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  1. Nice! Yeah, those dudes are in a different dimension.
  2. Angel Fire XC. Ski/Bike Park in distance. Only saw one other rider and it was Paul Uhl. Had a nice little trailside chat.
  3. What did you ride? We hit Galisteo yesterday, then Hidden Mountain Brewing for dinner. La Tierra this morning then Santa Fe Brewing HQ for lunch, heading to Angel Fire tomorrow, trying to decide what to hit in the morning. AF looks kinda rainy the next 2 days. Decent chances here in SF too.
  4. Lake Atalanta seems to often get overlooked. I think is a blast. Probably only around 15 miles of trail absolute max but I like to do loops on my favorite stuff and usually end up with 20 miles or so. Nice to have a level lake (where I usually park) to spin around to warm up/cool down too. Also, I get bored before a half a lap of any pump/jump track but I can spend some time at the Railyard. Paved/wood jumps and lines from toddler to expert. The trails don't seem to get as much maintenance (maybe because of the location or it is City of Rogers?) but I think it is well worth a visit. As a bonus Ozark Beer Company is right by the trailhead, I usually pick up a sample twelve pack and enjoy a few on the porch. Good quick ride on the arrival day or in the morning before heading home.
  5. @BarryThe Telluride Gondola still free? I am guessing not.
  6. I have been running Trucker Co sealant for several years (and their brake pads for probably a decade). I haven't had to think about it much so I feel like I have been getting good results. The injector just has rubber tubing that goes over the valve stem and the sealant basically just pours in, I really only need the plunger to get the remainder that is sticking to the walls into the tire. There is never any pressure so I can't image it ever spraying everywhere. The applicator says one time use but I just clean it and use it the 3 or 4 times until the bottle is empty and use the new injector for the new bottle. I think I have been using the Cream II formula since they started offering 2 formulas. https://www.truckerco.com/tire-sealant-retail
  7. Ha! I just saw that near the La Quinta by Travis Country about 2 hours ago. How is that thing allowed on the road?
  8. Dangit. Looks like they got zero rain last night but are closed today for a Spartan event. 😔 Update - I texted the update line and they should be open later but not until about 5, and there may be some moving parts as they break down.
  9. I hope they are for an art project and not for stopping your bike. 🤣
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