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  1. I wish, but that’s the night of my company holiday party. Should be a good time.
  2. I went for it. South side was a bit sloppy and slick. North side was dry. Whole thing is rideable for sure. Tomorrow would be a good day.
  3. Wondering the same. I’m going for a loop either tomorrow or Sunday, preferably tomorrow.
  4. Superfly Jimmy Snicka Stout. Need a little sugar to make it home
  5. HEB Lakeline, so I’m sure it’s across most HEBs. They typically don’t put these stouts in the cooler, so search around the display areas.
  6. Riding the BCRT now. PP had chain down, but it isn’t ready, so chain just went back up. Picnic had standing water in multiple spots. Those are the only 2 I checked.
  7. Without question. Stone Xocoveza is hands down my favorite winter beer in the history of my beer consumption. It is expensive, so I limit myself to 1 or 2 6ers when it’s in season, but I recommend this beer to anyone and everyone.
  8. 40 degrees and raining? Here comes the tortilla soup and a big stout.
  9. I honestly don’t know how to Facebook, and I’m only 31. Can you provide any more info on this? I planned to start at cedar breaks Saturday morning at 7-7:30 and ride clockwise. If this is not an option, what should I do? I’ve only been there one other time and started at Cedar Breaks.
  10. Planning to get redemption this weekend. Conditions should be fine I suspect, and trail should be good and cleaned up since it’s the weekend before DS.
  11. It is a bit disappointing to see them throw in a number of people after the even had filled up and closed, while the waitlist hasn’t budged.
  12. Not going to make it this time. New obligations have emerged for the afternoon hours.
  13. I like right there close to you and grind gravel weekly. I’ll pm you.
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