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  1. I'm soooo glad this bike is sold. I had come over here 1/2 dozen times checking it out and playing with my calculator. Wheww...that was a close one! Later, CJB
  2. I always found in interesting that I would gear up (ATGATT) in full moto-boi stuff to ride my MX bike at City Park. Then a week later, come back on my MTB wearing what amounts to my underwear and ride THE EXACT SAME TRAILS. Cheers, CJB
  3. I think my testosterone level just dropped 100 points after looking through that site (hoping to find bibs).... -CJB
  4. This made me LOL...cuz its true. You shouldn't get too bothered, all of this setup would be done while waiting on you to catch up. 🙂
  5. Besides whatever overall business plan is (or is not) in place....this is what I see as the red flag: The bikes in this lot are NOT assembled and they have cosmetic blemishes. They will each need about $45-$125 in parts as some parts are missing or damaged (all needed parts are available online).
  6. I'm with you on that one too (sorta)... Timex in wrist, iPhone (strava) in my pocket. Did you see any of the rides/photos? -CJB
  7. You got me on that one... 😘 You need to get back on Strava! -CJB
  8. I kinda gather that you may be too late with the "we are not the product" thing. I thought I read something a while back that they are collecting data and selling it to municipalities and stuff. Now they me not be targeting ME specifically. But I'm confident they are collecting data to monetize. Since I'm not on FB or Twitter, I almost use Strava as my social media tool. After all, many of the people I like and hang out with are found there. The other people in that category (and don't ride), I simply call/text. Yunno...old school. 🙂 Later, CJB
  9. Please do keep me in mind for this. My oldest graduates HS this year and will be heading off the college (probably Tech). I've been pondering selling him my Tundra for a good price. But then I don't know what I'd do next. I've grown very fond of my trucks utility and mechanical reliability. When I bought it 4 yrs ago, my plan was to drive it for few years then sell right before it turned 200k. Buts its been an absolute reliable tank. I just can't come up with a reason to let it go (outside of my son). Thanks, CJB
  11. Thats my term..."stack ranking". But its the list of who is Top riders for the day on each segment (usually found via mobile app). Then its the list of where you rank in the list of all the people you follow. Yeah I do understand that there is true value in "things" and that I should/need to pay for it. I just don't like doing so. IMHO they offered an amazing product for a long time at no charge AND with no ads. *NOTE* I did pay for premium power-tracking a few years back when I first got a power meter on my roadie. But after I build my power profile (and learned very little), I let the service expire.
  12. While I think this is the smart play, and I was very upset at their stripping of all the basic free features...I got weak in a moment of deep solitude in the CO back country last month and paid the piper. Honestly, the 2-3 things I missed the most were: 1) Training Log 2) 'Current day's' stack ranking 3)'I'm Following' stack ranking. All of these use to be free. But I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing how me and my friends are stacking up. Another thing that I use (and missed) was the view of all my past performances on segments. As my fitness has started to come around, I really couldn't where I am in my own historical context. But I really do hate paying for functionality (of most anything).... Cheers, CJB
  13. Another great car! Yeah, I usually buy used, Japanese, and higher mileage (and pay cash). My Tundra is about to turn over 200k and is running like a champ. But I love to find me some older 'only driven by a grandma on the weekends' cars to buy. Those are always the best kind....preferably something old and classic. -CJB
  14. If Greg passes, I'd love to be next inline. I've got 3 bikes with 115 spacing. -CJB
  15. I would like to buy her hand-me-down cars. 🙂 -CJB
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