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  1. When i take mine for a walk and she sh*ts, she gets the bag tied to her leash/collar. Been doing this with my dogs for almost two decades. I've condescendingly been asked why she has a sh*tbag tied to her by other dog walkers and I just reply, "its not mine, im not carrying it". The look on their face is priceless. The bags next to the trail are insane. If the city put some attendants down there and started handing out some bad ass fines, it'd more than pay for the cost of the attendants and labor to pick it up.
  2. Thanks. Still sorting out some issues with upper headset and BB but it'll be together for the cooler weather and roadtrips. Tempted to drag it to snowshoe but not down with the transportation costs just yet. Appreciate it. My trailbike is colored way over the top so i wanted the exact opposite for this one. Got custom stealth frame/fork decals, painted over chrome and the lettering on tires. The tires are 27.5 x 2.5 DHSS in the rear and 27.5 x 2.6 DHF mounted on 35mm internal rims. The rotors are 203 F&R.
  3. Thanks Had some casks before and i let the last one go for too long and it cracked. I'd already pushed it past its life cycle anyway so not a big loss.
  4. Bought a new 3l white oak barrel and aging it with an affordable quad for 30 days. Gonna dump that beer out, and fill with silver corn whiskey for 90 days. I usually cheap out and use a 2 gallon glass carboy and char some oak spirals when aging a spirit, but this time i went back to a cask.
  5. Wont be drinking the results of this until NYE, but's there's some goodness on the way.
  6. All 661 pads sold!
  7. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    If it's "cold" outside, ill grab a flat white at the SB drive-thru and that's only 2-3 times a year. If im desperate, ill grab a basic coffee from summer moon, 3rd coast, or cuvee as they'll get my money first. Since we're on the subject of food, remember this one?
  8. Which sunrace were you running? I've used the MX8 series with the aluminum with some pretty good results. They didn't sound or feel any worse than my overpriced $275.00 sram X0 cassettes. Congrats on the bike. If you are getting used to shimano, you probably wont like that 11-46 cassette. The engineers must've been drunk when they designed it with a 9 tooth jump to the big cog.
  9. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    Mixing it up tonight with some classic Waylon and whiskey. Makes modern country sound like the absolute dogshit that we all know it is.
  10. I'm a god damned cosmopolitan tonight with all these fancy spirits from the east coast. Thanks for the NY whiskey Chief😎
  11. Thats awesome! I checked availability on that site a few months ago and there was nothing in tejas. looks like it finally made its way here. have to grab some This is the best "craft" light beer i have had up to now https://lagunitas.com/beer/daytime
  12. No, I'm actually agreeing with you. RLAG booking their rides during the worst time of the year, and during hours when most people have to work or tend to family doesn't make sense to me. My wife saw the schedule as asked if all these people work from home. She also hates riding in the heat almost as much as I do.
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