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ARR Monthly ride at Rocky Hill on July 22 (Saturday)


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I've been told they are aiming to begin riding at or just after 0800 to beat the heat.

Rode the Big Loop today to check things out. No mud this time. 😁

Trail conditions are dry, and can be loose in spots.

Expect temperatures will exceed 90 degrees by about 1100. Get started early.

New signs up, marking shorter loops at distances of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 miles. These loops include Black and Blue trails.

A Green Loop that starts where the road enters the Campground is signed. Ride the road up, then cut over onto the trail beside the road.

The Green Loop can be ridden up to 10 miles, and, can be shortened if riders turn onto roads at intersections and follow the HOME signs.

The signs also show the BIG Loop on the signs which will get every trail. Over 16 miles.

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The ARR ride was a lot of fun. I enjoy having fun groups out there as it offers me a perspective of seeing others approach various challenges on the trail that can lead to further improvement.

There were several spots I thought might need this or that which were crystalized into becoming top of the list items.

There was a lot of good feedback on the Loop signage. Folks, particularly the Beginner's Group, seemed to appreciate the extra confidence it provided them that they were on the right path.

Much pain was endured by the experienced riders as I heard mention of cramps and such from several. All in a good day's enjoyment of the trails.

I'll be back out this week making a few improvements, targeting some of the more annoying face-slappers, and getting whatever I can done in the early morn.

Everyone said the trails were in great shape, the pine trees and their shade led to comments of how RHR reminded some of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Colorado riding.

Most of the riders were done by 1100 and ARR had Schlotzkys samiches for us. Lots of visiting under the shade of the pavilion was a pleasure for all.

Looking forward to doing it again. Maybe in the Fall, when the outdoor Air Conditioning is working better.

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