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  1. Me and @Teamsloan attended OB there 2 yrs ago. It rained from start to finish! It was an absolute muddy mess. Everyone tried to make the best of it, but no getting around how much rain (and cold) we had that weekend. But yes, BV is a great place to go for most any riding reasons. Cheers, CJB
  2. Yep I turned @Barry on to EIE with the purchase of my i39 rims (wheels) for my Stache about 2.5 yrs ago. I just checked yesterday and I've got 3300 off-road miles on them and THEY"VE NEVER EVEN NEEDED TRUEING. I've also covered over 200 mi at LGT on them (and race pace). Early on my biggest concern was smashing the side wall of the rim on our local rock strewn trails. These rims are sooooo wide that they leave a lot of material exposed. Additionally, they are pretty damn light....that translates into thin walled rims. So far, no problems, but I can see abrasion marls from rocks and such. Lastly, my plan reqarding warranty and durability was that I would simply buy another rim (and have it relaced locally) if I ever had an issue. $700 wheels....+ a future $225 rim (and $50 labor) would still only equal sub-$1k for the wheel set in case of needed replacement on my part. Now, considering how much use I've had with them, I'd happily replace one of the rims with no ill-thoughts towards longevity if I toasted one.
  3. Its not a 100% set time. It ebbs a bit from when everyone arrives and then collectively decides to roll. All that said, I usually try to arrive around 5:10-15 and see who begins to gather up. Quite often a few will roll up from an 'early lap' and its not uncommon to head out for the 'fast lap' around 5:25-30'ish. The "legends lap" comprised primarily of the old-guard R&I'rs usually has a pretty similar schedule. But can be a few minutes later because most are coming from work, and might be stuck in traffic a bit. But generally, I'd say the same thing for both groups. 5:15 arrive---5:30 head out. +/- minutes. YMMV Personally I'd love to see more people come out and join in. ITs always a fun time no matter which group you want to jump into. Bring a lawn chair and a cold 6pk Later, CJB
  4. I scrolled through hoping to see a 27.2 setback seat post....anyone have one of those laying around? Thanks CJB
  5. Thats about where I am and my back yard is still pretty soft -CJB
  6. I'm pretty close to WC and we have not had rain yet. The radar (from an hour ago) looked like something was coming. Don't think it ever hit here. -CJB
  7. I can't speak much for this past year (12 mo) because I've been a little MIA with riding along with my Thumper duties. But historically it *would* get cleared regularly. The main Thumper rep lives adjacent to the trail and keeps an eye on things. Additionally, when I (we) see stuff pop up on the message board we try to use that as a catalyst for some work efforts. However, TAF is correct, Thumper is usually in its best condition in the weeks leading up to the EB. Post up here if anyone see something specific that needs addressing. Cheers, CJB
  8. Rain 2x's over here near WC today. My yard is soaked. -CJB
  9. We are now in the middle of round 2 with 7 minutes of hard rain. The water is now running down the gutters in the streets pretty hard. The R&I is dead.... -CJB
  10. And I take this back....we just got a brief steady rain. Looks like its past now. I'll step back outside with a follow up in about 20 min -CJB
  11. Negative. I just stepped outside to check and there is ZERO going on at my house. Sky looks partly cloudy. I'm located just across Parmer from WC. -CJB
  12. I've alway thought we should just bring out own picnic table up there and chain it to the trees (again). I suspect it would go un-noticed for months (of not longer) -CJB
  13. AB and I approach things from a slightly different vantage point (I'm trying to stay in ketosis and use this eating style for fueling purposes while riding), but our conclusions and findings are pretty similar. I agree with most all of what he said. I've been doing the koto-thing for nearly 4 yrs now. Its fully a lifestyle way of eating for me, I simply don't know any different. All that said, I've discovered some very remarkable things with it on the bike. When I'm dialed-in my eating, I can wake up in the morning and go on a 4+ hr group road ride (50-60 mi) and a solid pace and eat NOTHING. Note- this also includes the fact that my last meal was 8pm the night before. I can't recall my exact eating pattern for my last Dragon Slayer. But I know I did 80 mi, 8(?)hrs and placed 4th. If memory is correct, I ate 2-3 gels and a Honey Stinger waffle during that time. And I'm not advocating for anyone to try and pull off the above. I'm just offering it up as a real-life 1st hand experience into the keto eating world (of cycling). It took me MUCH effort, discipline and experimentation to figure it all out. (I also have some MAJOR crash and burn stories of anyone was interest also) Yes, I was pretty fit. But I've always run a higher heart rate. I'm regularly in the 160-180's so I'm not operating in 'lower zonal efforts'. I credit it to a lot of trial and error to figure out how to dial in what works for me. It prolly took me a year +/- to work it all out. Later, CJB
  14. Hey I truly am glad to hear you guys say that. I'm all for lowering price points and trickle down tech. I personally just felt that the "value" was low for what I saw. Later, CJB
  15. I sorta like it...the bike industry is going to have to evolve and adapt. Not sure this is "it", but its a sign that some people are thinking about it. What I don't like is the Sram NX spec. Ugh...has anyone else ever had their hands on that stuff? I installed a drivetrain onto a local neighbor kids bike after he saved up his hard-earned money for it. Its very pigly, tolerances were not good and I had a very difficult time getting it setup properly. In fact, it was after this experience that I decided to order up the new Shimano SLX 12 spd drivetrain for my back-up bike. I've been very pleased with that purchase. (I know they are not equivalent level components, but I think Shimano is rocking the entry level stuff IMHO) Later, CJB
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