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  1. In the past there have been feral hog signs (dirt rooted up) along the margins of the Southern Walnut Creek Multi-Use Path. Lots of deer about, but I haven't recently seen, or heard of anyone seeing, hogs. Running into one would be a disaster, though; they're solid.
  2. Boggy Draw Trail System above Dolores, CO, overlooking Italian Canyon. Monsoon clouds were starting to build.
  3. Looks like a tasty little pellet. Dose according to weight. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. Mural along the paved rail trail in Atlanta, near the old Sears headquarters.
  5. Three years ago I started using SKRATCH hydration mix in really hot weather. It's fantastic but the recommended amount/bottle triggered such an intense thirst response I had to cut way down on how much I added to a bottle of water.
  6. Report on Reveille yesterday (Monday, Aug 16, 2021) on facebook. (Not me, just sharing.)
  7. Start: October 23, 2021 6:00 am The DangerBird 350 takes place in the mountains near Las Cruces. It’s a [free!] bikepacking event to support cycling within the Organ Mountains - Desert Peaks National Monument and follows the Monumental Loop route. You just need to email the organizer to sign up. The 2021 reroutes that make the loop more fun and less sufferfest-y are discussed in the Monumental Loop link. The first New Mexico Bikepacking Summit: Origins and Connections (also free, free free free free free) will take place in Las Cruces the day before the event start, on Friday, October 22.
  8. Permethrin is the bomb for repelling/killing ticks, but it is something that is applied to clothes, shoes, socks, rather than skin. Skin: DEET to the max.
  9. That episode is when I parted ways with Breaking Bad...maybe at some point I'll go back and finish. I saw him shopping at Wheatsville one day during the Friday Night Lights era and was only vaguely aware of who he was.
  10. Very good call. They can be very dangerous critters.
  11. Yup, this is the coolest, wettest summer I can recall, while the PNW and Cali fry.
  12. We stopped in Dolores for two nights, before heading to Telluride to volunteer for the Telluride 100. Kokopelli Bike and Board has just opened a store in Dolores at 315 Central Ave, across the street from Dolores River Brewery. It's in an old brick building and they've created a beautiful, simple interior. We went in last week and Scott bled my brakes. Then we went for a ride at the Boggy Draw Trail System above Dolores and John realized HE needed his brakes bled so back we went. Scott did a great job on both. They have some fantastic Phil's World tee shirts, including a Jimi Hendrix/Phil's World tee. Dolores/SWCCA (SW Colorado Cycling Assoc.) has created a trail from town up to the top of the mesa (parallel to County Rd. 31) so one can now ride from town up to Boggy Draw trailhead. I was looking at the big map at the trailhead kiosk and realized the trail system is two to three times bigger than I'd realized. Lots of miles of trail to explore. We usually just ride Maverick and Italian Canyon, mostly flowy and mellow. Also possible to do a huge loop, riding the canyon rim above McPhee Reservoir, coming out at the old cemetery just above Dolores. There's a small pond near the Boggy Draw trail head, which is a great spot to base camp in the Ponderosa pines and ride when it's too hot for Phil's World, which is about 1,200 feet lower in elevation. .
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