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  1. I have a pretty big and heavy hearted announcement. I’ve lived within a 10 mile diameter bubble in north Austin my entire life... with my lease ending on 5/27 after 5 years of being in my south round rock duplex, I went under contract yesterday to buy my first home. In Brevard, North Carolina!! I love Texas so much. My whole life and family Is here, cat mountain, all my friends and the awesome Texas mountain biking community is here. But Austin is changing and I see more success in my life on the eastern horizon. With some quick action, and the grace of god, I landed a 4bd/2b w 4 car garage on 2 acres in Brevard, North Carolina! Literally minutes from pisgah national Forrest, and epic trail systems right in my back yard. Not to mention, the east coast is littered with lift access bike parks! Im not walking away from Texas, but rather expanding my life and growing! @victoryracingevents is live and well, and will continue Texas operations and oversee cat mountain, with a few logistical changes. I love you all. This is so hard for me and bittersweet. my mom has always told me “you can’t win if you don’t play” I’m all in and sending it in full faith of my future to the other side of the country. I could write a novel, but i won’t. Just wanted to tell everyone my big news. I’d really love to have a race or at least a big group ride at cat mountain before I move, In celebration! Stay tuned for more details. my new house has an abundance of space, and pisgah is an absolute mountain biking Mecca and destination. I hope to see many of you up there one day! Stay tuned!
  2. id be curious to see if I could fix it. where about are you located? ill message you. im north
  3. hey everyone, just like the title says im in search for a sram 11 speed shifter. NOT grip/twist shift please! happy to buy, trade, compensate! thanks! also always happy to check out other modern good stuff people have available. -Seth
  4. I actually JUST talked to them on like Monday/tuesday about that 😉 maybe something will come of it!
  5. dude YES! It just. won't. die.... its lasted longer than any bike ever ever owned have absolutely loved this bike.
  6. contact me. I have a buddy - Marty Dolan doing lessons for quite a few people I know through the community and come close friends.
  7. its a still photo. he is a legit professional photographer and has badass gear. they do high speed shutter burst shots action sports.
  8. Raced stage 8 blind at the Southern Enduro Tour Stop #4 - Camp Eagle, and wasn't prepared to hit this road gap feature, choked up to the lip thinking I could joey-roll it, I was wrong. dumb crash, little jump, maybe im just getting old but I didn't just blindly send it and this is what happened. haha landed on my feet like a flying ape and bruised the F outta my left heal. very painful but finished all 11 stages takeaway - "I don't wanna be stuck in my pedals" is not that real of a thing 🙂 Keith Smathers with the sweet shot!
  9. yeah, its private property. not freely open to the public. but if you're interested, come help dig for a day with us and we can in exchange give you a sick guided tour 🙂 otherwise, if you have a freeride512 membership, that gives you access also. anyone on the property needs a sign liability waiver on freerise512.com
  10. \ just a small taste of the gnarliest enduro in texas. 1 day, 8 stages, 4400' ascending of pedal power
  11. haha oh I wasnt going to encourage you to jump off anything, I just wanted to see how many times you could crank up to the top 🙂
  12. LMAO... you obviously have no idea. the 1st cat Mtn invitational enduro I held we did 8 stages, 1 day, and it was 4400’ vertical ascending/descending over 17 miles, all pedal power. Name any other race in Texas with those kind of numbers... then add gnar factor. yes there are PLENTY of poser ass pot-belled-big-travel-bike-type “enduro” brahs that wanna ride spider mountain every weekend but don’t fooL yourself and believe that enduro events aren’t just as challenging as any event you’ve ever attended... you still need to come ride cat with your crew ;)
  13. I love gnarly trails but sheer exposure has always scared the crap out of me. way before mountain biking even. that death section was super scenic (but you cant look at it or you'll die anyway) but more frightening than enjoyable or fun. Fear of Death is definitely a different adrenaline than your favorite flow trail, LOL! the bottom 3rd super rocky section was the bomb though! ill take lots more of that please! this is more one to check off the list than revisit a bunch of times for that reason. The Ahab & Jackson trails were more "fun" IMO and slick rock trail is TONS of fun for a much wider variety of riders. I highly recommend to not miss Slick Rock Trail to anyone who goes to Moab!
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