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  1. I’ll have to branch out a bit more if that’s the case. I’m a big believer that BT is the best bourbon on the market for sub $30.
  2. Near impossible to find in Austin, so I stock up when in Louisiana. Should get me through for a while.
  3. Yo Mack. Buddy of mine just got healed up from a broken hand and wants to get in on this ride. Told him to not register on the website and let me contact you first. I’ll let y’all work out the compensation and registration transfer. Got an email contact I can reach out to you on?
  4. Prime conditions this morning. Though the burns make you feel as if you’re riding post apocalypse.
  5. All looks good to go besides peddlers. Chain is up.
  6. Either that or they’re just idiots. I stopped by BSS 2 weeks ago and they had an sb150 and an sb100, not to mention the countless high end Treks, Santa Cruz’s and Specialized.
  7. Wait the actual store got robbed? If that’s the case this is a bigger issue than these shit heads stealing a guys bike while he enjoys a pint post ride.
  8. Tonight’s poison as I prep a little beef roast and gravy.
  9. POC riding glasses Fox ranger gloves Swiftwick socks Dakine hot laps gripper tool/tube holder $50 spider mountain gift card Now that I think about it, I actually made out like a bandit this Christmas, especially if you include the gun my dad got me.
  10. That is The Buddy Rider, as seen on The Dragons Den, which is the Canadian version of Shark Tank. Mounts on seatpost (not recommended for droppers), and has a quick disconnect to take on and off the bike without removing the mount.
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