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  1. "Back in the day" we would all ride through the TOL and then ride 'parade-style' down congress and then it would turn into a quasi-critical mass ride as everyone splintered off around downtown. I believe 2006 was last year for the big congress parade style and it was so massive that it got larger than the logistics could handle. Then in 2007 (tandem photo), we were only allowed to ride through the TOL and no congress avenue (although a group still cruised down there albeit bandit-style). My family road all along the town lake HAB trail back to our car parked at Austin High. I don't think anything goes on now (bike related). Later, CJB
  2. I found my tandem+trail-a-bike+trailer photo. I dug it up from our Xmas photo box. Circa 2007. I believe this was one of the last times we were all aloud to ride out bikes through the trail of lights.
  3. Me either. It also helps with it being lower cost in summer-time (lower season). Looking fwd to seeing it all on Strava -CJB
  4. Yikes! Thats a hot time of the season there. My family and I went there (GJ) in August a few years ago. Being from ATX helps, but by noon things where quite hot (and I love the heat). The problem is that there is not really any shade anywhere. Telluride is a whole nuther story...that place will be great. Cheers, CJB
  5. And listed for $600!...aMaZinG. I sure hope he gets that kind of money. I've got a few bikes I need to sell and hope the market is THAT strong
  6. His family is just happy he got his license at the nice young age of 16....both of my sons have friends who graduated HS WITHOUT a license!
  7. But thats my point if it is snugged up against the frame, I see absolutely ZERO way for that side of the sliders to move fwd. Thus it would point to the other side being the sliding culprit, which means braking forces. I had a dropout doing this exact think on one of our TF bikes that were running 'experimental slider' DO's. It was very unintuitive until the clues all lined up.
  8. I suspect its this. Not slipping due to pedaling torque, but due to braking forces. With the tensioner screws on the end, it simply could not move fwd (but rather only rearward). Its not a super intuitive problem to solve. But I'd start by taking it apart and filling down the paint (& black anodizing) so that you can have some purchase between the two surfaces. Than as @AntonioGG suggested, maybe getting higher quality bolts and increasing torque to them a good bit. But I suspect your culprit is the (lack of) friction between the two surfaces with allow it to slip FORWARD under (disc) braking loads. Later, CJB
  9. One of the neighborhood kids bought this bike about 6-9 months ago. He's barely ridden it and now that he's got his drivers license, he's wanting to sell the bike. Go figure. I know the family and can vouch for the bike. I also know he'd take a few hundred less. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/741178053958363/ Cheers, CJB
  10. I'll see this tandem with a tag-a-long....and then raise you a Burley trailer. We've got a MTN tandem and when our kids were young we'd do a setup like the above, but we'd also add the littlest dude into a Burley trailer. We could have all 4 of us on the same rig. I'll see if I can find a photo somewhere. I know it was our Xmas photo a decade ago or so. Later, CJB
  11. Great, glad to hear you liked it so much. Sounds like you need to sign up for the DS this coming fall! 😉 Cheers, CJB
  12. Holy crap that is genius! I've never really needed to tighten or loosen my cassette while out on the trail....but....during the EB my rear center lock disc rotor kept loosening up on me. I had to stop about every 5 miles and snug it up best I could. This thing would have been invaluable in that scenario. Cheap, small, effective. Love it -CJB
  13. All my heroes are are packing it in....I feel like I'm about to enter the movie Cocoon. Next thing you know @Hakalugi will be running dropper posts...
  14. Yeah and in some ways I'm in a mini-funk again after my crash back in October. I feel like the key is to 'know yourself'. And I know that I'm sentisitve to the seasonal changes in the year. Once the days get short and weather gets cold I find myself getting a little melancholy. WRT the bike and my personal life. So I have to find ways to trick myself into riding. For me, a like being around people, so that means more group rides (R&I, C&D, TnT, Bagel ride, etc..) Additionally, in the middle of a cold winter when a warm 'blue bird' day pops up, I'll take the day off work and go riding in the middle of a nice warm beautiful day. It really helps to restore me. What @AntonioGG is referencing, is that the few times I've really thought about being done with the bike/cycling, I've simply walked away for a while and tried something else. I moved into the MX world for about 3 yrs at one point....I tried trail running for many months. But eventually, I come back to my 1st love and find that my return is usually with vigor. If I FORCE myself to ride against my desire/urges not to, then I find myself loathing in the situation. I know this all may sound strange, but like I said, you've gotta know yourself. And sometimes I can be a head-case! LOL Good news for me is that the warm weather is knocking at the door and that is when I really start to get rejuvenated with the season change! Good luck in your endeavor. CJB PS- I'm a dedicated hardtail guy and I've got a M/L Trek Stache you are welcome to demo for a weekend if you want to try some 'strange'. Seriously, take me up on it if you'd like
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