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  1. I use a bed extender to hang the bikes over. Put insulating foam on the tubes.
  2. you dont need the gate code. I think you can park at the YMCA and ride across the street. There is a path to bypass the gate. It is meant to be ridden to on the south walnut creek trail It is a bike park, but I think they changed the name to trail because there are actually a lot of trails on the east side.
  3. I much prefer the old school geometry on STA. I found the new geo put me too far forward. I dont mind scooting up on my seat. maybe those steep STA are designed for the 10 mile climbs they have in actual mountains.
  4. would be great, can i do a porch pickup? Is it a rear?
  5. ok need one last thing. Does anyone have a rear QR skewer? I figure people have a ton of these in a box. I happened to have one, no idea where the paired one is. It actually doesnt have to be QR.
  6. airrosti was very helpful for me. I normally am skeptical of all things like that. But they did a little massage and exercises and my problem went away fast. I do a lot of jiu jitsu and flexibility and strength training to build the core really help a lot.
  7. thanks, I got antsy and ended up buying a set of shimano mt200, super low end but only $75 for the pair.
  8. does anyone have a disc brakes? I can trade, have tires, dropper post etc.
  9. In so cal the climbs are a similar grade but a lot longer. Typically around 250-300 ft/mile. this is whiting ranch, which is an out and back. So 3800 in around 12 miles. The california riders kicked my ass, but when my BIL rides in austin he really struggles with the tech. https://www.strava.com/activities/55217428
  10. saw this post on the austin mountain biking facebook group
  11. I think bull creek is fine for beginners. I ride with my 8yo. Lots of poison ivy though.
  12. I did the haleakala climb which is 10K ft in 25 miles. So 3 of that - no thanks..
  13. TBF 3 kids are going through this bike and I didnt spend 3K since I built it up myself. You cant get the frame only anymore so to replace it would be around 3K or possibly more.
  14. TFW your 8 year old leaves his 3K bike on the driveway and you run over it with your truck...
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