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  1. so who is ready to race the 2 brand new stages that have been added by Victory Racing at Camp Eagle Adventure Camps on 9/19 at Shred Eagle #2? the two new trail (unofficial) names are Presidential, and Goldfinger! both are gonna be pretty dang awesome! Come shred at Texas' only shuttle supported enduro race event REGISTER AT BIKEREG.COM/SHREDEAGLE2 this will be a 1 day, 7 stage enduro event! SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19TH
  2. if you put down any kinda power/torque, stay away from absolute black rings. ive folded about 5 of them over the years. wolftooth is a great brand and their drop stop NW teeth works very well in my experiences.
  3. that's awful. who the F is that guy? the internet would rip him a new one.. he even called it an e-bike lol
  4. consider them yours im in round rock and ca leave them outside my backyard gate anytime DM me you contact information to coordinate
  5. hey everyone, long story short I got a BUNCH of stuff during the BSS liquidation after being bought out by trek. ive never been a huge BSS guy, so these surprise (unrolled) BSS vinyl banners would probably be a bigger score for someone who drank more of the kool-aid. great for hanging in your man cave or garage or whatever. must take all of them if no takers by Tuesday afternoon they will get thrown out., someone grab this pile of Austin MTB retail shop memorabilia history 😛 IMG_1654.HEIC
  6. haha $2150 frame only? PFFFFFFF whyyyy?
  7. Well everyone, I have another announcement. Pretty crazy how many things can change in a short amount of time. Life proves to be pretty unpredictable like that. So the house I went under contract for in Brevard, North Carolina.... part of buying a house includes a home inspector being hired to give you and the lender a report on the property. Well, it was listed as a site built home which my mortgage loan was approved for. Well the inspector discovered that it was in fact a mobile home at the core with multiple additions which made easily appear as a site built home. At first I was still interested but then shortly found out the title for the mobile homes was from 1970 which doesn’t meet HUD requirements. My lender backed out and it became a cash only purchase. Goodbye brevard house. But upon the inspection report, I think I dodged a bullet not buying that hack job. Secondly, frank, the Belgian Malinois puppy I got in anticipation of buying the NC house, has been rehomed to an amazing place in Nevada. He is now living at a 12 acre dog ranch, who’s owners have a giant hemp farm & CBD company. I made the decision to rehome him once the house plans fell through and I wasn’t going to realistically have the resources or energy to raise and Train him. I contacted a Malinois rescue group and only a few days later I met the people from Nevada at ABIA and said my goodbyes to Frank. I couldn’t be happier with where he has been rehomed. Beautiful little puppy but Mack hated him anyway. Haha And thirdly, @tangyt18 is moving back to Washington for the summer. A girl who’s been a huge part of my life, and also @victoryracingevents is leaving. It crushes me for you to leave. You will be sorely missed babe but will come see you up there and can’t wait for your return. Hopefully see you back in September. So you’re stuck with me Texas for a little while longer anyway! I will still be taking care of Cat Mtn, and continuing Victory racing operations in Texas I will be in Austin still. Temporarily relocating with family until I get the plan all back together. life is tough sometimes but things all happen for a reason. *This was a Repost for anyone who im not friends with trough other platforms* thanks for everyones support
  8. the fact that the plastic tire lever snapped tells me you were doing something very wrong.my guess is you didn't have the bead inside the V of the rim and you for trying to hulk stretch the last (probably pretty wide section) part of the bead onto the wheel. and everything blew up
  9. I have a pretty big and heavy hearted announcement. I’ve lived within a 10 mile diameter bubble in north Austin my entire life... with my lease ending on 5/27 after 5 years of being in my south round rock duplex, I went under contract yesterday to buy my first home. In Brevard, North Carolina!! I love Texas so much. My whole life and family Is here, cat mountain, all my friends and the awesome Texas mountain biking community is here. But Austin is changing and I see more success in my life on the eastern horizon. With some quick action, and the grace of god, I landed a 4bd/2b w 4 car garage on 2 acres in Brevard, North Carolina! Literally minutes from pisgah national Forrest, and epic trail systems right in my back yard. Not to mention, the east coast is littered with lift access bike parks! Im not walking away from Texas, but rather expanding my life and growing! @victoryracingevents is live and well, and will continue Texas operations and oversee cat mountain, with a few logistical changes. I love you all. This is so hard for me and bittersweet. my mom has always told me “you can’t win if you don’t play” I’m all in and sending it in full faith of my future to the other side of the country. I could write a novel, but i won’t. Just wanted to tell everyone my big news. I’d really love to have a race or at least a big group ride at cat mountain before I move, In celebration! Stay tuned for more details. my new house has an abundance of space, and pisgah is an absolute mountain biking Mecca and destination. I hope to see many of you up there one day! Stay tuned!
  10. id be curious to see if I could fix it. where about are you located? ill message you. im north
  11. hey everyone, just like the title says im in search for a sram 11 speed shifter. NOT grip/twist shift please! happy to buy, trade, compensate! thanks! also always happy to check out other modern good stuff people have available. -Seth
  12. I actually JUST talked to them on like Monday/tuesday about that 😉 maybe something will come of it!
  13. dude YES! It just. won't. die.... its lasted longer than any bike ever ever owned have absolutely loved this bike.
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