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  1. Someone post up reminder on a Tuesday before roll-out and I'll try to bring some cash with me to R&I. -CJB
  2. We got our kids gloves from CycleGear over at Burnet and 183. They had very small, cost-effective gloves for MX (same use as MTB). They may even have some protective gear for the groms too, but we had already purchased a bundle of stuff from the MX forums. -CJB
  3. Awfully quite around here? Looks like the weather may be holding out. My plan is to hopefully get an early lap in around 4:15'sih, then circle back for the 5:20 crowd. -CJB
  4. Hey thats great to hear! Is it July because thats the first opening?....or just fit your schedule better? Did you mention you were referred?....but I'm certain he won't recognize my name, its been so many years and my tattoo stuff wasn't terribly memorable work. Keep is posted. Love to see what you get. -CJB
  5. Give me the BCGB (back country) or give me death!.... Even though I don't ride it all that frequently, thats the stuff I'd miss the most if I ever left ATX. There's just so much diversity, challenge and variations (on routes) it's insane. Not to mention that there is a ton of peripheral stuff around the GB that's non-bike related (town lake, Zilker, Barton Springs Restaurants, etc..). Out of these #1 ranked trails in the US list, how many of you (all) ridden? Me, I've got 5 of them. Later, CJB
  6. No idea really. And it really doesn't matter to me. It doesn't have to be this one, just something like it. I'd love an old school yard bike rack (on the smaller side). -CJB PS- my problem is my CL-Foo....I can't come up with a good 'search term' for it. 'Bike Rack' turns up carriers.
  7. Speaking of bike racks....if anyone out there runs across something like this, I'd be interested.
  8. I'm out, nursing some back issues. -CJB
  9. When we built up our True-tana long travels, we spec'd RS Super Deluxe Airshocks. Adams, got stuck down at some point. But it was more so that it kept 'shrinking' E2E, to where it was almost compressed. RockShox said it was probably a bad seal from sitting on the shelf too long and replaced it promptly. But this doesn't quite sound like the same problem you may be having? [insert many funny quips here]---->__________________________________. -CJB
  10. Yeah, I still twinge a little bit every time I watch the video and realize the RR is in it. Even those wheels were so cool... -CJB
  11. Just 2 Tuesdays ago in fact.... -CJB
  12. I didn't know that "Mittens" actually had a name?? My interaction with him 4 yrs ago...
  13. What were your "episodes"? What was happening? -CJB
  14. Dang, I'd forgotten that there was video of that. Ha!....rear bike rack and all.... Those were some good rides. -CJB
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