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  1. For some reason mine is off for the heavy duty lock. It’s certainly not to make it more secure structurally, but if I was looking to steal a bike and saw a tiny piece of metal that could fit into bolt cutters I would attack that first. I know I’m being paranoid, but i also want to think of any weak points in my setup to help prevent theft. From all the posts I’ve seen the thefts are from no locks at all, but I want to be that person that gives the finger to even the pro and makes him work to steal my stuff.
  2. Ahh that makes sense. The Kuat I have is a simple handle that is hand operated with no tools. I’d be down to see how it fits for sure, thank you for offering. As an aside for the cable lock backup, I have a hidden hitch system for carrying my bike and not for a trailer so I don’t have chain safety hoops like a normal system.
  3. If there is no pin, how does the rack lock to the car/tow hitch?
  4. I have a semi on topic question for this thread about my Kuat rack. I’m about to have a new bike and when it’s on the rack I want it to be as secure as possible, knowing that nothing is full proof. The weak point with my kuat rack happens to be the point where the rack connects to the hitch. I bought an upgraded lock compared to the tiny pin that comes with it only to find out the rack won’t line up (see picture below). Anyone know if the racks suggested in this thread have a similar issue?
  5. I’ll be riding later this morning and will take care of it if someone doesn’t beat me to it.
  6. Second this. James does all my bike related maintenance, upgrades, etc. Top notch service every time. He’s also built a few wheels for me and it’s right every time.
  7. That makes sense. I think because you started the thread it went away when you deactivated.
  8. I think I might follow too many FB mountain bike groups because I've looked for the post and can't find it among all the other junk. There is a chance it was deleted. Search Austin Mountain Biking and it's a public group.
  9. A few years ago there were a few signs that said no entry, but after a bunch of weather abuse they faded and probably got thrown away. It’s also possible no official sign can go up since it’s a mixture of owners of that land.
  10. The city has only embraced it because of your hard work and patience...please keep up the great work and let the rest of us know how we can help. Does the new area west of 183 that is proposed new park land fall under Wilco or Cedar Park? I know I voted on some thread about that area, but now I can’t remember which thread that was in to reference back.
  11. I’m going to try and not just be in 100% objection of this entire comment, but see some of what you are saying. The berms that we’re originally built were awesome and fast, but also held an incredible amount of water. This created more volunteer work (almost 100% honeybadger) to fix it. The machine cuts have solved many of these issue. As for the boring part, when I first rode it I was expecting huge berms like I’ve seen on downhill videos, you know, like YouTube is always right. My first lap was slow, I felt like I didn’t get the berms and wasn’t sure what was wrong. Then, after a few more laps, only on the west side, the flow for the berms started to make sense. Once I learned how the exit a turn it put me in the right place for the next turn and it became apparent what was built and why. As a note, I’m a recreational ride on the weekends that’s only been riding since late 2015 while most of the builders have been riding for much longer. I’ve done some trail work, but maintenance work and never the creation or building a sustainable system . All I’m saying is give it a few more tries after it gets ridden more and smoother before completely skipping it and writing it off.
  12. I haven’t been out there since last Saturday so I don’t know what new work has been done. My first few laps were slower, but after I learned how it flowed I put up a time better than on the previous trail. I think it will be even faster when the work is done on the last few sections. Remember when it was dry those sections carried the most speed, but now don’t have berms and were even muddy and sticky when I rode Saturday. Hopefully during the workday tomorrow we can finish it all out.
  13. I’m not sure if you’re keeping a head count, but I’ll be there.
  14. Be gentle, I’m on mobile. The crudely drawn black line would have been the path to the rollers. It’s not super visible right now, I’ve just ridden it so many times it’s habit.
  15. I didn’t see any re routes on the two laps I did, but now that the construction material is gone (those brown straw tubes) I could see how anyone could come from the west side, go straight across the paved path and end peddlers instead of taking that left.
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