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  1. Free to good home, this lovely red manual machine. Built the outriggers out of thinner material, so they'd flex, rather than the rear wheel. No room for this, and I can do basic manuals enough now to not need it. Located in South Austin 1626/35.
  2. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    The$e are the thought$ that set fire 2 your city.......
  3. Now we're talking . Like me some Denon and Onkyo . What do you have ?
  4. Got this pioneer home receiver and it's way too complex for the 2.1 setup in our office. Would like to trade it for a reasonably good 2.1 stereo receiver or failing that a 5.1 that can be run as stereo. Main thing is yours needs a subwoofer output. Unit works and comes with remote and audio setup mic. Live in south Austin but travel around the city for work and willing to meet. Thanks https://www.soundandvision.com/content/pioneer-vsx-1120-av-receiver
  5. Fixed mine. Simple problem but a permanent solution will be a PITA. Clogged drain from the poor design of the system from the drain backing up as it exits the house. The drainpipe has a 2* upward slope for 3-4 feet at the exit. The condensation from the 2nd story unit has to fill the vertical line with enough water to push the remaining water traveling up the slope out. Pretty much a dogshit design and recipe for issues. Used the shopvac trick to pull this abortion out.
  6. Repair guy will be out tomorrow so we will see. Have warranty so hopefully whatever is broken is fukt and will get replaced. We have an older trane system that is apparently bulletproof so who knows.
  7. Okay, I feel better. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  8. Good community for sure! Oh and my PC went out today and I'm on a backup circa 2010. Keep the party going.
  9. Apparently misery loves company. Mine went out yesterday evening. Going to be fun holiday weekend for us as well......... Oh, and the rant. F@ck these meteorologist. Promised rain the last three days and nothing but sun & heat. In what profession can you be consistently wrong on a DAILY basis and keep your f@cking job?
  10. I've had T-mobile for 17 years and although the rates are really, really competitive, the service is notsomuch. I don't even bother taking my phone on the trail as I don't get service in areas of my home, much less the boondocks.
  11. Same here. Bought a 40 y/o house with a 17 y/o A/C system. House came with the obligatory 1yr warranty, this one through Old Republic and we've renewed it every year. It has been more than worth the $800 renewal and $75 service fees, and ORHW has actually been pretty good to work with. If they can't source the part, they just replace the appliance and in a house this old, it's basically free upgrades any time something goes out. If i'm not happy with what unit they sourced as a replacement, they'll send me a check and I can go buy the appliance myself, send them the receipt and they'll honor the warranty on the product I bought. Just did the condenser fan in March and the repair guy drove down from Dallas, on a Saturday, and during a pandemic to replace it. Money well spent.
  12. There's a lot of good options for 29ers in the 120-135mm range right now. Of the three, ripmo AF is a solid choice.
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