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  1. The comment section was scary to me. "I crashed and (this) happened to me" was repeated way too many times for my comfort.
  2. "Donโ€™t forget that as with all Kali helmets, the Invader comes with a lifetime crash replacement policy. You crash it, we replace it.' Is this a common helmet manufacturer policy? That's a big selling point.
  3. I read a guy's newsletter that is very concerned about Virginia. He is concerned about the ramifications towards the Constitution. If a state government can negate the 2nd amendment "just like that", what's next? There are already bans on free speech on campuses. Is #1the next amendment to go? Scary times.
  4. Note to self: When taking jumps, make sure rear tire hits first. Seems to be a recurring theme here, right? These videos make me very nervous. You just know there are videos out there that show some really bad stuff happening to people.
  5. I was going to take this off your hands, but if you're not giving the pedals with it, forget it! ๐Ÿ˜ Very generous forward pay. I hope it does find a good home
  6. Second this. You can ride your bike in Big Bend National Park, but don't miss going west. fontarin has made a very good suggestion here.
  7. Hey that's my bike! Why are you selling such a beautiful and fun bike? (if I may ask)
  8. I was able to get out this morning to use my gift. I've never used one before. I know it will be great for berms and such but I was surprised using it today how versatile it is. Tamper of course, but also is a pretty good substitute for a Mattock. Also pretty good rake, like a McLeod, and even was a pretty good sledge hammer. Very pleased. Also pleased that there was enough rain to do some good getting a new trail packed in.
  9. Heavy. That's what's wrong with a McLeod. They are too light. You want to take out a clump of vegetation, or a rock, or small cedar. You just keep chopping and chopping away at it with the McLeod. But the only effort in using the Mattock is having to raise it, but once you do and it comes down, the task is done. And speaking of bench cutting...Mattock. Enough said.
  10. I have a McLeod but I don't use it much. What I use is my Pick Mattock and my boots way more efficiently. Get a Mattock with a wide blade. A Mattock can do just about everything a McLeod can do but a McLeod can't do what a Mattock can do. My son is sympathetic to my trail work "problem"(affliction?). He gave me an 8X8 dirt tamper for my birthday. lol. I hope this rain comes so I can put it to some good use on some new stuff.
  11. "Time has run out." Do you have some sad health news to share with us? ๐Ÿ˜จ Isn't there a demand for tandems to do the race up at Brushy? This one looks like a winner!
  12. I don't ride that trail much because it's above my pay grade. But I rode/walked it today. Since I don't go on it much I couldn't recognize any changes. But those two sections on the south end are NOT any easier. Actually the maturation of the trail from weather and wear seems to have made it even more difficult. Go for it Capt. Ahab!
  13. This is the second mention of rock removal on Whirlpool/Candy/Jane Fonda. But I can't picture where there were rocks, challenging or otherwise. Of course there are rocks on Boulder League, north of William Cannon, but I don't think that's where this is occurring? And does "other side of Brodie" mean in the Everwet area? I read that some rocks on Bowie Stonewall have been moved too. sigh. We just need to keep talking about the sanitizing and hopefully the message will get through.
  14. Mmmmm! This is my grandmother's recipe. She lives in Spandexonos, Greece.
  15. Park at ATX Bikes. They are on edge of Circle C Metro Park. There are four SATN trails that end at their parking lot. There are 20 miles of trails that you can ride from ATX Bikes and never cross a street. Very hard to get lost because it is a relatively narrow area. The trails mostly run east and west. If you go too far north or south, you come to a road. Be sure to go under the Escarpment bridge and the Mopac bridge to access all of the trails. There is only about 5 miles of (fun and flowy) trail between Mopac and Escarpment so you'll want more than that.
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