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  1. I've had very good luck with these brakes. I've had 2 pair of them on my kids MTB and they exceeded expectations. So much so that I considered putting a pair on my back-up bike, Trek Stache, that I built a year ago.
  2. I've not watched the ones above, but my mom sent me this link below because of our MTB connection. If you watch his monologue on the (Twiiter) video at this link its absolutely heart breaking. I feel for the guy on so many levels. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/devastating-video-mountain-bike-national-title-winner-kyle-warner-diagnosed-pericarditis-taking-pfizer-vaccine-ending-career/
  3. Sorta. I would think that most people think that the 'church/school' at the very top of church climb is the leaking septic tank owner in question. However, that is Brentwood Oaks Church (Or Brentwood Christian School), which is located at the top of church climb. Walnut Creek Baptist Church is a smaller church that sits on some property in between BCS and the actual Walnut Creek, which is just north of the BCS school/church.
  4. I'm not entirely sure in run time. I can say this, I've yet to have it run out on me during a ride. I don't think I've done much more than 2 hrs rides at night over the past few yrs. I've done C&D, R&I and Oskar Blues with it and never ran out. We own 3 of them (oldest one is 4 yrs old) and occasionally when I leave house and I'm unsure if its fully charged, I just put a 2nd one in my back pocket JIC. FWIW I also run a L&M Seca 1300 on my bars. So I can toggle back and forth with my lights to maximize run time or light needed for techy riding. Oh and I've also used the light on road rides too. Those may be more than 2 hrs?? Overall, I have zero complaints. Its served its function, been handy and is pretty cheap Later, CJB
  5. I do this almost every time this subject comes up. But a few years ago I purchased a light off Amazon for my sons to use when night riding. As for me!...I've always used my assortment of L&M gear! But when my venerable L&M stella battery went south and I grabbed one of my son's lights to use as my 2nd light up on my helmet and I've never looked back. These are cheap, liteweight and put out a very decent amount of light. We now own 3 of them. I think I got the recommendation way back on Mojo and I also think there may be 2-3+ other people running them around these parts also https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IHIMJRS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 It weighs 95 gms and I normally run it middle of my helmet so it doesn't really push my helmet down on my forehead too much.
  6. I know of about half dozen people who have used C6 with good results. As far as paint/prep...don't bother, its going to cost you more than you really want to spend. -CJB
  7. Not sure, but I was referring to all the pilings, markings and road bumps that where installed. IMHO, I think its a bit overkill and prolly just pisses people off (at us cyclists even more). Additionally, as the debris accumulates in this bike lane area, I don't know how it could be street-swept or cleaned up? My comments about more infrastructure along OSS & CP Rd was more wishing for legit shoulder addition or a concrete (or granite) bike path. None of that is cheap, but I sure think it would get well used along those areas considering the amount of population growth that we've had all around there. Cheers, CJB
  8. Don't care what the map(s) says, it will always be Chardog to me. -CJB
  9. If there is ever a location to have 'pedestrian/bicycle/recreational' infrastructure poured into it, I think both Spicewood and CP Rd are it! I wish there was a bikeway or shoulder or something along there. I MUCH prefer that then the crazy bike lane furniture that we go on Duval (& other roads) that just pisses everyone off re:bicycles. Cheers, CJB
  10. 360 is much better now IMHO due to the road bumps they've installed along the white line. That gives me a ton more personal comfort. The idea of Spicewood makes me uncomfortable, but most every yr at the EB, I've found it not too bad. I think that might be worse if I was actually riding it all the way to the end. CP Rd is the one that is feeling worse for me. There's just so many damn people living around those parts now! Later, CJB
  11. I'm familiar with the greenbelt pathway that you are referring to and this (where I was riding) was obviously not that area. But I have a hard time thinking that there were 2 notable events going on in that general area at the same time this morning? Something is amiss. -CJB
  12. Yeah, I was passing through there around 9:30. It felt like whatever was going on was being cleaned up by then. -CJB
  13. I was out taking an easy spin at WC this morning. Climbing up Char-dog up shortly after the 180* left-hand switch back there was police tape across the trail about head high. Being the rebel that I am, I naturally rode under it. I saw 3 cops standing around on the side of the trail. I paused and hopped off my bike, but they told me to come on through. I asked if it was anything serious and they replied no. As I was exiting char-dog I saw another section of police tape. Then lastly, as I was crossing the dam I noticed 2 cop cars and 2 firetrucks. Anyone have any idea what was going on? Cheers, CJB
  14. Hoping to be there too. I'm very doubtful my knee will hold up, but I'm gonna give it a go. Later, CJB
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