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  1. That drop bar edition would be right in my wheelhouse. 2.8s rigid drop bar is my favorite way to ride.
  2. I may join this one of these weeks. I could use a lesson trying to hold Barry's wheel.
  3. After the huge dump of rain we got late yesterday afternoon, how long would one anticipate this taking to dry out for Brushy? Sorry, back to learning he ropes around here.
  4. I love the woodsmoke. Really hate that Salsa did away with it. It was the answer to the Stache. I’d be interested if it was a medium to compliment my Fargo, but it would just be too big for what I need. Good luck with the sale.
  5. What size? Are you the original owner? You've only ridden 100 miles, but does the bike have more usage than that from someone previous? Any additional pics you can provide?
  6. Here’s the latest on my end. Even renting a house is as painful as kneeling on broken glass. It’s like these realtors just have someone they know waiting for these houses. New place, gone within a few hours. Trying to get me into an alleged “bidding war” for a house with shitty carpet, a dilapidated fence and no refrigerator? GTFO Anyways, rant over. After losing out on a few houses, I’m about $600 deep in simply applications right now, but we have finally got them right where we want them. 3 offers today. 1 just east of 35 in RR. 1 with a RR address that backs up to the eastern part of Brushy Creek Park (think almost Champions park). 1 far north Leander, almost Liberty Hill, but right off of 183 with quick access south. We’re weighing our options tonight, but feel really good about the one on Brushy. I get back to riding Brushy straight from home 4 days a week and wife has a 4 mile commute. Shout out to @throet for putting in a word with a realtor friend of his to help me out. Unfortunately the way we approached the problem we were not able to use her on the contract, but she gave me awesome insights that I used to score all of these houses. Should be back in about 2.5 weeks. Party at red horn. Beers on y’all, because it’s going to cost me about 2.5k just to get a uhaul.
  7. I got this bike at pedal in Littleton Colorado (moved here last summer, but moving back to Austin in a few weeks). I have bought 2 salsa journeyman’s from AJ at peddler before though, so I know he’s carrying them or was last year. Anyway, just finished my first shakedown ride. This thing is a blast. It’s got a big reach, but the 35mm rise bars help with that, and salsa left a ton on the steerer tube to run lots of spacers to increase the stack, which makes for an incredibly comfortable ride. I read a few reviews about this frame being stiff, maybe too stiff, and I have to disagree. I sold a Diamondback carbon Sync’r before buying this, and that Sync'r was way more stiff and fatiguing than this, and the Sync’r was running 45mm internal wheels while this is only 40mm, and the bikes had the exact same tires and I’m running the same pressure (18r/15f). My chainstay is about 423-424 to get the tension right and it makes for a great rear end. When things get fast I actually like a little instability. Makes for a more playful experience. Overall I’m super happy with the bike and how it turned out. I haven’t ridden a SS in about 5 years since I was living in Houston, so this is pretty challenging for me with these big ups here in the Ken Caryl area, but I think this will be a blast in central Texas with the quick punchy ups and downs. Looking forward to being back in Texas in a few weeks with this thing.
  8. Middle Friday of every month my company gives us a “wellness day” off. My wellness day today was focused on picking up the new salsa timberjack SS and putting my touches on it. 32x22 is the gearing
  9. I guess it could always be worse. A friend of mine here in Denver is closing on a condo he is fired up about. 775 sq ft, 2 bed, 1 bath, built in the 50s, 1 old run down covered parking spot that has holes all across the roof, $225/month HOA, all at $452/sq ft. Yikes.
  10. Agree with you here 1 in a million+ are pretty good odds, especially if you don’t fall into the category of people that this was halted for. Giving people the option to take it or not is the key. I have many friends and family not interested in it, and that’s OK too. Low risk, already had the virus (even some claim twice), whatever, that’s their decision.
  11. Thanks. That’s a type of place I’m thinking about. Fortunately we have options. I’d prefer go east towards big farm land (think Marlin to Crockett) and find a new lifelong career and hang it up on the technology front, but that takes time and substantial effort. Step 1: get back to Texas Step 2: buy into big farmland Step 3: knock up the wife Only 1 of these is easy, to be honest.
  12. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you land? This is what I’m pushing the wife for. Why be a small fish in a big pond when we can just be a small fish in a small pond? Raise kids on acreage, have chickens and a few cows, and just escape the rat race. Even if our income growth flattens out much sooner than we expect because we’re away from the major metro, it’s still affordable for the life we want.
  13. Hang tight, bud. I had a tough run at it myself finishing grad school in 2014 to enter the oil market and immediately get slapped in the dick with the 2015 downturn. Fortunately I was able to squeeze my way out simply due to knowing a few skills I learned working since I was young, but I was absolutely homeless through 2016 sleeping in my truck or on a random couch with my trusty wiener dog. I don’t think there will be much of a dip in the housing market, but I do think we will see a flattening of the curve here in the next 6-12 months once forbearance is exhausted for every type of situation and building materials stabilize.
  14. Late to this party it seems. In 2017 I had enough of tent camping for all of my life and was dating a gal (now my wife) who I wanted to make comfortable too. I found a killer deal on Craigslist for a Little guy 5 wide. It’s been a great purchase and I recommend a teardrop for people not wanting to deal with a huge camper but wanting a touch above a tent. As far as the gun goes, if you really want one you should train and she should too. As others have said, study reciprocity. You should be fine in most of the southeast and the mountain west, but make sure prior to departure. It is as good a time to be a gun owner as it is a bike owner. Technology has really advanced the last 10 years. Excellent options at all price ranges.
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