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  1. That looks really sweet. Nice work. 😎 It is so good to see that frame and fork rolling again after gathering dust for such a long time. Happy to have found it a good home.
  2. I am thrilled to report that the 2020 MS 150 will no longer be clogging the road between my house and Rocky Hill on the Sunday of the annual event. It seems that COTA wouldn't confirm the date and nobody else in Austin wanted it ending there, so, College Station stepped up. The event will now leave on Saturday from BOTH Austin and Houston and will still overnight in La Grange, but, will now go through Somerville to end at Kyle Field in the heart of Aggieland. Of course, this means I may see traffic clogging up the road on Saturday instead of Sunday, at least it will only be the riders from Austin, and honestly, how many riders from Longhorn country will get on their bikes to ride to Aggieland? Overall, this is the best news I've heard regarding the MS in a while. Though I do appreciate the efforts of the riders and all of those who raise money for the cause, but, yeah, it is a pain in the ass when the circus comes to town each year. ha ha Best wishes to all from Austin who will be participating. Give a big GIG 'EM yell for me when you get to Kyle Field, will ya? https://texags.com/forums/48/topics/3058796
  3. ^^^^ What @Chief said. I trust the opinion of people who routinely ride a bunch of different bikes more than I do my ability to discern any degree of subtlety. My spending a few hours on test rides is less likely to be an accurate measure. When I read how these experts were agreeing on the benefits of recent geometry changes I have faith that what they have found to be true will be true for me in the long run. All while simultaneously realizing I'll take weeks or months to get a bike dialed in. To expect to get anything from a test ride with all those variables at play (suspension settings, seat position, stem length, etc.) is unrealistic. I tend to purchase bikes on closeout, primarily because they have the most reviews by a wide variety of professional riders and I can filter for my use while reading many, many reviews. The bike I ride now is a Transition Covert 29 that was purchased from PricePoint at a significant discount as a complete bike a few years after its introduction, and a year after its production. (The fact that Seth sold one without breaking it around the time I was looking figured into my decision as well.) It was over a year of adjusting little things to get a really good fit from the bike. This included shortening the Stem and moving the Seat rearward a tad, as well as suspension tweaks, adding a volume spacer, and replacing the fork. A recent handlebar change is still being evaluated, and has alleviated some shoulder pain. Bottom line, I approach the bike search mostly as a data gathering mission based upon the experience of people in the habit of moving often from one bike to another and who can more effectively notice the differences and put them into words. Then, filtering their reviews based upon my riding style, trail surfaces ridden, and similar details I can pull from these reports in order to firm up one bike over another. Nearly any bike in production today will work for nearly every rider. Exceptions being any with radical departures from proven tech. The differences between bikes being considered are more likely to be so subtle that it might take a hundred hours in the saddle, making minor adjustments, to eek out that nth degree of advantage for the rider.
  4. There are things in Lake Conroe more worrisome than Bigfoot. ... news helicopter photo of gator out for a swim with a deer in its jaws. When bikepacking, that lovely overnight spot with a lake view may require further consideration before setting up camp.
  5. My experience is when I have entered any "event" I tend to ride beyond my capabilities and end up bloody or broken. So, to avoid all that pain, "no" would be my answer. The reason I asked is because the cost of camping there has been inquired about in other threads and when I saw camping mentioned here thought it might be a good idea to bring it up so folks could have the info to plan accordingly. My guess is that the website just needs some editing to show a single rate in addition to the discounted 4-person rate. You have addressed the question for this event. When I do get out to Bandera Bike Park it will most likely be a solo and overnight trip. If it were going to cost a C-note for a weekend of camping and riding, there would be a lot of other places I'll probably go to before heading out that way. It looks like a really fun place and it is far enough away for a lot of riders that having clear pricing for camping on the website might be something the owners could address if it might be discouraging any riders from making the trip. Best wishes on your event, I know you have put a lot into both the venue and Victory Racing while getting ready for it. 👍
  6. Did you ever get the question answered about per person camping rates? The website's info seems to only include pricing for groups of 4 and more: "Get Ready To Conquer More Than A Mountain! $30/night for up to 4 people Groups larger than 4 an additional $10/person If you would like to book more than 3 nights please call to book" This isn't all that clear on what it would cost for one person to camp Friday and Saturday nights and ride Saturday and Sunday. Based upon the website, $30 is the price per night for camping (for 4) with no indication it would include riding / day use. Would a Friday night arrival, leaving on Sunday for a camping/riding weekend for 1 person cost $92? ($32 for two days riding plus $60 for two nights camping) This seems a little steep compared to camping/riding rates at other "MTB Ranches" like Flat Rock, RHR, and Bluff Creek. Thanks for any clarification on this that you might be able to provide.
