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  1. with a one up rack, or another brand? if one up, did you not tighten the cam in the hitch bar, or was something loose? even my 1 1/4" one up was super solid and didn't really flex at all with 1 or two bike trays. I only got flex with 3 and 4 trays with bikes. the one up rack is the best rack you can buy and is super super solid despite what happened to my original 1 1/4 hitch bar with it breaking when I overloaded it. that as my fault and its no longer an issue with the 2" hitch bar and heavy duty side plates. however, with 4 bike trays and 4 bikes loaded up, there is some diving-board-like movement from the rack but between the weight, the long leverage of 4 bikes/trays, and the flex of the structural aluminum I think the amount of movement is just fine. even though im mentally scarred and always imaging the rack breaking again full of bikes in my head any time im driving with full capacity loaded up haha
  2. "if you plan on even semi regularly carrying more than 2 bikes, get the heavy duty for sure. I had the 1 1/4" one up rack and with 3 bikes if flexed like crazy and was scary to watch. going down the highway and hitting humps/dips in the road would make the rack flex about 6-8" vertically. it was crazy.. then at one point for a shuttle run at cat mtn, I very briefly put 4 bikes on it (its only rated for up to 3) and the entire rack snapped off with $20k worth of bikes on it and skid down the street like a sled. thank god it didn't tip over and all the bikes were completely unharmed." - Seth in the past in his post about this exact issue and crickets! 🤦‍♂️
  3. what frame? carbon? ,y friend Krys bon owns "cracked" carbon repair and does legit work at better prices than local competitors for sure. message me if needed
  4. glad to hear about the improvements. I see a lot of people that seem to run their suspension too stiff which also contributes to harsh riding, loss of grip, and soreness. rock on!
  5. Yes 157 super boost will work just fine! If if anyone has one
  6. shot in the dark here, but does anyone have a 157mm (DH spacing) 27.5 rear wheel I can borrow this weekend for pajarito? if anything happens to the wheel I borrow ill build you a brand new one. lol. thanks! just a time sensitive issue as I'm leaving for pajarito tomorrow! the bearings on my Chris King rear hub are seized up for some reason, and I need a temporary wheel or will be racing on my trail bike again
  7. you got a badonka donk alright 😂
  8. mainly just burned some trees on the way up the lift! 🙂
  9. haha agreed! my "run straight then cut over to the left" strategy seemed to work better for me than it did a few others, and one guy in particular. LOL
  10. lol whoops! I straight Bucknered' that fool! (i'm in the black and red) 🤣 I think ya'll should have to do running mass starts to your XC bikes before peeling off to the race course! IMG_3847.mov man the burner was one hell of a race! I got 7th place, I may have not turned my chip in the earliest time of day with my misunderstanding of the format and a self inflicted 15-10 break penalty at the race on Saturday, but I went the fastest! 1st place across all solo racers at 1:46:37.91. I'll take that :) won by 21 seconds! Yeow! the way this timing worked, I would pass 2-4 people on a stage, haul ass back down to the lift, and everyone bottlenecked at the lift. I would have all those people I passed just slowly come down and wait alongside me in the chair lift line. It turned into more an endurance chair life race than seeing who go the fastest 15 times down the mountain. nonetheless it was a great event and I cant wait for the next one! IMG_3848.mov
  11. I’ll take the hat 🎩 😛
  12. im working towards helping them do a complete website makeover and all the important information will be updated soon! the park is only closes Monday & Tuesday. they are open Wednesday through Sunday shuttle service is available anytime during operating hours. they do now allow people/the public to run their own shuttles. feel free to ask any questions you have!
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