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  1. Dangit, my second shot got postponed until Monday due to the weather forecast for tonight. I guess I abstained from alcohol last night for no reason. 😐
  2. Moderna Shot #2 tomorrow evening at the Stadium by Brushy. Hopefully it remains dry as I plan to do a moderate ride beforehand. I busted my arse this week in case I am down for the count Friday. I am far enough ahead at work that I do not plan to use PTO if I miss most (or all) of Friday. Fingers crossed.
  3. If you want to tell us how much time/how many days, what type of riding (fun bermy flowy easier stuff/big drops and gravity type trails/backcountry singletrack, etc). and where you are staying if time is really tight, and we can point you in the right direction.
  4. Agreed, the beach is usually very windy too.
  5. I have bought quite a bit of stuff directly from specialized.com. I try to keep an eye on the sale section as there can be some bargains to be had, especially on apparel if you don't wear the most common sizes.
  6. Yes. I like riding there. It is great once or twice a year, probably about all the trails within riding distance from Kerrville though, so they would get old pretty quick. Edit - there is an entrance fee but there is also good camping and cabins. You can also connect to a pretty nice paved path along the river into town for several miles.
  7. Congrats!! That area is on my short list too. DuPont State Forest is awesome too. Great craft beer scene out there as well.
  8. Thanks for doing the right thing! It certainly isn't always easy doing your part.
  9. I woke up and looked at the radar and bolted for Dana Peak, that area was north of the precipitation and did not get rain today (at least as of 2:30ish).
  10. Anyone get raped on their utilities? I wasn't worried about electricity (COA has fixed rates and my furnace is gas). I literally lost some sleep over the upcoming gas bill (Texas Gas Service) after they sent out a warning on how the price has increased substantially and stressed over and over how they don't mark it up and just pass it along, but the price was only minimally higher and barely noticeable. I just got my water bill and wasn't too worried about an astronomical bill, but even trying to conserve I did have faucets dripping for several days there. I was still within the same 1000 gallon increment as the previous month so another sigh of relief. The winterization and capacity issues that need to be addressed will likely cause some serious cost increases over time though. Certainly worth it to prevent people from dying in their homes though. ☚ī¸
  11. I got a quote for a fence and it was only good for 2 weeks!
  12. Lost Maples SP has some good back country hiking and camping. Camp Eagle has one of their Adventure Weekends coming up April 9-11. You won't find a much nicer swimming hole. https://campeagle.org/retreats/adventure-weekends/ -- discretion with the beer required If you are willing to push it, Guadalupe Mountains NP has some epic hiking. And you can drink in State Parks, they mostly just don't allow 'public display or consumption'.
  13. I finally saw some flowering at the very tip of a high branch on my Mexican White Oak yesterday. What a relief. They are pretty vulnerable and I had just had mine trimmed the day before the chit hit so I was afraid I had added a bit too much stress, I had an Electric Jellyfish to celebrate. It still looks like total ass:
  14. I cut one of my Rosemary bushes way back, there was still some green (I think protected slightly from the roof) but I think these really took a hit. Nothing on my crepe myrtles yet.
  15. I'm still not seeing much on mine. They planted 10 or 12 along our neighborhood hike and bike trail that I have been watching. They are recovering at different speeds with a few not yet showing new growth and one well ahead of the rest. It covers my whole small front yard so if I lose it I will be gutted. Another even larger one wasn't doing anything yet either last time I looked, so i am not panicking just yet.
  16. Here is a writeup and video my buddy made of a trip we did in 2010. Pretty sure we were the first ones to bikepack it. We added the Soliterio Loop for good measure. Getting current water availability info is vital. http://www.bikepacking.net/forum/bikepacking/big-bend-ranch-bikepacking-dec-2010-trip-report/
  17. That saddle looks like it accounts for 3 or 4 of those lbs. 😂
  18. What really sucks is when you get a flat with said gunk covered tube and have to try to clean it well enough on the trail to get a patch to hold.
  19. Loop back around, there are 2 lines part of the way. Makes a great loop.
  20. I signed up with Wilco on the 11th for group 1C (50-64). I got an email on Tuesday around 4:30pm, immediately set an appt for 5:45 and was home before 6:30pm. I got the shot at the stadium off Parmer near Brushy. It was a pretty efficient operation. I probably had my shot within 5-10 minutes of pulling the parking lot. The longest wait was when they make you wait in the exit line for 15 minutes to make sure you don't have a serious reaction. They were cranking the Moderna shots out. I have barely noticed any effects, just a very slight soreness on my arm. I was almost hoping for more just to know it is working. I provided my insurance. The vaccine is free, but apparently they can charge a fee to administer. I got the sense they would charge your insurance if you had it but not bother if you don't.
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