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  1. ATXZJ

    Random Dogs

    Thanks! Bee. Shes a tough old dog for sure.
  2. ATXZJ

    Random Dogs

    My Jack Russell pushing 17
  3. Other than preventing people from just reaching in and grabbing whatever, they aren't theft proof. If thieves want in they'll just break glass and help themselves like any other vehicle break in. You can add cable locks to bed to ease your mind and bit, and let the insurance company deal with the rest.
  4. If you have the resources to buy/maintain/store a van just for MTB trips, i'd say go for it.
  5. The nice thing about the topper is being able to finish a ride, and slide the bike in and lock it. No concern of rain, snow, salt, vandalism or backing into sh*t with the carrier. Another bonus is not having to drag dirty bikes into a hotel at 2am or having to shoehorn a filthy bike into your SUV. On short trips ill use my carrier, but overnight trips will be using the topper.
  6. Tacoma with camper for the win. However, if you really want a 4 runner, PM me and i can give you the number to some wholesalers who buy/sell them.
  7. It looks like it'd be a good place for a break from the monotony of riding the same trails over and over. I'm gonna take the wife out there before it gets balls hot next month or so. Agree the website blows dog. Most of my exposure to bandera has been from other riders on YT and Instagram. Keep up the good work Seth
  8. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    Been on a bit of a mike patton kick lately. Forgot how good tomahawk was.
  9. non-shitty is always something to aspire to
  10. It was hard to leave and come back to tejas in august for sure. We'd have to tap out on any place with a winter cold enough to freeze the st lawrence😨
  11. We ran into this with our insurance when the movers stole some jewelry. Luckily USAA has always been easy to work with and actually waived our deductible in that situation.,
  12. having a good homeowners policy is a beautiful thing sometimes. check to make sure yours has coverage.
  13. Pretty much this Someone has to see the irony of paying 2-3k for wheels that are less reliable than aluminum without any real true weight savings. You have to add tire inserts, and DH carcass tire only to have them ride rough as sh*t in the end. Once you add all the shite to keep them alive, saving 100 grams doesnt matter..... Oh wait! Zipp is making carbon wheels that ride like aluminum now🙄 Never again
  14. Wife and I didn't ride but we could have as the park is still operating during the race. We spent a night in Montreal, another night in QC and stayed in chateau richer for the races. The whole area is into the MTB race and everyone is really friendly and supportive of visitors. The park was great and it was surreal to hang out with the riders and journalists for the day and then again at parties at night. Bottom line the whole experience was beyond awesome and i cant recommend it enough.
  15. Being a goofy MTB fanboy at MSA last summer. Nino and Luca Shaw .
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