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  1. + Or a trip report! We're going to do a Western Spirit tour in the Grand Staircase-Escalante area. There's no technical riding; it's all on dirt roads, although the last day will have some rough two-track. We'll be riding mountain bikes. Stopping on the way for two or three days in Mexican Hat, Utah to check out the rough-ish 17-mile dirt road through Valley of the Gods (scenic!) and another route (Johns Canyon Rd) for mellow bikepacking potential, probably camping at Goosenecks State Park. Here's a random review (photos and video) from the interwebs w/photos of Goosenecks State Park and Johns Canyon Road. Looks well maintained and very gravel-bike friendly. Johns Canyon Road
  2. Dang, glad you escaped with (relatively) minor injuries. Edited to add: Very happy your replacement bike won't be a white Ghost Bike.
  3. By Pam LeBlanc for Texas Monthly Texas Cyclists Are Discovering the Joys of Gravel Grinding Why many are exchanging paved roads and traffic for rural routes and breathtaking scenery.
  4. That's an Imelda-level shoe collection. Is it for multiple family members?
  5. Southern Walnut Creek Multi-Use Path Sept. 17th Someone riding a few nights ago reported that a large wild boar charged across the trail in front of him. This would be north of the turnoff to the tennis courts, in the area of the large open field, before you get to Johnny Morris Rd. He didn't spot any sows or piglets, but I'm sure they are around.
  6. bikepacking.com has just posted a long-term review of the WAHOO Elemnt Roam. WAHOO ELEMNT ROAM REVIEW (VIDEO), AFTER 5,000+ MILES After well over 5,000 miles of use, Neil reviews the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM in his latest video. In addition, find a second video tutorial on how to quickly load our routes from your phone directly to the ROAM… The comments section are always worth a read, with a wee bit of churlish blow back from an Edge fan boi.
  7. ...but for the personal locator beacons, like InReach Explorer, it could be an inconvenience (I can't send a text about the incredible view!) or life and death. This is NOT confidence inspiring.
  8. Sept. 15, 2020 We are on a Garmin Flex plan for an InReach Explorer and I needed to update the CC billing number. Garmin log-in page recognizes my email, but not my password. Set up a new password, it just cycles back to the log-in page with no other feedback. Sheesh. I'M TRYING TO GIVE THEM MONEY. Next, customer support by phone. Did the competent, cheerful customer service rep come on the line to HELP ME GIVE THEM MONEY? No, no s/he didn't. "We are experiencing technical difficulties and are disconnecting this call." There it is. I've been ghosted by Garmin. Deja vu all over again?
  9. Sand Canyon (Canyon of the Ancients Nat'l Monument)?
  10. Glad you got a ride in before the Cold Times arrived!
  11. I know I've been a bit of a broken record on this in the past, but if ya don't have one, it's great to support Colorado Search and Rescue and if things go south and you've got to use that SPOT, these are the people who will come and get you. In practical terms, having a current CORSAR means you won't be billed for the cost of your rescue. To purchase on line: Click here.
  12. Got to be The Zither, right? Or Crazy Train.
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