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  1. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    Reminds me that television is dead
  2. Luckily, i can pretty much wear any brand helmet and not have an issue. Makes ordering online easy. My only current frustration is finding a full face/goggle combo that doesn't drive down into the bridge of my nose. My wife on the other hand is almost impossible to shop for. Numerous brands of helmets and all seem to give her a headache. The only one she had that was comfortable for her was an older specialized road/XC helmet. That thing however would be useless in the event of a crash.
  3. Agree with some of this and that you can learn on anything. Will also say it's much easier to learn jumps (especially kickers) when you don't have to contend with the rear suspension bucking you. Also good for flat pedal riders to learn how to properly weight the bike on fast choppy trails etc. My kona HT and CX bikes are the only two I regret selling. Noob advice resumed. Buy a good, comfortable helmet, like the new one from Troy Lee and some lightweight knee protection. Sam hill lite pads are nice for warmer weather. Crashing is inevitable but much less intimidating if you aren't distracted by barebacking it down the trail.
  4. Good advice. Buy the best hard tail you can afford with good components and learn your skills on that. I found my time on hardtails and gravel bikes taught me to pick better lines and improved my bike handling skills quite a bit. Also, you can upgrade to a good FS frame when budget permits and just swap the parts over from the HT.
  5. ATXZJ


    You can pedal up the service road all you want. They might not even charge you for lift ticket if you enjoy misery that much. Places like spider are good for making multiple passes/sessions to improve your skillset. Cardio can be had at home.
  6. ATXZJ


    Can say spider mountain was tip top yesterday. The new blue trails are super fun and theyve cleaned up some of the lines on the blacks. Get out there before it's too hot. So much fun!!
  7. This isn't riding a bike supposed to be fun? Thumper is the fun removal machine.
  8. I remember people filling raw gas into metal trash cans. Holy fuck man......... RUN!!!!
  9. Cool. I'll take it. What side of town are you on?
  10. Thinking I want this. Still available? Please put me in line for it if it is.
  11. DMR v12s are great for mid sized feet. I've been using DMR vault pedals for years with no failures. Can't beat the concave grip Chain reaction or Merlin for best prices
  12. Its an early 2010s santa cruz superlight. MURICA!!
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