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  1. Skyyhorn

    Spider Mountain

    Has anyone heard anymore details? I imagine it’s difficult dealing with lcra, but was hoping it was resolved.
  2. Skyyhorn

    Brushy Creek

    We were on the brushy creek park side (with the splash pad) working east of peddlers east. We were being pretty loud with the weed eater and leaf blower, but maybe not loud enough. We then worked further east towards the parking lot entrance.
  3. Skyyhorn

    Brushy Creek

    Somewhere buried in this thread, or possibly even the mojo thread, the trail steward (honey badger ) mentioned this was going to happen. I asked him at the trail work day this past Sunday about it and he pointed out the orange ribbons on peddlers east as part of that project. It was also mentioned that he would re-evaluate the trail after it’s done, but also expects the concrete to be lightly used and in an area with high visibility so if peddlers does cross bikers will be able to see anyone on the concrete. - Scott
  4. Skyyhorn

    Bad news for town lake

    Thank you for this. It's one of those things you laugh at until you realize how much truth there is to the statement. - Scott
  5. Skyyhorn

    Brushy Creek

    Just walked up from the sports park to peddlers west and there is standing water in the roller section. With that being said, the soil didn’t look as soft as I expected so the trails may dry quickly. I’ll see what tomorrow brings.
  6. Skyyhorn

    Missing Tools on Peddlers Pass

    I know it’s only been 1 day, but I wanted to bump to the top and see if anyone had any luck.
  7. Skyyhorn

    Barton Creek Greenbelt

    I went there on Sunday for my first time ever with some friends and it was rather wet. There wasn't much sticking to my tires, but almost every rock and root section was wet and slick. It was beyond my skill level for how slick it was, but my riding buddies only had problems on a few sections.
  8. Skyyhorn

    South Austin Trail Network

    I figured that was the case, but I appreciate the confirmation.
  9. Skyyhorn

    South Austin Trail Network

    Well up north I think we had close to an inch or more. How did the south fair? I feel as this question is almost rhetorical since I’m asking about dry trails in the area.
  10. Skyyhorn

    South Austin Trail Network

    Thank you for the update. I'll stay hopeful the forecast is wrong for today and tomorrow.....or at the very least it skips over some of the trails.
  11. Skyyhorn

    South Austin Trail Network

    Any Southies check this section and give updates? I've never been on the SATN, but I've been invited to potentially ride there this Saturday (depending on weather). I was going to check back tomorrow and see if anyone has a general trail report. I live way up north near Brushy Creek so any local reports are appreciated. Scott
  12. Skyyhorn

    Brushy Creek

    I’m sure it’s no shock, but peddlers west has some standing water in some features. I only looked at the ones I could walk up to from the sports park. Sadly I do think there were riders that were actively riding. On a side note, good try to whoever put the trash can and logs up to block the entrance to peddlers east right at brushy creek park, guess some can’t take a hint.
  13. Skyyhorn

    Brushy Creek

    That picture looks like the sports park to me.
  14. Skyyhorn

    Brushy Creek

    I was able to find this on FB after messing with the key words search a bit in google.
  15. Skyyhorn

    Brushy Creek

    Does anyone have a prediction on if Brushy will be dry enough to ride this weekend? I would venture to guess peddlers will need more drying time, but maybe 1/4 notch will be dry.