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  1. https://www.wfla.com/news/local-news/citrus-county/hummer-with-four-containers-of-gasoline-bursts-into-flames-right-after-filling-up-at-homosassa-gas-station/ Hummer with four containers of gasoline bursts into flames right after filling up at Homosassa gas station 😁 HOMOSASSA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Hummer burst into flames late Wednesday morning right after firefighters say the driver filled up several gas cans in Citrus County. Citrus County Fire Rescue crews were called to South Alabama Avenue near West Grover Cleveland Boulevard just before 11 a.m. Wednesday for the fire. When they got to the scene, they found a 2004 Hummer H2 on fire. According to a spokesperson for Citrus County Fire Rescue, the driver had just filled up gas cans at the Texaco Food Mart near the scene. Firefighters found four 5-gallon containers filled with gasoline in the back of the Hummer. Crews worked quickly and were able to put the fire out by 11:09 a.m. Firefighters say one person was injured but refused to be transported for treatment, against medical advice. They did not say what the injury was nor how severe. The Florida State Fire Marshal was called to the scene to investigate and will determine the official cause of the fire. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection was also notified and helped coordinate cleanup of the fuel spill. The fire comes as Tampa Bay officials urge people to not “panic buy” gasoline over fuel shortage concerns. Worry started to grow earlier this week when the Colonial Pipeline was forced to close due to a hack. Authorities say there’s no need for concern in Tampa Bay because Florida gets 90% of its gas supply from cargo ships.
  2. +1- I have been running them for many years, I also started running their tire sealant a couple years ago and have been pleased with both.
  3. Looks sweet! Obviously depends on the rider. Have you done anything remotely close? Say like a 40+ miler at elevation? I did just a piece of it (From near the east entrance of the Moffat tunnel to the top of Rollins Pass and back). It was a pretty doable grade jeep road but with about 2600' gain in around 13 miles up to 11,500+ it was not easy for a flatlander/lowlander. Just that climb and back was a pretty decent little ride. Of course with a ride like this you need luck (i.e. mainly weather) on your side in addition to fitness.
  4. I have a floor pump just like yours (plus probably 3 assorted others), my 2 favorite floor pumps I have owned were the most basic Performance brand pumps like this despite also having some pretty expensive ones.
  5. Pics and/or video or it didn't happen. 😁
  6. I took a pair of Oakleys to my Optometrist and they were able to make custom lenses for my frames. Wasn't cheap. I really just wanted some magnification at the bottom so I could read fine printed trail maps when travelling. I don't need glasses for riding. They convinced me to get progressive lenses and I can't get used to the focus change for trail riding and don't wear them. I am able to get by with my phone and gps on the trail, but would probably have to bring a mini magnifier if in the backcountry with detailed maps. I would never rely solely on electronics in the true backcountry.
  7. Dangit, my second shot got postponed until Monday due to the weather forecast for tonight. I guess I abstained from alcohol last night for no reason. 😐
  8. Moderna Shot #2 tomorrow evening at the Stadium by Brushy. Hopefully it remains dry as I plan to do a moderate ride beforehand. I busted my arse this week in case I am down for the count Friday. I am far enough ahead at work that I do not plan to use PTO if I miss most (or all) of Friday. Fingers crossed.
  9. If you want to tell us how much time/how many days, what type of riding (fun bermy flowy easier stuff/big drops and gravity type trails/backcountry singletrack, etc). and where you are staying if time is really tight, and we can point you in the right direction.
  10. Agreed, the beach is usually very windy too.
  11. I have bought quite a bit of stuff directly from specialized.com. I try to keep an eye on the sale section as there can be some bargains to be had, especially on apparel if you don't wear the most common sizes.
  12. Yes. I like riding there. It is great once or twice a year, probably about all the trails within riding distance from Kerrville though, so they would get old pretty quick. Edit - there is an entrance fee but there is also good camping and cabins. You can also connect to a pretty nice paved path along the river into town for several miles.
  13. Congrats!! That area is on my short list too. DuPont State Forest is awesome too. Great craft beer scene out there as well.
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