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  1. You don't need to, but it's nice to be able to. I don't think there is such a thing as "too bright" when it comes to lights on a trail. I ride with four lights, 4,000 lumens total.
  2. That backs up to the house we stayed in a year or so ago. It was funny riding around the bend and looking at that house as it looked just like us. A bunch of bikes all over the garage and guys coming and going. Good times. It is a good location. I just wish that neighborhood was at the BOTTOM of a hill instead of having to climb up to it at the end of the day.
  3. I tend to agree with the stated low theory because of lawyers. "But you SAID it would tow 3,000 pounds and look what happened with my 3,000 load!!!" But in reality I must indeed believe them. We were towing our 2,000# pop-up with a car rated at 2,000. I never felt under powered or anything. And we towed it hundreds of miles without any problem. BUT we ended up getting a car with a 5,000# rating just in case the tow weights were real. I guess it's worth it for the piece of mind. I have found that the online RV people tend to be worry warts in general. "Don 't do this, don't do that, it's not safe, it'll void the warranty..." etc, etc.
  4. ...even though a trail was made there so you didn't have to go up the concrete embankment. That trail was made, I believe, in anticipation of losing access through the property being talked about. It will still have purpose though as the TXWerks rides will frequently drop in there at the bridge. Yes, a "Valero Loop" Strava segment would be too long to mean much. There are multiple ways to accomplish the loop. I did a loop the other day that was 15 miles for example. That had 5 miles in S(hhhh!). P. Not a common way to do the loop by any means! I was very pleasantly surprised to see that cleared spot under Mopac. The trash had gotten deep there. I assumed it was done by some city entity. Parks? Public Works? But maybe even TxDot? I wish you you HAD have asked because now I'm curious again! But that particular spot always made me angry as I looked at that mess. I thought about how Parks was more concerned about, and spending resources on, wrapping playgrounds with plastic to close them. Or the ENVIRONMENTALIST city council not concerned with the problem the homeless create with their trash and more concerned with letting them do whatever they want. Don't get me started!
  5. Holy Cow!! What a win. We have so many set backs it seems. When a win comes a long it is ever so much more sweet! You have no idea how cool I think it is for the city to put a name on those trails. Another huge win. "Williamson Creek West Trail System" The only "system" in there is the single track that we ride. This has really made my day. Even if they turn that single track in the new park into tamer trail it still won't be a huge loss. Much better than losing it altogether if a condo had been built on it instead. Thanks for posting this mack. Interesting that I haven't heard a thing about it. Valero Loop IS a loop. At the minimum it's a six mile loop that goes under Mopac, through Sunset Valley, skirting Stephenson Preserve, onto Jane Fonda past Whirlpool Cave, up to Brush Country, back to Valero. But good point about the name. Williamson Creek Loop? Too long, not cool enough. Bill Creek Loop? There's a long standing Strava segment named Bill Creek Trail that's starts at the Valero and goes east for a mile or so.
  6. This is exactly right. It's 7 miles from ATX Bikes to the MMS parking lot. While you are exploring MMS you hold back some to have that 7 miles in ya to get back. So it's better to drive there, and leave it all on the table in Mary Moore, and be worn out as you get back to the parking lot. There's 12+ miles in Mary Moore. That's a very likely 20 mile ride just riding in the park to try and find it all. You'll have lots of "I've been here before" moments as you start to explore there the first few times. Very much like S(hhhh). Preserve. The more I think about that bridge the less I like it. It's a pain to move back all the time. And when you see a bridge you think, "that must be the way to go." But really there is more good trail on the east bank of Nichols Branch that few people seem to ride.
  7. And that's going to be using a spread sheet of a different sort.
  8. Don't get me started on THAT cost! (broken saw picture sent to Fiskar for warranty replacement)
  9. Was the $2K just maintenance? Not cost of bike? What did you throw in your calculations?
  10. One of the things I like about Strava is that it is an effective odometer. I am able to see how often I do things to the bikes. I put a new $65 tire on after 2,850 miles. That got me thinking about how much it costs per mile to operate a mountain bike. That one tire cost 2.28 cents per mile. So extrapolated two tires cost 4 1/2 cents a mile. That's interesting. Then I started thinking about all the other things that we go through. Either buying new things or service costs that I can't do; dropper posts, chains, shocks, brake pads, rim tape & stems, sealant, and...what else? I think that 5 cents a mile is a conservative cost per mile. Not that this epiphany will alter my riding habits. But maybe I'll more appreciate my next 20 mile ride that just cost me a dollar! Just had a thought about the cost of a new bike. This conservative 5 cents a mile doesn't take into consideration the depreciation of the cost of a new bike.
  11. This weekend a couple of riders did a century on the SATN. Actually a little over 100 miles. They didn't repeat much and they did a minimum of roads connecting all the dirt. Looking carefully at the ride I determined that the repeating and road ridden was much less than the dirt trails that they did NOT ride. So I am very confident in saying the SATN now has at least 100 miles of dirt trail. Pretty amazing.
  12. This shows why it is both a good and bad thing when your spouse is a mountain biker too. Getting a new bike costs twice as much! 😉
  13. See, there's always an easy answer. The "maxed out on bikes" statement is just crazy! 😄
  14. Huh? I'm sorry, you lost me right there.
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