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  1. My name is Bestbike85, and I have only ridden my bicycle 10 hours this year. Sad reality. New job, baby on the way, figuring out where/how to buy a bigger house. Messy messy reality that put bikes on the back burner. I would enjoy a kick ass demo day though, so anyone who finds one keep us posted.
  2. Happy to announce that the bike has been sold to our fellow austin mountain bike friend, Mr. RedRider.
  3. Whole story is in this Craigslist post, but essentially with life changing I'm just not riding this thing. When I do get time for a spin it's on the Fargo. No more delaying the inevitable.
  4. I wish everyone was as level headed as you with this statement. Many people look at the available data and their own experiences and feel differently, and that is OK, too.
  5. For Christmas my wife got me a nice glencarin glass set with a bourbon barrel base, and my dad got me a bottle of eagle rare. Trying to enjoy it before dry January. disclosure: this was taken over the weekend, not at 09:10 on a Tuesday.
  6. Working on a roux for a chicken and deer sausage gumbo. Should be a good Sunday night.
  7. Personally for me being a very early riser, I like to spin based off of sunrise time to 15min prior to sunrise. So if sunrise is 0700, I'd like to go at 0645-0700. I'm flexible though. Also I have a strange work schedule being I log on at 0430-0500, then off at 0600ish, then usually back for 0830. Of course this is only on days I'm not off. With my pain in the ass complexity, I'd recommend planning without my input, and I'll do my best to join when I can.
  8. Just rode the BCRT and while I didn't stop and check every trail, I can say with very high confidence that brushy is NOT gtg.
  9. Definitely looks like tomorrow is out. I typically can't make this due to 5am work, but I have tons of PTO to burn, so I have 5 of the next 6 fridays off, so I'll join eventually.
  10. No worries. I’ll rebuild by Q1200 and keep rolling with it for the time being.
  11. Do you still have this? I’m in the market for a new Weber genesis, but may be interested in scooping this one up, spending $100 and getting some more life out of it.
  12. After a couple more rides on it I feel I can speak to it now. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever need to upgrade further. In my recent experience I have had GX eagle, NX eagle, and XT 11 speed, and I honestly think the Advent shift equal or cleaner than all of them. Im not sensitive to shifter “quality”, I know which button to press when I need something to change and it does it. Could the shift be more “spongey”? Maybe but I can’t tell and I don’t have one of those groups now to test side by side with. What really surprises me is how quiet it is when riding. That could have something to do with the new KMC chain too, but it doesn’t matter what gear I’m in, it’s silent. I personally prefer the 48 to an eagle 50 or 52. I always felt the 50 had really awkward cadence, and the 48 is less awkward when paired with the standard 32t chainring. Overall I couldn’t recommend it enough. For $215 total including cable housing and chain this is an incredible bargain.
  13. Unfortunately I have only gotten 2 brief rides on it. Since I've completed the install I've been out of town back to back weekends, and my week day rides are almost all pre sunrise, so I stick to the drop bar bikes. I'm home this coming weekend, so I will get a good rip on it then revisit the thread.
  14. Commercial. Little guy 5 wide is what we had for about 4 years. I actually sold it in July. We plan to start a family next year and will need something a bit bigger, and the market is incredible for those little things, so I unloaded it at the top. This was at Grand Lake, Colorado.
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