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  1. I rode city park CW on Thursday. man, that sucked! all awkward ass climbing work and felt like zero pay off. no thanks
  2. white mesa in rio rancho is a must hit if you've never been. Windsor is fantastic. south boundary is one for the books.
  3. IMO the three crucial tools needed for most trial building are - McLeod - great versatile tool - digging, light bench cutting, vegetation removal, moves dirt really well - if you have to pick ONE tool - I would definitely say get a Mcleod Large Pick Axe - (5lb, fiberglass handle, not wood) - bench cutting, vegetation removal. breaking up/loosening the packed soil Leaf rake - really really great tool for sifting crap & debris out of dirt, moving dirt, shaping berms, lips, etc. its a finishing tool. makes the trails look really nice and smooth and pretty. I like the leaf rake a ton because you can move or shape dirt on the top without tilling up more dirt underneath what you are scraping. if you're gonna get a leaf rake I suggest a truper or equivalent all-metal rake. even the heavy duty plastic ones break often beyond that - chainsaw and leaf blower are my main power tools I use
  4. MOne of the rules I live by on the trail- always ride your own shit first. Call me captain Guinea pig. A few things went wrong here- firstly my cleats and pedals are worn out and I popped out right off the lip, then the landing was too short/ I was going too fast and overshot the landing and landed to flat, rolled front tire and nose wheelie OTB into the camera man. We we were both completely unscathed! πŸ˜†πŸ™πŸ’€ 3157876F-B3D3-4103-B638-0DB64487A267.MOV FF82E170-ADAC-47A9-96DC-78BFB34CC6F1.mp4
  5. follow these steps for happiness - 1.) take off foil hat 2.) put on biking helmet 3.) log into facebook while still wearing your helmet 4.) join TMERP group 5.) inform yourself of upcoming events 6.) shred, yap, and braap
  6. Hey everyone, Testing out to see if I can embed a button to join a new Facebook group page I've created for everyone to post and promote mountain biking events in Texas and surrounding areas. Races, events, fund raisers, dig days, group rides, etc etc. feel free to post! not limited to enduro and no limitations to certain organizations (but keep it within mountain biking please) things are in the works so stay tuned for future updates to the Texas MTB scene! thanks! -Seth edit - embedding the button didnt work so here is a link to the facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1223724007803694/about/
  7. im looking forward to trying it out this new direction!
  8. Bandera is coming along nicely. here is a preview of trail #2 after we added a bunch of machine built features on the lower half of the trail. this was the first set of tires on it
  9. Well from what I hear wives are for sure more difficult and challenging. Lol
  10. How was everyone’s afternoon? My bro Alan, my dog 🐢 mack, and myself had a relaxing 5 hours β›πŸ˜›
  11. nope not how it works at all actually. apples to oranges here. the apple being this fine piece of private property with a land owner and patrons who respect the work of the trail builder, and don't seem to mind challenging themselves, or walking what they dont feel comfortable, or just avoiding the gnarly trails they dont prefer altogether. the orange being your examples of public property and patrons (yourself) who seems to feel entitled to have the trails built around your needs, and skill level. all at the expense of someone else's labor, or just disrespecting other's hard work and changing it as you see fit whenever you please. I also ask what he would like, and try to add trails for him to enjoy as well with everyone else. but the terrain there determines the characteristics of the trail before I get to decide.. Walnut Creek type smooth flow trails will never show up there because the terrain says otherwise. I work with the land, not against it. a common misconception about cat Mtn is that its nothing but a bunch of crazy whale tails and nitro circus type shit everywhere. which isn't true at all. the overall trail system is definitely advanced and not for beginners, but there's trails there that can be enjoyed by a good variety of people.
  12. I think every b-line should have an additional B line (maybe call it a C line) and then that C line have a D line, and just to make sure that EVERYONE is able to ride the trail and NOBODY EVER has to walk their bike.. and then maybe even put a little miniature concrete path next to the D line just in case the D line is still too challenging for whatever individual didnt want to get off their bike won't ever have to worry about doing so.
  13. I also have hardly EVER seen any snakes in all these years of riding and trail building. A suprisingly low number. Especially with all the trail building I expected to run into some. But the few I have encountered have always been non-venomous. i personally like snakes though. I have an 8ft carpet python 🐍 at home. Her name is Sheila. She is ultra tame and super nice. Has been a great pet. This first picture is from like 4 years ago. She’s probably doubled in size since that picture 06580C63-D6D6-4B88-AE41-BA8C81F10E7B.MOV
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