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  1. IMHO, the la quinta and best western in bentonville are best values plus they are cool with bikes. Clean, decent free breakfast and theres a few places to eat in wlking distance as well
  2. ATXZJ

    Bad news for town lake

    pfft i wish cat mountain had a shuttle Im starting to see billboards from personal injury lawyers with scooters on them. change is coming😉
  3. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    Speaking of good things that happened in the 80s. I give you FEAR!!............also playing tonight at mohawk✌
  4. ATXZJ

    performance bike deals

    well, maybe if you're into that sort of thing South store was unremarkable at best. They were doing an additional 10% off the final price today but there just wasn't anything really worth buying. They had some okay deals but nothing you couldn't buy online for cheaper and no sales tax. I bought some composite water bottle cages, a tire pressure gauge and some stem spacers for under $25 Cause they know how to party
  5. ATXZJ


    Can you imagine the reaction the pioneers who carved this trail would have upon seeing this guy? They'd think he's a f@cking space alien or something. Nope, just a dude who races bicycles, doing it for clicks / hits and an unknown level of sponsorship. Insanely talented rider apparently born with a deathwish.
  6. ATXZJ


    We rode 5 points in NW georgia when were up there too. Agree on similar to back 40 and definitely more elevation making it a little more flowy than the lowland stuff. Funny you mention the ratings as my wife tends to over react when she sees we're going on a black diamond trail. Then it ends up being really tame with the exception of some exposure or something. I just stopped telling her and just hope she doesn't see the sign
  7. ATXZJ

    performance bike deals

    Thanks for heads up! Ill roll by the south store today and see whuts left and get back with the scoop.
  8. ATXZJ


    Around this time last year my wife and I made a trip out to Chattanooga for something a little different to ride and are again considering heading east this year. Auburn looks like it might be the ticket for that, and as an added bonus we can easily hit pensacola and new orleans on the way back if we call it quits on the biking sooner than planned. The chewacla forest area looks like it'll have some decent flow and scenery for everyone and the park looks like more than i can handle, so a prefect mix of options for us. Being that its a college town there plenty of breweries and food when the ride's over. Still locking down plans but just may pull the trigger on this one. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/east-bound-and-down-auburn-alabama.html https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8011348/auburn-and-opelika
  9. ATXZJ

    El Paso

    Wife and I are going to do a MTB trip over christmas and have been considering EP, but curious about the weather. If it's too cold/rain/snow we'd be stuck in EP with one of the most boring drives back home. Trails look cool though and there's actually some gravity stuff up there too.
  10. ATXZJ

    Bad news for town lake

    Again, public shaming of all parties involved will be the only solution🤣
  11. ATXZJ

    Bad news for town lake

    Can totally relate to this at times What i have to keep in mind when it comes to this, is time doesn't stop and soon I'll be old and slow and they'll be in their prime. I'd want them to do the same for me, so i have to play it cool and celebrate their progress when it comes. Plus its fun to see them improve and become more of challenge to drop.
  12. ATXZJ

    Bad news for town lake

    Truth about kids and disposable cash. They can truly be fun removal machines for 18 years. I'd also add becoming a regualr donor to the local planned parenthood. On an anecdotal aside, one of my wife's coworker's vehicle was broadsided by a person on a scooter as she pulled out of her parking garage downtown. Bodyshop estimated around $700 to repair the fender and now the insurance companies are all fighting over whos going to foot the bill. On a positive note, it will thin the herd a bit. They cant do something as simple as riding a scooter?? F@ck em.
  13. Just dont fall, youll get AIDS.........
  14. Lived in snow country too and can say 3-4 mos of 100+ heat is just as bad.
  15. ATXZJ

    performance bike deals

    Thanks for heads up.