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  1. Recently swapped from my lizard skins northshore grips to these GA2 fats. So far, they feel way better. https://ergonbike.myshopify.com/products/ergon-ga2-fat
  2. So pretty much setting it up for all the trails here😁 Get it up in the travel for all the rocks but, keep it progressive enough to prevent the fork from packing up and flinging you OTB when you ram something square going 2mph.
  3. That fork is actually a decent platform to build off of. Have you considered a charger 2 RC2 and MRP ramp control or luftkappe upgrade?
  4. Typical. Its just like everything else in this country, the transfer of wealth upward. I'm done with it
  5. Good chance an LBS might have these
  6. Sorry, i should have said sale page. I used to buy a ton of stuff from the outlet too and was bummed to see it go. I find most of the sales by signing up for email newsletters and make sure that goo-gull doesn't jam it in the spam folder. Thats how i found the memorial day sale from them. Otherwise, there's this: https://www.adidasoutdoor.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-AO-Site/default/Search-Show?cgid=sale_bike
  7. ^This absolutely applies to all rubber, especially tires. Went through this in my auto racing and off-roading phases. So much comes into play when choosing a compound for a specific application. I cant tell you how many times i saw guys getting the softest/stickiest compounds only to overheat them and turn them into grease. Once they did that, the rubber never recovered and the tires were garbage. Hopefully these guys will provide a little competition to push 5ten/adidas back in the right direction. https://rideconcepts.com/collections/ride-concepts-mens
  8. IMHO, 5ten makes some better options over the standard freeriders, so i wouldn't invest much in resoling them. If you really like the canvas freeriders, go down to the vans outlet and buy some of their lowtop, padded skate shoes. They are just as grippy and cost under $50. 5ten outlet had the freerider contact with MI6 rubber for 65.00 shipped over memorial day. If you watch closely, deals will come up. As it stands, their retail pricing is insane and i'd never pay it. Lastly, Ive had pretty good luck with 5ten and still have a pair of maltese falcons from 2012.
  9. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    "bump" ....i see what you did there....... Even than van feels motorhead
  10. you're welcome and sorry🤣 @rugger If you end up in the market for toyota, LC or Lexus i know of some wholesalers who specialize in them. One of them had a 90s japanese RHD diesel floating around for awhile.
  11. i have an med cage slx clutch derailleur and 11-36 cassette that ill let go of cheap.
  12. Just came >< that close buying a plug in hybrid. The feds were offering up $7500 for your tax liability and the state was offering a $2500 rebate check but they ran out of money early ( a good thing i suppose). In the end, it wasnt worth the extra cost per month for the plu in vs hybrid so we ent hybrid. 53mpg is good either way. FWIW, my wife has to pay to park downtown garage but it does come with charging stations.
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