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  1. Do you have an original thought? These copy/paste/post are dogsh*t. you have zero content to offer. you have zero to offer
  2. Your failure at adulthood?
  3. I found out the hard way orange seal does not like to be installed with the syringe. All the little particles of confetti/glitter stuff rushes to the valvestem and clogs the hose just as you're giving it a good push and blows the hose off. The resulting cleanup required was nothing short of a snuff film gone wrong.
  4. Remember those fingers hypocrite? You came before them. What type of world are you and your generation leaving behind?
  5. Project much? Youve been trolling with copy/paste/posts and vaporware bike projects for years. A quick search on mojo will outline all your posts asking for advice on upgrades that you never had any intention of doing, just to get attention, then arguing with the very same people trying to help you. That's trolling. Sorry, but i've finished every bike project I started. Want to clear the air? Start a poll and see how many people appreciate your content. A little self discovery? Let the numbers speak for themselves.
  6. So let me get this straight. You like being someone who trolls forums where nobody likes you?
  7. If see a DI poke someone in the chest then you'd get the joke. But since you're trying to change the narrative to play victim to and flag this, you can get bent. This isn't Facebook kitty
  8. That wasnt directed towards you, or anyone else, so let it go. Also, you wouldn't know cool if someone sh*t it down your neck.
  9. Think about when you lay down at night, and how much you wish you had a functional pancreas and normal blood sugar levels. That's how much we want you to leave.
  10. so when are you leaving then?
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