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  1. My welding shop would give you ptsd then. This Barry guy is insane tho. 4 laps? how believable is that even?
  2. even tho it's Christmas I'm calling bs on this one. There is no way in hell. Nut is pg13, Jorge is xxx.
  3. Lago Jorgevilla deserves to be in the hardest discussion. I remember when Russell to Hogg and back was a full day of wtf. The scenery alone of a full lap puts it up there for fav. Thirdly the oh chit factor of no bailout makes BuenoAqua Trail high on the the balls list. It's like a 4 hr jackhammer to the taint....or TaintHammer...if you will. Actually I now petition to officially rename that 26 mile beast to TaintHammer.
  4. I love Thing. I would high five that hand in a box every day!
  5. Thanks...Porta pottys??? They don't have a clubhouse/repair/rental shop with a real bathroom? Hmmmm. Thanks for the answer but can you elaborate on the progression aspect? No send to full send? Thanks
  6. Hey Mojos, SM virgin here. Only ridden 2 parks, Trestle in CO and Highland in NH. Trestle didn't really get to push it since I was with my girl and riding Green World most of the day. Highland was small but amazing and the progression was something else. By the end of the day is was really easy to clear the tabletops after learning the course through multiple runs. Felt like going noob to sender in five hours and I didn't want to leave. Is Spider Mtn anything close to that because I'm pretty much xc. Will I be tearing it up and dying to go back by 4 pm? I will be taking my xc Voodoo Canzo 29er with stans crest wheels, full pads and full face helmet, unless I dust of the Titus Switchblade 26er. I'm hoping the progression that I seek I will find. Should we get there at open or will I get my jollies by getting there at noon? What's y'all's experience? Sincerely, Buffalo Slaghammer
  7. Im a welder, you got woosched (thats why the crazy wink laugh emojis)
  8. Happy Cracksgiving!!!! Anyone know someone who can weld aluminum? 😜😜 I am thankful to know the Browns are having a great season and have their own mariachis!
  9. I ran my crossmarks bald to see how it do. It does.
  10. My fav RV camp spot in Texas is the west side of that middle nub.
  11. I dont know, to me Root drop looks like a OTB, KO, Drown trifecta.
  12. So what you're saying is you had to walk this bump?
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