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  1. Tough handful of days packing, driving, and unpacking with little to no help, but we are 95% complete. Large pour of Buffalo Trace on our new balcony in the 80127. First ride tomorrow. Not sure which bike to ride or how I will fare. My legs and lungs are shot right now. LETS GOOOO.
  2. Jefferson County Colorado. Pretty much as far south west of the greater Denver area as the front range will allow. Fiancé finishes grad school in 2 weeks and got a new job there, and my company has a huge office there and gave us some money to move. We talked about doing this the last couple years and there’s no better time than now. I honestly think we’ll end up back in central Texas before I give her a baby in a few years, but we’re going have some fun for now.
  3. Had a few Dos Equis then swung by Taqueria Guadalajara for takeout fajitas and a “small” frozen margarita with my friends (pictured). My friends and I are moving (with their mother) in 5 days. We are jazzed up about living in the mountains. We will miss Taqueria Guadalajara though.
  4. We’re moving and we are not taking these with us. Asking $300. Functions completely fine and have for about 3 years. Dryer is electric, not gas. Please pickup either Tuesday 7/28 or Wednesday 7/29. I could deliver within a decent distance for the right price. Located near Lakeline.
  5. Preach. Nothing grinds my gears more than seeing the bro’s on pinkbike all jazzed up in the comments because a new bike has a 63.5 degree head angle because that is literally the only thing they know how to somewhat interpret.
  6. I’m spinning well before 7am every ride, sometimes even before 6am. Only way I can survive this shit.
  7. I have done Reimers and pace bend on the same day with the same pass, as well as other random parks with those day passes. I have stumbled upon much (maybe all) of the new stuff at Pace Bend this year. Hard to miss if you plan a good, long ride.
  8. This has basically been my stance since day 1. If you’re afraid, protect yourself the best you can, but I firmly believe that this is nature culling the herd and we individually have little say over that right now (outside of delaying infection a bit by wearing a mask and whatnot). In today’s age much of the population does not realize we a very vulnerable species to some of the smallest micro-organisms known (and unknown) to mankind.
  9. 24 inch dell monitor free to a new home. Works fine. Has a bit of faded color to it but functions just fine. I’ve used it for 2 years after picking it up from goodwill for $15 I believe. We’re moving in a few weeks and I’m upgrading my office, which included an amazing 27 inch curved monitor that is currently blowing my mind. Pickup in Lakeline area.
  10. Forgot about this thread. Newest addition is the steel salsa fargo. Hands down the most enjoyable bike I’ve ever ridden. I cannot explain how comfortable, compliant, capable and fast it is all at once.
  11. The only thing worse than a single issue voter is someone who can’t fathom a person voting on both sides of different issues. If I’m a gun advocate the left thinks I’m a soon to be serial killer, if I’m pro choice the right thinks I want all babies to die. The informed independent voter will always be scrutinized by whoever their audience of the moment is. This is 2020.
  12. 1.5 miles west of YMCA and got nothing. As a matter of fact I’m 6 beers deep at the pool and it’s been great out here for the last few hours.
  13. I’m all in on comparing indoor vs outdoor events. Saying Idaho Coeur d’Alene AR15 owners in outdoors crowds with masks on standing in front of their businesses are putting the population at risk of getting the virus, but in the same city the protestors are “doing things the right way” is a comparison that is not in good faith. That is what I’m tired of.
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