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  1. Bamwa

    Brushy Creek

    Still is tho.
  2. You need to work on your Bikerfox Hop.
  3. Can you girdle Live Oaks to get the tasty syrup out? (Not during oak wilt season of course.)
  4. Bamwa

    Brushy Creek

    First I'm like: Cyclists are smarter than joggers because the idiot on foot TURNED LEFT instead of jumping off to the right. But then I'm like: It took TWO cyclists this FAR to realize wet concrete....... so I'm not so sure now. Finally like : What brain dead city workers wouldn't block the path after paving it? Definitely kids, IMO.
  5. Hello Mod. Like title says I have 7 pages of notifications and looked everywhere (or so I think) to delete and can't find where to do this. I even have the do not send button selected but still get them. Help. Thanks.
  6. I would think that cleavers or air-plant as I call it is the zebra mussels of the world. Rake now or forever throw out socks.
  7. Bamwa

    Spider Mountain

    $50 lift ticket $20 gas $100 downhill rental. Shit I left out beer and bbq. Call it $190? (this isn't for me btw, , y'all know I'm too cheap to rent a sled :P but if'in I wanted)
  8. Bamwa

    Spider Mountain

    Heck yeah. I totally support them using their deep pockets to more add trails and wood features asap so I can justify a $170/day throwdown.
  9. Bamwa

    Spider Mountain

    I found the critique to be good reading. Is it worth $50 plus gas money yet is what I want to know. How many runs did you get in from when to when? Thanks
  10. Bamwa

    Walnut Creek

    Worried how much of a nightmare main creek crossing is. The south/west side was a mess last a few weeks ago.
  11. Bamwa

    Brushy Creek

    I thought you said one hr ride at first. What a pace that would have been.
  12. What Twin parks had. That place was fn baller. #Never Forget.
  13. And so are houses and cars and families and birthday parties and vacations and food and bike rides and hobbies and friends and......Why can't we just live on the beach in sandcastles and survive on whatever washes up?
  14. When trails go on leash I can't wait to closeline your ass. Fine that. edit: Seriously though, tough mountain biker can handle some dogs having fun? Unless it's a psycho dog chill the f out. Cool dogs are cool. Biters on leashes. When did this town turn into such pusswads? Most people love dogs, so you are are a weirdo if you don't. Weirdo. Bartman? p.s. Green bags in saddle bag > trashcan.