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  1. Spittle air can flow around a shield. Thanks but no thanks. “I don't wear the shield alone,” says Anne Mary Orr, a dentist in private practice in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. “At work, the whole point of the shield is to keep particulate matter off the mask. The N95 mask I wear under it helps filter breathing the virus. Our greatest risk is to inhale an aerosol at work, more so than focusing on the droplets.”
  2. Any use for concrete chunks of various sizes? I would think you could make a few hills then cover with dirt.
  3. Hey Mojos, I demoed some concrete and have a small trailer load or two of chunks that may be useful to anyone building berms or hills. Trail work or adding a hill in your yard to keep car headlights out of your windows. Pile up, Cover with $20 of topsoil. Done. If interested call me at 512-825-5602. I need to make a decision asap on where to take this. It's Friday 11:45 Thanks.
  4. Chit, my first welding shop shared a wall with the OG Boomhouer. It was a dang chop chop knowwamean?
  5. I actually had to nope a pass during a TMBRA race due to some BO. The Peddler guys must live on skunks and stink bugs or something. Back to the discussion, my neighbor said he saw a 40 person peloton all maskless riding around. Brilliant asymptomatic low T bunch there.
  6. The Astros are really, really, pulling some strings to make everyone forget about their scandal. And it's working. Watch them get to keep the title.
  7. Same with mine. Set it and forget it. I love raising 2 mm for a tough climb then lowering it 2mm for a tough decent every few months. Spider Mtn would be when I would actually use it. If I can ever get out there.
  8. KS eTEN has worked flawlessly for 4 years or so now. Why you guys throwing money away again? What's a rebuild? Why spend more than $110? Am I in a parallel universe?
  9. So about as frequent as one should hose down their mtb? I went to yearly. :/
  10. Thanks Tip, that was sweet. Cafeend already knows me, as he has a beautiful branch and grass themed railing I made in his house. p.s. @June BugI have a portable unit just sitting at my shop if you get into trouble.
  11. I love that place. 4 wheeled there one winter. Took a month to finally find my way to the mesa in the western horizon. When I finally got there the hill was so steep I chickened out on the drive up, parked, and hauled my 18" djembe to the top and played that drum like a God. Good times. Nothing like off roading in the virgin snow while the trucked hooked up in the cushioned snow filled ruts like on rails.
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