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  1. Did Mendo live? It doesn't show the entire landing.
  2. If it's that clean it's definitely a road bike.
  3. That sucks. Maybe first runs of the day should be scouting runs?
  4. Yes. Keep riff raff off the pavement.
  5. Homemade coasterbrake clunker duelly
  6. I pulled some rocks yesterday but noticed a bunch of new work today. Thank you very much trail volunteers!
  7. Yes I had one of these from a vet in case my old dog opened a wound up. She did. I did. I miss that thing.
  8. What's wrong with the old thread and needle?
  9. Can you girdle Live Oaks to get the tasty syrup out? (Not during oak wilt season of course.)
  10. First I'm like: Cyclists are smarter than joggers because the idiot on foot TURNED LEFT instead of jumping off to the right. But then I'm like: It took TWO cyclists this FAR to realize wet concrete....... so I'm not so sure now. Finally like : What brain dead city workers wouldn't block the path after paving it? Definitely kids, IMO.
  11. Hello Mod. Like title says I have 7 pages of notifications and looked everywhere (or so I think) to delete and can't find where to do this. I even have the do not send button selected but still get them. Help. Thanks.
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