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  1. I don’t have one yet, but the entrance going east to west will be where the current wooden gate is and the exit will be at the other wooden gate near rim loop entrance. Currently both wooden gates are preventing entrance/exit. Once the trail is finished the county will remove the barriers so there is access. The biggest takeaway from Ronan’s post would be to use the new trail and not the existing connector which will be closed. He has done a good deal of negotiating and people using that old trail once it is closed will not help the cause. Of course most of the people on here would already respect that which I’m sure is why he directed the original post to the FB crowd.
  2. I know a bunch of people on here aren’t on Facebook, so to save Ronan some time of having to cross post, here is the update he just shared. Any questions I might be able to answer based off of his updates from the Facebook post, otherwise I know he gets on here sometimes. *BRUSHY CREEK UPDATE* Austin Ridge Riders has been working with Williamson County to replace the unsanctioned trail "Up and Over to Rim" with a new sanctioned trail slightly lower down the hill. The route has been finalized and work has already started. The trail should be ready in early January. The old route will be closed once the new one opens. We're going to need everyone's help in keeping the old trail closed and spreading the word about the new one.
  3. Now she is the perfect ride for peddlers and soon to be more rides on SN.
  4. Forgot to take a pic out on the trail, but this was post ride of the new mullet setup on my hardtail. 29x2.6 on the front, 27.5x2.8 on the rear.
  5. I’ll let one of the builders answer for sure, but I think the new climbing trail was built in anticipation of the addition of the frontage road in the future. Not to say it will be in that area of your red line, but since there is potential of that line being impacted, they were thinking ahead.
  6. For those familiar with the lines it might be easier to explain to new people now that the lines are numbered 1-5. I was just there briefly this weekend so I couldn’t rate them in difficulty, but that certain could help. Thank you to put up the signs and marked the official climbing trail to hopefully keep people off the main lines.
  7. I rode to peddlers and checked the turn that stays in the sun all the time just before the rollers and it was still super soft. It was soft enough I attempted to flatten out the ruts someone left. I also hiked up rim and it was extremely soft since it’s in the shade, and there was running water at the first rock crossing. 1/4 notch and double down might dry quicker than what I checked, but I’d guess no for tomorrow morning, but maybe for the afternoon.
  8. I think I’m just going to go and do a regional trail ride and walk to see how the rain is being soaked up. I’ll report back, but it’ll be late today.
  9. With how dry and dusty the trails have been, anyone have an idea on when they have potential for a ride? Usually I can guess fairly well, but the super dry conditions make me think the timeline is shorter.
  10. I don’t know him, but was searching the forum to see if I knew anyone that did. Only user name had “n” instead of “in”. @Chris_n_atx is the person right?
  11. That looks to be peddlers pass, if so then you did the right thing by moving it. edit: quoted the wrong response, was supposed to be to @No.Division post.
  12. It's been that way for a few weeks, the log came loose and HoneyBadger just hasn't had time to put it back together safely.
  13. I say keep it however you like it since it’s your feature and your hard work. I’ll take my 27.5 hardtail out there and I bet I’d be fine.
  14. Yeah, it’s much longer than my other bikes. I did check it again today by walking it and it’s possible, but there’s a point that would require the front tire to be half on the boards and the rear half on at the same time.
  15. I have a GG Smash as well, And I’ve walked it on this feature to test and it’s just too long. I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’d guess my hardtail or old Felt full suspension could make it.....with the right rider.
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