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  1. Can't say for sure, it was before they built Rudy's.
  2. There used to be an unofficial trailhead there with lots of cars parking on the grass & 360 shoulder. They finally fenced it off though. We call it Rudy's now. There's actually 2 trails there, Rudys and I think the other's called Walls. If they ever made it official it would probably end up like the VC access.
  3. There are so many old farts & families out there with kids on tiny bikes, I think they are just sanitizing for the “flow”. If so, there are other candidates on their list, so making a statement over this one makes since. We’re probably gonna need a new version of the sign for the beginner level trail features to let them know the rules.
  4. What setting did you have the rear shock on. You can set it to the Firm setting for Peddlers and it won't be much different than your HT.
  5. Well I'm there now and can see the logs on the back side of it. I never stopped to look at it before and didn't realize it was built on a stack of them. Also, my memory did have it placed on the first hump next to the new wood ramp... but it is actually at the second hump just before the wall ride. I probably got confused because I took the left line (no drop) last time because I was looking for this new drop your're building, so I completely skipped the first hump. I guess apologies are in order for the WTF schitt storm. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  6. It's your project man, and really appreciate the effort. I just didn't see any issue with the previous line. It seemed to work with what's there. If maintaing speed off the drops is the goal for the lead in to the new monster drop, then so be it. IDK, but I will hold off judgment until it's all done. Again, thanks for all the work you do.
  7. Isn't the new table top "on top of" the original line?
  8. I did the "shop" in paint cause I didn't take a picture when I was there. Sorry if its not represeintitive of you actual work. but the question still stands.
  9. paint was all I had. I guess I should have taken an actual pic.
  10. @First-Blood What's the "vision" with this new feature? I was kinda disappointed to see the natural line underneath go away, but I know you guys have something in mind... Maybe somethin g to do with when the "new jump line into this line gets built and it becomes faster"?
  11. I think the upper return line is a little faint. I know I didn’t see it at first... and ended up dropping back to the concrete via those lines. I ended up seeing the correct return line from watching a YouTube video.
  12. Just look into having the fork serviced before replacing it. Edit: The stock was a SR SUNTOUR... replacing it is a good option.
  13. 44's doing full squishy now!!! https://www.flickriver.com/search/44bikes+/recent/
  14. Swag deadfall removed! Thanks to whoever cleaned off the branches. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  15. When he was rehabbing his wing, Ronan used to spend his afternoons out there with a leaf blower.
  16. Speaking of trees that need removing, the deadfall across the trail beneath Swag. It’s too big for one person (ok, maybe one type A guy w/attitude) but I think two guys can move it out of the way. If anyone wants to team it with me, post up and we can try it on a DD ride or just access it easily from BCRT.
  17. Damn, I did the same. With better timing we could have got it out of there.
  18. In other news, the tree below Swag is down again. I was able to squeeze under it without dismounting but I think it’s gonna need a saw to clear it out. If anyone has one and the time, post up and we can get it out of there.
  19. Yes, Eric called it “The Puzzler” in the “feature name” video.
  20. Yup, it’s been a reoccurring battle re-blocking the bypasses around those trees. It seems like after the rain and MTBs have taken a day or two to let it dry out, someone clears out the debris piles there. Might be time for a couple game cams.
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