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  1. Cool find yesterday while building on Snail Trail...a fossil of a large snail (not joking, actually happened, charging block for size comparison).
  2. I might, i'll post here if I do.
  3. Margets log is going to be replaced with a wood ramp donated from Snail Trail.
  4. I lost an orange and black folding hand saw on Peddlers today. If you find it can you put it behind the sign post at the entrance. Thanks
  5. The log that was holding it up got knocked out of place a couple of months ago, so it's been slowly wearing down since then. It's on my list to fix. I've been spending my building time on Snail Trail the last couple of months. There's a berm next to the chainlink fence on the Eastside that needs attention first.
  6. If anyone would like to help build on Friday, PM me for details. It will be with your while. Something similar to Randy's Elbow.
  7. Wow, you got lucky. It's name is Randy's Elbow.
  8. Do you mean the new line on the left side of snail with an 8 foot drop and a steep ramp on the left side of it?
  9. Damm it, not the response I was looking for.
  10. What's happening at Snaggle rock?
  11. This is going to be my comment on Facebook "@Go Round Rock, the City of Cedar Park thanks you for promoting amenities in their City, it's very neighborly of you 😆. These "Epic Bike Trails" and the wood feature in the picture are miles outside of Round Rock 😆. Hopefully it prompts them to take it down.
  12. I'm going to construction glue it in place.
  13. I was riding it W to E, how about you?
  14. To the person (that was probably just trying to help out) that put ths feature back together...please check it before leaving or if your not an experienced trail builder just leave it others that know what they're doing. Soon as I put my front wheel on this feature today it completely collapsed and sent me OTB. After laying on the ground for several minutes i fixed it as best i could considering i jacked up my hand. (P.s. not saying it was gotdurt)
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