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  1. This "ass munch" knocked me out of the top 10. I'm going to use every cheater line I know to return the favor.
  2. Heading down to work on the trail right now until about 5. I'll be by the rollers east of Parmer
  3. Are they on the new stuff? Slow corner or fast? Some trees have to remain on the inside of turns, otherwise, people will cut the corner and create alternate lines. If you pinpoint them on a map I can take a look and see if they can be removed.
  4. The whole trail is going to have a makeover in the very near future before the race. The City has Approved KOM (a local trail building company that has done some of the trail work in Bentonville) to work their magic on Peddlers Pass. We are just waiting for the service agreement to get through the Cities legal department, then they can start work. There are several spots on the Westside that will be completely different when they get done. The trail will be A LOT faster. It's going to be the 1st machine built flow trail specifically for mountain bikes on Public land in Texas. I can't think of any machine built Loops for mountain bikes on private land either, but there be one out somewhere. Reville and Spider have machine built runs from the top to the bottom of a hill but no flow trail loops, does anyone know of any?
  5. I'm not racing because I'll be helping DesertNomad (i've never done a race so can I enter CAT 3 😉 ). I think I could drop 30 seconds or more off my time with a proper warm-up and the correct hydration + fueling. Not going out too fast is also a good strategy. After a good warmup, I start out just below my race pace then increase the speed the further I go. That seems to work for me cause I'm better able to gauge how much effort I can apply to maintain speed around the whole course instead of bonking half way round.
  6. Sign up for the race early cause by the level of interest it will sell out well before raceday.
  7. Nice time. The key to going fast on Peddlers is the cornering. On the bermed turns, you should not be hitting the brakes, lean that bike over and trust the berm. Try lifting your outside elbow up when turning and making sure your leaning the bike over enough for the big lugs on the outside of your tire to dig into the dirt. Tire selection and pressure are also a big factor on Peddlers. If you're using a big knobby tire you're going to go slow. A good tire combo is Maxxis Ardent Race in the front and Maxxis Ikon in the rear, fairly low pressure.
  8. Look what i saw on Peddlers Pass yesterday 20190316_114523.mp4
  9. What a great turn out for building today. We had 15 people show up. Thank you to everyone that came, we got so much done. Someone left a blue North Carolina hoodie, i have it. Pm me and ill drop it off.
  10. REMINDER: There's a building session on Peddlers Pass tomorrow at 9:00am - 11:00am (meet under Parmer). There is a lot to be done. Even if you can only spare 20 minutes before your ride, I would really appreciate it. If you show up later, look for us near the rollers East of Parmer. I can sign paydirt forms
  11. Peddlers is good to go. I rode it at lunchtime and it's fine. I guess the drainage improvements have worked.
  12. I saw you guys out there while you were blocking the bypass in that last picture. Thanks for doing that.
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