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Texas gravel championship; 100, 53.5, 28, and 15milers

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Anyone heading up to Rosebud for this on June 29th? 

I’m fairly new to gravel riding, but this looks fun. The 100 and 53.5 are chipped races, while the 28 and 15 are tours. I’m debating between the 28 and 53.5 as of now. 

Looks like a fun event though, and I sure do love supporting small Texas towns. Only 1.5 hours away from the greater ATX area. 

It’s a 7:10am +\- 20min start, so possibly go up to temple and get a hotel, or camp in rosebud for $10. Or just leave home for 4:30-4:45am, which I’m not afraid of. 




http://www.grittyteethracing.com/documents/Texas Gravel Chapionship Race Flyer.pdf

Race bible: 

http://www.grittyteethracing.com/documents/Texas Gravel Chapionship Race Bible.pdf


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Looks fun.  We have our championship swim meet that weekend (and then are leaving 5am Monday morning for CO) or I could see myself jumping into this.  I'd LOVE to go ride some quality gravel.  Probably don't have 100 miles of it in me, but half that shouldn't be a problem.  Only negative that I see is that they are doing laps of the 28 mi course.  Thus is feels a tad repetitious to me.  But I know it makes things easier on the race promotion.  IMHO gravel should be long and non-repeating...this ain't the Driveway Crit series after all...

If you go, post back up here with a report.


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I don’t know if you saw the correct routes. 

The 100miler and the 28miler do a portion the same, but the 53.5 does something totally different, and the other section of the 100miler is different from everything also. 







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