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  1. You aren't even trying any more. That says how long it takes to be greeted, not the ICU and ER are empty. You are turning into the new RA.
  2. OTBS... it is only 24% humidity right now
  3. Picked this one up from an ex back in college. Good dessert drink. Kahlua Colada. 1 part Kahlua, 1 part Malibu Coconut Rum. 2 parts milk. Very tasty and not as fatty as a White Russian.
  4. Original BOB Yak trailer in very good shape. Ready to haul groceries, camping gear, trail tools or whatever your hauling needs might be. These are proven and reliable. Aside from the BOB, I have used panniers as well as the newer frame/seatpost/handlebar bags. While the bags are best for ultralight setups and/or technical singletrack, the BOB has it's advantages such as instant connect/disconnect / large volume (especially if you want to take the spouse and/or kids and haul most of the gear) ease of packing and in this case, lower cost. Comes with 3 QR axles - 2 new tires/2 new tubes - extra cotter pins and lanyard - dry sack - owners manual Dry sack has definite usage / I can see one very tiny hole but even without patching should prove to be essentially rainproof. Currently setup for standard QR axles and either 26" or 700c wheels. With adapters can be modified for thru axle and/or 29 inch wheels or 700c with fenders. Newer model but has good reviews and Q and A. I think this model essentially just has added water bottle bosses. https://www.amazon.com/BOB-Yak-Plus-Bike-Trailer/dp/B000RH7GKS More good information, especially if you are wanting to modify for different axles or 29" wheels. https://www.campfirecycling.com/product/bob-yak-bike-cargo-trailer-p-1359.html
  5. This. I recently bought a new kitchen sink/faucet combo. I got an estimate from a very highly rated plumber. $500 for the install and 2 new shut off vales and lines, which was probably high. Recent reviews and messaging from the company indicated they were taking COVID seriously, which was important to me for someone to be in my kitchen for a few hours. It was the same footprint and a drop in, so I figured it it should be fairly easy, although it was quite a bit deeper. I figured the parts would be a small part of that, and I figured I would need at least 2 trips back to the hardware store and that it would probably end up taking all day and my back would be in knots from working under there. I went back and forth and decided to have it done instead of doing it myself. Even with the parts in the truck he had to make 2 trips to the supply company, and call another associate to help him. The new one had a slightly bigger inner diameter and barely fit the cabinet frame, thus requiring cutting the hole in the counter top bigger with almost no room for error. Of course all the pipes needed to be replaced to fit the new deeper sink and the dishwasher hose was a totally different size. I could hear him cussing every so often, it took him over 4 hours. I was so glad I just sat and worked from home while I had it taken care of. I could have done it cheaper, sure. I would have been pissed had he been in and out in 30 minutes though.
  6. Me too. I was born in Germany when my dad was stationed there and I took it High School. Currently on a 344 day streak in Duolingo. The GF is taking French. We had planned to travel to Europe this summer, visiting at least Germany and France and catching part of the TdF while we were there, but, well, you know the rest of the story...
  7. Please try to keep it legal ladies... Ok, an easy one: I thought this was supposed to be a water quality management area? Why are there horses here? What happened to their poop catch bags?
  8. I wonder if the sign was just for any/all of the amenities for WC? I know most pools/pavilions/playgrounds/water fountains may be closed. I did see the whole BCGB 360 parking area closed off as well as the trailhead at the Mopac turnaround. I had been thinking it was just for the 4th weekend.
  9. Funny, I was walking around the neighborhood by the school and overheard 2 boys probably around 8-10 years old. One was saying someone was trying to take votes away from Biden because they don't like him. The other asked how he was going to do that, The other said he did not know... By then I was out of earshot. I am assuming they were talking about Kanye but it was really strange hearing 2 little kids talk about politics. They were wearing their helmets about to hop back on their Walmart mtbs.
  10. There once was a kick ass trail, but idiots would blab and Strava without fail, then one day, it all went away, i'd kill them if it not for fear of jail
  11. Must have been around '88, me and 2 buddies went there to do some fishing (i.e. drinking) and grilling, old Reimer kept hammering into us 'No Camping', 'No Camping', we assured him we weren't going to camp. The fishing/grilling/drinking was great. Unfortunately, my buddy decided to shine his headlights into the river to attract fish. Long story short we lost track of time and the battery died. 3 of us slept in an old Celica. The youngest was still in High School and it was a school day, of course we had no cell phones. We wake up the next morning to Reimer's F250 grill about 2 inches from the open window of the car. HE WAS PISSED!! BUT, he had to give us a jump so we could leave. Heh, good times!
  12. Thanks for all the additional info. Doesn't sound as bad as I thought with more detail. Still sounds like we'd be better off if you guys gave it a rest at least while things are on such a trajectory, but I know we all have our own opinions.
  13. That is F'ed up. I wonder how many total people have been infected by this cluster.
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