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  1. I like this thread already On the bright side, I started 16hr fasting and lost 6bs sitting around the house drinking beer for two weeks.
  2. Got the email today, Worldwide is blowing out their fleet and also employee bikes. https://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/2742858/
  3. Im just happy "no country for old men" is back on starz
  4. "Our Cartoon President" on Showtime. Basically a lampoon of 45th and his cabinet created by Stephen Colbert. "Letterkenny" On Hulu with no explanation needed "Trailer Park Boys" More stoner humor FYI, there's some really good deals floating around right now for free 7 & 30 day free trials. I've used this to binge watch a series then cancel.
  5. had same issue the last week or so. live on a greenbelt and the green dust is everywhere here.
  6. Nice! We were hitting blanco on the way back from bandera bike park.
  7. When all this chaos settles, take a trip out there. Distillery & tasting room are great and staff/owners were really friendly and helpful. Also, worth a stop at Real Ale while you're out there as it looks like they're releasing a new rye.😎 Speaking of rye, has anyone tried the new rye gin from still in austin? DAMN good contender for one of our favorites.
  8. I'm sure they do, but spec's is doing curbside and their inventory is pretty up to date. Also, total wine will deliver through instacart barring a potential labor strike. (which i support)
  9. Same here Have you had a chance to sample some of these spirits? https://www.andalusiawhiskey.com/ The Revenant was really, really, good.
  10. Watched 3 times so far. Was always fascinated with soviet and eastern block history/culture. Podcast with Sagal was awesome! Was completely out of left field to hear the wait wait guy discussing such a serious topic. This podcaster has some great chernobyl discussion too http://theeasternborder.lv/
  11. Been home two weeks and plowing through the reserves..... But Spec's brodie now does curbside and my next round is sitting tight in the "decontamination station"😆
  12. man, i was all in with beginning of that series struggled after about 3/4 way through 1st season. speaking of bateman, the outsider was okay for a king adaptation Chernobyl is even more relevant now than ever. worth a second or third watch.
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