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  1. Thats pretty much where i'm at. My trailbike has 175s and my park bike has 165s. Both bikes have very similar cockpit dimensions and I can't tell any difference in fatigue/pain from changing bikes. Wife has 170s on both of her bikes and shes 5'3 w 30" inseam. On the topic of drivetrains, got confirmation that the box 9sd does not have the same pull as 10spd and is like other traditional 9s. That and also the fact they will want $625 for the 1 prime 9 kit makes it a no-go for anything from box. This does look kinda interesting though. Check out that cassette weight and 1to1 derailleur pull ratio😎 https://www.sram.com/en/sram/mountain/series/ex1?filters=&sort=Relevancy&page=1
  2. When they become available, I'm going to try the box billet 9spd 11-50 wide ratio cassette and matching shifter. I have both 11spd and 12spd platforms I can experiment with cassette reduction. 12spd, particularly in flatlandia, is just dumb.
  3. ATXZJ

    Oskar Blues

    Thats also been my experience with most CTX breweries as of late. Glad to see celis getting some love and looking forward to trying some of their grand cru triple once sober oct is over.
  4. It's Warner. He's takes the piss out of everything and is fun to listen to. Gee was great
  5. I've always enjoyed this foxhunt POV vid from Warner😄 https://www.redbull.com/ke-en/videos/red-bull-foxhunt-rob-warner-pov
  6. Having cleaned up moto campsites for land use organizations, I can confirm.
  7. In the end, the discussion of e-bikes not a matter of moral dick measuring for me. If you're able bodied and want one, fine. Where I get frustrated was how they were originally marketed vs what's happening now. It's obvious that the industry had a direction they wanted to take bikes, and this is it. Trails/shared use be damned. I can imagine the mark-up is also pretty good, comparatively.
  8. I'm 48 Having lived in the west where there's open travel, I can totally see a place for ebikes and Motos. Here, notsomuch
  9. Fair enough but know, I'm not arguing with you about Jared graves. I don't care about Jared Graves. He's a spokesperson for a company, and is promoting their products. That has no influence on my decision making of whether or not to buy an e-bike, or anything else. When I'm shit and can't ride a regular bike, I'll consider an e-bike. But again, where exactly in flatlandia are these things necessary?
  10. True but he's sponsored by yeti , who recently released an e-bike. I take that kind of stuff about as seriously as I do pro riders drinking energy drinks.
  11. I think you take away the camera, and a lot of these guys dial it back quite a bit.
  12. TVS and the other injuries was just a reminder that this event needs to be rethought. Southern Utah is our old stomping ground so we watched what we could, but between the commentary and crashes, couldn't finish it. Riders are beyond skilled bordering on superhuman. They need to be compensated as such.
  13. Weather and dirt were great. Trails and signage, notsomuch. 5 years since my last ride out there, and it's still pretty meh. Rocky Mountain was doing a demo and we also got to dodge hippies on the utopia fest side of the ranch 🤣
  14. Couldn't pull it off since she rides a bike two sizes smaller than I do. Worth a demo though🤣
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