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  1. I love the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year when I buy every Christmas ale I see. Anchor Christmas ale happens every year, as does St Arnold’s. The rest are whatever comes across my vision.
  2. Non bike related. Franzetti Jewelers off of Kerbey Lane. Mid 2019 I was searching for a jeweler to piece together family diamonds for my now wife’s wedding band and engagement ring (wedding band diamonds from her grandmother, engagement ring diamonds from my grandmother). The experience working with Bobby was incredible. He priced things to the penny (tax included) on a small calculator as we sat there discussing the project to give me accurate numbers, allowed me to customize ever piece of the rings with him and gave honest recommendations regardless of the cost of the work and materials. The experience with him compared to 4 other places I shopped at in Austin and Houston left me amazed. After 20 minutes with him I left all diamonds and rings with him, and gave a deposit without questioning anything else. Rings came out perfect. Fast forward to last month, the wedding comes and goes and we’re on our way to the mini honeymoon, she looks at her wedding band (comprised of 11 0.3-0.35 carat diamonds from her grandmothers wedding band), and one of the diamonds is gone. Of course she cries and whatnot, especially being she’s had that ring on her hand for less than 24 hours at that moment. I contact Bobby immediately, sent pictures and communicate everything clearly. He asks us to mail it in (not living in Austin right now). I mailed in to him the day after we got home from said mini-moon. Within 2 weeks it was shipped back to us, with a replacement diamond and all prongs were fully reinforced. He noted that the diamond most likely cracked and came loose, hinting that it wasn’t really his fault, but he still took care of it for us. Franzetti Jewelers has a lifetime customer in me, and I recommend you spend money at this quirky Austin jewelry shop too.
  3. It’s there, but you have to enable it. That said, definitely not the traffic it use to be.
  4. I was wonder what the deal was with this. I love the fly by feature, and use it on almost every ride. Usually just to learn new routes and add ons to my rides. I noticed mine disabled about 2-3 weeks ago, went ahead and enabled it, and now I see almost nobody on my fly bys.
  5. I stand by my suck my balls post.
  6. Like hammering 2 pieces of rebar through the log and into the ground, making sure they’re flush.
  7. 2 buddies from AZ and I meet up every couple years in Moab. Next summer we’re planning on this with Fruita. Can’t wait.
  8. Food update: pulling to wrap at 160 and making another drink
  9. I did hit the entire church trails jump line and the small drop many months back.
  10. Kentucky mules while smoking a 8lb Boston Butt on this nice Sunday.
  11. Those tires look nice and plump. What size are they?
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