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  1. seems like every other rock I turn over I was finding them. when we were at RPR with JKW, we were looking for rocks to stack up on a feature and Jeremiah says "watch out there could be scorpions under those rocks", I said "yeah right really unlikely" right then Jeremiah flips over a rock and there were 5 right there! that's when that picture I posted was taken after I picked one up by the tail/stinger. there were a bunch at bandora under rocks and I saw two at cat Mtn this week, also under rocks
  2. So are ticks and I’ve seen shit loads of scorpions 🦂 everywhere between RPR, Cat Mtn, and bandera bike park in the last few weeks!
  3. pretty awesome video! insightful to DH racing
  4. so in other words that bike is a piece of shit. lol
  5. wheels and bars have been acquired. still looking for brakes and an 11 speed sram shifter
  6. get we are one composites carbon hoops. unlimited lifetime free replacements no questions asked. if you want go/stay carbon I also am very interested in the new Stans flow EK3 rims. looks promising! https://www.pinkbike.com/news/stans-notubes-announces-new-flow-ex3-rims-and-wheelsets.html
  7. after the girl survived (an enjoyed) big bend a few weekends ago, she now has herself a pivot 429 trail build happening to start riding locally, and partake on some of the trips coming this season! I *actually* accidentally took us on a 20 mile loop at Lajitas in Big Bend a few weekends ago for her very first mountain bike ride. I normally ride the dome loop and stuff in that area, and was pretty unfamiliar with the Lajitas trails, having only peddled around there once during a previous trip to big bend in the past. in the short of it - about 10 miles in we got to a "short loop / long loop" fork in the trail, I looked to her and said "how do you feel?" "pretty good" she replied. We took the long loop fork, and about 4 miles later she was bonking. the additional 6 miles of trail back to the car in 88 degree weather is where she really impressed me. Keeping her composure during her challenging moments instead of giving up (not that she really had much choice to get back to the car, lol) and at one point she said "she never wanted to see a mountain bike again" 🤣 but she was lying, and she had a great time overall. she already rides a fixie through the streets of downtown like a bat out of hell (our first date), and is also super into riding horses, so I know she will take to mountain biking very well. this topic could make for a fun thread on its own. 😛 anyways back in topic - looking for a 15 x 100mm NON-boost 29er front wheel, a brake set, some 31.8 clamp bars (around 740-760mm but post what you got), sram 11speed shifter, and if you have any 29er tires laying around id be interested to know what people have available I have 2 different boost 29er front wheels I may be interested in trading, among lots of other stuff, or cash works too, whatever post up what you got! thanks!
  8. just to add, I have had great experiences with the One Up dropper posts also.. which are available in stock at the peddler bike shop Parmer lane & 1431 location. the one up, and newer reverbs with cable actuated wolf tooth remote have proven to be solid dropper setups!
  9. haha my homeboy Wesley puts up ride-by cameras at spider mountain. always nice to see some familiar faces, and hear some familiar voices. 😛 🚠⛰️🚵‍♀️ on Blue Trail - Jump on Black Sabbath (cant recall spider rename - single black) Rock Garden on Rotor Smoke - (can't recall the spider rename - Double black) pretty fun concept!
  10. start at the west contrabando trailhead, ride the main trail to the dome loop, ride the entire dome loop until you circle back around to the Fresno divide trail and ride Fresno divide all the way back down to the west contrabando trailhead west contrabando> main trail> dome loop> all the way around dome loop > Fresno divide trail as a 3.5 mile descent back to the parking lot at west contrabando trailhead
  11. personally I couldn't be happier about the rain. new trails need the dirt to harden! But - A good buddy of mine (also named Seth) just got himself a nice little divorce parting gift! pretty damn awesome for his first mountain bike if you ask me 🙂 Yeehaw! IMG_1154.MOV
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