  7. Match that Druid up with a Motion-Ride fork and you'd have suspension front and rear that responds only to bumps, with no dive or squat effects from brake or pedal inputs. https://www.motion-ride.com/en/
  8. Reading the article I noticed the Transition Patrol on the list and went to their site to learn more. FWIW, Transition is currently offering 20% off ALL Patrol models. https://transitionbikes.com/Bikes_Patrol.cfm
  9. At least while in Santa Fe you may be able to narrow down which handlebar basket you will put on the new ride.
  10. Your good work is poised to go down into the anals of AMTB.com history. (yeah, that's how I spelled it)
  11. For great home cooking New Mexico style, The Pantry. Been there since 1948, they must be doing something right. Jinga Bar and Bistro has a Trader Vic's feel to it and some tasty grub and a bevy of unique drinks with umbrellas and fruit and lots of happy juice. We also found Jamba Cafe to be good for lunch. African-Caribbean Fusion might appeal to AB's worldly palette. Gabriel's is just out of town to the North, and worth the trip for superb Mexican food. Might need to make reservations. They'll make guacamole to your spec at your table if you have a hankern' for such extravagance. Tune Up Cafe was another good breakfast/lunch spot. A small neighborhood vibe and unique menu. The Pupusas were quite filling. TuneUp had outside dining and is likely dog friendly.
  12. What Kyle said. I have never called Jenson with a problem that wasn't solved immediately, and usually included a discount. Even when the problem was my fault, like ordering the wrong part. If you call them they will probably do you a better deal than simply clicking on the webpage.
  13. Bartman can make me cringe, but what he does at least has an element of artistry to it that can be recognized. As opposed to the all-over-the-place subject at hand. Which I can only guess this consistent inconsistency has persisted as I have no way to know beyond seeing the occasional quote in a reply. Praise be to Bob for the Ignore and Ignore This Thread selections.
  14. Use the "Ignore this Topic" button at the top of those threads. Clicking has never felt so good.
  15. Shit post Haiku series continues: Desires attention, Makes sequential mundane posts Every dream comes true.
  16. Shit post Haiku: Shit posts eight comments, Maybe thinks more is better, Futile exercise
  17. I already had the Raxter. Needed a four bike rack for a trip with three other Mojos and the NorthShore caught my eye. After that trip I sold the Ford Freestyle that carried four with gear and really had no need for a four bike rack. It sat for a few years not being used until I mentioned it to my friend and it found a new home. Between the two, the Raxter was the keeper for my application. Edit: The primary reason I kept it is that I rarely leave a rack on the car. I'll remove it at the end of the ride day, so, light makes right for me. The folding Raxter 1 1/4" weighs 38 lbs., and when converted to non-folding 2" it is closer to 30 lbs. The all steel 4-bike NorthShore weighs 50 lbs. and only fits 2" receivers. ( for those who are counting this is only 4 lb. heavier than the 2-bike 1up)
  18. That description reminds me of the NorthShore 4 bike rack I had for a while. Weighed a ton, but made it easy to carry the bikes well off the ground on a great adventure. Eventually, a buddy in Houston wanted it for his Casita camper, dubbed the Stay-Puft. I was happy to cut him a deal on it.
  19. Testing the missing Delete Post tool. It still doesn't work.
  20. I've looked all over their website, OneUp doesn't offer a rack in their product line. But, yeah, I'd agree that 1up could have put more radius on some of those corners to reduce lending it an Erector Set appearance. Not that this is a bad thing. I kinda like the look.
  21. Actually, I mentioned that the 1up looks better in the original post on the Raxter. You are right, people should get what works best and aesthetics is part of that. Or maybe it's anesthetics?
  22. Good logic there. Also supports my suspicions that more some of the cost of the 1up is going to more advertising than is for Raxter, hence their remaining almost unknown. Since buying the van I have been using the Raxter less. I do need to get to an R&I once the temps get back to two digits. It is going on a year since the last one as I'm pretty sure it was the DST ride in November. Sure wish I wasn't an hour's drive away. Here's a photo of the rack most often employed of late. 10 second loading. The cost was higher than the 1up and this rack has really put a dent in fuel economy ...
  23. Good on ya. 1up's advertising agency, marketing managers, and others beyond production and engineering costs who are getting their cut from the profit stream are depending on people with such a perspective to supply that extra 27% that pays them. Every little bit helps make America great again, right?
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