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  1. More wiping, less typing. I'm embarrassed I even got pulled back into this thread to survey the shit show once again. Annual Mag... wtf kind of stupid ass idea is that? At least when I lose my mind it's while playing drums or guitar and not on a public forum. Beside old people calling other old people old? Get the ban hammer mods. This guy is a community killer and traffic driver going the wrong way. Cheers to all you cool people still brave enough to visit this site, but one bad apple......Austinmountainbiking.com RIP if this guy is still allowed to post. He will be the only one left.
  2. I would think it's possible a seat post could still make noise when the frame flexes.... even if standing. Not saying that's it but it wouldn't hurt to pull, wipe, and reinsert with grip grease or whatever it's called.
  3. Page 1 How to get trails banned. Page 2 By having a magazine about them. Please watch fight club or google it's rules. Or just go back to Florida. You really seem like what I imagine raising a teenager is like when they just don't listen or get it. Go do your stupid magazine if you want but leave the bs off this community forum. Just do it on your own. F us. Please. But then someday when you mature beyond 14 or wherever you're stuck at, you will realize biking is about biking and the best thing you can do to preserve it is to stfu about it.
  4. That just sounds so dirty and sinful.
  5. What is the travel on that RockShox sticker? :)
  6. What happened? Were they locked up?
  7. Luckily I dont get cedar fever but I get hayfever around Sept 1. If I sneeze for more than two days straight I get an allergy shot, then I'm good until the next year. I could never handle some if the stuff described above.
  8. I'm more impressed you did this with a lil dude on your shoulder.
  9. I thought this is how you mount your Tony The Tiger cereal box license plate to your seatpost. Bet you could.
  10. Madrone Trail at Canyon Lake is beautiful and closer to SA. If you come up to Austin a lap around Lake Georgetown,the Goodwater trail is an IMBA epic. That and City Park should be on your list. These three are really the most challenging and scenic in CenTex. Bring or rent a full susser for sure.
  11. Go over rocks or ledges and around trees....not the other way around! Nothing with to much fall line, it will erode. "Broadcast" your dirt and debris well away from the tread so it doesn't trap water. Tree gates are fun. Think about if you want fast or technical beforehand. Follow natural contours as much as possible and avoid total flat spots, water needs to be able to sheet runoff down a hill. Use google earth then flag tape then weed wacker THEN chainsaw. Don't get chainsaw happy, pick natural easy to clear lines for quicker initial route clearing. Stacked Loop is the way to go. Bring a keg and invite us to ride it in once done.
  12. I thought this was a new genre of music. :(
  13. crossmark rear igniter front. why is everybody still giving wrong answers?
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