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  1. How long will the flow and return trails be?
  2. MTBR.com thread from 2015 'til now: Bike packing for elk, anyone else doing it? Some interesting set ups. The gun rack appears to create issue with, um, stand-over height, but the rifle barrel could potentially help stop an endo when one is half to three quarters of the way over. Surely that counts for something.
  3. So two trucks on MoPac today carrying mtn bikes via tailgate pad, and one with the pad but no bikes. This seems like a very easy and inexpensive solution. Ditto on van; have a Toyota Sienna and love being able to roll the bikes into back and close the hatch. Yeah, we don't have kids so all he back seats have been removed and stored.
  4. Arkansas has put together a web site listing all of the mountain biking options (Monument Trails) at their state parks. Monument Trails in Arkansas State Parks
  5. Is there an overview of where this park is located? Are mountain bikers considered stakeholders? How many acres is the property and what type of terrain? What is the trail potential? I did a quick google search that didn't provide this information.
  6. Those little guys were wonderful: I crashing into a tree and it was AWESOME! This is beautiful and touching in so many ways. Step daughter just moved to Gig Harbor, WA. It's like the most astoundingly scenic village on coastal Maine, with the biggest mountain you've ever seen looming RIGHT THERE on the skyline. I was thrilled that she's living in a scenic place, but, dayum, if the Big One hits or the Rainier blows, it not the place to be. One the other hand,
  7. Texas' state parks are desperately underfunded, but shouldn't be. Palo Duro, Big Bend Ranch, Pedernales Falls, Government Canyon, Colorado Bend, Franklin Mountains, Hill Country SNA, Seminole Canyon, Caprock Canyons are state parks with viable mountain biking trail systems. This post lays out why state parks are underfunded and what can be done about it; here's the gist of the post below: On November 5, Texans will have the opportunity to vote YES on Proposition 5 to protect Texas' natural areas, water quality, and history. Importantly, this requires no new taxes or fees. Prop. 5 will dedicate revenue from the SGST [Sporting Goods Sales Tax], so those dollars can only be used by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission on public parks and historic sites, and not for any other purposes. As noted above, there are parks waiting to be opened, and at least one of these has great trail potential. Without adequate funding, the development and opening of these parks will proceed at a glacial pace.
  8. Today, Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019, at 1:21 pm it's 92 degrees BUT THE FREAKING DAMN HEAT INDEX IS AROUND 100 degrees. So...the heat is too damn high.
  9. On the east side of Metric? There's a sidewalk that comes down to the multi-use path. If you go left (upstream) you cross under Metric on the path. There is always some something that washes across during rains. IIRC, there's a bench there as well and some bare ground that contributes to the problem.
  10. Which Gracywoods Park are you referring to? The Southern Walnut Multi-Use Path has been open for several years and still has trouble spots after rain washes mud, sand and gravel onto the trail. It's not a big revelation that water flows downhill. A fundamental aspect of paved path design should be that water is diverted away from the trail surface, instead of incorporating design flaws that annoy and endanger trail users.
  11. I'll use this as an opportunity to kvetch at little bit about the lack of design for both the Southern and Northern multi-use paths. Even the southern path starting in Govalle Park still has issues with mud, gravel and sand on the trail after rains. STILL. I knew when the Northern trail went in those same issues would arise and they did. A lot of work days went into addressing those issues. Hoping in the future that when the initial planning takes place that the verge will be appropriately graded away from the path and drains installed to keep mud and gravel off the paved trail. I love having the multi-use path going under MoPac; I use it three or four times a month to go to the library on Amherst.
  12. I ended up getting an Apple iPhone SE, because it was quite a bit smaller and therefore handier to tote around. I text occasionally, make a few phone calls and use photos, camera, timer and alarm. That's pretty much it. It has pathetic battery life and as I like to say, it's a great phone if you don't actually use it. I do have a Garmin, which I never use. The Karoo looks great because it seems to have wonderful displays on a large-ish screen. TheX, please give us a product review in the future.
  13. Review here: Hammerhead Karoo Nice big screen. It's based on an Android OS. As the owner of a perfectly functional smart phone that lost it's ability to be updated to the latest Android OS after three years and is now unusable, I have to wonder if this thing will become obsolete and not updatable in the (relatively) near future. Is that how Android works? Is that how all of this works?
  14. Has anyone thought about aqua jogging for knee rehab? Can be boring, but it's zero impact in the water, so could be a nice respite from the heat at Barton Springs or Deep Eddy. You can even do structured workouts: runnersconnect.net/coach-corner/aqua-jogging-for-runners/
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