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  1. i cant believe multiple people recommended ardents. They are one of the worst tires I have ever used. I would never run them in front, only in back so when they slip it is no big deal. It used to be that most people had the same experience. I run a nobby nic 2.3 in front and a 2.3 ikon in back. Best combo of rolling resistance/traction Run tires at 20 psi front/back (@175 pounds)
  2. is that because giro is part of vista outdoor which sells guns?
  3. 16 oz. mold maker (6.80) 6 tbsp ammonia (free) 16 oz. propylene glycol ($5) 1/4 tsp. xanthan gum (free) 32 oz. distilled water Order to add: • 16 oz water • 16 oz PG • 2 tsp xantham gum (1 tsp next time?) • 1 oz ammonia Mix with drill
  4. Ive been using the internet since the 80s. No group has ever been able to do this, ever.
  5. having to take the front wheel off when you have a truck seems to defeat the purpose of having a truck to haul bikes. I would use the blanket over tailgate method, a hitch rack, or my preferred method which is a bed extender with foam over the tubing. I like this method because I like the bed extender and I dont need to carry anything extra like a tailgate pad.
  6. Brazilian jiu jitsu is amazing. You can fight at 100% with no risk of concussions etc. You go 100% until you establish a joint lock and then your opponent can tap out before the finish. What this means is that you are practicing real fighting every single day at 100%. Within about 3 months you can pretty much destroy any untrained person of similar weight and fitness. A black belt (10 years) that competes can probably handle a 100-150 pound weight disadvantage. This is by far the best martial art for kids. If you live up north there are a few choices. Just read the yelp reviews. Gracie Barra is a little bit like the specialized bikes of BJJ. They have a decent product but they are like a factory. You dont get to free roll (spar) for about 6 months which a lot of people dont like. There are some good schools along 183
  7. Is anyone up for the fight? The old land development code had a clause which made it possible to build trails anywhere on properties in austin. The old code allowed multi-use trails within the buffer zone if they were for hiking. It looks like the new code says trails can be within the buffer zone only if they are "educational trails" which is not defined anywhere else. Critical environmental feature buffer zones are literally almost everywhere in the hill country. Regardless, you would likely have to map out every buffer zone for the watershed director to give approval. This was good because as long as the trail was hiking you were ok. The new code says This is bad because even if you say it is an educational trail, it needs approval. Educational trails are not defined at all and the process for approval is not defined.
  8. For kids brazilian jiu jitsu is king. 15 year old girls can submit fit 25 year old guys. Kid fights are always going to the ground. You need just enough striking to credibly protect your head as you clinch for a takedown and enough punching to get their hands up to their face. Once you are on the ground, the other person is dead. After 3 months you will be able to take someone of your approximate weight and submit them with very high probability. Im actually at lions krav maga which has a modified curriculum that has a heavy emphasis on grappling and kickboxing for self defense. I still would recommend pure brazilian jiu jitsu as a first martial art.
  9. Mornings have finally cooled off. I went for my first ride in 2 months and it was actually pretty good. I was a little worried about my cardio, but I have been doing MMA for the last two months (boxing, kickboxing, brazilian jiu jitsu) and the cardio carries over. I also lost about 15 pounds which is pretty amazing as Ive been trying to lose the same 5 pounds for around 10 years. If you need something to complement mtb, I highly recommend it. 1) air conditioned 2) can do it at night 3) good workout in only an hour, builds core, flexibility, and cardio 4) will be able to submit off leash dogs and mountain lions
  10. I think I kicked off the heated discussion about how hard deception was compared to walnut when I mentioned that it was so popular because it was just a little harder than walnut http://www.bikemojo.com/speak/14-austin-voodoo/91060-brushy-creek-regional-singletrack-66.html#post1122658 Then notyal said it was a couple of notches harder than walnut http://www.bikemojo.com/speak/14-austin-voodoo/91060-brushy-creek-regional-singletrack-68.html#post1122868 Dburatti said 1/2 notch a little later http://www.bikemojo.com/speak/14-austin-voodoo/91060-brushy-creek-regional-singletrack-130.html#post1137607
  11. thats a lot of rules. I would try to pare them down to be shorter and fewer.
  12. Looking to drive to arkansas to camp and ride. What are the go to trails?
  13. I have a small 29er trek stache with fork. Was going to be for my 11 yo but somehow she is 5 3" and has long arms and legs such that she rides my medium.
  14. youtube videos will be very helpful. You might not have all the tools so factor in having to go out and buy tools. Most of the assembly should just be hex wrenches as the cassette and rings should already be installed. But pedals probably wont be so you will need the right size pedal wrench (or hex wrench).
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