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  1. beer fridge just other side of garage-side wall...might have to fix that
  2. funny..that is an old bathroom bamboo over toilet cabinet repurposed. Now holds adhesives, general lubricants, caulks, etc.
  3. My contribution to the thread: A few years ago I somehow got my wife to agree to give up one of three garage bays. I built a 2 x 6 insulated wall to separate it, did all my own electrical from panel to outlets, insulated the ceiling and other walls as well as the garage door. I use a small portable unit (cheap) for AC when it gets hot and have a portable heater when for when it's too cold (rarely). I run the TV (old unit) off of a spare Roku and stream live TV, youtube --shout out to all the local mtb vid producers--; I also stream my music (large computer collection) via Plex app or KUTX via Tune In app through a Bose bluetooth. Garage + music room are my territory. The wife owns the rest of the castle and as many throw pillows as she wants. BTW, bike shown is my old Titus Rockstar, bought from CJB's Hammerhead about 10 years ago, 29er now running as a full suspension converted single speed with Monarch XX remote lockouts, still lots of fun. Main ride is now a Stache 29+ carbon, love it--have had it 2 yrs, also inspired by CJB's touting his on Bike Mojo. Bike 3 is a 20 year old KHS (first mtb) just converted to a 1x9 rigid Frankenbike with slicks for neighborhood/not-so-serious road biking. Main trails: BC (close to home, ride to the ride) Walnut (close to work). Occasional forays to RPR, RHR, Big Bend SP, other local trails. I do all my own wrenching except for serious fork work and wheelbuilding. May get to those soon. A great rainy or too effing hot day off: any bike maintenance/build project or other garage project with good coffee and classic jazz (Miles, Coltrane, Brubeck, Oliver Nelson, etc); afternoons, same with a beer and sports/KUTX on in the background or a break to watch a mtb vid or two to get inspired for the next trail ride. Happy wrenching/riding to all.
  4. Kuat tray plastic to metal joint broke today...they are sending a new part but I would have expected Kuat to have me send in the part for analysis on the chance this was a materials or design failure. Was at Walnut 1:30, rode in the effing heat for about an hour, returned to find broken part, no other damage to the rack..suppose someone could have jumped on it to break it...but my guess is the extended heat over the summer and a latent materials defect did this...just glad it did not happen on 35.
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