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  1. Never had one of my frames break. To add onto that, I've only had 1 (rear) wheel failure also. But that was very early in my riding and I was being stupid on a DH in CO (circa 1998). Maybe I don't ride enough? 🙂 -CJB
  2. I wanna play too.... My setup is pretty spartan, but its very mobile and stealthy. Photos below: -With blue awning: Near Bolam Pass riding CO Trail behind Purgatory Ski MTN -Crested Butte 401 Trail Head -Close up of my opulent setup.
  3. I've also done a few days in Palo Duro Canyon. But thats an easy one that you have already prolly considered. I stayed in a house during my time in Moab, but there seems to be options there too. Andrew Harbert has spent 2 total months or more traveling around CO in their RV trailer and riding. He's bound to be a good resource for ideas. -CJB
  4. Junction Creek Campground in DGO. Same with Molas Lake Campground (little Molas lake?) I think the Molas Lake Campground is free. At least it was for me with my truck for 2 days last year. -CJB
  5. Funny you say all that...my uncle had a Chevy LUV truck that his girlfriend rolled in a "park area" after they had had too much to drink. This was prolly very late 79's or early 80's. -CJB
  6. In my opinion, the 55-65mm drop range can be pretty acceptable for most riding. At TF, we primarily built with 60mm of drop. I really didn't want to be in the pedal strike range so we'd rarely go under 65. This was a good few years ago when basic tires were 2.3 max and cranks were almost always 175mm. Cheers, CJB
  7. Any chance the jersey is mesh vented? I can only run truly vented jerseys in this TX heat (even winters) because of all the gear I wear under it all. I may be interested in the boots. My oldest son has been using my hand me downs and they are 10's but his foot is bigger than that. I also dog the Fox jacket, but I'm not sure I have a great use for it in the Hare Scramble world. Thanks CJB
  8. The BB is a tad on the high side IMHO. Not overly so, but the BB drop could be lower without much risk of crank strikes. Just my thoughts after a quick glance. -CJB
  9. [Shinerider says] Here, hold my beer!...
  10. I'm really not all that familiar with the trail system down there. I always make sure to rope in a local southie to drag me around. @Barry while he's not a southie, he's prolly got some good route options to share. You're going to really dig your time spent here on the bike. -CJB
  11. I personally am not going to risk it. TnT Road ride for me fellas.... Later, CJB
  12. When was the last time you were here and what did you ride? I generally know how long you've been gone, but don't know when you were here last? IMHO the BCGB has developed some much over the past 10+ yrs that if you've not experienced it to the fullest, then it might require more than a day. The "death march" that goes on out there has something like 40+ miles of trail. Likewise, the entire Brush Creek area has had so much trail developed out there that it too should be a must-ride if you've not done it yet. Oh oh oh...and what about the 100+ miles of the SATN network?? So much riding, so little time... Cheers, CJB
  13. Sometime it happens. I felt absolutely terrible on my Thursday ride. Thumper is in pretty good shape right now. I'd wager one of the best times to make a lap out there is post-EB after all the traffic has made its way through there. Especially if we happen to get a little rain soon. Later, CJB
  14. Hello all, I've not seen much EB talk over here....I don't know if its lack of interest or quiet stealth training?? But one think I DO KNOW FOR CERTAIN is that if you plan to ride the EB, then familiarity with Thumper can go a long LONG way! This coming Saturday is your big opportunity to get out here for an official EB Thumper Pre-Ride. If you should up and join in with us not only will you get to follow along the official Thumper EB route, but you can get some really good trail-info that will help you 'know things' come EB day. Hope you see you there! -CJB _______________________________________________________ Official Thumper EB Pre-Ride: THIS SATURDAY OCTOBER 15th Meeting location: Duck Pond in Arboretum (behind Renaissance Hotel). Meeting time: 8:45am (w/roll out at 9am) Route Plans: Leave Duck Pond and head down 360 to Spicewood. Then ride over to St Eds first, then over to Youpon and up to Thumper for a civilized lap. We will do our best to stop at some of the "confusion spots" and give insight into the route. But I can't 100% say that this is a 'no drop ride'; it is nearly impossible to pull that off at Thumper. Be fully prepared to be self-sufficient, even though we won't plan to go fast. I may potentially be doing some more markings and trail adjustments during this ride. Previous years Strava route: This can give you a basic idea of the Thumper-St Eds ride/distance/time https://www.strava.com/activities/1197925764 If you have any questions or comments, then please post them up. Thanks -CJB
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