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  1. it was great meeting you man and im super glad you had a great time! I liked how I was able to spot you with the zebra kevlar pants that you ordered from the thread here on austinmountainbiking.com! haha all that matters is that you completed an enduro event, got to ride some awesome trails, met new people, and had a great time. see you at the next one hopefully! please go onto the Victory Racing and Bandera Bike park social media pages and share your experiences to help us move forward and attain more venues and continue to contribute to the mtb and racing scene in texas. https://www.facebook.com/Victory-Racing-493196411222509/ https://www.facebook.com/BanderaBike/
  2. Banduro at Bandera 2019 hosted by @victoryracingevents at @banderabike park was such an amazing event with a great turn out, smooth operations, and tons of fun. Thank you everyone who came to show your support and have a blast! Hope to see anyone who wasn’t there at the next one! Timing results posted on the Victory Racing Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/493196411222509/posts/593450891197060?d=n&sfns=mo Thank you to our amazing sponsors who make events like this possible! @victoryracingevents @banderabike @peddler_cedar_park @absoluteblack.cc @reversecomponents @pit_viper @kaliprotectives @picklejuicesport @visitbicycleworld @rideawaybicyclestx @freeride512 @pnwcomponents @crackedcarbonrepair @lezyneusa @ Bandera Bike
  3. I built all the trails there but always van camp anytime im there on top of the ridge line. im not familiar with their claim of access to fire pits at the camp sites. we should have a bon fire though, and the burn ban is currently inactive so groups camping making a fire pit I dont believe should be an issue. dogs are allowed but need to be on leash, well behaved, and kept in your camping area
  4. DIRT IS ALREADY HERO . It was wet when I first got here but it’s gonna be amazing. Absolutely come out!
  5. PSA: Bandera Bike Park now has an improved shuttle system! Before it was a small 4x4 deisel mule utility vehicle, and is now a 4x4 F150 with better rider & bike capacity per shuttle run. In addition to that, the shuttle system is being further improved by an additional shuttle truck coming soon (getting brand new motor). Once that happens, BBP will have the fastest lift assist system in the state and dual shuttle trucks for when rider capacity warrants it. ***Racers at Banduro on 11/16 will have the option of signing up for shuttle service on Friday practice - ONLY 50 SPOTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*** Practice shuttle service will be added to the bikereg registration page. These spots will be limited in number so sign up for shuttle service before they run out if you want to maximize your practice runs the day before the race. *Everyone - Make sure to register for your race class also in addition to the optional practice shuttle service! The shuttle service registration and race registrations are separate.* Bikereg.com/Banduro Two weeks away! Banduro in Bandera on 11/16. Yeeehaw let’s do this!
  6. .......definitely a no. I shoulda baited yall in here at least with some post asking what tires and chamois butter was the best combination. lol
  7. You should be fine with a half shell helmet, but we always recommend adequate protection! If you plan on doing more events, and maybe park or gravity riding in the future, maybe consider a giro switchblade or something. They are great helmets
  8. EVERYONE WHO HAS NOT ALREADY REGISTERED PLEASE READ - This event is going to be catered by a great company out of Austin - "The Midnight Baker". People waiting until the very last minute to register causes planning complications and difficulties for participant accommodations. I did not implement registrations discounts for early registrations, nor higher price penalties for later registrations, but catering for large events takes time, money, and planning to prepare the food and have enough for everyone. ***anyone who registers after Friday, November 8th will more than likely not receive the catered meal.*** meal wrist bands will be given at registration based on registration date. Waiting to register until the last minute prevents us from accurately scaling our accommodation needs. please register before Next Friday, November 8th if you would like to receive the free catered meal on race day. please message me directly if needed! Register at - Bikereg.com/Banduro Thanks and see everyone at Bandera Bike Park! PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!
  9. im talking about spilling/knocking over the bottle or some other dumb event that inevitably causes sealant to get spilled/wasted
  10. Is it me or is tire sealant just about the most spill-prone liquid ON EARTH or what?!?! Seems like every time I open a bottle of it the universe just stops whatever it’s doing to absolutely insure that something happens and I spill that shit everywhere. Even if not spilling it is my #1 focus. 🤦‍♂️🤬🤦‍♂️🤬🤦‍♂️🤬🤦‍♂️
  11. Hey everyone! Closing in on 11/16 Banduro! less then 3 weeks away! I will need some volunteers to help with with basic stuff at the event. hang out at trail/road crossing to direct traffic, maybe with registration, etc etc. if anyone would be able to help, please post here and let me know who is available. looking for volunteers but if I need to compensate apart from a free catered meal, trailside sexual favors, or raincheck to give Cat Mtn or bandera tours, or a free entry and shuttle day at bandera or whatever just let me know and we will see what I can do! please reply asap 🙂
  12. if you look pro it automatically makes you faster everyone knows that. haha
  13. We are less than 4 weeks away from the Banduro in Bandera enduro event presented by @victoryracingevents ! We could not be more excited about closing in on this killer event at the most newly developed bike park in Texas! Thank you to our awesome sponsors! @peddler_cedar_park @absoluteblack.cc @kaliprotectives @pnwcomponents @lezyneusa @picklejuicesport @reversecomponents @pit_viper @themxfactory @rideawaybicyclestx @visitbicycleworld @banderabike Register at bikereg.com/Banduro SATURDAY NOVEMBER 16th at BANDERA BIKE PARK YEEEEHHHAAWWWW!
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