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  1. Weather took a turn for the worse here and is clearing in Arkansas. Trip is back on๐Ÿค˜
  2. agree on this and also they have the sales/resources to build a placemarker ebike to get that box checked. its still hideous looking though
  3. Think the Gform would be a better choice for trail riding and you can grab them for 10-20% off if you look around.
  4. im all about the trough of disillusionment ๐Ÿ˜
  5. You should start posting on pinkbike like you do here.
  6. This. I could always tell what hype was being pushed every time i walked into BSS on lamar and saw whatever was front center on the riser. For a while it was fatbikes, then FS fatbikes then salsa rep showed up with their 27 & 29+ FS bikes telling me that they set new KOMs on strava with these plus bikes *rolls eyes*. Last thing on riser were e-bikes. Now there is no riser and the store is almost half the size it was. Shops are shrinking and dying left and right, so not sure how their strategy is working out for them. There has actually been discussion of the disappearance of the fatbike as it's considered even less practical than a full DH rig. If I still lived in snow country, I might have one to ride with my buddies, but we usually went south to the desert for the winter. friend in ut demonstrating proper usage of a fb
  7. Was at wheatsville on S Lamar this week and they had stillage and a few others on the shelf. TXkeeper hooked up with a distributor a year or so ago and now can be found in HEB, Specs ETC. If you try the stillage, lemme know what you think. Also, if you want some off the shelf boozy goodness, specs has this in stock and it is DAMN good. https://www.holidaywinecellar.com/p-28032-moonlight-meadery-them-little-apples-cider-can.aspx
  8. Nice! We end up there a couple times a month. Have you tried the Stillage yet?
  9. Got it. Size L fits me well and all in all, pretty comfy. Would NOT use this for std trail riding unless they make a SS one.
  10. For sure but once you get into a niche of a nice of a niche market, gross sales cant be that great. Besides, i cannot imagine many bike shops wanting to showroom a lot of $6-7k ebikes with margins and sales being as tough as they are. For me its not a matter of who should or should ride an ebike. I really don't give AF. I think the e-bike riders will sort themselves out when they get the cold shoulder from traditional riders. Ive seen / heard how roadies treat the e-bike guys and its pretty funny and IMHO, justified. To me e-bikes are the fruitboots of the skateboard world. Anytime a person showed up to the park on rollerblades they got heckled from beginning to end.
  11. So much this^ Like a lot of the other trends of late, ebikes will pass once the consumers get a real idea of their "value". Not worth the outlay just to ride the same switchback/ledge nightmares that exist here, only slightly faster.
  12. Picked up some bottles of cider from our local cidery. The Noir is great but this one in particular is even better as they aged it in rum barrels for some boozy goodness. If you're ever in Manchaca, swing by and check em out. http://www.texaskeeper.com/
  13. looks like the 2.6 DHR will fit on project Shoresy after all๐Ÿ˜Ž
  14. it's the new 27.5 , fatbike, 27+ and now mullet hypetrain. At least the mullet has a little merit.
  15. those skinwalls look sweet on the build too.
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