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  1. any help would be greatly appreciated! *DIG SCHEDULE HAS BEEN MODIFIED TO 10:00AM SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY* I actually just found out I wont be there this weekend and the digging will be led by dale and Ronan...... I have to travel to help another crew build some trails for an enduro event coming soon. its a paid job, deadline approaching, and they need my help ... just some bench cutting and berm building!
  2. understood. but we know who we are talking about. not children, the elderly, and every day commuters or whatever. so what do you guys wanna debate about next?
  3. I dont understand your response. what are you saying exactly? are you saying the opposite of what I said in that the majority of riders ride flats?
  4. id say the majority of pros/higher classes in almost all biking disciplines (road, XC, enduro, even downhill racing) (except trick disciplines) ride clipless. of course you have your exceptions like Sam Hill and stuff but as far as a numbers game clipless rules the roost. I could be wrong but I dont think I am I wonder why
  5. LMAO. intentional stupidity can sometimes be humor the eludes people 😉 try to keep up bro!
  6. yes, the distance is the same. you are right. ya got me!
  7. Hey everyone, we are having a dig all weekend long at Cat Mtn. January 11,12,13. Starting at 9 am each day! if you would like to come Pay dirt, dig trail, check the place out, and also ride your bike if you want after, come join us! sign liability waiver required - https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5948405cde2f3/web/ please let me know if you plan on attending!
  8. lol well you both ride bicycles so...... maybe green apples to red apples is more appropriate. 🙂
  9. (ROLLS EYES) its an endless debate.... all I'll say more is - come ride, put those superior flat pedals on display and change my mind 😉
  10. flats suck and have zero advantage over clipless pedals UNLESS - 1.) you do a bunch of tricks that involve your feet off the pedals 2.) its EXTREMELY muddy to the point of clipless barely/not functioning 3.) you're a trials rider 4.) you're just dabbing/putting your foot down constantly because you don't know how to ride yet (beginners) the end. flats - climbing efficiency sucks, they destroy your legs, your feet can slip/bounce off the pedals, more unnecessary effort/technique to bunny hop or control the rear end of the bike riding clipless also helps you ride with more commitment in my opinion.. people often say "its so much easier to bail off your bike with flats" when in reality - not really. ejecting from clipless pedals is pretty effortless and instantaneous once you have the muscle memory and the brainless technique down. additionally, I think its a mental riding error to ride stuff with the focus on bailing, instead of the expectation of cleaning the feature. lack of confidence and lack of commitment causes a lot of crashes in my experiences. hesitation is devastation! another thing - almost every time ive ever seen anyone get stuck and fall over in clipless pedals - they are riding Shimano SPD.. if you want super easy in & out, lots of float, and pretty bulletproof pedals - get TIMES. the MX4s are a great choice
  11. Seths Pool

    Guilty Confession Thread

    pretty simple and easy to understand that riding wet trails puts ruts everywhere, fucks up berms, accelerates erosion, makes puddle spots form or get deeper, destroys jump lips and landings, etc etc. so unless you are the person building those trails or owning that land, you are disrespecting others hard work, time, and property. have you never seen people talk about this exact subject before? not trying to be a dick or anything but you should understand
  12. Seths Pool

    Blooper Reel Edit #2 - Enjoy :)

    here is the first one from like a year ago
  13. Seths Pool

    Blooper Reel Edit #2 - Enjoy :)

    only bruised egos! hahaha