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  1. Is cheesecake the one between jello shot and hair pie?
  2. This is how I feel about Gnargasm or whatever that one is with the boulder to ladder. At some point a rear wheel skid does nothing and you still accelerate. I eyed it up then said I'm cool to walk this one. Some people say f it and just huck off rental trucks tho.
  3. I don't know the Jordie guy but I did know Mehoway and risk taking. It's great to know people went out doing what they love but there is no shame in walking a feature either. I just read about how Mikayla tried this: https://www.pinkbike.com/video/486533/ Story and chance to donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/mikayla-martin-memorial-fund Taper your stoke or not, accordingly. Roll safe, roll long.
  4. Question for Seddie : Is there a volunteer sign up or are marshals and trombones and stuff covered?
  5. If this is about Cat, hopefully you are grandfathered, maybe get pics of what's there before changes take effect. But yeah. Sucky news.
  6. Preserve advocates don't want a lot of trail users out there tho. Like maybe none. Hopefully Hays if they buy it can find a balance, and notyal becomes Trail King.
  7. He was good for face slapper posts at least.
  8. Hell yeah. Way to go man. Of course our ARR (get it?) forefathers would have the deets on stuff like this. I would also suggest Lakeway as an example of sustainable access. Maybe endorsement letters from their council members could help. Studies about Warblers at Fort Hood and tank traffic being compatible. Letters from LCRA about positive impacts from mountain bikers at various facilities. Even info from cough cough IMBA. Petition of potential riders/volunteers. Hays should know already about the successes/values of Purgatory and similar areas. Existing trails with mods may be the way to go even. I think it's more about what the county wants to do than the talking heads but I can't say that for sure. Reserved swimming says to me they are already making up their minds possibly. On the other side of the coin, if Spider Mtn folks acquired the land we could see another chairlift possibly and real access to the hill and the river. Heck campsites on that hill would be sweet. Bottom line, talk to Chardog and Leif. Public entities can be very frustrating to work with and take forever also so be patient. I'm sure many of us would write letters if it would help out.
  9. Been there, done that. Full throttle on a road bike. Helmet saved my life, but not my ribcage. Still not sure if SpiceWookie's venison gift a month prior caused it. :P
  10. Seen some giant bars on small kitted dudes. It reminds me of a kid brother wearing giant hand me down shoes he's yet to grow into. I'm still into shoulder width bars so I'm lame I guess. Good thing I'm riding bikes and not trying to pry a boulder from the dirt with my front wheel.
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