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  1. Looks like he took a couple hour nap this morning, and is about to cross into the greatest state in the union, Wyoming.
  2. Those are the Blackburn cargo cages with voile straps. Commonly used when you only have 1 or 2 mounts, and it looks like that cutthroat only has 1 which would commonly be used for a rear rack. https://www.blackburndesign.com/en/outpost-cargo-cage/p/7056599 On the fork are the salsa anything HD cages, which I have for my fork. These operate on 3 mounts which salsa specs on practically all of their cross/gravel/touring bikes. They are paired with the salsa anything bags, which IMO are a bit too small as they claim 4.5 liters, but after a triple roll are more like 3.25-3.5 liters. https://salsacycles.com/components/category/racks/anything_cage_hd https://salsacycles.com/components/category/bags_frame_packs/anything_bag disclaimer: I do not work for blackburn or salsa, I’ve just spent a shit ton of time the last few months researching bikepacking gear.
  3. Im up north west near the 620, 183, 45 intersection, so that’s my starting spot for all of these. Pace bend heads south down 620 then turns west onto lakeway blvd, then northwest onto bee cave rd, then northob onto pace bend rd to the finish. 32 miles I believe is the exact mileage, but other small additional loops could be added. Pedernales isn’t very different from driving, but 620 to Hamilton pool rd to chimney ranch to fitzhugh. Good chance to take a detour on fitzhugh and hit jester king before heading back west to the finish. 45 miles or so. Inks lake heads north through Lakeline through Leander and west at liberty hill in 1869, turning north to oatmeal then creeping your way through burnet and onto inks lake. Right at 50 miles. Bastrop goes down parmer through the whole city basically, ending up in webberville then onto Bastrop. Just under 50 miles. These should be a good starting point for me in the fall for overnighters. Gear consists of: Bottles in the triangle (medium frame). Bedrock Bags Coconino seat bag 15in and 10in Stasher bags attached to one another on the bars. Salsa exp top tube bag. 2 Anything cages on the fork with 2 7.5 liter roadrunner bags up there held down with voile straps.
  4. Same here. I’m 30 and in the early parts of a good career, and when I get back from a 5 day weekend the shit has hit the fan. How could I take off 3-4 weeks. I’m in the process of outfitting my bike for long weekend bikepacking trips. Plan to have everything dialed for the fall and have routes planned out for pedernales falls sp, Bastrop sp, inks lake sp, and pace bend. All of which are sub 50 from my place.
  5. This is one of those things that I know will forever remain on the bucket list.
  6. I have a Syncros 400mm x 31.6 alloy seat post off of a Scott Scale available if anyone needs it. Turquoise lettering, but I’m sure you can improvise and get that off of there if you want.
  7. I don’t know if you saw the correct routes. The 100miler and the 28miler do a portion the same, but the 53.5 does something totally different, and the other section of the 100miler is different from everything also. 100: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/11721566 53.5: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/16106938 28: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/16106986
  8. Anyone heading up to Rosebud for this on June 29th? I’m fairly new to gravel riding, but this looks fun. The 100 and 53.5 are chipped races, while the 28 and 15 are tours. I’m debating between the 28 and 53.5 as of now. Looks like a fun event though, and I sure do love supporting small Texas towns. Only 1.5 hours away from the greater ATX area. It’s a 7:10am +\- 20min start, so possibly go up to temple and get a hotel, or camp in rosebud for $10. Or just leave home for 4:30-4:45am, which I’m not afraid of. Registration: https://www.bikereg.com/texas-gravel-championship2019 Flyer: http://www.grittyteethracing.com/documents/Texas Gravel Chapionship Race Flyer.pdf Race bible: http://www.grittyteethracing.com/documents/Texas Gravel Chapionship Race Bible.pdf
  9. Anyone got a snap of the pro/cat 1 final results?
  10. I’ll be honest, I’m just not good at racing bicycles. However I do feel I am good at sitting under Parmer drinking 16oz lone stars. Get it bud!
  11. Handful of people out there dialing it in on PP. I just got back from testing the gravel grinder with 2.1s. Fast as shit on the east side, beat to hell on the west side. Overall a wash on total time with trail bike. Sticking to trail bike.
  12. You may see me on a drop bar rigid gravel grinder with 2.1s. 6 inches shorter and 100% more efficient than my trail bike.
  13. Random question, but do you have to ride the same bike for all 3 laps?
  14. Got a chance to ride the new and improved PP this morning. I contributed to one of the dig days, so I was really pumped to get the try it out. Let me first say, I’ve been riding the east side the opposite direction, and damn it’s much better this direction. IMO anyone who doesn’t like how PP stands today, versus 2 months ago, didn’t like PP then and won’t like it any time in the future. It’s incredibly improved everywhere. It was never a technical trail, but it’s still fun an can challenge you if you push yourself. That’s what it has always been and what it will always be.
  15. Was here last weekend. Since we headed into the park both days at 9-9:30am, I was limited on time. Ended up doing all the Lajitas trails first and second day. Something like 1-2-3 on day 1. 3-4-5 on day 2. I decided not to go do the dome loop simply because I had 2 flats when I woke up on day 2. So I installed tubes, and had no more to bring on the ride with me. To play it safe I stuck with going back to lajitas trails because of its proximity to hike out if needed.
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