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  1. way, way better stopping power and feel. you can actually modulate them compared to just pulling as hard as you can and hoping for the best
  2. do you have the sintered pads? made a YUGE difference on mine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TEKTRO-P20-11-Bp69a-Disc-Brake-Pads-Bike-Metal-Ceramic-Compound-1-or-2-pairs/273519735846?hash=item3faf0bf426:g:eFkAAOSwsGpbzV~o
  3. keep waiting for these to hit the clearance rack. pretty good value considering https://www.bikebling.com/Marin-Headlands-2-Gravel-Bike-p/marin20-headlands2.htm?Click=120514&utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=shoppingengine
  4. cheap brakes/parts here https://blueskycycling.com/collections/brakes-disc https://www.universalcycles.com/shopping/index.php?resultpage=4&category=13 for ballin on a budget Have tektro 285s on my DJ-ish bike with sintered pads and these little brakes actually stop really well and have surprisingly good lever feedback. They're certainly not saints but IMHO much better than the aivd stuff that it replaced. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TEKTRO-HD-M285-Hydraulic-Disc-Brake-Set-w-160mm-Rotor/333661433923?hash=item4dafc57043:g:d2kAAOSw0fdc2Ter https://forums.mtbr.com/brake-time/tektro-m285-these-brakes-great-1068824.html
  5. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    I remember when Tyson used to make his entrance to the ring with this track. Christ, that was something to see.
  6. Two wings of the same rotten bird I do struggle with free market libertarian economic philosophy, but it's not for me to embrace i suppose. As i've gotten older, I've returned to some of my nihilistic philosophies and realized time is short, and its up to me to make hay while the sun shines.
  7. ill add my crap 2c I have friends who are cops, from patrolmen to detectives. I also have friends that are protesters. There's definitely a disconnect in humanity between the two and it sucks. Modern day police are stretched further in their job description than ever, for more hours and shittier pay and benefits. A lot of small town/suburban cops have side jobs. I know one that mows lawns to supplement income. Most are far from getting piles of cash. I also know a few sheriffs dept swat guys that love nothing more than slamming redbulls and kicking down doors. Some cops are also sociopaths (takes one to catch one right?). I know some that are lazy good for nothings that get "promoted" to SROs and basically do nothing all day long. I also know some that are just good people trying to earn a living. Point is, they are just like us and a reflection of our society. Problem is, the cops have a monopoly on violence, and they are the stick the state uses to beat us with. In the end, it's the lawmakers who are truly fucking us and should be receiving the public's ire. They are shorting cops, schools, fire depts anything that serves the public is getting cut. Now the bloated police budgets need to be dealt with just like the military budgets. Just because we spend "X" dollars on a department doesn't mean the people on the ground see much or any improvement in their lives. Military is full of poor motherfuckers, yet 60c of every tax dollar collected goes to our mercenary military. Same with the police. The fact that it has become so militarized is the main issue for me. Storm troopers dressed in all black with armor doing driveby policework. 1033 was a total recipe for disaster that shifted the arms race internally when the USSR collapsed, and needs to end. People are angry, scared and really desperate right now. Understandably so. Their leaders have failed them by refusing to stand for anything leaving them no alternative other than to march. They are also flawed, just like the cops. My biggest concern is the lack of central leadership from both sides coming to the table and having real open discussion on how we got where we are, and what we're going to do moving forward. This leaves a vacuum for people who want to stir things up and go buck wild until the state drops the fist on all of us. Those guys snatching people and throwing them into enterprise rental caravans are downright scary. Yet, the mayors and governors are not activating the state police to stop them because the cops are pissed at the protesters as well. It's a big fucking mess, just like everything else we are doing right now. How anyone knowing what lance has done in his past, will now draw a hard line on this, is beyond me. Outraged snowflakes for the sake of being outraged.
  8. Change is painful. The pandemic shined a light on the reality that we as country (and species) have been doing it wrong for decades. Covid is just a shot across the bow for what is coming down the pike as we continue to shit where we eat. Learn to swim.
  9. As i recall the guys at Tsunami were also maintaining some of the police fleet, and had shifted that to the Buda Bikes location once tsunami closed. I'm going off of nothing other than what the owner/manager told me when I stopped in a ways back. Read MJ's statement on why they made the decision, and it seems reasonable. In the end, it's their decision. IMHO, my only criticism is they should have gotten in front of all this before it exploded into the social media hellscape.
  10. The flow at this bikepark is biblical. I think ill go find a corner to curl up and cry.
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