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  1. This seems like a good spot to plop down pictures of loaded bikes: Rigs of the 2021 Tour Divide Grand Depart = June 11
  2. The Moistening continues: Tuesday morning, June 8, and it is, of course, raining.
  3. Could be worth checking out SW flights to Grand Junction.
  4. Bit by bit, y'all. The first 17 miles (Phase 1) are open. Completion of the upper section projected to be end of July 2021. COPMOBA: Plunge into Phase 1 of Palisade Plunge
  5. Yup, $49 one way from Austin to Bentonville on Allegiant Air. Bergstrom = AUS Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport = XNA
  6. Yup, pouring right now (10:40 am, Thursday). My backyard is suddenly looking very jungle-ish.
  7. And just like that, high winds and heavy rain starting at @ 8:20 pm, Wednesday, in the Walnut 'hood.
  8. Have you ever been to Butler Park Pitch and Putt? Fun!
  9. 6:10 pm, Sunday, May 30 Pouring rain happening in the WC area. Again.
  10. Well if the original sign were to be used, I had to google, and it's a brilliant use of Tosser: noun British slang -- stupid or despicable person Which led down the fun rabbit hole of British slang and American English equivalents and incorrect adoption of British slang from Americans watching too much BBC w/out subtitles. I'm so tempted right now to investigate what it would cost to have a sign printed up...
  11. Looking like a few tenths shy of 2 inches just fell. There is another potential wave of rain later tonight. Monday or Tuesday might be good. Hydromet shows the current creek level @ 7.65' Very likely.
  12. The last few years we've been going to SW Colorado by way of Albuquerque, up to Bernalillo and then to Aztec, NM via the awesome Hwy 550. However, we may go through Angel Fire this time, so this would work well.
  13. 7:04 pm Friday, May 28th Well gosh darn! Frog Strangler #2 currently underway in the Walnut Creek area. This is a seriously violent thunderstorm; it's raining upside down and backwards, intense wind.
  14. Thanks for posting this, AB. Will make a nice break on the long drive to Colorado!
  15. Do you have a rain gauge? Curious to know how much actually came down.
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