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  1. Not sure if it’s the same sale, but 5 ten are also having a sale today because it’s 5/10. 30%-50% off I think.
  2. I brought my bike over with me when I moved here and just kept riding with the UK set up. When I’ve borrowed/rented bikes in the US I’ve been fine with front left/ rear right the majority of the time, but the times I haven’t have been in urgent/instinctive moments when I really didn’t want to get things the wrong way round. Maybe I could learn to be fluent with both set ups, but I’m not willing to grab a fistful of front by mistake the number of times necessary for me to learn that lesson. Also, I sold my motorcycle a few years ago, but it seems like switching between front right/ left clutch and the US bike brake setup would be weird? Not sure as I’ve always had the front brake on the right in both cases.
  3. Thanks for the input everyone- I went with Hope Tech 3 E4s in the end. Partly because I’m a disgusting Brit and I like supporting English companies when they make decent stuff. Sounds like hidden fees are unlikely, plus the brakes will come set up moto style/front right rear left, like they should be, straight out of the box. Guessing I’ll probably have to alter the hose length anyway, but if there’s a chance it’ll save me any effort, I’ll take it.
  4. Yeah that would be pretty upsetting as a surprise fee- sorry. Still, assuming that’s the same commencal I think you’ve posted on here a while back- looks like a nice bike!
  5. The Hope peer pressure group has me pretty close to caving in. Brakes will be paired with Hope Pro 4 hubs too, so it would all be very matchy matchy (yes, Teamsloan gets to reference Ferris Bueller, and I reference Peter f*cking Rabbit, which should give everyone a glimpse into what my life has become). Might still be swayed by Zees though if they come back in stock at the best sale price I can see. For anyone who has ordered online from the UK, have you had any customs fees for deliveries? A couple of sites have a warning for international deliveries.
  6. Thanks guys! The brake bleeding/ set up did put me off and I cancelled. There are some decent sales on Zees at the moment, or there would be if they were in stock. I am fairly biased towards Hope though- my current bike has a set of M4s I’ve had since 2005 and I like the look of the E4s- guess I’ll see what I can find the best deal on.
  7. Does anyone use the Magura mt trail brakes with a 2-piston rear and 4-piston front caliper, and if so, do you like them? I just ordered a set of the carbon version online but I’m thinking of cancelling, as after making a rash purchase decision based on sale price, it looks like the lever might be a little flimsy/plastic feeling, and they might be a pain to set-up well? To help with my decision making crisis, do I stick with the order or get a set of Hope E4s instead? If it matters, I tend to be in the 200lb-215lb range, and the brakes would be going on a 150/160mm travel bike I’m building to start riding more of the local trails I have been avoiding on my old 100mm travel xc bike.
  8. Hope nobody has cabin fever yet. This seems like the most appropriate spot for this.
  9. Don’t think I got the orientation of the rock right, but this is the spot by Convict Hill.
  10. For the other side of Brodie, if you come down SP slalom run and take the left before the creek, there is a little root step then almost straight after a small rocky chute type thing. Someone has pulled a bunch of rocks from there- if that description makes sense. I took pictures of the rock I found and replaced on the trail next to Convict Hill- it wouldn’t upload earlier, will try again in a bit. I was planning to see if I could return some rocks to their homes this weekend, but the cedar got to me and I didn’t get out.
  11. A week or two ago I noticed quite a few large rocks have been pulled from the trail running next to Convict Hill, and also the other side of Brodie. Think it’s happened a few times in the last few years, but someone seems to be pretty busy ruining everyone else’s fun at the moment.
  12. I was unaware of all the dangers of using smart trainers:
  13. My wife has been getting allergy shots for a couple of years and they’ve been working really well, especially with sinus headaches. Not sure if it’s a common side-effect but she does get pretty wiped out the day of the shot. They’ve definitely been effective though.
  14. Forks arrived, as far as I can tell they look great. If they do have any cosmetic imperfections I’m too blinded by love at the moment to notice them. Seems to be a brand new fork. As long as I don’t discover that the internals have been stuffed with cut-in-half tennis balls I think I should be happy.
  15. I wasn’t really interested in a used fork either. The one I bought was listed as new, with minor cosmetic imperfections and no warranty. Missed delivery yesterday, should get it tomorrow. It’ll be part of a slow build, so won’t be used for a while. I will post on how they look when I get my paws on them.
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