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  1. Just got back from HEB Parmer/McNeil - 5 minute line outside/5 minute checkout line. No meat, no dairy, no frozen food. Produce and dry goods well stocked, decent amount of bread. Found milk at the C-Store on the way home.
  2. What my buddy's wife scored from trip mentioned above. I see some Axis IPA in there. Not much fresh foods but enough to get by.
  3. Ahh thanks, that makes me a little less paranoid about my plumbing surviving.
  4. Was that outside at a hose bib?
  5. HEB - Parmer/McNeil. Friend got there around 11:30 (opened at noon) was in line with 40-50 ppl ahead and line wrapped around the bldg behind. They made an announcement that no refrigerated items are available.
  6. I know there are quite a few of you that live close to me. I am thinking this may be a good place to share very current info. Like if you are at a store or just got back. i.e. - Went by HEB at Spicewood Springs/183 30 minutes ago and the lines weren't too bad but all they had was ice, potato chips and bud light - HEB at Parmer & McNeil had lines around 2 sides of the building at noon but we waited for an hour and they had a decent amount of produce, bread and meat, etc. I get the feeling it will be an arduous process over the next few days trying to get back to a decent place, I figured we should help each other out. Don't want to sift through all the BS on FB, etc. And don't want people driving around too much wasting time/gas (which may also be in short supply). I know a lot of folks live in the Cedar Park area, perhaps that is another thread, etc. Just an idea.
  7. Our power was out from around 7:30pm until 7:00am. Twas a cold night, but had a pile of blankets and some Netflix stuff downloaded on my laptop.
  8. I can't tell for sure, probably not too bad. I just had my big oak in the front trimmed for the first time yesterday and it is still straining hard.
  9. Just saw and heard a big branch go down on my neighbor's house. I think things are going to be pretty bad. Move cars, be prepared for power outages, etc. The trails will of course need some work once this crap passes too. ☹️
  10. Do any of the stores have Trek signs outside yet? I drive by the Research store often and it still has the BSS sign on the pole and storefront. I guess that can take a while, especially these days.
  11. Pretty dang sure Eurosport was on the south side. Definitely smaller.
  12. There was also Euro-Sport Cycles. Very close by but across the street. Not finding much info about it.I remember around 1994 drooling over a Burgundy Gary Fisher Montare frameset that matched my Mustang GT. A year or so later turns out an acquaintance had bought it and was selling it, I ended up with it after all. I just brought it to Yellow Bike recently. https://www.austinchronicle.com/locations/euro-sport-cycles-44864/
  13. Nice! I have enjoyed my few visits to their Fitzhugh location. Good to have breweries in all different parts of town.
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