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  1. I team up with @Chief to find my way around there. Rode SN a week ago and it had changed A LOT since the last time i'd been out there. Place is rad. You northerners are lucky to have all that trail at your disposal.
  2. Hand deliver to the far reaches of the globe?
  3. WTB Frequency team i23 27.5 hoops. 32 hole, no dings and are round. Be good for a 650b gravel wheelset or something MTB on the cheap. Come get them out of my life.
  4. Whatah update: Found a good local, non-toxic topo replacement that is fairly carbonated considering it comes in can. Seems like more carbonation than swig and waterloo. Saw it come out a couple years ago, but wasn't interested in paying $7 for a sixpack. Now, it can currently be had at the heb for $2.53 a sixer. Also, looks like they are partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife as a donor😎 https://ramblersparklingwater.com/
  5. and admittedly a bit boring. as always, gravity for the win
  6. Had one of these too, and was my last SC bike. The RP23 shock it came with was trash and didn't help the mid stroke wallow that iteration of VPP was plagued with. Bought a process 111 and it was over. Game changer. I'd still rock one of the new tallboy V4s though. Have a 100mm XC-ish rig that seems to be about perfect for CTX, and a 180mm high pivot for everything else. No need to buy anything different at this point.
  7. Don't be too put off by the canyon geo. Besides, it's probably gonna be updated soon. If the seat tube & top tube length works for your body shape, don't sweat the rest of the geo that much. The riding in CTX is a completely different kettle of fish compared to where most R&D takes place, and bikes with slightly more conservative geo still do surprisingly well here. You can be perfectly fine with a 67-68* HTA and 74-75* STA with a 46 +/-" WB. My crap 2c
  8. ATXZJ

    Random Dogs

    I think i saw this while riding up in cedar park with @Chief. Is this in the neighborhood outside of the church parking lot heading back to brushy creek? Came home and ordered some skeletons after seeing how awesome that looked.
  9. Canyon makes some interesting bikes for a good price. Particularly the newer AL stuff. Their bearing life and machine quality could be better though. Lots of info out there on canyon, yt, commencal, fezzari etc. I'm happy with my commencal but they don't make anything like the scalpel that you're currently looking at. Not to hurt any feelings, but if you can buy a new bike right now, it's usually because nobody else wants it.
  10. Sam hill lite or project https://7protection.com/us/product/sam-hill-lite-knee/ https://www.bikemag.com/gear/apparel/pads/lineup-test-7idps-light-weight-knee-pads/
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