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  1. Skills area at Veteran's Park in Lexington Kentucky.
  2. IMHO, as regular bikes become more and more expensive, ebikes will become more common. $6k vs $6k with a motor is going to be a tough decision for a noob at the LBS. I heard some podcasts with industry figures talking about this scenario a few years ago.
  3. Exactly this^ It was crystal clear in Quebec that putting the wife on an ebike would've been a great idea. Everything is pay to ride there and spending the majority of the day coaxing her up the steep climbs to the top was a bad experience for both of us. When she can do more laps with less misery it means more fun for me. I can totally understand her frustration as Ive ridden with much fitter riders, and was the anchor they were dragging. The only way I was able to even things out was when the trail pointed down, which was few and far between in tejas. We're planning to put her on a demo ebike soon.
  4. I'd be all over a levo SL. No, I swear I ride this to work 🤣 https://www.austinmonitor.com/stories/2022/11/e-bike-rebates-to-double-under-proposed-pilot-program/
  5. Tagging along with the wife to a work conference in Lexington Kentucky. When in Rome...... Local Bourbon and whiskey here are as plentiful as tacos in Austin. The pour size is nuts too.
  6. Iggy giving a nod to Chop Chop Chop by Sleaford Mods. Biblical Mods
  7. Nice! IMHO, the new Trail 429 is a perfect CTX rig. Couldn't believe how many pivot bikes I saw "the cool kids" riding in Quebec. Way more than SC.
  8. Can confirm that spider, as cool as it is, doesn't get fast or rough enough for a big travel high pivot to shine. I had more fun there on my 100mm trailbike than my 180mm high pivot. I would also never buy a high pivot for CTX.
  9. A few old goats brewery in Roanoke is CRUSHING it with their bottle aged beers. This one's a total standout. Almost as good as the cheap as dirt Canadian beers I got spoiled on over the summer 😁
  10. They should've done an Ebike demo at cat mountain. That would be a perfect combination for people who hate climbing almost as much as I've learned to🤣
  11. whatever you do, don't say his name three times😆
  12. Wow. Are there even gravel paths there?
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