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  1. It is an amazing phenomenon to me. They are EVERYWHERE. It's not like our trails are hidden but I'll see the family and think, "Where did you come from? How did you get on THIS trail?!" Yup, assume someone is around that blind curve. I'm not use to having to ride with my head up so much. And once again I implore the mountain bike community to be pleasant to the hikers.
  2. Speak for your self Ralph Lauren! Okay, actually I have to admit I don't tuck my shirts in.
  3. I've seen lots of funny event related things. Reaffirms my faith in humanity with how clever people are. But this one made me laugh until I cried.
  4. So I envision great sport in being chased by a park policeman though the woods trying to give me a ticket.
  5. Just like most of the wineries don't grow their own grapes.
  6. Or spray the masks with bleach sanitizing solution when you get home. I don't know how long they would last but that could be a plan too.
  7. I woke up thinking about masks. It's been mentioned, and refuted, and mentioned again. But tell me why it wouldn't work if: It was mandatory for everyone everywhere to wear a n95 mask any time they are out of their house. It seems this would be a double layer of protection. The infected would be coughing inside their masks so nothing floating in the air. The healthy would be protected even if some got into the air somehow. Of course the hand washing protocol continues. The reason we are closing businesses and isolating ourselves is to protect us from those that don't know, or don't care, that they are infected. And it wouldn't be perfect of course but it would lower the chances of transmission by a lot. Enough to flatten the curve I would hope. Restaurant dining rooms would have to remain shut unfortunately, and any other business that required an open mouth in public. Of course the supply of masks would have to be ramped up. I wouldn't even have a problem constitutionally with such a mandate. We are already told to wear a seat belt for safety. I went to HEB yesterday. There were very few masks on people. I didn't wear one either. But I was a little nervous about it. But I would have felt a lot more comfortable and safe if everyone was wearing one. This seems a much better plan to slow the curve than killing the economy for years to come. It would be LOTS cheaper to send a dozen masks to everyone in the country than all this bail out cost. Yes, if there were enough masks. But this country was building 100 bombers a day (or some amazing number) by the end of WWII so I think we could get there pretty quickly with mask manufacturing.
  8. And here is one of the problems in America these days. Jerry rigged, or sometimes jury rigged, with an interesting etymology https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/jerry-built-vs-jury-rigged-vs-jerry-rigged-usage-history inexplicably offends YOU so I'M not allowed to use it. And if I do use it, not knowing that it offends you, then I am vilified for doing so. That is wrong. I think we need just a little bit thicker skins. But saying all that, now knowing what I do about you, there is no reason for me to not say "slapped dashed" around you instead of jerry rigged. To say jerry rigged would just be confrontational.
  9. Holy crap, this made me laugh out loud harder than anything I've read today! So random! 😄
  10. Did those of German descent react so negatively to "German Measles?" Did people living along the Ebola River get mad about the name that originated in their region? Are people in Lyme, Connecticut pissed when someone calls that disease by their town's name? I wonder. There is no reason to be offended by "Chinese" virus. But, if it is known that for whatever reason it DOES offend someone, and there's no harm in calling it something else, then another name should be used. The pot shouldn't be stirred just because it can be.
  11. Watching people's behavior during Katrina strengthened my opinion that our hold on civilization is tenuous. So far the reaction to this crisis is not changing that opinion at all.
  12. Or not even presented on one network but it's the screaming lead story on the other.
  13. True. But is that what real journalism is about? Does that make the national media any different from folks that re-post things they see on Facebook?
  14. And no wonder why we have less and less faith in most of our media outlets. Me trying find the truth these days is similar to when I would create new recipes for the restaurant. I would go to three or four different recipe books to see how THEY made a certain ethic dish. I would see what were the common ingredients to all the recipes and start from there. So now with the news, if I see a story, I will find out if two or three different sources say the same thing before I believe it.
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