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  1. The city has only embraced it because of your hard work and patience...please keep up the great work and let the rest of us know how we can help. Does the new area west of 183 that is proposed new park land fall under Wilco or Cedar Park? I know I voted on some thread about that area, but now I can’t remember which thread that was in to reference back.
  2. I’m going to try and not just be in 100% objection of this entire comment, but see some of what you are saying. The berms that we’re originally built were awesome and fast, but also held an incredible amount of water. This created more volunteer work (almost 100% honeybadger) to fix it. The machine cuts have solved many of these issue. As for the boring part, when I first rode it I was expecting huge berms like I’ve seen on downhill videos, you know, like YouTube is always right. My first lap was slow, I felt like I didn’t get the berms and wasn’t sure what was wrong. Then, after a few more laps, only on the west side, the flow for the berms started to make sense. Once I learned how the exit a turn it put me in the right place for the next turn and it became apparent what was built and why. As a note, I’m a recreational ride on the weekends that’s only been riding since late 2015 while most of the builders have been riding for much longer. I’ve done some trail work, but maintenance work and never the creation or building a sustainable system . All I’m saying is give it a few more tries after it gets ridden more and smoother before completely skipping it and writing it off.
  3. I haven’t been out there since last Saturday so I don’t know what new work has been done. My first few laps were slower, but after I learned how it flowed I put up a time better than on the previous trail. I think it will be even faster when the work is done on the last few sections. Remember when it was dry those sections carried the most speed, but now don’t have berms and were even muddy and sticky when I rode Saturday. Hopefully during the workday tomorrow we can finish it all out.
  4. I’m not sure if you’re keeping a head count, but I’ll be there.
  5. Be gentle, I’m on mobile. The crudely drawn black line would have been the path to the rollers. It’s not super visible right now, I’ve just ridden it so many times it’s habit.
  6. I didn’t see any re routes on the two laps I did, but now that the construction material is gone (those brown straw tubes) I could see how anyone could come from the west side, go straight across the paved path and end peddlers instead of taking that left.
  7. I don't think there was any length change at all, the original route was followed and enhanced. The only turn that changed a noticeable amount was the last down hill section into a berm that was very close to the area that floods. That turn was straightened out and runs closer to the entrance trail so its up away from the flood waters. The "save the trees" segment still registers on Strava, and while that isn't the most accurate measure, I still think it shows the trail route has mostly stayed the same.
  8. That all makes sense. I certainly wouldn't want to create more maintenance than it would already need.
  9. How much would purchasing the dirt run? I agree the city probably wouldn't even consider, but I'm curious what the ball park number would be. I could refine it more and ask what the bottom dollar would be for the sections that would need it most, and not just covering the entire west side.
  10. It’s a totally new trail. Just the parts I’ve walked are almost unrecognizable. I can’t wait to ride it either.
  11. Got a regional trail ride in and stopped by peddlers (on foot). I got to meet Brett who is out there working with the heavy machines today, but hand work was impossible since it was just a sticky, muddy mess. The rollers east had tons of water and I started bailing with the shovel, but was getting nowhere.....the bucket has eluded my search thus far. Maybe the rain will hold off so the trails can so some drying.
  12. Yeah me too....maybe in June. 😬
  13. If they are, you may want to park on Dodge Cattle or the 183 bridge since the water was still up over the regional trail yesterday around noon. I'm not sure it's had enough time to drain down to be passable yet.
  14. I’m so disappointed I’m going to miss both of these days. I think there’s a small chance I can make the 4th, but it’s an outside chance since I’m traveling. Thank you in advance for those that are helping get the trail in race shape.
  15. My first bike was a fs 29 based on some biking friend recommendations and while I love that bike and I’m very comfortable, a year ago I bought a Salsa Timberjack 27.5. I found quite a few riding flaws I had by learning on the fs and love riding that bike. I’ve changed out the hub, tires, and cut down the bars just a bit, but otherwise I like it a lot.
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