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  1. I think if I wasn't a dedicated hardtail guy, the Orbea Oiz (LT?) is what I'd be looking at for myself. Orbea seems to be a racer-boi brand just because they've made inroads into our local (TX) racing scene now for the past 15 yrs. Additionally, before Wes, their dealer presence wasn't as strong. But like Teamsloan said, they have a pretty robust MTB pedigree worldwide and have performed well on the Enduro stage for a while. Later, -CJB
  2. As a former frame builder, there were a few times were we used a wood form and a smaller tube (that had been cut in half long-ways) to crimp the stays in a vice. We've never had one fail on us through later use. YMMV though. But if this is truly a budget frame and you want more clearance, I think you could easily crimp the stays. Later, -CJB
  3. Antonio, I always appreciate your thorough and detail oriented style. Thanks for sending over the info. It personally helps me process the cost, my opinions and how I feel about my tax dollars. I strongly suspect that they will go under Lamar down towards the creek just South and below Windy Loop? -CJB
  4. If you click on the link in his post it will show you. There will be a Northern WC Section 3 that gets built and goes all way around to connect to existing trail (near290 & Old Manor Rd). But the Section 2 that were are discussing above has a completion schedule of 2023 (for 1.7 miles of trail). I can only imagine how long Section 3 (with no current funding) will take to get done. Later, -CJB
  5. Thanks for the update, summary and personal feedback. FWIW, I agree with all of your comments. I do have to say that when the initial concrete path was proposed, flagged and then began construction...I was fairly miffed that "my" long-time neighborhood single track was being encroached upon so drastically. But once it was completed, and we were also allowed to replace lost trail, it has proven to be a huge positive to the entire system. I L-O-V-E(!) seeing so many people out being active on the concrete path. I really don't care if it's walkers, families, joggers, or dogs it has brought people out into nature (sorta) and also lessened crime that used to be around that sketchy section under/around Metric. Then add-in the fact that the new trail additions are some of the best trail out there and its been a 100% win for everyone IMHO. All that being said, THIS is what I find most interesting in the link you provided: Project Funding: $2.5M from the 2016 Mobility Bond $1.5M from a TxDOT Grant $1,016,000 from the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department So it takes $5 million dollars to create 1.7 miles of trail?!?
  6. I'm interested in the jersey(s) if they are on the larger side of the kid spectrum. I've got a 10 yr old. Thanks CJB
  7. Unless you can find "that magic gear" in correlation to our CS length, you will need some kind of tensioner. IMHO the proper tensioner device is pretty cheap and does the job well (Surly Singulator?), but I've seen a derailuer rigged up to work too. -CJB
  8. Thanks for bringing this up. I'm not 100% sure I'll have that weekend open but I would like to know more. Have you done it? Anyone out there have any 1st-hand details? Climbing? Road conditions (sand, gravel, caliche)? Strava history? Cheers, -CJB
  9. So are you saying that you just covered it up....or you had it repaired and then covered it up? I know that TT are not a highly stressed tube, but that impact definitely had some structural damage. Later, -CJB
  10. I'd bite the bullet and drop that Fox to 120 and be done with it. Then you've achieved exactly what you wanted...a better stiffer fork with very little change to your setup. -CJB
  11. With someone has specific as you in regards to bike fit and bar height, then I'd say yes. Its not necessarily just this 10mm, but once you get to the edges of adjustments, then every 10 mm counts. I too like my bars low and pull every trick I can to get them to *that* spot....lever-TT contact be damned! I think I'm at a very workable position for me, but I've contemplated going to that FSA (or Syntace) super drop stem. What length of travel fork did you have prior? (whats the difference in axle to crown?) Later, -CJB
  12. True, and I guess that you are an example of how my "velocity logic" argument from above doesn't hold up. -CJB
  13. If RA stuff doesn't work out then let me know. I'm in the middle of a cannabalization project where I will prolly have a significant portion of a full bike available in this size range. Its a medium Cannondale, with a traditional straight steer fork (and disc brakes). In very good condition and probably without wheels (and stem/bar). Later, CJB
  14. We were discussing this topic in a different light the other day at the office. The comment was that Spider Mountain's terrain is really no more difficult or challenging that significant part of the BCGB backcountry trails. Therefore, is there really a need for FF helmet and other extra gear? The conclusion we came to (and the similar one that I apply when riding my MX bike [say, especially at CP where I ride both MX & MTB]) is that of velocity. At Spider Mtn (and on an MX bike) you seem to be traveling at such a greater rate of speed, with just a touch of the throttle or ease of the brake lever, and your velocity increases dramatically. YMMV Later, -CJB
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