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  1. Can we make this an ever lasting rule beyond just race day?
  2. The guy that runs the twitter feed is out of town right now. I took a stroll in my backyard that backs up to the trails and the ground is very soft, even with direct sun and wind help. My educated guess would be there is potential for 1/4 notch and double down by tomorrow afternoon, but trails like picnic and peddlers will need more time. There wasn’t a ton of rain Friday night or Saturday morning, but there was a big water drop around noon that was very heavy and very quick. This makes me think the main parts of the trail will dry but low lying areas will need time and sun.
  3. Yes, but also no. Same trail Ronan has built, but improved in areas. Same turns, tree gates and obstacles he previously built, but improvements to flow and drainage. For your thread on time trails there will be different times after the improvements, but still the same segment. I like the discussion in that thread, thank you for creating it. -Scott
  4. Sorry to hear people stuff is getting stolen. You’re welcome to park at my house as well, but it’s a small regional trail ride compared to where you normally park.
  5. It seems obtaining a tandem that is suitable for riding is the main hurdle to everyone entering. If the group is able to get one up and running, would it be a potential for multiple teams to use the same bike to fill out the category? This might also work for one of those ones listed on Craiglist if a bunch of people all went in an bought one. Thoughts? -Scott
  6. Hey @First-Blood there’s some motivation for you. I’m excited about racing, but I sure want to spectate the hell out of the tandem division.
  7. Only did 1 lap yesterday afternoon after a workout in the morning so my legs were sore, but I was happy with 18:50. On a Strava note, in case anyone else has this issue, the segment was not showing up for me on the app, but others could see that I had completed the segment. I had to go on my laptop to the Strava site and look at my ride. I scrolled past the segments and clicked "show hidden segments". Peddler's Pass 4.0 was in there and now that I clicked "unhide" the segment now shows up on the app. Hope that helps others that are trying to see their times but it isn't showing up. Scott
  8. Well Crap! It was full while it lasted.....for 1 post. I'll just have to do what Ronan says and improve technique and fitness.
  9. I'll bask in the glory of showing up in the top 10 while it lasts.....since I'm right at the 10 mark. I'll have to admit I was trying to feel out the east side direction change on that 24 minute lap, but I was able to set a PR on the west side that day. Certainly not close to the pace of Todd and Ronan, but I'm happy with my progress. I've registered and I'm ready to go. I won't be winning any prizes, but I'm sure looking forward to the entire experience. Scott
  10. Better late than never? Guess the guy in charge showed up.....now that it’s mostly done.
  11. my hope from this thread: awesome trail builders unite! I’ve learned so much about trail building and maintenance from many on this thread, I can only dream of what could be built by those with many years of experience through cooperation. -Scott
  12. I rode by this morning and, despite their best efforts of not putting up barriers, nobody seems to have rode/walked on the new section to leave marks. They still have quite a bit to go, so there is still a very good chance they will have the opportunity to redo a section. I’m baffled after the first incident they didn’t buy a roll of yellow or orange tape to at least attempt a barrier, it seems like the simplest form of common sense.
  13. I feel like we should start a pool to bet on it happening again since they don’t seem to want to use barriers. For those that are certain it will, we could go as far as to bet how many squares are included, whoever gets it right or the closest wins.
  14. I would say whoever this person is experiencing an uptick in views, but there is no content.
  15. I'm not defending the idiots that rode and walked on the concrete, but I'm really surprised they didn't at least put some barrier up. I wonder if they will fix it or leave it as a monument to stupidity set it stone.
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