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  1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We've been working hard not only against the heat, but against common sense. Evidently, people still need to learn not to ride wet trails: The worst of it is that about 10 minutes after I took these pictures, 2 other riders sat at the top and decided to drop in. As they added to the carnage, I shouted, "the trails are too wet!" One of them replied, "I see that now." Seriously? You couldn't tell by all the ruts? Over the next couple of hours, I had to turn several other riders away. Two riders showed up with a dog. To be clear, dogs are not allowed at the park for safety reasons. I turned them away, but could not prevent the dog from running onto the trail and adding yet more carnage. Guys, some of us work really hard to provide trails. HELP OUT.
  2. Ah. I apologize for misunderstanding your point and trail shaming you🙂
  3. Those of us who actually build trails and work for access applaud such a constructive approach. Guess it's time for ARR to pack up shop.
  4. So that's interesting. The trails were closed to protect us from "the virus." And they conditioned folks to a "new normal." But if you read the article, the reservation program has nothing to do with the virus: “With increased traffic to the Greenbelt, litter (including pet waste), erosion, trail damage, water quality issues, and injuries continue to rise,” the parks department said. “Neighborhoods surrounding the residential entrances are particularly impacted by heavy traffic, public intoxication, and trash. By closely monitoring usage during the pilot program, Park Rangers will gather insight for future Barton Creek Greenbelt management strategies, educational opportunities and funding requirements.” In a world before they scared you with a virus, would you have been ok with the above plan/explanation?
  5. So . . . are we cool with having to make a reservation to ride our bikes on a weekend?
  6. Couldn't agree more. Enjoy your famine. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6178327154001#sp=show-clips
  7. The drop-in won't be ready to deck by tomorrow. Was hoping to finish it today, but the rain shut us down (judging by radar - if anyone is feet on dirt and it wasn't bad, let me know). Hoping to finish it tomorrow. I'd imagine post holes and signage will be the focus tomorrow.
  8. It's Freeride512 - get it right 😆 Yes, thanks to our church for letting us build out there and huge thanks to KOM. Brett has donated his time and resources personally. We wouldn't be where we are without him. There is much more to come . . . I've been swamped at work, but will get out tomorrow. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
  9. Thanks for the offer, but we have plenty of natural "concrete chunks" out there😆
  10. We hauled new dirt up to rehabilitate the first berm on Saturday and that pretty much gassed us. To help with maintenance going forward, if you're out there for sesh, watering the berms goes a long way to sustaining them. We are planning a day to train people on watering/sweeping for maintenance.
  11. Jump lines are open - JUST BE CAREFUL, as the dirt on the new jumps is still soft. They need to be ridden in! Also, use caution on the left line: there is a new jump that is G2G, but the jump after it has not been decked yet.
  12. BTW - tell CP P&R about this stuff if you like it. They have the power to approve even more (in their parks -we're not affiliated with CP)!
  13. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! I was neck-deep in carpentry and QUIXOFT did a great service of doing the lumber run and unloading at the site (sorry, my wife has already sliced most of it into decking 😎). Thanks to TREE MAGNET and ANTONIOGG for the generous contribution! OLDBRIDER and TY (I don't know his handle) also chipped in generously, enabling the lumber run we did. Brett from KOM was tearing it up today. He ran that machine for 8+ hours, fixing drainage and building new landers. Last, but by no means, least - HORNCPA was on a mission today. He cleared a new run-in to the latest drop we've built. Things are coming together. It's so great when others come alongside of us and make things happen! We just want to add to great trails and new features in CP. Your involvement makes that happen! MASHMASTER'S son, Zach (as stated above) just had his Eagle Scout project approved - that will be a GREAT way to help out, as he will be clearing an entirely new line called "Jonah and the Whale." THere's lots of potential out there, folks. THANKS FOR MAKING IT A REALITY!
  14. Awesome! Thanks, guys! We'll be out there all day tomorrow. We'll leave the corridor open for cars to pull in.
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