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  1. Looking for a 1 1/8" straight steer headset. If it happens be something a bit nicer (King?), I may have something to trade. Thanks CJB
  2. I had a close friend get it, he's 55 average health and he had fever for 2 days, a cough for over a week and that was it. His wife never caught it. However, his parents live with them and they are both 84 yr old. His mom had a similar reaction to him, but his dad had a pretty tough case. He spent 2-3 days in the hospital (at 2 different hospitals). They went in first and the 1st location mis-diagnosed it and told them to go home. 24hr later that are at a different hospital being admitted and getting top-shelf care. He said the differences were dramatic. But the main reason I bring this up is that my buddy is a believer in the different affect blood types have with handling the disease. Both he and his mom are bot 0 types. His dad is A type. Just for another personal data point. Another friend of mine has 3 kids: 11, 9, 7 yr old. The oldest 2 are boys and both picked up the Covid. At the time my friend had his brother in law family over from houston and they were all in a relatively small house. They did their best to be conscientious, and the 2 boys were the only 2 to get it. The entire family was pretty shocked by this. Both he and his wife (along with the BIL family) ended up taking Covid tests for work and all came back negative. Now I'm in no way saying this isn't contagious, in fact, I kinda thinks its pretty darn contagious from the stuff I've read. But I do find these did bids interesting little points to how it has or has not spread. Later, CJB
  3. As one of the former founders who had to split for family/life reasons, I can say that I'm not exactly sure. But here is what I do know: I last spoke with Clark (the current owner and co-founder) about 1 year ago. He said they he was still building bikes and was carrying the usual 5-7 mo wait list timeline. At that time he said much of the orders were coming from way out of region (some even over in the UK) for all-road and commuter type bikes. He did inform me that he was in the latter stages of a home remodel and was about to move into re-doing the garage (where TF was always housed). His plan was to complete the wait list production frames in the queue then he would be turning off production for a while to revamp the shop/garage. That was the last time I spoke with him and had been over to the shop. So in summary, last I was aware they were still making bikes, but may have put things on hold to remodel. I do know the website is way out of date, but I think that was on purpose because Clark didn't want to be overwhelmed with too many orders and too long of a wait list. Later, CJB
  4. I was looking at the chart and trying to think through it some more... It more so doesn't make sense considering that there is usually a 30'ish delay window from getting the disease to death. However, I also think the numbers in the charts could be skewed by the probability that we didn't have near as much testing capacity early on? Thus we were not capturing a true picture of infection....but are we now?? I definitely don't like seeing the up-tic in deaths over the past week, but I do like seeing the overall trend of deaths drop so dramatically since the early April timeframe. Numbers and charts are only as good as the info behind them. And right now, I'm don't feel I have (or am getting) a clear picture from most anywhere. Cheers, CJB
  5. Yes, generally at the end of the Daily New Cases chart as it has dramatically grown of the past month, deaths have also begun to creep up. Here's a real question: Why was it that early in the Daily New Cases chart when the numbers were roughly 1/2 of what they are now, the proportionate deaths were up about 2.5x as to where they are now? Real question, I'm not motivated by ideology. Another way to ask/look at it....when looking at the graphs in a more macro fashion the ratios are almost inverted. Early in the graphs Mar to Mid-May the deaths were WAY up, but the new cases were proportionately way lower. Now the new cases are at all-time high, but the deaths are way down at the lower end (of the entire graph). Thanks CJB
  6. My kids are much older than 5 yrs now (18,16 & 11), but we've been using Warda as our go-to camping spot for years. We always camp right beside Turkey Tank Pond. Often times there is a canoe onsite and my kids have swam in the pond with no issues. Likewise, we've caught many fish in the same pond. Besides MTB riding, the ranch is also good for hiking. The Bluff area has great terrain for exploring but it might be a bit much for a 5 yr old YMMV. We've even brought BB guns and done some tin-can shooting. In short, we really love the place and have found it fun for family, friends and cyclists alike. Later, CJB PS- as far as riding goes, there is a good amount of trail that is ok for a beginning. This is especially so with the trail system towards the front (right) of the ranch.
