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  1. Can confirm cat has a brutal amount of climbing including some hike a bike getting back to the top. Perfect proving ground for anyone considering getting into enduro racing. Was humbling.
  2. Fair play You and my wife are cut from the same mold👍
  3. Totally agree on the implications, but remember what your decision making capacity was at 15. I was up to NOTHING good at that age. We would have relentlessly tormented the kind of kids that would have organized a mtb race. If it were adults putting together the HOL race then yeah they know better and need to be cucked. Kinda like the slaughter event.
  4. Watched and commented last night. Great vid. Only been up on those mesas in a jeep. Also, is there a mrs buckgnar now😁
  5. Those were also my first thoughts. Parking there is touch & go already Sounds like people with a little too much time on their hands, and lacking a bit of impulse control.
  6. HOL at 1pm on a freakin sunday? also going to rain so this will get interesting for sure...... Also, what does practice even look like? this looks like it could be bad news. hopefully not https://weather.com/weather/weekend/l/6939de7842858f533fc44bb541a381f7237c73b87fe731c057f27a37c168af2d
  7. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    You still have that old console system?
  8. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    Better than expected and admittedly, catchy AF.
  9. With that day fast approaching.....
  10. was hoping to get a ride in this weekend, but the weather looks like it's not done shitting on us
  11. ATXZJ

    Car Glamping

    yet newsome authorized 48 fracking permits while his state burns🙄 Family and I have spent many years residing in CA, and they are pretty much getting what they deserve.
  12. ATXZJ

    SATN Trash Pickup

    Or the lawn of the governor's mansion
  13. Looking to hear how the SATN trails are doing after snowvid21. Destroyed? Needs work group to clear / clean? What say the keepers of SATN?
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