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  1. Hey everyone, im looking for either a single non-drive side 175mm square taper crank arm, or a square taper crank set for a road bike. trying to help out a friend. Its a TRUVATIV crank set if that influences compatibility for the replacement crank arm but I imagined Most square taper crank arms are interchangeable please let me know asap! thanks! -Seth
  2. With the COVID 19 stay-at-home-order being lifted effective May 1st, lets celebrate and get back into gear with a fully shuttle serviced enduro race at BBP Bandera Bike Park on Saturday June 27th! Victory Racing and staff will implement some precautions to keep our shredders as safe as possible. Probably no jumps, gaps, or drops smaller than 6 feet! haha jk. DISCOUNTED REGISTRATION UNTIL MAY 15TH Register at bikereg.com/bandera-shuttle-series-2 Fully shuttle supported! All gravity, No climbing! Race the newest enduro specific trails in Texas at Bandera Bike Park on Saturday May 27th! https://www.facebook.com/events/594436508037576/?event_time_id=594436511370909
  3. I have all kinds of stuff ill message you
  4. contact me if you'd like a tour, I also run/steward/build the trail system and can answer any questions about it. cat mountain is a very special place that can be enjoyed by different types of riders and skill levels, as long as you know your limits, ride within them, and walk around/b-line any feature you are not ready for. there only a handful of trails with mandatory advanced features, everything else has b-lines for the most part. steep and rocky technical gnar with possible high consequence falls is the main deal at cat mountain. there are definitely some good jumps and drops there, but the steep gnar is the star of the show. the climbs are demanding too so it will also test your fitness with that being said, there are some blue rated trails there also. just go with a guide or someone that knows their way around, stay off the trails above your pay grade, and you'll have a great time and do NOT santitize anything other than your underwear while you are there! 🙂
  5. Hey everyone, long story short im waiting to receive my own bearing tools to service/extract & press in frame and linkage bearings, but need my intense primer back in action before I’m going to receive the stuff to do it myself. The whole point of me buying the tools was to stop paying $6-8 per bearing for a shop to do it for me. Does anyone already have all their own bearing tools that would be willing to replace about 6 bearings in some suspension linkage for me in trade for beer or something? I have a pretty good amount of sponsor beer left over from my enduro race last weekend and would be very happy if I could find someone willing to take care of this for me. Please let let me know asap!
  6. SATURDAY, MARCH 7TH! get signed up and lets do this! bikereg.com/bandera-shuttle-series-1
  7. exactly. THIS ^^^^^ kinda like how a penis defies you as a man, and a vagina defies you as ... you get it. but we already know enough people this day in age have tried to blur those lines also. but yes, categories are important.. dont let anyone convince you otherwise. 2020 people logic is very questionable to say the least
  8. WHATS UP EVERYONE! Who is going to the Full Gass on Peddlers Pass 2020 event? Time Trial XC Racing - a sweet new type of racing format! FEBRUARY 15TH! get signed up at - https://www.bikereg.com/full-gas-on-peddlers-pass-winter last year this was a super fun event, brought you you by EnduraRace - same promoter who brings you Dragon Slayer! Timing provided by Victory Racing! (quote from original post on Facebook) - So the dirt individual time trial at Peddlers Pass is seeing some interesting additions. Last year we had a tandem class. One tandem showed up and it was bloody (literally) good entertainment. This year we added a Clydesdale class for the big and tall sorts who don’t like chasing the horse jockeys. We also have added an electric vehicle class that include categories for One Wheels (think single wheel hoverboards/skateboards), EVunicycles, and Ebikes. Register online or onsite for the same pricing.
  9. this has always been one of my favorites - jumping over a group of my friends
  10. so they removed the drop or the tree gate or what?
  11. https://www.facebook.com/events/594436508037576/ Bandera Seasonal Shuttle Series Dates have been posted and registration is open! Texas' first ever fully shuttle-supported Gravity Race Series at Bandera Bike Park! No climbing, all Gravity! 4 event series, 1 Race each season, with the finals on December 12th to award the overall winners with a grand prize! 3/7, 6/27, 9/26, 12/12 Registration is open for the First event March 7th! See everyone there this will be tons of fun! Each event will have a different set of race stages and new features! LETS DO THIS! https://www.bikereg.com/bandera-shuttle-series-1
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