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  1. you might be a hoarder.. however crappy 90s bikes are listing for $200 so you should take this chance to clear out some bikes. Get as many working as possible and start to sell. If you sell 10 of them you can buy a really nice modern bike.
  2. defund the police is actually about taking away many of the jobs that armed combat trained officers arent best for and moving those to another agency. It isnt about throwing things out but moving them to another agency where the culture is different
  3. the bake a cake is a protected class. They could deny for reasons not related to the protected class, but not because of the protected class.
  4. Ill add that I put up some pegboard and have my tools nicely spaced out. That is really helpful. I also have at least 8 sets of allen wrenches in various forms (t handle, L, socket head, screw driver head, on spare bike tools, etc), because you can never find them when you need them. I keep a complete tool set (sockets, hammer, bits, crescent etc) in my bike area and the tools are never allowed to leave that area. I have a toolset for indoors and a toolset in my main work bench.
  5. I personally would do an RV instead of a pilot. There are 24ft RVs forsale for 20-30K. Tow a small car for driving around the area. Something like this https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2613183542232560/
  6. if you get a truing stand then you will also need spoke wrenches, a spoke tension meter is handy small and large torque wrenches pedal wrench or larger allen keys than typically come in most sets (e.g. 8mm) Chain breaker, I also use quicklinks and have a quick link tool and spare quick links there is also a tool to measure chain wear for shimano cranks there is a small plastic tool that is used to remove the bolt that holds the cranks together (crank arm installation tool) Bottom bracket tool - there are a couple of sizes. My park bottom bracket tool has the crank arm install tool on one side For brake bleeds and shimano brakes you need a 7mm allen which doesnt seem come in most sets, make sure the kit has the funnel. I use it a lot I use a hayes disc brake tool which has two very thin sheets that go between the rotor and the brake pads to align calipers. There is a park rotor tool for bending the rotor derailleur hanger alignment tool, spare derailleur hanger mineral oil for shimano brakes very large socket for the fork nuts (e.g. 24mm, 26mm) Air compressor for seating tubeless tires. I keep spare stans valves. I also use a basketball pin inflator to remove grips. You blow compressed air under the grip and the grips come right off/slide right on. I have a presta valve connector for my compressor I use a little presta core tool for removing the core out of presta valves. I use a stans syringe that has a presta screw at the end to inject sealant cable/cable housing cutter. I like the park one 1mm allen head - this is used for example on the barrel nut of a ks lev dropper bost a set of picks for pulling retaining springs vice soft jaws for when you cant get hub endcaps and the freehub body to come off I have a special clamp for the brake hose to make it easy to tap the brass barb fitting on the end regular grease fork oil I have dt swiss grease for dt swiss hubs Some different grease for i9 torch hubs slick honey rock and roll gold for the chain I make my own sealant pedros tire levers alcohol for cleaning rotors and brake pads. generic degreaser (e.g. simple green) lots of shop towels nitrile gloves I use cloths, but the oil comes off in the washer which is bad. spotlight to see what you are doing There are additional things that are pretty rarely used: various presses for headsets and press fit bottom brackets For crown race I just use 1.5 inch PVC and a cap so I can hit it with a hammer
  7. There was a girl who had her wheels stolen. She posted on the austin mountain bike facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/502755839933261/permalink/1450177888524380/
  8. thats because 68 is the perfect HTA..
  9. Woom. Seems like lots of non-cycling people know about them now. They have a great product in their niche
  10. my daughter has this one and really likes it.
  11. the canecreek anglesets that let you pick an angle are known to be bad, but the works components that let you add a fixed amount work well.
  12. just as a reminder, looking for people who are interested in updating trail conditions. It is a quick spreadsheet update. And if you dont end up updating it is no big deal, someone else will. Would be helpful if you updated the trails you ride most, dont need to be trail steward.
  13. rode walnut starting at 7:30pm on sunday and it was a bit chilly in the shade. Also have been doing short rides on cat, down then back up around 4pm and it has been fine in the shade. We got a new dog so Ive been too tired to ride in the morning, but this morning at 6am was amazing.
  14. I do everything except press headsets and bottom brackets. Ill gladly pay $20 for the 5 minutes it takes to press a headset because I dont want to destroy my 3K carbon frame.
  15. burger restaurants are a total scam. I can buy awesome wagyu beef for $6/pound and make a 1/4 lb burger that is so much better. It only takes like 8 minutes to make a burger that would cost like $15 instead of $2.
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