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  1. My wife and I "spur of the moment" camped this weekend at Belton Lake because Dana Peak camping is closed for the winter. And Union Grove, the other Army Corp campground on Stillhouse Hollow Lake was booked. Our Live Oak Ridge campsite was 20 minutes or so from Dana Peak. The first thing we did when we started our ride at Dana Peak was to check out the camping facilities. Tent sites 1-8 have just a picnic table, charcoal grill, and a fire ring. And that's it. No electric, and no water. There are 20 RV sites, 1-20. Our #7 site is going to work out great. Lots of room around the fire pit for a BIG ring of folks! Most of the RV sites have plenty of room for a tent. I think that the RV sites are allowed only one tent. I haven't gotten a definitive answer if more than one would be allowed. Sites 21-25 are designated for tents only, but they have everything the RV sites have. A shelter covering a picnic table, water, electric, fire ring, charcoal grill. It's all very nice. The riding was good. I'm pretty sure there are two days of good riding available regardless of the skill level of the rider. This is going to work out very well!
  2. My wife and I rode there two days. She doesn't like challenging stuff. So she was happy here because there is a lot of cross country yet scenic trail west of the campgrounds. The more interesting stuff was between the two parks east of the campgrounds. We found a couple of fun trails but it was above her pay grade. There were a lot of people there, a popular place for sure. I found out they have a specific to Dana Peak group that stewards the trails. There is a lot of signage. There are a couple of jump lines. It's an interesting place. I am looking forward to the April event there. It is going to work out great.
  3. I laugh at myself doing this sometimes when I get momentarily disoriented as to where I am. Laugh, because maybe it's a trail I've been on dozens of times. Doing something "backwards" or at night, "It's all new trail."
  4. So to clarify, you are both saying that yes, you can ride all the trails year 'round even when the park is closed for the season. The only issue is where to park your car. And there are multiple entry points to chose from. Yes?
  5. Dana Peak campground is closed during the winter. Does this mean that the trails there are inaccessible during the winter also? Or are there access points to the trail system outside any gates that allow you to ride it all regardless of campground status?
  6. Interesting. I have had no issues with these https://www.amazon.com/GIYO-Overshoes,S-XL-Neoprene-Waterproof-WinterProof/dp/B082HXGRX8/ref=sr_1_4?crid=7WXQIHV9Z97W&dchild=1&keywords=neoprene+mountain+bike+shoe+covers&qid=1610456434&sprefix=neoprene+mount%2Caps%2C200&sr=8-4
  7. Do you wear neoprene shoe covers? My toes are my weakest link in the cold and my new-ish shoe covers have really helped. I haven't ridden in sub 40 conditions yet, but after a recent ride in sub 50 weather I was okay.
  8. I don't know if it's real or not, but whatever it is, it's now covering even the streets here in South Austin.
  9. Covid-wise I am not worried about this event. We've been camping a lot this year and we have never felt unsafe. Camping is not issue. I have also participated in group rides. Even doing post ride imbibing in a group circle. We just insure more spacing. So there will be a pretty big circle around the communal fire. But it should work. We just have to be ever diligent about spacing I have yet to read anything about any super spreader OUTDOOR events.
  10. We were on the trails above Bull Creek a year or so ago and there was a group of maybe 8 or 10 people running their trucks on the trails up there. It was very interesting to watch. I've also seen a group that has an area right next to the Mary Moore Searight parking lot. They race against each other.
  11. Yup, it's a thang bro. 😄 Like Andy said, I would guess at least 75% of the booked sites are for the event. That's why I encourage folks that are on the fence to book now and decide later. You can always pass along your reservation to someone that has decided later on to go if you find you can't so it wouldn't even cost the $10 cancellation fee.
  12. And that, to me, and I'm just debating and not calling anyone out, is a poor argument. You resent them for having more fun than you. "I worked to get up here to enjoy this fun down hill run and THEY didn't!" But they are not degrading your experience at all. You are not having to listen to their motors. You are not getting rooster tail flotsam thrown in your face. They are not rutting out your trail for future use. The only problem you are having is that "it's not fair." And again, I argue that the same resentment probably occurred when the hard tail rider scoffed at the "new fancy" suspension bikes, that made the trails easier. "Hell, ANYone could ride these trails on THOSE things!" I use to be ambiguous about them, but the more I have thought about it, I've decided I'm okay with them. I don't want to be the "stay off my lawn" guy, (lol) that resents the new thing. Logically I can't come up with valid arguments against them.
  13. https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/232570/availability Look at the link. You can book from there Cherokee Drive and Camp Loop are the roads in the Dana Peak camping area
  14. Just to voice my vote. I am fine with no throttle e-bikes. When I eventually get one I hope I'm still riding it when I'm 85. They don't make noise, they are no worse towards tread degradation on the trails, they only go as fast on trails as the rider's skill allows, and they let an aging demographic still have fun. I think the biggest argument against them is, "I worked hard for that KOM. I don't want someone to beat me using technology." And that's not a strong argument. I am now able to do lots more on my 29" full suspension, dropper posted, carbon, geared bike, than I was able to on my 26" steel rigid. Don't hate me because of that!
  15. I would think so. Dana Peak 254-698-4282 But they are closed for the winter. I haven't been able to get a hold of them.
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