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  1. Following up. I ended up looking at all recommendations, so I appreciate all of the input, and I went with Magicshine Alty800 front paired with the Magicshine SeeMee200 v2.0. They're both awesome. It was important to me to have the garmin/wahoo style mount for front and rear and the option to get an additional mount as I frequently ride both of my bikes so the ease of swapping back and forth was required. These things are crazy bright, especially the rear. I'm ready for the move.
  2. Any update here? I'm likely not the only one waiting patiently.
  3. Those bars look gnarly, maybe too gnarly. Check out the Salsa Woodchippers. They're incredible for that type of riding. Could give you the hand positions and comfort you're looking for. FWIW all of my PRs come on flat bars, not drop bars. The limited leverage prevents me from going balls out, but I still have a great time.
  4. Any recommendations for a rear blinky light ? We're moving soon and my daily rides will involve more rural roads and gravel. I get concerned with cars come up from behind me, so a solid rear blinky gives me slightly more peace.
  5. Sold. Sending you a PM now.
  6. Per Strava I have exactly 800 miles on these tires. No punctures and ran tubeless since I got them. Tons of life left. I personally just went down to the 38s in the non-knobby version. Just make me an offer. I like Dos Equis and bourbon and do accept these as trade.
  7. I went under contract for a new home this week. Sadly I'll leave Brushy Creek behind and move much further north, but I'm excited to get my new space setup next month.
  8. There are decent deals to be had by retailers on Pinkbike if you shop around and throw out some offers.
  9. That's fair. I bought the salsa fargo as a bike to put miles on for rides with no plan. A bike to do everything "good enough" and be fun and comfortable the entire time. From paceline roadie rides holding 18-19mph, to gravels events, to every mtb trail in central Texas, it's done it all. And surprisingly enough, it's become my favorite bike and my favorite type of riding by a huge margin. So much, that I got rid of every other bike except for my carbon Obed gravel bike, and I still ride the Fargo more by a 3-1 clip. Granted, as I get older I am enjoying moments on the bike that don't beat me up, so things like DD and even quarter notch I ride much less these days, if ever. And let the record show, this is a steel Fargo running 27.5x2.8 ikons with a dropper and 3 cages and clips 28 pounds on the dot. So it's not as burly as one may think
  10. Ooff. Yea, I'm with you. I'm 190 and anything over 30 that requires real pedaling is fatiguing to me. Good luck with your situation. Hope you get a buyer and find a frame that works next.
  11. I'm pretty oblivious to frame weights alone. Do you have a full build weight out of curiosity.
  12. Thanks for bringing us back to reality with this comment. I spent my first 25 years of life in the swamps of South Louisiana. Central Texas weather is incredible!
  13. We've got a spot at Bastrop SP this coming weekend, where I plan to get a gravel ride in. I also booked Blowing Springs AR for July 1-5, so that'll be a fun trip with 2-3 rides.
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