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  1. Today I rode double down and deception like always e to w. I always get to this feature in the same direction and do the rock garden then a wheelie drop. It is a really fun section. After doing it I looked back and decided to do it the other direction for the first time. I thought it was cool. Video makes it look small like always but it is on a little incline and well above my 27.5+ tires hight IMG_2479.MP4
  2. After two good falls a couple years back on jam rock I have always avoided it and just hike it. It was the only feature that got me from 1/4 notch to deception. I gave it a good run and got it on my second try. I feel I unlocked a power or something πŸ˜‚ edit* never mind, still missing EBD πŸ˜‘
  3. This made me curious! Can’t wait to see it
  4. I did the two newer ones recently after a lot of thought. They just feel so tall as you approach them. You can’t see the landing until you are past the point of no return. I felt very accomplished! The huge rampage drop on the far left is just too much for me yet. I do like the straight launch of the ramps much better than rough terrain
  5. I think this bike a a great all around bike for central tx !
  6. Been riding brushy three years and on the forum like 2. Still posts like this confuse me enough to laugh πŸ˜†
  7. That wooden drop is at the jaws loop at reville peak ranch might be 4-5ft if you land deeper maybe 5-6ft. The one with the root is at walnut. A little scary to clear the first couple of feet to make it nicer but not that hard if you drop close.
  8. few spring clips . Having fun!
  9. The turn is tricky but very doable. Took me a while to find the way to keep my speed with my very slick tires. Makes you think about those cornering technique videos
  10. I feel you but for that same reason I stayed off deception for a whole year, stuck to peddlers pass , picnic walnut , muleshoe , pacebend , reimers ranch, etc. I never felt I was suffering from lack of trails. I still visit those with my wife and have a blast. Different trails for different skills.
  11. Talking about progression las year I could drop but not do jumps. Now I can! Biking is awesome 😎 (apologies for my loud cuban friend πŸ˜‚) IMG_1787.MOV
  12. That b line on the altar is very heartbreaking to see people take it. It took me several months to clear those step ups on 1/4 a couple of years back. Put the work and enjoy the accomplishment ! Thats what its about!
  13. Super stoked! Managed to clear the 4 rightside lane church jumps(third one took a few tries) . Getting better at jumping . My goal is to clear the flat creek jump line this year. Kids there were doing. No handers and landing in manual but still I think I was happier πŸ˜‚. #fatandfortyteam
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