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  1. Works for me if you want to tackle some of it. Let me know how much you get done. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. Great minds think alike. I was planning on doing this tommorrow. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  3. Any way you do it and stay upright is fine. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. Mulligan a-line is steeper, but you can roll it. Both lines on this feature require you to be in the air. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. This wood ladder is the B-line. To do the main line you must clear the gap, its 8 feet down and 8 feet out to the lip of the landing, 10-12 feet out and down is where you should be landing. The b-line is not easy, the ladder is 45 degrees down with the end of the ladder still 2 feet above the landing. Look at it before you try it.
  6. Wheels are already in motion.
  7. ARR is going to take care of letting people know.
  8. Following the trail closure, a plan of action is been formulated to strengthen the relationship between ARR and Williamson County Parks dept. The worst thing that can happen at the moment is for people to ignore the trail closure and keep riding it. No-one knows if that trail will be open again, but I can just about guarantee it won't if people keep using it. Think long term. If you see someone riding it explain their actions are making it more difficult to partner with Williamson County Parks dept. Also, social media complaining is only going to make the situation worse. Local Land Managers do look at these forums, MTB facebook groups, and twitter to gather information about what's happening on the trails. I personally have had to apologize several times to a Land Manager for things mtber's (i've never met) have posted on line.
  9. If you ride Mulligan be careful where the trail crosses the low/ muddy spots. I started working on it. I dug small channels across the trail to release water from a pond that formed above the trail due to deadfall. Its going to take a while to finsh the work. Pics below are a before and after of the last low spot. I included a picture of the pond thats formed and the channel to lower release the water. The pond was the reason the low spots are remaing wet permanently. It was allowing a small constant stream of water to run down the trail keeping it wet all the time. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. There is a very effective solution I've used on Peddlers Pass
  11. The problem we have here is the roots work their way around and through the bedrock, there's no "pole dancing" them out by hand. They are locked in place. Digging them out by hand takes forever. Firstblood worked on one for nearly two hours last week. Although, we do use that "pole dancing" technique when we have a mini-x.
  12. Thanks for the input. Last years times were posted on a board next the start chute, but we didn't make an announcement they were there, so i don't think anyone knew. We'll make it clearer for the next race. The things that make this race different to other XC (cross country) Mountain Bike races are: 1. The course is shorter (2.8 miles), normally the XC races are 10+ miles per lap. 2. The racers start one at a time vs. a mass start at other XC races. Typically, everyone in the same category lines up together and starts at the same time. The Peddlers Pass race is similar to the format used at Enduro's or Downhill MTB races. 3. Your racing against the clock vs directly against other riders around you. Your able to focus more on your riding/speed vs what other riders are doing around you. 4. The racecourse has many more corners and features per mile such as berms, rollers, bridges, etc than other XC races, so bike handling skills (corninering) play a bigger part than other XC races. There are 161 corners in 2.8 miles, that averages out to a corner every 92 feet. Over 100 of the corners are bermed, I need to go and count the exact number. if you want to go fast on Peddlers Pass, you've got to get comfortable cornering fast on berms (sometimes it's hard to overcome the natural instinct to tap the brakes when flying into a berm) and learn good flat cornering technique. I'm not a fast XC rider, but I have been able to catch up to fitter/faster riders on Peddlers Pass by having better cornering technique than the person I'm trying to catch. 5. Full Gas on Peddlers Pass bridges the gap between XC and Enduro racing due the combination of race format, fitness, number of trail features, and cornering skills.
  13. For those that raced Peddlers Pass What did you think of the backwards lap? Is it something that should be kept for future races? What could make the race better?
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