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  1. Are we not educated now? I could post up on the Dana Peak Facebook page to recruit some folks though if you think it would help. They were very proud of their place and were happy to lead
  2. The shirts came in and I will be selling them at Crank and Dranks, starting tonight. $15 (just trying to break even). They came out really nicely. Get them while you can!
  3. I'm thinking 9 am. Early enough to beat the heat, but late enough for folks just coming for the day to make it out.
  4. Yes, it's a thang still. Cold showers. Cold beer. Easy I have an extra site still booked if anyone wants an RV spot.
  5. But does the rain curse happen with a gravel or road bike?
  6. Did some Googling just now: Pfizer’s worldwide known erectile dysfunction product Viagra generated around 500 million U.S. dollars in revenue in 2019.
  7. Sections of the greenbelt? Which? I was actually going to use the greenbelt as example of the lack of power that "they" have to close a trail system down. As we all know there is but one trail that is sanctioned there. Probably represents about 20% of the system. The other 80% blowing and going. I'm not advocating banditry, just pointing out a fact. And yes, the BCCP sucks. They hate people. But they don't control even close to all the trails. City Park is not a very good example of ebikes being the reason it will ever be shut down. Ya know, motorcycles and all. But they sure try, don't they? I laughed when I read an article from one of their henchmen that had a picture of "out of control erosion" at City Park. It was a small ledge literally 4" tall. Ridiculous. BUT, unsuccessful in their efforts. I get the concern. But even if a land owner did close a trail because of this, I think it could be reversed. Let's take Maxwell Slaughter Creek trail for example. "Too many ebikes are using this, we are closing it to all use." This would be like the "no dogs" problem that has been addressed. "We will close this if we see dogs out here." The community has been engaged to educate and inform the dog people that they are not welcomed. Success so far. So the mountain bike community would tell the Water Quality Protection folks that we will self police and educate to the fact that ebikes are absolutely forbidden on this trail. They would say, okay, we'll try it again.
  8. "They" are not going to suddenly shut down every trail to mountain biking because of ebikes being "caught" on a trail somewhere. Let's start giving the "we'll lose access" argument more credence if and when it actually occurs on a single trail. And it probably won't. What a land owner would do is just step up the enforcement of their no ebike policy. But if it does happen then it can be said, "They shut down xyz trail because of this. So our concerns are valid."
  9. I thought I would start a new thread to avoid any confusion. 67 total miles, 100K of it sweet single track. (is it okay to mix miles and kilometers in one sentence?) Four different routes of 17 miles each, that start and stop at our sponsor, ATX Bikes. How many routes can you do in eight hours? MTBATX site has all of the four routes on Strava and TrailForks. Use your favorite: https://www.mtbatx.com/satnsocial2022?fbclid=IwAR1o5ptAwFwOpuiAsjGJ-rsU7CYc8x8-BnUTG2NoXt2ed-oe-BkFzFBqNL8 There's an event up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/323834089619972/?ref=newsfeed There will be tee shirts. $15 before the event, $20 day of and afterwards. We are just trying to break even on them. These are the "cool technology" shirts that cost $19 on Amazon. And those don't have amazing logos on them! Did I mention that it's free. Including the entry, beer, food, and swag drawing?
  10. It was confusing using the original thread so I thought I should start one for this year's event. May 20- 22, 2022 That's Friday through Sunday. It was a great fun the last time. That's why it got booked up very quickly when it was decided to do this. If you are interested in tent camping, say something, and certainly one of the RV reserved spot people will offer you space on their spot.. There is plenty of room on these sites. if you are interested in an RV space, say something, as some extra back up spaces have been reserved just for you. I know I have an extra one just waiting for someone to claim. And of course you can just make a day of it. Come out to ride then stay for the campfire comradery.
  11. I bought a Santa Cruz Heckler a couple of weeks ago. Here are my reasons for doing so: -I've wanted to get one for my wife so that we can ride together at my speed with me on my Giant Trance Pro. She doesn't want one. So my devious plan is to have her ride this one to realize how much fun it is so that she'll let me get her one. BUT the reality is that me riding this one TURNED OFF accomplishes the same goal. So instead of speeding her up, it slows me down. But not by much. Last week at Crank and Drank I took off and forgot to turn it on. I was two miles into the ride before I realized it. This should be an example to people that are reluctant to buy one because, "Yeah, but then you run out of battery and you have to ride the huge thing home." Ha! This is not an impossible task. This is a fun mountain bike turned off. -It acts as a life preserver. On my few rides so far I have had it on the lowest possible setting. It is not much different than riding with it turned off. It barely offsets the added 20 pounds of the bike. BUT I know the power is there if I need it. A friend, that's even older than me (yes, I know, hard to believe) with one told me about this. On a Crank and Drank once he bonked "out there" before he got his ebike. He was scared about getting back. No more. -I've been "having" to ride the four routes for the SATN SOCIAL to get good Strava routes in the bag to post up. I didn't really feel like riding one day but I knew that the bike would "save" me if needed. Turns out I never used more than the minimum, but the comfort of knowing the reserve was there was enough to get me out. I got a ride in whereas before I would not have. -This will allow me to go on group rides that I wouldn't be so comfortable with before. I went out to Lajitas with a group last month. They were very accommodating with me. They would ride a segment and then wait at the next intersection for me. That was very nice but I don't want to feel like a burden. Nor am I willing to give up the fun and camaraderie of participating in that type of activity yet. I told the guys at ATX Bikes, where I bought this, that everyone gave me shit about getting one at the Crank and Drank last week. Even though about 15 people gave it a spin, and laughed out loud when they did, of course. The bike guy said, "yes, but they'll all have one eventually." I think that is mostly true and this debate about ebikes yes or no will be looked on in the future as, "why did we even fight that?" I'm sure the hardcore skiers in the past looked at chair lifts with disdain. "Pussies. How can they enjoy the skiing experience if they don't earn it with the hike up the hill?" "This will ruin skiing. The mountain will be full of people now." In reality they just built more ski areas. A win. So there you have it. You know what side of the debate I'm on now! But saying all that I doubt it will be my primary bike. Yet. ps, On my first battery charge, I went 150 miles before it died. And that included the test ride session where everyone used a lot of battery because they had it set to Boost. lol. I personally have yet to use it on Boost power. I can't imagine ever using it.
  12. Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/323834089619972/?ref=newsfeed MTBATX website's SATN SOCIAL page that has all three routes: https://www.mtbatx.com/satnsocial2022
  13. Everything You Wanted to Know about Hex but were Afraid to Ask: directed by Woody Allen Wrench I use to carry a multi tool. But there were parts of it that I would never use. Now I just carry the three Allen wrenches that I would actually use out on the trail. Lighter, smaller space, and better tools when being used. I also carry a small pocket knife in with them
  14. Sounds like you went down fast. Who knew that gravity was so strong? Once I slid out and went down on some leaves so fast that it felt like rubber bands had pulled me down.
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