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  1. I know that we as parents can get proud of what our kids accomplish. After all, its pretty cool to see them take some "firsts" in the bike world or accomplish stuff that new or cool to them (and us). There have been a few times were I sorta wanted to post up these things for my kids, but I just couldn't figure out a format that didn't seem....well...braggadocios. But after having a few off-topic discussions over in the PIF thread, I realized that others may be feeling the same way as I am. Combine that with the fact I love to see other kids doing cool stuff and I decided to start this thread. Feel free to post up some cool $hit your kid has done. I'd love to check it out! To pick up where the comments in the PIF thread left off... I'll go first... Right on! Here is a photo of my youngest son Levi on the day he learned to ride his bike. He was 2 yrs and 11.5 mos old. He was my most advanced rider out of all 3 of my boys and my goal was to have him pedaling on his own before he was 3 yrs old. archaeology professor salary
  2. I too can't recall for sure but I think it was prior to 2000. I hear what you're saying, (and TheTip makes a great point about SOS), but I wonder if the BCP could be persuaded to allow the 1 for 3 (?) exchange for this too? I recall that when developers were trying to develop on 360 area land that was 'endangered' that they were being permitted to do so if they bought/donated 3x's that amount of acreage into the BCP allotment somewhere else. I can't remember the exact details, I personally just called it 'indulgences'. Later, CJB
  3. I've got 3 kids and we didn't use training wheels either. I'd always said that training wheels were for the adults...they allow the adult to sit in their lawn chair while the kid pedals away (learning bad habits). If there are no training wheels then the parent has to be DIRECTLY involved every time the kid wants to 'ride their bike'. And truthfully, that can be a PIA being hunched over holding onto the back of the seat while shuffling down the driveway/street. BUT....the kid will learn to ride pretty dang quickly. All that said, the best way to go about it is with a balance bike (Stryder, etc.). This allows you to sit in the lawn chain AND lets the kids learn proper balance and technique. 2 things in our family we were pretty un-traditionally hands-on for: 1) no training wheels 2) no swim floaty's ....you ride or die in my house! LOL! -CJB
  4. Thats funny, I'm not sure how many laps I've made out there??....12-15? But I've done more 2 lap (& 3 lap) days out there than I've done single lap days. That said, after a few laps out there (on one day), I really don't care to go back for quite a while. Later, CJB
  5. Thanks again for the jack stands and bottle jack. They are quality stuff that will be put to good use.
  6. Care to give some stats on your new system? Who'd you use? what size (ton, seer, features)? what was replaced? Congrats (sorta) on getting this behind you... -CJB
  7. Me, me, me please...I've been doing tons of work on some classic cars and borrowing the neighbors extra set of jack stands. I may be able to swing by tomorrow, depending on weather. THANKS, CJB
  8. Well my circuit board install in my attic seems like its a success. The system is appropriately cycling on and off (which is wasn't before) and the temperature is dropping down nicely. Lets hope we can limp this thing through the summer... You can see the burnt solder mark from the relay on the board.
  9. I'm in this boat....and about to go up into the attic to replace circuit board on fan unit in order to get me going (in hopes of making it thru summer one more time). We bought the house 2.5 yrs ago and unit is 21 yrs old. I'D REALLY PREFER TO BUY IN FALL!...when pricing is better and possible financing is more favorable. If you don't mind 'd love to know what you discovered, who you used and the best-practice stuff you're usually at digging up. Feel free to email it over if you prefer that format. I'm a "value guy with necessary features" when it comes to this sorta of thing. There's no way I see myself paying the premium for variable speed stuff and all the complexity of zoned systems. FYI [toasts to the damaged AC crowd] Cheers, CJB
  10. Yeah, I didn't mean to be too contrary. But lately I was looking for an L-XL (used) hardtail for a friend of mine who was wanting to get started. So I was running across many FS bikes too and there's just not much at that price point (that isn't a 26" wheel turd). That said, we ended up with a Devinci Kobain from @xl_cheese (Wes) and Velorangutan. Devinci doesn't make an XXL and this was a hardtail, but he was very pleased with the bike. Cheers, CJB
  11. Didn't realize Lawson rode for EF, but my youngest Levi and I were road riding the other day when we crossed paths with "an EF rider". I commented how cool that was and then had to explain to Levi why that was the case. We came back to the house later on and watched some of the EF YT stuff re: LT100 & DK200. I think he gets it now. 😉 Lawson is a good dude too! -CJB
  12. Thats going to be a tough find. IMHO decent FS bikes are hard to find (used) for $1k...then add in the rarity of an XXL and demand will be very high for that bike. Have your money ready and move QUICKLY if you run across something. Good luck in your search. Later, CJB
  13. Its already been referenced here, but IMHO the difficulty is not so much in the tech (and there IS some tech), but in the challenge of threading together the sections of the trail in a way that doesn't overwhelm you. I know that this sounds like it wouldn't be an issue, but listen to the MTB zeitgeist out there...its eats people's lunch. I personally love the place, but few people do. And curcuitbreaker is right, over the course of the past 5+ yrs the route has gotten a bit more convoluted, making it hard to follow. That being said, before the EB last year we went out there and added 'our own' set of signs marking the "MTN BIKE" route through there (its really the EB route). So if one pays attention, its is POSSIBLE to make the EB route out there now outside of the event. In summary though, I'd say that if your comfortable making a stead laps thru DD, then you have what it takes to make it through Thumper (save the route finding). And I too would be willing to show up and join a Thumper lap sometime (soon?). Later, CJB
  14. Yes, I think I should prolly clarify my search for the 'right ratios' in that what I currently have works very fine for around here. But for me, all of this convo got started around bikepacking talk (and in my mind my desire to do Leadville 100 someday). Thus I'd like to find a possible option that can give me what I'm looking for in those (different) scenarios....range and quality steps in between. Around here locally, if I can get by in the EB with my gearing then its working for me. Later, CJB
  15. Holy crap that thing is beautiful!....and expensive! I like that it tops out at 48t but I need to compare it to my 11 spd gearing. I do wish that it started at 9t. Thanks for the link. -CJB
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