont need the peloton bike anymore. Considering that you adjust resistance manually with the peloton I think it is way overpriced. Smart trainers adjust resistance automatically and can measure power output which I think is huge. With a wahoo kickr you can use trainer road (or many other apps) which is good for cycling programs to develop power. I personally didnt like zwift and much prefer trainer road for training using power numbers. With the peloton bike you can use other apps, but it is missing app controlled resistance. When you train for power, the software figures out your FTP then sets power numbers. The trainer automatically adjusts the resistance and you just keep up cadence. If you increase cadence, the resistance drops. When you use it with zwift in power mode, you never need to shift because you are outputting whatever power the training program says (your velocity will change). The resistance depends on your cadence, not the grade of the slope. It doesnt matter how fast you pedal you wont go faster because the power is constant for a given time period of a program. If you dont use power mode, your power would fluctuate a lot more and the resistance would be determined by grade not how fast you pedal.
  6. Cat mountain was 100 relatively inexpensive acres in the middle of town because development is prohibited by a conservation easement. Wouldnt surprise me if there were other properties like this in town. Richard Garriott put a conservation easement on part of his property, but it is linked to lake austin waterfront so it is 35 million.
  7. Has anyone seen feral hogs/signs of them in northwest hills? They are definitely in jester but I havent seen rooting in bull creek.
  8. your closest best trail is ride the hike and bike to zilker then take the barton creek greenbelt main trail. No elevation gain, but some technical features. Over time you can learn to ride the side trails.
  9. I buy frames and then add the parts from old bikes. So I compromise on parts and yet I dont because I love the parts I have.
  10. have been reading about this, that strengthening the muscles will take a load off the tendons. Will also help to heal the tendons.
  11. of course seth broke his 1 1/4 1up by putting 4 bikes on it. here is the original mojo post with picture http://www.bikemojo.com/speak/14-austin-voodoo/245048-another-1-up-rack-question.html#post1346968
  12. Saw this post on reddit. Seems like a steep headtube would be best. Maybe a trials bike or a unicycle
  13. there are other mechanisms like phase transition which is also evaporation. It is conduction from direct contact of your skin with sweat and then a phase change of the sweat from water to water vapor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_transfer#Advection
  14. I probably said this already (long thread), but get a wahoo kickr or equivalent smart trainer (bicycle facebook group usually has one for sale, or craigslist - typical price is about 600. 550 would be a good price.). You can set the power so you only have to focus on your cadence. Trainer road will setup a program to help you to hit your goal. It will also give you a power test to give you an idea of where you are at, then adjust all your workouts based on your power (FTP). I watch tv while I pedal and only need to keep my cadence constant. You learn to feel the diff between 70,80, and 90 rpm. The trainer automatically adjusts the resistance to generate the power the training program requires. When you are climbing a mountain, based on your weight, you will need to generate a certain power to go at a particular speed. You can calculate this beforehand and make sure you can generate that power for the time you need, on the trainer. It is hard to get a 3-4 hour ride in because of the heat now, so the trainer allows you to workout at night etc. The thing I learned really quickly is that road/mountain bike riding makes it too easy to stop pedaling and coast. The trainer keeps you pedaling 100% of the time. I can pedal non stop for 2 hours without too much trouble. When you are climbing a mountain there is no coasting.
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