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  1. hydromet showing little to no rain in the last 24 hours. Will be hot and humid :)
  2. Depends on your dirt. In the hill country the best tool is a pick mattock Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. My backpack has a hip belt and I adjust it so the weight is on my hips the shoulder straps are loose. the chest strap keeps the back from flopping around. I would think a hip pack would pretty much be the same. I like the back protection that the backpack gives.
  4. lots of times when people are exercising they are in the zone or at the edge of their ability to talk. I doubt the people are that unfriendly, just focused on navigating the trail. Hikers arent exercising so they can say just say hi. I usually tell hikers, have a great hike, and they usually say you too and then realize that Im not hiking so try to correct themselves.
  5. I would like the seat and ikon thanks! Will stop by to pick it up. Good luck on the birth! If it is your first or your third, your life will completely change 🙂
  6. I may have some of these. They mount to the chainstay or something.
  7. all these rules.. you are officially the man.
  8. i use rock and roll gold and reapply every ride. I can actually go 3 rides before the chain gets noisy, but then I have to keep track of when I last applied
  9. Im not monitoring this very carefully so if you want my matching funds, LMK as soon as possible and I can venmo/paypal
  10. so what? The one up also has its proprietary connector and the chain and two cable locks lock the bike to the rack. As I said the goal is to slow someone down for enough time for me to catch them.
  11. I use a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain to lock the frame to my one up. A U lock to lock the one up to the hitch. I use cable locks to lock the wheels to the frame. Even with all that when we stop I make sure I can see my truck from the window. The locks only slow someone down for long enough for me to notice them.
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