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  1. I checked in and got the "404 Not Found" thing. I am sad if it's gone forever. I used the SATN thread as a reference every now and then.
  2. Optimist eh? At my age I don't even buy green bananas.
  3. I bought some at Performance for $40 as they went out of biz. Too narrow so I cut slits in them. Very comfortable now and the slits have never increased in size.
  4. I've found it to be a given in the 95+ heat that I consume a liter an hour on rides.
  5. Strava is like my brain. I only use a small portion of it's abilities.
  6. I just found out the company I buy my yardsticks from won't be making them any longer.
  7. "Fully rigid was *generally* great for climbing, but the descent was punishing. Imagine Rocky Hill Ranch - loose rocks, sand, pine needles, with an elevation like Lakeway. All of the way up I keep thinking "this is gonna be so much fun to bomb down" but then when I started the descent, from the top, I REALLY wished I had my FS carbon bike." I talk about being able to "harvest" the effort put into a climb with a fun downhill run payoff. I dislike having to work going up and then work going down too. That's why I sing Phil's World's praises. EVERY climb had a great payoff. After I realized this during my ride, I started looking forwards to a climb, knowing that a big smile would soon be plastered to my face. Also I feel your pain with having to choose a travel bike. I have been taking my third string bike on our trips to not worry as much if it gets stolen. I did take the first string bike to Moab where we were riding every day on "real" trail. That was worth the risk for the return. I took a tarp to cover it to keep it out of sight as another layer of protection.
  8. Made me laugh. I just watched a "Big Bang" where i is talking to Amy: "If I had to make a list of things that made me comfortable, making lists would be at the top."
  9. Heck of a bruise. Take a picture of it daily. You'll be amazed at the different colors it will turn. Speaking from experience here.
  10. We kayaked at Silver Springs, a Florida state park that use to be a privately owned "attraction." The rhesus monkeys were brought in by the operator for something to see on the glass bottom boat river ride. He put them on what was to be monkey island. He didn't know this species knows how to swim! So now they are all around the area, but still not easy to see. We got lucky. The manatee was asleep. It would slowly come up to breathe then go back down. I learned that alligators can live in crystal clear water. I thought that interesting. We had mountain biked at Santos Trails in the morning and found out about Silver Springs from a brochure. We hadn't planned to go there but were so glad we did.
  11. How's the bike? Sorry, someone has to say it each time!
  12. I have been wearing wrist sweat bands the last two years. I realized that my gloves were getting so wet from sweat rolling down my arms. It is amazing how well they work keeping my gloves drier. I do stop mid-ride sometimes to squeeze them dry because when they are saturated everything just flows into the glove.
  13. I would think it wouldn't matter about "getting wet." I just got back from a ride. It's not even really hot yet but because of the humidity I was as soaked as I would have been taking a swim. That's why it was so amazing riding out in Colorado and Utah's NO humidity. Ride for three hours at 100 degrees and finish with everything dry. Just freaky. On one ride Strava recorded 102 degrees with a "feels like" temperature of 97. I've never seen a negative "feels like" temperature before.
  14. I had an "ah ha" experience while gliding over a rock garden with my Fox Float suspension. I almost slapped my forehead when I realized it. "It's like I'm floating over these rocks." Duh! Fox FLOAT.
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