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  1. Where's the Brushy Creek thread gone. I can't find it.
  2. Can someone check Peddlers Pass and if it's good to go take the chain down (if it's still up)
  3. People riding muddy trails again. Use the Strava "Flyby" function to see who rode the trails yesterday. Seems like the chain worked in keeping people off Peddlers Pass.
  4. The Peddlers Pass Trail Fund GoFundMe page is doing really well. As of this morning, $3,627 has been raised for trail improvements. Thank you to everyone that has donated. We've got some really cool stuff planned.
  5. Thanks for coming out and racing, I know it's not your thing. I really appreciate you supporting the event. I'll be at your Bandera race, what's the date again? Peddlers is an XC trail with some Enduro elements. Cornering is key, if you can rail berms and do flat corners well, you'll go fast. The problem is having to accelerate out of the 161 corners and get the bike back up to speed before the next berm/corner, that's the killer. There's only a couple of spots you can "rest" on the trail when it points downhill, but you're just about always active on the bike. Even though it's only 2.8 miles, it can feel twice that when trying to go fast, I couldn't imagine trying to race it blind. Cat mountain is no joke, most of the people at the race (me included) can't make it all the way down Cat Mountain without stopping, wrecking, or simply saying "F!@# that" and walking.
  6. Thank you for the gift cards, they are much appreciated. I hadn't set up the GoFundMe page when you gave me the gift cards, I just set it up last night.
  7. I’ve created a GoFundMe page (link below) for Peddlers Pass. My goals with this fundraising effort are: 1. Replace volunteers tools that have been either stolen or broken. 2. Buy materials to create new features on the trail. 3. Have KOM come back and work on the East side of Parmer Lane. Any amount you contribute is greatly appreciated and will help us to continue improving Peddlers Pass. https://www.gofundme.com/f/peddlers-pass-trail-fund&rcid=r01-156090844985-379f3f5e2aa94fa8&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w
  8. I'll be out there doing last minute touch-ups on Peddlers Pass this afternoon and evening. Any help would be awesome. I should get there around 2:00pm. I'll be starting on the Eastside then working my way West.
  9. The race on Peddlers Pass is tomorrow!!! Peddlers Pass will be closed to the public all day Saturday. Marshals will be placed at all entry points to keep the race course clear and safe. If you're not racing, come out and support your fellow mountain bikers, then ride the other 22 miles of sweet Brushy Creek Single Track. https://www.facebook.com/events/257174378553734/ Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but there's a swag giveaway for the juniors (we'll be pulling names out of a hat at the awards ceremony). Here are some interesting things about the trail and race: It's the 1st Mountain Bike race held in Cedar Park. It's the 1st Mountain Bike Time Trial race in Central Texas. It's the 1st flow trail specifically designed for Mountain Bike's built by machines on public land in Texas. Over half of the people racing are 1st timers.
  10. It was 10 minutes. You just did a very fast lap 😉
  11. ....and this was after scraping off some mud.
  12. My shoes after building on Peddlers yesterday evening. It will be closed today.
  13. Peddlers is to wet. Lots of caking on peoples tires and they still say "you think it’s too muddy?" While riding in the middle of a downpour
  14. I've seen people do it in the parking lot. Never seen it in the field, I've no idea if it allowed.
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