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  1. Oh yeah - I should have said as well, great time, thank you to the ASS team (love that team name!) for putting the event on. Here's my foties:
  2. Has anyone ridden around Fredericksburg? MTB project shows a (very) few trails - I'll be going there this weekend, wondering whether to bring the MTB or road bike. Anyone?
  3. Any teams doing the 24 hour race at Rocky Hill? I'm doing it solo (again!) - last year I placed first in my age bracket, which is testament not to my own prowess but rather to the uncompetitive field of oldies like me. Unfortunately this year none of my friends are dumb enough to agree to staying awake for 24 hours to support me. So - hoping to find a large-ish team already out there, that I can set a table up next to. Really just need the occasional refilling of water bottles and telling me to MTFU and stop being a wuss. If any teams going and willing to let me piggy-back, please let me know! You can email me kristan@fortaugustus.com or SMS 310.890.7985
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