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  1. It’s dry and g2g. First time out there. Went out from cedar breaks at 7:30. Pretty wild from there to Tejas Camp. One large down tree that made us get off the bikes. Made it to Russell park with cramps and a busted/burning leg from taking a really nasty pedal strike that drew blood when I went OTB earlier in the ride. Ended up calling it off and getting a ride back to cedar breaks. It was hot, leg was hurting, and cramps were happening. Just wasn’t right to finish it off. How some of you people do 3 laps of that is beyond me. Seriously. It’s hard to fathom that type of strength. I’ll go do a complete lap here in a month or two when it’s cooler out so I can say I accomplished it.
  2. This is truer than ever before. I went from a Scott Genius 27.5 with 65.5 HTA, 75.3 STA, 445 reach, 1,197 wheelbase, Fox 34 and DPS, to a Norco Sight 29 with 67 HTA, 74.1 STA, 432 reach, 1,159 wheelbase, Fox 36 and X2. In short I went from an enduro bike with trail suspension, to a trail bike with enduro suspension. Complete 180, and it’s awesome! They ride totally different, but you learn what the bike needs from you, and what each bike does differently from the other and you just run with it. Bikes are rad right now
  3. Can I boondock my teardrop camper for the night out there? No electricity needed, just a spot to sleep.
  4. Plan to do the full loop this weekend. Never done it before. It seems clockwise it the preferred direction, is that accurate ? Thanks!
  5. 1. There are ALWAYS bike deals to be had. Brand new, month old, or year old. Know what you want, know where to find it, be patient and you will find a great deal out here. 2. No experience. 3. I’d sell it and apply all funds to the new purchase. 4. I’m running Stan’s Flow MK3 wheels with Neo ultimate hubs right now. They’ve been an excellent wheelset so far, stiff, light and fast. 5. I just went from 12 speed 10-50 eagle to 11 speed 11-46 Shimano. I prefer the 46 to the 50, and the 11 to the 10 is negligible to me. Again, I would sell off everything and start from a fresh new build you shop around and be patient for. I cannot say this enough, there is always a deal out there if you do your due diligence and be patient.
  6. A buddy and I have discussed doing this recently. In the warmer months the black fly swarms are unbelievable, so I wouldn’t do it then. We may do it this winter though. Should easily be able to cover 50+ miles before camping.
  7. Trails are riding great right now, just wrapped up a nice loop this morning. Madrone Trail west to east is one of the funnest trails in Central Texas.
  8. Wish I could, but Thursday morning is still office morning for me.
  9. I haven’t done it before. Haven’t really ridden anything out there north of Huntsville. I do know from lots of travel and working out in that region that elevation will be a factor. I’m a 50mile or less guy these days, if it were 55 or 60 I may reach for it, but decided to not push myself and signed up for the 35. More time for Michelob Ultras.
  10. Who’s in? They just adjusted the number of entries per category this morning. http://camino205.com/ https://www.bikereg.com/el-camino-105
  11. Trails are riding good, but ride at your own risk on the power line hill wooden features. Number of boards coming up which is exposing things that can puncture a tire. Got a few hours in this morning. Always worth the drive it takes to get out there.
  12. I spent 2 years on gx 42, 2 years on gx eagle 50, and just switched to XT 46. Big fan of the 46 so far. 42 was a bit too tough at times. 50 was a lot of spinning.
  13. I have a single fox X2 volume spacer. These come in sets of 3, but my shock stroke is only 55mm, so I’m limited to using 2. If anyone needs an extra it’s yours for the taking.
  14. Brand new outside of one ride at brushy and one ride at walnut. 29 x 2.5WT 3CMaxxTerra EXO TR Yours for $40.
  15. $40 for the pair. New pics here.
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