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  1. I would love to get some of this donation lumber for cat mountain. we (victory racing / cat mountain) are in direct partnership with FR512. re are about to rebuild the whale tale and need as much lumber as we can get. Im interested in both treated and untreated lumber. Ill DM you!
  2. if its a specialized floor pump, its probably mine. I was riding my bike with my pump strapped to my back (in case a popped my tire) and fell down and it must've fallen off because I didnt have it when I got back home. LMK
  3. Exciting announcements from Victory Racing & company! 2 new events coming back to Cameron Park in Waco, TX! Announcement #1- OTB CYCLERY ENDURO #2 is confirmed for December 10th 2022. New stages, new sponsors, same fun atmosphere, and much cooler weather promise to make this #2 event just as good if not better than the first! Registration is live at bikers.com/otbenduro2 Announcement #2- Victory Racing is bringing innovation to the world of mountain bike competition with completely new never done before XC time trail multi-stage Racing! If XC and Enduro had a baby, this would be it. The event will consist of 5-8 individual race stages with flat/pedally/climbing profiles. Lowest accumulative stages times win. This is gonna be an awesome new racing format suited for XC racers who want to test their technical and fitness skills! Event date - January 21st 2023 registration is live at bikers.com/battleforwaco stay tuned for more information regarding both of these events! YEEEEHAAAWWWWWW!
  4. Cat Mtn is very steep going up and down but you are always pretty close to the car for supplies and stuff like that. but it is straight up brutal in the heat
  5. The @victoryracingevents crew is planning on reconstructing the iconic whale tale at cat mountain! After a super fun 6-7ish years, the whale tale needs to be rebuilt (again). We tore down the legacy original whale tale and built this one in the very beginning resurrection of cat mountain with a mix of used, new, treated and untreated wood. *** we are looking for any connections on scrap lumber for the rebuild project! Any donations, contributions, or leads on material acquisition would be super appreciated by not only us but everyone that shreds at cat mountain. . Please reply or DM us directly if you can help! *** @northaustintrailbuilders @freeride512 @rothsmith @dtromm @asthecrowfliesatx @512mtb 285169013_184648273916350_8700916666356438983_n.mp4
  6. Hey everyone, Check out the San Antonio Kids On Bikes (SKOBA) Summer Series! Charity event series to help get kids on bikes. Mcallister Park in San Antonio in June and July. Time trail XC format - single lap on a 7 mile loop for adults, a smaller 4 mile loop for 12 & under. Fun event for the whole family and and all skill levels! Come show your support and help get more kids on bikes 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/326986606024381 https://fb.me/e/2Gxor3MdX SAKOB Presents SUMMER SERIES Formerly MCALLISTER PARK MOUNTAIN BIKE SUMMER SPEED SERIES 6/5, 6/19, 7/3, 7/24 (rain date: 8/7) RIDES BEGIN 8:00AM Ride start times will be published by noon on day before the ride (6/4, 6/18, 7/2, 7/23). BikeReg registration: Series of 4 rides: https://www.bikereg.com/sakob-summer-series-2022 Ride 1: https://www.bikereg.com/sakob-summer-series-ride-1 Ride 2: https://www.bikereg.com/sakob-summer-series-ride-2-2022 Ride 3: https://www.bikereg.com/sakob-summer-series-ride-3-2022 Ride 4: https://www.bikereg.com/sakob-summer-series-ride-4-2022 The Summer Series is a four ride series to test your fitness and work on your handling skills. Each ride will have it's own unique features and challenges, and a theme representing a segment of McAllister MTB trails. Themes are: Mosquito Lake, Rocky Raccoon, Dances with Trees and Mud Creek. All proceeds raised by these rides/series goes to San Antonio Kids on Bikes (a 501c3 organization) to support our mission of getting more kids on bikes. Course Distance: 7+ miles (3-5 miles for Kids 12 and under) McAllister Park trails are open to the public and we can not close or impede trail users. We ask participants to pass in a courteous, safe manner, and to call out "on left" or "on right". Course will be marked with course tape, arrows and flour laid on the ground. Ride Cost: Pre-Reg: $35 – Adults $25 – under 18 Day of event: $50 for All Series pass: $120 – All 4 rides for Adults $80 – All 4 rides for youth under 18 Prizes: We will be giving out raffle tickets for all registered participants. Top 3 in all categories will receive additional tickets to increase odds of winning. Merchandise: T-shirts available for purchase on Bikereg until May 19th, and on site the day of the event in limited numbers. Pickup for Plates and Timing Chips beginning at 7am on event day. Course will be revealed week of the event. More info: https://www.sakob.org/in-the-press https://www.sakob.org
  7. website is fixed http://victoryracingevents.com
  8. im getting the same thing suddenly. weird. will contact the host
  9. hey everyone, looking for a basic/cheapish 29" rear wheel. boost 148 spacing needed this is for a neighborhood ride wheel set im putting some skinny little tires on. please LMK! happy to buy/trade/barter/compensate
  10. hey everyone, long overdue, we finally got the Victory Racing website up and running a few days ago! the website is definitely in its infancy, but will soon be much more enhanced and will have some pretty cool stuff im making publicly available for the central texas mountain biking community! local sponsor deals, upcoming events, a catalog of free live GPS trail maps for the sectioned trail systems in the Austin area, Victory Racing Merch, and more! visit http://www.victoryracingevents.com we will be hosting the first ever OTB Cyclery Enduro at Cameron Park this Saturday! Hope so see some of you there it is stacking up to look like a very promising event! Yeeeeehawwww!
  11. Hey everyone - 2005 Subaru Outback AWD 2.5L for sale with 150k miles ****BLOWN HEAD GASKET!**** you can get an entire motor for about $850-$1200 brand new catalytic converter leather interior drilled and slotted performance brake rotors replacement radiator roof rack new battery purchased in 2021 power windows power seats fog lights body is in good condition for $2k + cost of replacement motor for $850-1200, this is either an amazing mechanics special or anyone who buys this and just puts a replacement motor in it will have a fantastic car with tons of life left for around $3500 total investment located in bastrop. Clean blue texas title in hand feel free to text or call 512-998-5660 no trades, cash only original marketplace post - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/691194268753530/
  12. Thule T2 hitch mount bike rack 1 1/4" hitch to work on cars and other vehicles with a 1 1/4" hitch receiver. you can get a 2" adapter if you have a full size hitch receiver. used but good condition $225 slightly negotiable. they are $550 new hit me up! located in bastrop/austin, TX
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