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  1. Todd, I REALLY DON'T want to hog all the tandem glory. Besides my tandem needs a good bit of maintenance and work (and I'm currently planning to race solo). However, please note that if you don't get anyone signing up for this video shoot, I'm willing to make sure you get what you need completed. Consider me the backup plan. Cheers, CJB
  2. Unless you will be riding a tandem, at which point I recommend some communications classes and dance lessons. -CJB
  3. Do intervals between now and June, lots of intervals. -CJB
  4. Sounds like you've got a plan formulating. But if you are wanting some more data points, here is the "normal" BCGB ride I do when I go visit my southie buds. Its a super nice loop hitting some quality trail. That said, it doesn't cover some of the nastier stuff (for better or worse). https://www.strava.com/activities/943694033 Later, CJB
  5. You have no idea what you are suggestion here! This is like inviting the Key Master to come into the room with Zuul the Gatekeeper! My wife and I could ride out tandem very well (back in the day). However, on occasion we'd swap places so that we could have an appreciation for what the other's job was. OMG that was not a pleasant experience. I'd STRONGLY wager that in this scenario the pair wouldn't successfully make it through 1/4 the course before extreme marital discourse would ensue.
  6. Free if a guy shows up and rides the tandem his wife! -CJB
  7. Part of the key to moving effectively on a tandem is practice and teamwork. What would be HILARIOUS is to let the teams race my tandem but they'd have to do it without any practice and while wearing a GoPro body cam! -CJB
  8. Ok got it! Has he been to ATX before? If not, then a nice little jaunt through sidewinder, rattlesnake and a few others would be enough to make him wince. Most everyone who doesn't ride our stuff easily gets overwhelmed with the chunky, rocky, loose, steep tech we have around here. It wouldn't be too hard to put together a 2-2.5 hr route featuring the highlights that would give many people plenty of (troubled) fun! 😉 I'm planning to be on the MX bike this weekend or I'd offer to join/lead you guys around. The 4c stuff is really nice, but IMHO may not be as punishing as what could be done at BCGB. YMMV -CJB
  9. I don't have access to it at the moment, but someone post up a Strava link of last weekend's DeathMarch ride! That'll teach him.... -CJB
  10. There was an awesome follow up video from his guy where he was in Europe and ran across a street performer challenging people to ride the 'backwards bike' for a noticeable sum of cash. This guy steps up and easily rides the bike, winning all the money and subsequently pissing off the guy who owned the bike. It was classic gold. But I can't seem to locate that video.
  11. I've been planning to ride/race the PP event by myself. But if there is actual money on the line and the competition is less than dozens of other fast-old-guys....then this might get me to dust off the old tandem! I like where you are going with this... I'm also not opposed to loaning mine out either. That looks like a well taken care of machine! It appears to be just a tad older than mine (mine is a Santana) but the price is pretty good. If someone was wanting to pick one up for a novelty and to do some riding, I think this one is not a bad option. Only issue(s) that I see is that it may be a little under-built for any offload 'hammering'. Mine has an oversized HT, oversize frame tubing, 42 hole rear wheel, and maybe a few other stouter things.
  12. I've purchased from him too (if its same guy). I bought a 24" wheeled MTB for my son about 5 yrs ago. -CJB
  13. I think I can explain. The first time was on accident due to too much acceleration. The 2nd one was for fun, just because he'd discovered 'just-that-point' where the back in would get loose. The 3rd time was because now he'd found a new "play-toy" (breaking the tires loose) and went too deep with the throttle because of the now higher fwd speed and couldn't recover. In short, it was what ATXZJ said...basically it was on purpose. The only reason I chimed in here is that I tend to do this same thing on occasion. But I (sorta) do it as a test to see how much acceleration (or deceleration/braking) my vehicle can accomplish when wet. -CJB
  14. I agree, this is why I come here so that I can get such great info from people like @LikesBikes who have such great knowledge of our sport. @LikesBikes what are you currently riding right now? Have you been out to Spider Mountain bike park? Thanks -CJB
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