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  1. The Suburban Ninja trail system starts at the Peddler so there is lots of dirt to test on.....assuming it isn't too wet.
  2. Day was amazing, but brought out so many. I had 3 near collisions on 1/4 notch on blind corners I decided today was a day to head home before something bad happened. I was even looking out for it and still had close calls.
  3. I second that, it was a great time.
  4. I'm sure HoneyBadger will see this, but I'll bring it up tomorrow morning for the work day as a reminder.
  5. Damn, I wish I had posted up I was there, but not racing. If you stayed after, I was handing out raffle tickets. I had to be back in Austin, so I had to jet out around 3.
  6. Good to know. I was just messing around with it to figure it out.
  7. Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but my google maps app has a “bicycle” overlay that lights up the regional trail and connector trails. I would think those would be gravel bike friendly.
  8. If that map is accurate, the last part near the Peddler's Shop looks like it would go right through parts of SN. Hopefully the contractor will work with AJ to try and not destroy too much of the trail like when the new concrete was poured near Peddler's Pass.
  9. Just as a reminder since I've had to do this before, you'll probably need to login to Strava on a computer (not the app) and "show hidden segments". Then click "unhide" so the BCB - Peddler Pass 5.0 shows up.
  10. Does anyone know the status of the new Lakeline Park on the other side of 183 from the YMCA? The final concept was approved back in early December of 2018, but I haven't seen any updates since then. Link to Master Plan for reference I was mostly looking for a status just to know who would be building the trails out there.
  11. Mr. Fancy over here can afford to build a basement. j/k, have a blast, I’m jealous.
  12. It could be run off from people running their sprinklers. Wednesday and Thursday are the designated days that City of Austin allows for watering and that park of Avery is City of Austin.
  13. This is why I’m giving it a chance. If I can fine tune the small correction then in theory it would be more stable. The hard part is telling my brain that I don’t need my normal correction amount.
  14. So far I haven't hit any tree gates, but I also haven't ridden the trails that have a lot of them. For now i'm giving the 800mm a try since the whole geometry is new to me, but I'm certainly not use to small corrections becoming large corrections. It's hard to describe when typing, but it's like Bamwa said above, the leverage seems overkill.
  15. I will probably end up cutting them down. Pretty sure the other bike is at 740 or even 720.
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