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  1. If I've told you once I've told you a million times...don't exaggerate!
  2. But actually there have been good reactions. Strange, right? Well, at least so far. The day is young!
  3. This is the original post explaining what happened: Tough day at the Veloway today! While I was riding the Veloway today, near the main entrance gate, a cyclist had wiped out in a curve and people were flagging folks down to slow and stop. He was down on his back and out. Folks had called EMS and we did what we could to warn folks approaching of the danger. As the ambulance drove on to the Veloway and 3 EMS were tending to him, a true speed skater (real serious skills) came in to the curve and could not stop and he actually jumped over (mostly) the patient and somehow missed the paramedics but wiped out himself and got some decent road rash. Helmets are critical, especially when you need them. Maybe once or twice in your life they really make a difference, if worn and adjusted properly. I know I sometimes listen to music on my phone speaker on the Veloway (nowhere else) but one earbud should be enough. Several people could not hear the warnings or couldn't process it at the speed they were travelling. Add to that, another cyclist fell and hurt herself around the same time (not as bad) and EMS picked up both patients. That meant two large firetrucks and a SUV with a trailer for the cart they sometimes use, blocking all the other traffic coming to the Veloway and the Wildflower Center. Please travel more slowly if you have crossed Lacrosse and Mopac because there is a lot of bikes and pedestrians to protect. Craziest thing I heard from a bystander watching the skater clean the blood off in the water fountain was "Did you get a picture of it? You could be famous!"
  4. I looked at four different ones and they were all "out of stock" so I gave up.
  5. There was a discussion on Nextdoor about someone at the Veloway getting hurt. The original poster said always wear a helmet and don't use headphones. I chimed in because wearing a helmet is "the only thing I preach about." I rarely post to Nextdoor because it is thick with the crazies. But I was compelled to. After saying it's not if a helmet will save you it's "when." I commented on wearing headphones. It just came to me so I said, "Using headphones that blocks outside noise is just as dangerous as not wearing a helmet. And this danger is not only to you, but to those that crash into you, because you didn't hear their warnings. It's almost the same concept as wearing a mask at the store. Your mask wearing saves other people. So you being able to hear warnings saves not only you, but other people too."
  6. Not only are they reasonably priced and competent, BUT, Don Banker mows the single track trail corridor that runs along the train track behind his shop. Not just behind his property but almost the entire length of the segment. He's been doing this for a long time. Next time you're riding to Mary Moore Searight yell across the fence, "Thanks Don!"
  7. My wife uses something like this. If I wasn't worried about my peers doubting my manhood I would use one too. I carry my phone in my hydration back pack. It's a pain in the ass to get out and I wish it was just right in front of me like hers is. It looks big and unwieldy but it never impedes anything she does. https://www.amazon.com/OBOVA-Handlebar-Waterproof-Accessory-Cruisers/dp/B07WTBL6PX
  8. Only in the memories of past patrons!
  9. Please explain why you put it up. How is it different from crazyt's? Will yours be more easily community driven? and some input; I would prefer the link to the Austin MTB Trail Conditions Facebook page be more prominent and identified as to where the link is taken the reader. The more people driven to that site the more helpful discussion on trail conditions. Open or Closed is good to know but we all know there is more to it a lot of times. Thanks for the effort!
  10. "Anyone Know Chris_in_atx?" Sure I know him, that son of a bitch owes me money!! I'm kidding. I don't know him. But people suck sometimes. I think that 90% of people are good. The problem is the other 10% keep reaffirming that "people suck sometimes"
  11. We've stayed at Inks Lake more times than I can count.
  12. Note to self: Don't get in a car with Chief. 😉 And what a smart thing to bring up, the risks taken as mountain bikers. All of this is a risk/reward decision.
  13. LOL, NOW I get it. I was thinking we were talking coral snake the whole time, NOT copperhead. Derp!
  14. This has been bugging me. Am I not seeing this correctly? The color isn't the best in the picture so I have to assume things. The light colored sections of the pictured snake is probably a shade of yellow, maybe a light shade, yes? The bigger sections are probably red, yes? And there are (not very defined) lines of black in between the bigger sections, yes? The little mnemonic device keeps popping up in my head.
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