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  1. I have also used Time for years and they have been great
  2. no worries! im happy to answer any questions that I can about normal BBP usage or anything related to the event itself or that weekend! and I agree with your concerns bout pricing and the website. thanks for bringing to my attention 🙂 YES SIR RAAAIN OR SHIIIIIINEEEEE
  3. SPECIFICALLY FOR THE 11/16 BANDURO IN BANDERA EVENT WEEKEND: Dates 11/15-11/17. The *single* $10 per person land usage fee will include camping and entry all weekend long. Friday night, Saturday night, and day usage on Sunday. As far as all other NON-event weekends: i will get back to you with an answer shortly. I’m a trail builder and event organizer. I’m trying to do everything I can for Bandera Bike Park but I’m not part of their website management. But based on that math you concluded from the website, I’m sure that’s wrong it can’t be priced that high. I’ll come back with an answer for you ridenfool: are you planning on participating in the Banduro event?
  4. you should get a 2017-2019 intense primer. any of the models before this new 2020 that just came out comes factory at 130/130mm and is an excellent all-rounder that I think you'd absolutely love.
  5. whats up everyone, bump to the top! lets get you guys and girls signed up! this will be a great event for both beginners and experienced riders. a new venue thats never been raced before. come enjoy the event with your friends and family! large enough groups/teams registering at once can get possibly a discount (rebate) if you contact me to discuss beforehand! just communicate with me please. how many people from Austinmountainbiking.com do we have signed up so far?
  6. let me reach out to my buddies who work for specialized and giant and I'll message you
  7. I most definitely have a 10 speed king hub that started as 135QR, converted to 142 x 12 thru axle, that uses the original 10spd Shimano free hub that came on the 135 king hub and it worked great with 11 speed and even 12 speed eagle. so I doubt that is your issue
  8. My 2” heavy duty uses the tightening cam system in the hitch receiver. No hitch pin I have 2-4 bike trays on it at any given time
  9. Lol build a one up rack or even something comparable with nothing other than what’s inside a Home Depot and I’ll give you $1000. What are you gonna make it out of, lumber? 😂 And im down for a penis I mean rack contest any day
  10. Woah turbo! Good post. I broke the 1 1/4” hitch bar by stupidly adding the 4th rack and having it full of enduro bikes, after lots of use with loads over its rated maximum it failed. That’s my fault completely. But I don’t feel like I need to launch a science 🧪 🧬 🧫 study with a voting panel of experts to logically conclude having to put the bike on the raxter rack, attaching the rack arm to the front wheel, then bending down to mess with a little plastic buckle strap and get the tension *just right over Each rim on *each bike, and then tightening the quick release/tension lever, on the front wheel, then the back wheel. Also hoping that your bike-tray-staggering position is good to avoid bike part collisions and bikes rubbing together. If you have bike to bike contact/rubbing issues you gotta start all over On a one-up rack you open both wheel mounting arms, place bike on rack at your randomly desired left to right staggering position (not worrying about if the plastic strap is going to align under your wheel to put the strap over the wheel), quickly push wheel mount arm towards the wheel & bam! Quickly push other wheel locking arm towards the wheel & bam! You are done sorry for the pissing match, and it's just my opinion. I actually just mounted a few bikes on a Thule rack last week and had all the mentioned issues above. The raxter and Thule use pretty much the exact same front wheel arm + plastic riM buckle straps. Undeniably more effort to mount bikes on that style rack than a one-up
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