  7. I'm the same but different. I've had the luxury of being able to design and weld up the EXACT geo & fit of my choice. I know what I like and am sensitive to it. However, over time, I've learned that I can adapt to what I've been given pretty well. For example, way back when I designed a bike that was a part of a triplet TF had created (and 1 was for me). I quickly discovered that this bike did not work for my particular tastes and riding style. I'd wager to say it was one of the least favorite bikes I've owned. However, I also owned it (at the time) longer than any other bike prior. Thus I adapted to it and ended up having some of my best technical rides aboard that machine (of which I really did not like). I pulled off a 2-dab ride at Thumper on that bike... It was then that I came to the conclusion that I (and most of us) simply have the "luxury" of being picky. But given a vastly more limited option(s) we could all still be riding nearly the same level and stuff. Just my .2 They are for sure vastly 2 different bikes. Its why I don't even (think to) consider them in the same category. I'm saying this tongue-n-cheek...but I barely consider them the same sport (bicycles). The only thing my road bike has in common with my MTB is that it has 2 wheels and you pedal it. Outside of that I think, treat, consider them COMPLETELY different sports/activities. When I first started moving into the 'road world' I was quickly shocked with how little overlap there was with my prior MTB world. I say this in regards to fitness, skills, tactics, culture, etc... Like said above, they were just not comparable. And I love them both. Seriously, I'm equally at home with my spandex clean shaven roadie-world as I am with my dirty hippy gritty mountain bike world. Its also part of the reason why I cringe when people say they don't like road riding....it because most have never really done it (and I don't consider pedaling down Parmer on a road bike when the trails are wet a road ride). Cheers, CJB
  8. Then get her a new helmet, dad! That looks to be 9th street? I went by there the other morning and it was full of families and kids. Such a HUGE change from the once territorial type place it use to be. I suspected it also had something to do with the time of morning but was nice to see. I was also surprised at home much new and smaller stuff had been built. Later, CJB
  9. Thats only if you are doing it wrong. Up until about 5-6 yrs ago, nearly all my bikes have been worth more than the cars I bought. 😉
  10. Like you, I do a lot of my own maintenance and minor repairs...I've only paid 1x for someone else to do my brakes. The issue that I have is that when they make a diagnostic mistake, I STILL PAY FOR IT. If they say X needs to be repaired and then X didn't fix it, then I now have to also pay for the Y (and X) repair! 90% of the time, I've already diagnosed my issue and if I don't do the work myself, I just pay for labor to install the fix. Quite often, I use YourMechanic.com and have been pretty pleased. Later, CJB
  11. At 8-10 they need to be playing in ditches, throwing rocks at cars and dropping black cats into the mailbox of the neighborhood scrooge (all things I did by 10 yrs old). I appreciate the sentiment with them being 'engaged and paying attention' but with that comes a heaviness and loss of innocence that is way too premature. They'll have an (adult) lifetime ahead of them to be frustrated and cynical. It doesn't need to start at 8.... Later, CJB
  12. Ugh, I find that terribly sad. 8-10 yr old boys should be talking about other things....NOT F'n politics! -CJB
  13. I'm not going to dive into big debates with people because I'm still trying to figure out exactly where I stand. I consider myself still more in 'observer' mode in the broad sense. But the author was getting to the herd immunity numbers by dividing the death numbers by the IFR which seems like a form of reasonable math to me? Additionally, you state that we just crossed 3 million infections but I think that's just 'defined' infections. The actual infected rate is widely believed to be MUCH higher. How high? I have no idea...I can't seem to get a great read on that stat either. But I've seen numbers that state as much as 10x the defined infected rate. And I really don't care if he's an anti-vaxxer or not. I'm trying to look at math and science to the best of my (own) ability. Later, CJB
  14. Dang, I read the entire thing. I sure hope he's right. Ever since the decision to re-open came about, I feel like its been very difficult to get a fair-read for what's really going on. I'm gently in the middle position-wise with all of this. I've been trying to galvanize my thinking and most of it all just seems like noise. That why I'm pleased to see this thread pop back up with less vitriol and name-calling. Cheers, CJB
  15. And if you want to go the frame/fork route you can come to our site and play around with the build-up. You can also track parts and pricing from various retailers via pricing alerts. Right now with so much product being out of stock, the pricing alerts can be a pretty useful tool to grabbing good deals and actually getting it (when in comes available) https://cyclingbuilder.com Later, CJB
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