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  1. This^ Giro has been really good at sending me free replacement parts, no questions asked.
  2. ATXZJ


    Thanks! The uppers and lowers cost me around $700 in materials. I picked a bad time to build these things but I've been wanting to modernize our somewhat boring 70s townhouse. I priced custom boxed online and it would have been well over $2k. The flower/plants are all up to my wife at this point. Made the boxes specifically to fit some plastic inserts I found on scamazon. Probably do synthetic up top and real on the lowers.
  3. Haven't posted on mtbr in ages. Used to troll the Kona forums just to get under users skins. Now it's a bit boring and I avoid. Pinkbike comment sections are more fun Love it or not, X is his own man.
  4. Doubt it's worth attempting repair. Have you tried emailing camelbak directly? I've had good luck with that. Also, I'd imagine just about any hip pack bladder would work.
  5. Oh shit! I know this place. Your bike looks great! Lake eh, notsomuch.
  6. X2 on trucker. I've used all the shimano offerings and prefer the grab/bite of the trucker co on my basher bikes. Easily 200lbs kitted with armor, riding a 38lb bike and did some pretty serious & repeated descending in AZ last month. Truckers were flawless. The pad compound and rotor size makes WAY more difference than having fins. Save yourself the money. My crap 2c
  7. Inevitable. Pinkbike classified are still barren though
  8. Checked and only have the 2 piston pads. If it's a do or die situation, and the LBS doesn't have any (which they probably wont) let me know and i can pull them out of my park bike. They are sintered from trucker co and have two days at the bike park with no squeal. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264630029014
  9. ATXZJ


    Well, finally finished the boxes for the 2nd story and as expected they were quite the whore to install. Warning, white trash installation technique incoming.
  10. X and family are good. Emailed him the other day and he didn't get into much detail, just decided to step away.
  11. Really liking the new tinder pic!! 😁
  12. A guy I know who's in his early-mid 60s, obese, and in overall poor health got the rona' in april and lived to tell the tale. His wife also got it and she still refuses to get vaccinated because of her conspiracy theories. He says he's going to, but has been making excuses of why he hasn't "yet" for months now. Both work at their small business spending the entire day exposed to hazardous chemicals and aerosols, and regularly spray roundup. Also with zero protection. #fucklogic
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