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  1. I'd suggest calling the local bike shop and asking them. Try calling Fat Tire downtown. But IMHO, I don't fully think it's needed. Go back to the original post in this whole thread and look at my day 1 Strava. I did 40 miles of riding and never left Bentonville proper. Just explore, the trails are not hard to find, hard to follow, or very far apart. Some of this depends on the riding you want to do. But if all you want is a fun basic ride(s) while the family waits on you, then you can EASILY do that on your own from town. If you want something bigger or bordering on epic, then a guide might be worthwhile. My trail suggestions then would be Back 40 or Little Sugar (once again could be ridden from town). Cheers, CJB
  2. Your memory serves you correctly. Cattle guards = great road riding. I miss road riding (with people) this past year. I think THAT has a lot to do with my lack of fitness right now. My oldest graduates from HS soon and all the weekends are jammed pack with stuff because of that. I sure would like to head over there and hang out. If I came during the week, could you take the day off (how about 2)? Welcome back to the forum...see you again next year. -CJB
  3. This is true. Its a pretty uncomfortable photo, not for the squeamish (of which I can be). Glad you are on the mend and the pain is minimal. I really don't understand how that could be the case, maybe its the whiskey? But I'm glad you are doing better. Here's an MMA fighters interpretation of Barry's injury, except Barry's was worse and was on the bottom & top lip.
  4. All of this. My boys and I did it 2x's last year and when they dropped the price to $5 per. I considered that a bargain and would go again. (2 yrs ago it was $18 per person or something close!!) Considering I was bringing me and 3 kids it just wasn't cost effective until the price dropped. Whats the price currently? Cheers, CJB
  5. Travis, doesn't come around the forum too much. But I don't think he'd mine me telling you they landed in Kerville, TX. -CJB
  6. Thanks for the update. Me and my youngest son will be heading out in the morning to try and make the ride call. Cheers, CJB
  7. YES! Interesting that you bring this up. My oldest son is now 18 and just this week began getting credit card solicitations in the mail. My wife likes to keep a clean fridge, but this is one thing we wanted to broadcast to our kids loud & clear. CC debt = death! Besides our house (which is now worth 2x what we paid 3.5 yrs ago), we have no debt and are doing our best to train up our kids this way too.
  8. I'd like to see some real discussion about this topic. I have some basic ideas, but not enough time at moment to put them down. Cliff notes: corporations maximize profit, employees work for less, investors/market benefit. Inflation goes up, wages don't. And I'm a big free market kind of guy, so please don't associate this hypothesis with anti-1%'er or capitalism sucks kind of thing. In simple terms the solution could be to be employed by an Austin (or SF or NY) type company but actually live and work remotely where its cheaper to live. My ideal scenario would be just that.....earn money from Austin employment but live in NWA in a house with low property taxes. Have a TX residency though so you can benefit from no income tax. All that being said, if we go back to the OP's original statements.....I think that if have not already purchased a place to live (yrs ago?), or have a strong high income job, or very good dual income family....Austin is just simply not the place for you. After all, how many of us would willfully choose to move to San Jose to take a teacher, fireman, police, bike shop job?!?! Later, CJB
  9. Whats the story on this bike? Is this the wife bike or an out-grown kid's bike? -CJB
  10. I usually try and arrive around 5:10pm just in case people are early and begin to roll out. I've been left before. But its so funny all the different times being thrown out. It can be a crap shoot from Tues to Tuesday. @Nando is OG so his may be the most accurate, @TAF time can be for the (not always attended) early lap, and my time is the 'safe bet' because sometimes I wait around for 20 min (see @Nando time). 🙂 I've also caught wind that there now may be a 6:20pm 'late lap' led by the newly employed @Teamsloan. YMMV See you all there at 5:10 😉 Cheers, CJB
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