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  1. It's going to be faster when it's done....and i'm trying to get to 200 turns.
  2. I've started working on the area between the detention pond and Brushy Creek Road on the East side. It was kinda boring imo. The roller/dips/berms (see pics) will add more fun and the trail will align better with the left turn up the hill towards Brushy Creek Road so you'll be able to carry more speed to get up the hill. In the pics the trail looks close to the chain link fence, once the bench cut is done it will be a few feet further away from it.
  3. Rained hard at Brushy. Chain is up on Peddlers Pass. ....and of course, stopped 3 people riding Peddlers right after the thunderstorm rolled through....and as always, when i pointed out their tires were caked in mud, they said...wait for it...."i thought it was a little muddy, we were just about it get off the trail"...ha ha, of course you were.
  4. I got a report theres a pungi stick thats sticking into the trail by the big tabletop bridge close to the end of the West side of Peddlers Pass. Can someone take care of it this morning, i can't get out there. Apparently it looks like someone snapped a branch and just left it.
  5. Finished!!! It needs rain badly (very loose). After it rains, I'll make the berm at the end bigger.
  6. Cafeend was busy this morning, thanks!!! If we get a few people to show up this evening we should be able to get Deb's Drop reopened.
  7. No, there was branch removed from that tree. It was part of the problem, lots of people were clipping their handlebars on it and wrecking, there was no bark left on the tree it was happening so much.
  8. TRAIL BUILDING TONIGHT!!! Come help finish "Deb's Drop" I'll be there at 5:30pm. See the picture for tonight's plan. We have tools, so just bring gloves and water. If your out riding Brushy this evening, stop by and swing a pickaxe for 10 minutes, the help will be much appreciated. Or if you're out there today, go swing a pickaxe for a few minutes and move some dirt.
  9. The drop is staying the same, it's what is happening after that's changing. The landing area was very small and you had turn the instant you touched the ground. As someone else said, you originally had to go up it and the line was fine. The feature is probably the most intimidating to beginners riding PP and had very little margin of error before you started sliding off the trail. I've moved the trail as close to the creek as possible to make it line up better with the drop. The landing area is going to be twice as big and longer. Since I'm making changes, I'm adding something for the more advanced riders... before you make the left turn up the hill I'm adding a big catch berm so you'll be able to rail that corner and carry a lot more speed up the hill.
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