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  1. It's Freeride512 - get it right πŸ˜† Yes, thanks to our church for letting us build out there and huge thanks to KOM. Brett has donated his time and resources personally. We wouldn't be where we are without him. There is much more to come . . . I've been swamped at work, but will get out tomorrow. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
  2. Thanks for the offer, but we have plenty of natural "concrete chunks" out thereπŸ˜†
  3. We hauled new dirt up to rehabilitate the first berm on Saturday and that pretty much gassed us. To help with maintenance going forward, if you're out there for sesh, watering the berms goes a long way to sustaining them. We are planning a day to train people on watering/sweeping for maintenance.
  4. Jump lines are open - JUST BE CAREFUL, as the dirt on the new jumps is still soft. They need to be ridden in! Also, use caution on the left line: there is a new jump that is G2G, but the jump after it has not been decked yet.
  5. BTW - tell CP P&R about this stuff if you like it. They have the power to approve even more (in their parks -we're not affiliated with CP)!
  6. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! I was neck-deep in carpentry and QUIXOFT did a great service of doing the lumber run and unloading at the site (sorry, my wife has already sliced most of it into decking 😎). Thanks to TREE MAGNET and ANTONIOGG for the generous contribution! OLDBRIDER and TY (I don't know his handle) also chipped in generously, enabling the lumber run we did. Brett from KOM was tearing it up today. He ran that machine for 8+ hours, fixing drainage and building new landers. Last, but by no means, least - HORNCPA was on a mission today. He cleared a new run-in to the latest drop we've built. Things are coming together. It's so great when others come alongside of us and make things happen! We just want to add to great trails and new features in CP. Your involvement makes that happen! MASHMASTER'S son, Zach (as stated above) just had his Eagle Scout project approved - that will be a GREAT way to help out, as he will be clearing an entirely new line called "Jonah and the Whale." THere's lots of potential out there, folks. THANKS FOR MAKING IT A REALITY!
  7. Awesome! Thanks, guys! We'll be out there all day tomorrow. We'll leave the corridor open for cars to pull in.
  8. We did a lumber run today. We're good on structures. Decking will be the next priority. 2x6s are the greatest need. As to amount, we can never have enough 2x6s. Home Depot is good on 2x6s (2x12s were hard to find) but you kind of have to pick through them to find ones that aren't jacked up. Honestly, they should be putting that stuff into cull.
  9. KOM is bringing a machine this weekend so we can FINALLY extend the jump lines! As a result, the JUMP LINES WILL BE CLOSED this weekend as we work on them. Again, lumber donations are greatly appreciated - 2x12s, 2x8, 2x6, and 2x4. quixoft did a great job, but we need more!
  10. No rain for the past 24 hours and sunny today. Should be G2G, especially on the lines with wood jumps.
  11. Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but please don't ride up the jump line and please don't camp out on features (including jumps). Don't be a Joey: If you're the rider at 1:54 in this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voNqjCAy6Sg&list=RDvoNqjCAy6Sg&start_radio=1 please contact us. We're happy to help!
  12. It's just that I've seen other people censored for posting content that was not MTB related. I may be a bit biased, but those of us who are building new trail, trying to get information and PSAs out - and they're needed, as it's a clown show out there - and asking for help to support new trail where we've gotten permission to build - our posts get buried in discussions about AC, handlebar length, and other stuff. You cool with that? I remember some virtue-signaling on this board how people were going to alter what they ride so as not to risk injury and interfere/add to the burden of the "front line workers" addressing COVID-19. Huh. Would we as MTBr's apply the same thought process to our own community? Yes, I know I'll get heat for equating myself with a "front line worker" but we are the front line workers for the MTB community - and WE don't have time to do tik-tok videos. We come out of pocket and out of our own time to make stuff for you to ride. Ask yourself: how much time have you invested in the trails you ride?
  13. There's an app for this: https://nextdoor.com/
  14. And all of this is related to MTB how?
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