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  1. To each their own...I find Thumper fun and not problematic at all. Add in that I'm not a natural 'road climber' and I find the relentless hills of Hugel brutal. Its a repetitive leg-shredder that never lets up. That said, the 1.5x's I've done it, I was riding it very fast on the (near) pointy edge of the event. It is a staple event of the ATX road community and I do look fwd to doing it again sometime. Later, CJB
  2. I just bought a pair of Swiftwicks that resemble those...and mine are even taller! 😉 https://swiftwick.com/products/aspire-seven One of the things that bugs me with these edits are the moments where its obvious there's a cut in the action/flow. I.e. when he rolls over the dirt mound on his back and rides off. The next cut he's all clean again. It would be better IMHO if he were to have paused, looked directly into the camera and 'dusted his shoulders off'....then ride away, cutting to a new frame with a clean jersey. At least that segment would lend plausibility to 'now being clean'. Later, CJB
  3. Quite often the EB is referred to as the Das Hugel for MTB'rs. The Hugal has been around a good bit longer. (and I think its harder) -CJB
  4. I've rarely ever met anyone with a larger hat size than myself. Does your Bell fit ok? I'm a Bell helmet guy, but purchased a new Poch Octal X in day glow yellow. I've been thinking about selling it to get the newer version that just came out. This is mine in Unobtanium Yellow. I'd sell it half price. It prolly doesn't have but 50 hrs of commuting on it. https://www.competitivecyclist.com/poc-octal-x-helmet Later, CJB
  5. I forgot my SPD shoes for a Thumper Thursday ride and went ahead and road it in my adidas. Many MANY years ago, I showed up at Zilker for a GB ride and only had my road shoes (with big Look cleats) with me. I drove over to BSS on Tomey and borrowed some look road pedals and did my best to unclip as little as possible.
  6. 350 is too short by about 3/4". Thanks for checking though. -CJB
  7. Anyone out there have a 31.6 rigid seat post that is 400mm long (preferably in setback). I'm willing to pay, but I'm looking for a cheapo to run until I can source a quality replacement for the one that I broke. Please, please, please, -CJB
  8. First off that dude is NUTZ. A suspension for EVER costing $2900 is laughable. Next up, that website makes me feel dirty. All those trashy bikes that people are wanting to trade for make me feel yucky. Like I'm walking in a swamp taking in all the funk around me. -CJB
  9. Anyone have SRAM Red short cage road derailleur? I know its a long-shot, but I gotta ask. Later, CJB
  10. It rained pretty dang hard at WC the night (4am) before last. Has anyone been out there to check conditions? -CJB
  11. Dude, the whole time I was reading that, I was thinking you should've stopped at Bill's!!! Its available to everyone, so its 'in play'. In the first years of the EB, we would not have the T-shirts printed until after the event was over. Thus we'd tell everyone in advance to bring your money and whoever pre-paid got a T-shirt. The only logistical complication was distributing them once they arrived.
  12. Good write up. This really stuck out to me and it was one of the primary reasons we wanted to originate this event over 10 yrs ago. @sherpaxc and I wanted to give local riders who may not have the chance to travel to far away locales and do big back-country events, the chance to test themselves closer to home in a 'known' and 'controlled' environment. Once of the coolest things I've witnessed over the years, are people who got their 'long distance' start at the EB go on to do pretty spectacular things. I'm thinking of riders like Ian Hackett who went on to ride in 24hr (nationals [or worlds?]), Antonio didn't you do something equally as big? (I know you made an attempt at Leadville), Corey Mosier road the 1st EB with only 4 months ofc lipless pedal experience and later (less than 2 yrs) went on to attempt the Arizona Trail Race (AZT 250) bike packing event, Sean Duckett and Shannon Wyatt (1st and 2nd yr EB'rs) went on to do Dirty Kanza and more, David Campbell went from EB'r to Paris Brest Paris (look that one up!!) after a handful of years. These were just the early ones of the top of my head. I'd love for people to add-in more, but I'm very pleased to hear that your buddy did it. Who knows what may happen to him in the next few years! 😉 Later, CJB
  13. Since I don't want to completely hi-jack the Emma Long thread, I thought I'd come and post this here.
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