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  1. Any more input about Durango? It's going to be a stop for us next week. Is there anything you can ride to from in town?
  2. Congratulations! Very nice. I have plans to be there June 20th. I've never been to a bike park, not even Spider yet, so I'm excited about it.
  3. We've been watching this and enjoying it. In this context it's a person that is not so good at their craft but making a buck off of it anyway.
  4. How's that healing up anyway? Ya gonna live?
  5. Yup, and the market is made of corporations. Look up fiduciary in the dictionary. It uses "company" as an example of a fiduciary responsibility. "the company has a fiduciary duty to shareholders" A corporations ONLY responsibility is to make profit for the shareholders. And when the board of directors says something like, "let's start donating five cents of every unit we sell to feeding African children," they are only doing that to project a better image to their client base. To sell more. To make more profit. That is what a corporation does.
  6. Ha! That's what my other kid said. "The stock market is how rich people gamble." Maybe over simplified, but yes, almost all investments are gambling.
  7. Back up bike! I know that doesn't work for everyone, but it sure takes a lot of the "I want to ride" pressure off, about working on your own bike. I've tried stuff sometimes and just couldn't do it. So I take the bike to the shop but still am able to ride the back up.
  8. Letting it sit is not required. He was visiting us and was on his laptop. He waited for the launch of a new coin and got it right then. Sold it 20 minutes later. "Dad, I just made $8,000." But another one he bought 400,000 coins of at five cents. But he still has those because they didn't shoot up. It's really been a wild west kind of thing.
  9. My kid (27) has been trading crypto for about two years. He got into these penny ones. Buys at .02, sells at .05. He did that until he could trade in bigger ones. He has a good bit of Ethereum now. He has taken a bit of a hit lately of course, but at one point he was up 100X from his initial investment. He has told me a lot of amazing "what if" misses too. "If I had held that," or, "bought that at that it would be worth this now." I laugh at him some saying hindsight is 20/20. I'm a bit of a gambler so I've set up a Coinbase account too. Just to play around some. But a news letter guy I read has big doubts about it. Governments have always controlled the people by controlling their money supply. They will figure out a way to control this too. Either directly or by heavy taxation somehow.
  10. Well, after all, the guy IS a blogger/YouTube dude. He assumes that people want to hear him blogging away. Personally I prefer to watch trail videos where the rider is commenting on things. WAY more so over listening to someone's choice of music. Even music I like I don't like hearing on videos. My video watching preference in order: 1) Rider commenting on stuff, 2) Just an open mic with no talking, 3) Music (that I can mute and watch in silence) And next time I see Wes I will have him autograph my helmet. (Note to self; start carrying a sharpie in my camelback.)
  11. That's exactly what happened with a group of properties along Lake Austin. I forget the details, but one guy bitched about not being exempt, "like my neighbors." They swooped in and started charging all of them. Pretty sure that guy wasn't invited to anymore neighborhood parties!
  12. 😄 Well yes and no. At the time of your riding it, the FIRST tunnel was clean. If you had ridden that one your bike wouldn't have looked like it wrestled John Candy in "Stripes." But, being the path finder that you are, your basic instinct (spidery sense?) proved to be correct. You chose the same tunnel that nature chose to keep the most clear. Nature just needed some help in fine tuning it. (shovel and squeegee!)
  13. For you non-Facebook folks, here's some news. There is now a trail that goes from LaCrosse, close to the Veloway parking lot, to the north end of House Fire, utilizing a tunnel that goes under Mopac. You can now ride dirt, avoid cars on the street, and avoid the lights at Mopac and LaCrosse, to get to that point. https://www.strava.com/segments/27803515?filter=overall There are six tunnels side by side that go 150 yards under Mopac. Use the third tunnel from the north end. It has been cleaned up. The north half of that third tunnel is dirt/mud/rock free. The first tunnel was initially cleaned up to be used but the big rain event messed it up. That third tunnel was relatively clean after the rain event so I'm hoping that further rain events will just make it more clean. Any mud and rock that was on the north half of that tunnel was scraped to the south half of the tunnel
  14. "Oh. It's bronze. I thought the ad said brass. Never mind."
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