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  1. SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, October 26th. Something BIG is happening. This is an exclusive Austin Mountain Biking forum announcement. Stay tuned for details.
  2. I don't enjoy this kind of video. I've seen too many out takes of fail by riders like Danny MacAskill so I know that even the great riders mess up.
  3. I am sure that it would be more environmentally wise to just throw the poop off the trail than introducing a plastic bag in the ecosystem. All those wild animals are pooping in the woods anyway. What's the difference? This problem is one of the more baffling to me. What mind set do you have to have to just put that bag next to the trail?
  4. Just an update. The top three "false" times have now disappeared. It must have done what I was hoping it would do, to recognize the new segment as different from those three from years past. All is right in the world.
  5. Take the old ones for back up. I think over 50 % of our large group of riders had flats.
  6. A peddler that pedals with other pedalers to peddle pedals?
  7. No, but I had a pen pal once. Don't worry about it. You had a good thought. We raised $570 in the boot. Very nice. The schools were very appreciative when I took the donations to them today.
  8. Me too. Strangest thing. Happened with a groin injury too. I could barely walk with it but could ride no problem.
  9. CRANK AND DRANK event! This Tuesday, August 6th, is our annual Back to School boot passing charity event to benefit two local schools. Casey Elementary and Paredes Middle School were VERY appreciative of our donations two years ago. So bring some cash to put in the boot. We'll pass it before the ride and have it available afterwards as well. Plan on participating in the apres-ride festivities. There will be brisket under the tent. Feel free to bring some potato salad or any other sides. And don't forget to bring your favorite beverage for the Dranking! The little bit of dust settling rain we received should make for very good trail conditions. 6 pm, behind ATX Bikes.
  10. I've seen an internet site that everyone does this listing of their rig. But nobody ever makes weight a thing. No, "And my total weight is 70 pounds" or anything. Why is that not a thing?
  11. This will take money of course. Please provide an address so I can mail a check.
  12. Thanks litigious society. I stopped substitute teaching because I was scared of the possibilities. It would only take one girl saying I looked down her shirt or whatever to cause me great troubles. No hobby/past time is worth that worry.
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