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  1. Do it again for matching bruises!
  2. Are you kidding? That's the worst thing Ive ever heard. As a welder who has to go back and fix things.....JB Weld is crap playdoh. Better off with 2 part plastic epoxy. And that thin of alum is like alum foil. Dont try this OP!
  3. This is scarier than spiders on the mountain.
  4. Squeeky horn. Cateye. Cell phone. Cup holder. streamers. Rear view mirrors.
  5. I agree if you're gonna do tandem you need tandom bikes.
  6. Anyone have a link to pov video? I'd like to see what transpired via helmet cam.
  7. Happy Father's Day to all you fathers. Call your Dads too if you can. Hope you all had breakfast in bed and got a roll in. Cheers! Buffalo Slaghammer
  8. Some people need a last resort type tactic. Better than signs or breaking kneecaps imo.
  9. I ride to experience natural beauty firsthand......wait.....features!
  10. Unashamedly running 3x9 also. Just not worth the swapout to me yet. Pull the front der cable and you can have 1x9 all day. Better than 1x11 cuz less is more. That reminds me, time to bleed the bb7's!
  11. Yo, I heard you like features on your features.....
  12. While we are talking SM, are there any runs like the Hill of Life out there? Just eroded fall line with ledges? Thanks
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