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  1. I stand corrected.. what kind of tire lever were you using??? were they made of metal? Use pedros..
  2. 2-3 days after the snow has completely melted if it is sunny with some wind.
  3. no way you "tore through the carbon" with a plastic rim tool Just pull the rim tape and put some gorilla tape on and you will be GTG The tire will always leak through the spoke holes if the tape is torn
  4. someday I plan to run for city council and work to get forest ridge opened up. The city at one point mandated that forest ridge be opened up to recreation and the employees in charge stonewalled until there was a new mayor and new city council. "deep state" as it were. The people in charge are birdwatchers and highly favor the interest of birdwatchers.
  5. Im not limiting anything, Im predicting what is going to happen.
  6. it is not necessarily about badly behaved people, it is about sheer numbers. If 1/100 bikers can make the climb you limit the population of riders. If anyone with an ebike can make the climb you have greatly expanded the population. You will get more assholes just because you have increased the total number of riders but you also are just increasing the number of asshole riders. When I ride certain trails I might see one other rider. As ebikes become more popular, those trails might become much more popular. The climbs are often hard because of the fitness. That allows people who havent developed the fitness to get to the top and bomb down. I predict a lot more injuries/accidents as well. The one saving grace is that e mountain bikes are very expensive for now.
  7. one other thing we will definitely see is that bandit trails are being listed on trailforks. The combination of that + ebikes is going to mean a lot more traffic on the hard bandit trails. The trails themselves used to be a filter for traffic, shortly that wont be the case. ebike traffic will likely get those trails closed. Ill repost this when it starts to happen.
  8. need to work on your trackstands. One guy I rode with on the GB would track stand behind a stalled rider. Hop sideways to an impossible looking line. Hop up the line and continue.
  9. working hard creates respect (not always but mostly). It filters out people with a lazy attitude. I do feel like ebikes 1) make hard climbs accessible to more people. That alone will bring more people and a larger number of assholes 2) Bring a larger proportion of people with a lazy and bad attitude. E-bikes in general will create more traffic which could allow us to have a larger lobby for more trails or it could cause existing trails to be more crowded and get us banned.
  10. pushing the bars out is much easier to time (some people call it a mini manual). A manual is good if you are going to slow (like on rays collarbone which has a 90 degree turn into a drop) but pushing the bars out seems much more useful than a manual for drops.
  11. another trick for ebay is to use a bidnapping service (I use bidnapper.com). They use bots to place a bid on your behalf in the last few seconds to prevent bidding wars. You can also chain auctions together so if you dont get one, it will bid on the next one. I have a high win rate with no bidding war.
  12. I dont know how ESI grips might be different, but with regular grips I use an air compressure and a needle inflator. Put compressed air into the grip and they slide right off. Also makes putting them on easy.
  13. Manuals arent really that useful. Many people think drops are done with manuals, this isnt true (though you can). In austin, track standing is probably the best skill. Alternately for drops row/anti-row.
  14. to the OP there are some clearly hardest trails and clearly easiest trails. In between there are sections of trails that can be hard or easy so a ranked list doesnt really make sense. The hardest is probably cat and thumper. The easiest is walnut or south austin trail network. In between there are a lot of trails.
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