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  1. From Facebook: HOBO Link for Reimers Ranch weather conditions.
  2. Think we'll wait awhile for things to dry out before attempting any natural surface rides, but this is definitely on the list!
  3. On sale at the REI Outlet for $19. Mountainsmith Buzz Lumbar Pack
  4. Thanks for the race report, @AntonioGG and the info on road surface conditions. Mr. June Bug is retiring today, and we'll have time now to go exploring and riding during the week. This area hasn't been on my radar until now. I was curious about the Camino Real aspect of the race name, since I have a passing interest in the actual Camino Real route. I checked in with a friend who rode in the event and he confirmed that there is an historical component to the general area of the race route, so extra interesting. Milan County El Camino Real de los Tejas Sites
  5. I'm seeing a major business opportunity for someone selling bottled water... Actually, if you spend enough time combing through the dunes, you might find some intact bottled water. One of our group had some drive train problems and we found a can of WD 40 in the dunes. It wasn't functional so we just kept looking until we found a can that was and used it to spray down the drive train. Problem solved. If one wanted to do an inventory of American material culture, the dunes on Matagorda would be one of the best places to look. I'm guessing combo of ocean currents and storms deposit a lot of flotsam.
  6. This Mountain Biking Mecca in Mexico Offers an Isolated Escape Into Nature Rancho Cacachilas is the brainchild of billionaire Christy Walton, one of the heirs to the Walmart fortune. The ranch is about 2 hours from Los Cabos on the southerly end of the Baja Peninsula.
  7. Years ago we took our bikes on the now discontinued Parks and Wildlife ferry from Port O'Connor over to Matagorda Island. At low tide, it was smooth riding on the beach for miles on hard packed sand. There is a road in the middle of the island paved with crushed shells that was also good for riding and we used it to return to the dock. While riding the shell road, we did spot some whooping cranes by a little pond. No fresh water on the island; you have to bring your own. There was an air base on the island during WW II, so the runways are clearly visible on googlemaps satellite view towards the north end of the island. This is where we were dropped off by the ferry and there was a road across the island to the beach. There's also a lighthouse to check out. General Info: Texas Parks and Wildlife Matagorda Island Wildlife Management Area Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce: Matagorda Island shuttles Last year, Hammertime Fishing Guides would shuttle you to the island for $75/person with a minimum of two people. Round-trip price?
  8. Northwest Arkansas had an intense rain event yesterday Wednesday, April 29th) with some local flooding in Bentonville. It will be interesting to see how the various trail systems fared. I suspect the excellent design of many trails will mitigate most water damage.
  9. I can't wear a hydration pack anymore, but Revelate Mountain Feedbags (mount to handlebars) are sized to fit a liter Nalgene bottle and have lots of side pockets. That, plus a pack de derriere (REI Co-op Trail 5 Waistpack, capacity 5 liters) for tools and what not. ETA: Just got back from Walnut. Counted 3 (three!) packs de derriere in use by riders.
  10. All the cases were women and may possibly be related to a rare genetic variant. I'd like to point out that there are six cases THAT ARE KNOWN. The complications appear a week or two after inoculation; it's entirely possible that there are many more cases that weren't identified as being related to the J & J vax.
  11. I have one on my commuter bike and constantly tell myself I'll put the extra on the mtn bike, so this is a good reminder to do that. The one on the commuter bike gets a fair amount of use, but walkers with ear buds are a constant problem. Sometimes they hear the bell, sometimes they don't. I really worry for women who use them while walking/running on trails or anywhere really because their situational awareness is zero.
  12. My neighbors are going to wait for a month before doing any aggressive trimming. Their trees didn't die, but about half of the branches didn't leaf out. My neighborhood was built out in the early 70s, so the trees are mature for sure.
  13. Many yards in my 'hood have Arizona ash trees -- giant shade trees -- and many of them didn't make it.
  14. "Potential reduction in neutralization by monoclonal antibody treatments" From the FDA Web site: "Monoclonal antiboies are laboratory-made proteins that mimic the immune system's ability to fight off harmful pathogens such as viruses." So: Some of the COVID variants show varying degrees of resistance to monoclonal antibody treatments. Monoclonal antibody treatment can be very effective against COVID and Regeneron (brand) has demonstrated that monoclonal antibody treatment can be effective in preventing infection in people who have been exposed to COVID.
  15. Yup, and this for many of the variants: Potential reduction in neutralization by monoclonal antibody treatments. B.1.1.7. is no slacker either: ~50% increased transmission, likely increased severity.
  16. You had me at 4-car garage! What an amazing place. Bears will visit you! WIKI: Brevard is a city in Transylvania County, North Carolina, United States, with a population of 7,609 as of the 2010 Census. It is the county seat of Transylvania County. Brevard is located at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest and has become a noted tourism, retirement and cultural center in western North Carolina. ...and this: Best wishes as you move into this new and exciting stage of your life.
  17. I've been in a vaccine study since August (J & J Janssen two-dose study). Our study was unblinded in January; I got the actual vaccine. Hubs is a month past his 2nd Moderna jab. I've done a few things in the last few weeks that I've put off for a year, like go to the dentist, but still very cautious. I simply won't eat indoors in a restaurant, but I did start recently going back to a regular Tuesday morning social ride on the Southern Walnut Trail with post-ride outdoor maskless socializing -- it's an older group and we're all vaccinated. Also considering some outdoor dining with others who are vaccinated. I meet my trainer once a week now at the very well ventilated Hyde Park Gym, which has stringent mask and social distancing protocols in place. My concern right now are Covid variants that have become common in the US, some of which are ~50% more transmissible than original Covid and have a tendency to infect more young people and children. We're are about two-weeks past the Spring Break super-spreader events and I don't know how well my vaccine works against variants. So, I'm just as paranoid as I was a year ago. My patience and tolerance with the anti-vaxx crowd and people who are "waiting to see if there are problems with the vaccine" is zero. Fortunately, I don't personally know anyone who is holding off or refusing to vax.
  18. Turkmenistan King Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov rides his bike: John Oliver has quite a bit to say about this guy:
  19. Thanks for this reminder. I've gotten numerous ads here and there (FaceBook) about the amazing trails at Mr. Nebo State Park.
  20. I hate to disappoint, but the opening is years in the future. TP&W is glacially slow in opening new parks. They are still in the resource inventory and design phase and trying to raise 9 million (!) dollars. Too bad it's so far away; they are very happy to have volunteers participating in the process. Potential for a stellar mountain bike trail system is excellent, though. If you're a map or road nerd, it's just off State Highway 16, a few miles north of IH 20. Highway nerd alert: Highway 16 starts in Zapata by Falcon Reservoir on the border with Mexico, up to San Antonio and then through Helotes, Pipe Creek, Kerrville, F-burg, past Enchanted Rock, Llano, San Saba, Comanche, across IH 20 and then the new state park is to the left. State Highway 16 continues almost to Wichita Falls and that's it -- 542 miles.
  21. Usually a massive suffer-fest of cobbles and crappy weather, right? I always use Trip Advisor to sus out when a budget motel is sub par or is a reasonably priced but nice accommodation. It's a very fine line.
  22. The red oak in the front yard still shows zero signs of life. The red oak in the back yard has leafed out for the most part, although more towards the end of the main branches. The little branchlets (4-5" long coming off a main branch) show no signs of leafing out. My monster rambling rose, with a 2" trunk where it comes out of the ground, is dead. My two smaller rambling roses are putting up some fresh growth.
  23. This looks wonderful and that's some serious mileage each day. Did you motel it or stay in a B n B? Any gravel?
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