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  1. Not sure I follow you Barry, but I am very interested!
  2. As I sucked a small stick into my rear D last weekend (luckily just bent the hanger it seems) I was really cursing the fact that these things still exist.I can't count how many I have destroyed over the years. And no, I am not interested in an SS. 😉
  3. Noticed this in a bike shop in Durango last week. First time I think I have really noticed this type of mount. Wheels rest on a small shelf and a strap holds onto the bike. Probably not ideal for your main/daily whips but bikes can be stacked and it doesn't take up any floor space.
  4. It is a beauty for sure. If you look deep into the garage, you can also see the similarly colored head tube of my upside bike right next to his seat post collar. HA!
  5. Looks like such a painful area to land.
  6. Not one of their deep dish pies, but The Green Pig is pretty dang good:
  7. Dang, so sorry to hear this, but I am glad it was not worse. Heal quickly and completely!
  8. Anyone familiar with the Turkey Mountain trails in Tulsa? It has been on my radar for years and wondering if I should fold it into a Bentonville trip sometime. Looks like they also have a cool riverfront trail to explore on.
  9. @Bamwa I hear he is a bad ass metal worker
  10. Sorry to hear the first part, but yeah, take advantage for sure. When I got laid off at the tail end of the mortgage meltdown I took a solid month riding trails from NM to Idaho. I will always look back fondly on that time. Be safe and enjoy my friend!
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