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  1. I'm planning a trip down to Bandera Bike Park tomorrow morning, who wants to join me? I talked with Seth (one of the builders there) and it drains fast and will be open. Nothing around here is going to be rideable.
  2. So who's coming to Bandera Bike Park tomorrow? I talked with Seth and it drains fast and will be open. Nothing around here is going to be rideable.
  3. AJ will adjust the trail as needed. The Parks director is ok with the mtb trails staying or adjusting around the concrete trail. I see this trail as a huge benefit to the Brushy Creek Single Track, we'll no longer have to ride through a neighborhood to get from SN to the rest of Brushy, how cool is that.
  4. Peddlers is the same length. Lots of people are creating duplicate segments (RIP - Ronan's Infinite Playground, PP 5.0? - Full East Entrance, etc). The Strava times on Peddlers are about 2 minutes faster than it actual takes, this is because Strava seems to drop the 1st or last 2 minutes of everyone's lap (no idea why). For example my Strava P.R. is 15:24, but the actual time for that run was 17:14. Look at the picture for where Strava Started and Stopped the segment
  5. You use trail building as cross training.
  6. I'm setting up car pooling. PM me. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. Who's going to the Enduro Race at Bandera Bike Park on November 16th? I'm organizing a pre-ride on Saturday November 9th. Even if you're not racing you should come join us for a fun day of riding...#BrushyCreekFieldTrip https://www.bikereg.com/banduro
  8. I've built up the berm next to the Brushy Creek/Parmer intersection (the 180 degree berm after you ride up the hill following the rollers section). Go ride it in (once the chain comes down).
  9. If anyone is riding Brushy today can you check Peddlers and see if the chain can come down, thanks.
  10. Paw prints from a dude walking his dog
  11. I doubt it will be ready by Sunday.. my foot sank in an inch when I stepped in the middle of the trail. The two noobs I stopped riding Peddlers also confirmed it’s too muddy for riding this weekend by the huge ruts they were leaving.
  12. I’m building this afternoon. From 2:30-5:30ish. I’ll be East of Parmer on Peddlers Pass.
  13. I was a little cryptic in my last post since nothing is set in stone. Brushy Creek builders are right in the middle of the discussions about the Lakeline MTB trails. We won't do you wrong.
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