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VIDEO - Seth Buckgnar - Riding Portal trail in Moab, Utah

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New YouTube video of Portal Trail in Moab, Utah is posted on my Seth Buckgnar YouTube Page!
Video link in Bio!
There was so much riding that I’m going to have to do individual videos for each major ride we did throughout the trip. Which is awesome!
id really love to get to ride these trails throughout this trip a bunch of times and be able to rip down them! but was a blast for the first time rides!
YouTube channel - Seth Buckgnar
PORTAL TRAIL > MOAB UTAH - https://youtu.be/ill82I7jdR8
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7 minutes ago, GFisher said:

Nice. Even just walking the death section is a rush.

I love gnarly trails but sheer exposure has always scared the crap out of me. way before mountain biking even. 

that death section was super scenic (but you cant look at it or you'll die anyway) but more frightening than enjoyable or fun. Fear of Death is definitely a different adrenaline than your favorite flow trail, LOL! 

the bottom 3rd super rocky section was the bomb though! ill take lots more of that please! this is more one to check off the list than revisit a bunch of times for that reason. 

The Ahab & Jackson trails were more "fun" IMO

and slick rock trail is TONS of fun for a much wider variety of riders. I highly recommend to not miss Slick Rock Trail to anyone who goes to Moab!

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