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  1. Excellent shape lightweight mesh Joe Rocket Jacket - size Medium. Padding/armor on back/shoulder/arms. The top part of the jacket is thicker but the main torso section is a very breathable mesh. In the 4th image you can see a picture on the wall through the mesh. Excellent great looking warmer weather jacket. Fits about the same as a Large heavier jacket I had.
  2. Thanks. In the past I have just had it sent in through BSS. After reaching out to some shops it appears the Rockshock/Brain units need to go to Specialized but quite a few suspension shops work on the Fox/Brain unit, which is what I have.
  3. Anyone have any recommendations for a Specialized/Fox Brain rear shock service? AFAIK there are no local service options. A year or so ago 812 was planning to get the tools to do the service but that doesn't appear to be an option any time soon. I am considering sending it to Risse.
  4. Yeah, this place is awesome, easily worth 2 days. Good camping, showers and NF nearby for free dispersed camping.
  5. GFisher


    I just saw it for the first time today doing what I basically always do.
  6. Some higher power must hate us. ☚ī¸
  7. Hang out, drink beer and educate any douches that show up and ride in the mud.
  8. I do like Grindstone Lake, haven't ridden the stuff closer to town.
  9. Unfortunately I think you have nailed it. Cloudcroft was the centerpiece of my first 3 trips to real mountains back in the mid to late 90's. Sadly, little has changed. Seems like it is still mainly the High Altitude Race Course and the Rim Trail and the latter is pretty moto/ATV'd out. Better chances in the Ruidoso area, but that is still far from top shelf. Sucks because this area has serious potential and is about as close as Bentonville but has a real mountain climate, bears, elk, etc.
  10. Summit County (Breckenridge/Frisco area).
  11. This section is called Pick Up Sticks.
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