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  1. A few years ago descending into the canyon before Mt Lakeway I had one cross the trail about 20 yds in front of me. When I first saw it i though to myself "that is a REALLY big deer" then when it fully entered the trail and I saw its tail I registered what it was. It slowed down to look at me but thankfully kept going down into the canyon. for some reason I kept looking all around me the rest of the ride...
  2. Fun fast capable bike, but I want to go back to aluminum (cheaper, more resilient to impacts, etc) Full carbon everything. Color Black/Grey Frame was replaced under warranty in June, 2017 front carbon wheel (DT Swiss xmc 1200) replaced via crash replacement in March 2018 chain stay replaced under crash replacement in Jan 2019 I can't find a link to the specs for this model year on YT's site anymore, but here is a review from that time period that contains all the relevant info: https://www.bikeradar.com/us/mtb/news/article/five-reasons-why-yts-jeffsy-is-one-of-the-coolest-29ers-out-there-46763/
  3. If the front wheel is a 20mm thru axle, I am interested. How much you want for them?
  4. Building up a full suspension bike for my son, does not need to be in perfect shape, but I'd prefer round. Looking to spend between $50 & $100. Rear wheel is 135mm QR but I've got one of those lying around, but I'd go for a full set if the price is right. Thanks!
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