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  1. Sign up on bike reg. No license needed. Search for dragon slayer.
  2. You will ride across the damn, but then drop down below it so you can get about 400' of extra climbing in because more is better.... See map https://www.strava.com/activities/2907219116?share_sig=27F86B511630855328&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_share at
  3. I am planning on attending, but I doubt I will be riding at Cody's pace.
  4. It's on. https://www.facebook.com/EnduraRaceLLC https://www.facebook.com/events/452680455936555
  5. DEATH-MARCH 2021 (DM2021) update! The DM2021 is a go for the first weekend in March of 2021. This will not compete with TMBRA’s schedule. It will be a Covid-friendly nav-point based challenge this year. 12-24 hours prior to the event, you will receive an email with a PDF list of GPS lat/long nav-points with elevation, their rough location on a map, and a photo of their immediate surroundings. You can print these out and/or use your phone to navigate with. There are also good land-nav apps out there to help you I like GPS-Kit personally. At each nav-point will be a scannable QR code which you scan with your smartphone which will then send an email to an EnduraRace inbox with a time-stamp announcing that you have achieved that nav-point. I will watch the inbox throughout the event and update your progress real-time and post everyone’s progress to the web every 30 minutes or so. Scanning a QR and sending the email take only a few seconds to complete and do not require you to type in anything so you can probably leave your gloves on. Consider bringing and external battery for phone charging with you to make sure you have enough juice to complete the event. Once you scan/email the START code at base camp, your time starts. When you have scanned all the nav-points and then scanned the FINISH code at base camp, your time stops. You can hit the nav-points in any order you like which should lead to some creative routing in an effort to save mileage, but also plan on some of the points to be deceptively close together on the map, yet separated by impassable geological features. All nav-points will be “trail-accessible” (within a few paces of the trail) The nav-points will be laid out in such a way that the full Death-March experience is realized with all the traditional points of interest that everyone “enjoyed” in years past included. Ride solo or with your buddies, but is up to you to scan your own codes and up to you to social distance if you feel it is important. It is not a “race”, but we all know bragging rights matter, so do your best whether your goal is to finish first or just finish at all. Riders must sign a waiver, always ride with a helmet on, and be their own rescue team/mechanic in the event of calamity. Your success or failure depends entirely upon you - It's the EnduraRace way. The entries allowed will be capped and there will be a fee to enter as there is a lot to put together for this one. But it will be plenty of fun and will definitely be a challenge! Starting location (base camp) will be announced later. Sign ups will open December 18th at 9pm CST on BikeReg. Don’t miss out!
  6. He has the fastest ever recorded lap and it was on chip timing so we know it's legit. The previous time trial race fastest time was 14:12 on chips. The fastest strava time, by a multiple state champion cat-1, was 13:30. Ethan is a future national champion I imagine.
  7. I spoke with him the day after the race. He is all good. Freak crash but a common injury. He will make a full recovery.
  8. He's 15 years old. He also turned the fastest lap ever out there at 13:08.
  9. Should not be an issue. I will make sure they get it updated if is a problem. Thanks for registering!
  10. The date for the time trial has been moved to 2/15/2020 in order to not conflict with the TMBRA schedule.
  11. engage the holiday meals with confidence and fervor.
  12. https://www.bikereg.com/full-gas-on-peddlers-pass-winter
  13. I've added a 250+ lb heavy weight open class. That is 250 lb rider weight (in race gear). start packing on those pounds!
  14. Good short effort to open up the legs for the RHR event. Also, while we had some TMBRA racers at the last time trial, most of last race's entrants were first time racers.
  15. I can make a 240 to 250+ pounder open category for trophies. If we can sell this thing out I can probably split off some cash for them as well. So, for the holidays, eat with confidence!
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