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  1. Brand new 2022 Diamondback syncr carbon frame. Un mounted still in box. Frame only. size large. Fits 29” or 27.5+ tires. Great looking hardtail. $1200 obo. I have some parts for a 27.5+ build well used I could sell a really good price if you buy the frame
  2. Not usual but I do like to take my full face to brushy sometimes when I’m trying to get creative. I have kissed the floor twice already in that trail luckily with nothing major happening . I always wear kneepads. I saw too many knee injuries in my life and I value my knees too much. It is not about a scrape more than the right rock catching the wrong place when I fall. I’ve lived enough not to care what people think about it
  3. I spent some time there looking for a better line a couple weeks ago. I found that line and it seems to require less power up top. It is just kind of hidden by the obvious line. @Kobra Kai MTB Guy I have had my battles with it until recently. I couldn’t take it anymore 😂
  4. Quick edit from Monday. Chickened out on the second drop in snail but was too tired to go back up
  5. Anyone been out there today? Thinking of a pm ride
  6. @throet finally the drops! Awesome to hear about that 😎. You have been ready for those for so long and it makes that whole line very fun. Congrats on the progression!
  7. Planning on doing some brushy tomorrow pm. Anybody know if the trail conditions are ok?
  8. Sweet! It is kind of crazy looking when you stand at the bottom right? If you hadn’t posted that fist line I would not have looked at the possibility
  9. Took the challenge Happy to share this Fck me fck you moment with ya’ll https://youtu.be/retLkabcLrY @rugger, @gotdurt, @First-Blood, @throet, @Chief, @WLemke, @schoolie
  10. My fitness is awful right now, held up @WLemke quite a bit. I’m sure he is a better match for you @throetfitness wise. I think our skills are pretty similar so it was fun taking the harder lines and having someone lead or follow the same way.
  11. Let’s make it at the ymca then, for me it is just as good.
  12. Cool, 3pm skatepark? I’ll be in a honda element with a green Diamondback bike
  13. Getting off work tomorrow early, anyone up for a afternoon ride? I can’t promise speed with the amount of riding I have been doing but I am ok on the technical stuff . I could start between 1:30-3pm
  14. Same here. I have it down in the video’s direction but have not even crossed my mind the other way. Interesting thought, you do have some momentum, the step up would be at an angle and chain side . then the stupid little baby head in the way. I volunteer to film 😜
  15. Close enough 😅. That feature makes me want clip less pedals
  16. I do still have a bad relationship with jamrock ( not sure if the name is correct). I have done it several times but never gracefully
  17. EBD is the only feature I haven’t conquered yet besides the rampage drop on snail. My speed barely gets the front tire up and have nothing left to push my weight forward for a good shove. I need to go fresh and session it. I’m usually tired already when I get there
  18. Don’t get too fast so I can keep up 😅
  19. I had no dropper not so long ago. I would stop, drop my seat and send it. That is the way I did it back in my days and it still works 😂. Droppers are a beautiful thing tho
  20. Yeah that is my line too. I have found also one to the right. Tbh I think evaluating a better line on the right and leaving a place to huck off would be nice. I have considered clearing the whole thing but the landing is soo lose I just chicken out 😂
  21. So many green trails around!! I never lacked trails when I got back in riding. Just practice and improve, unlock the next level!! It is so much more rewarding!!! Set section goals. Make a friend that can teach you a little. Challenge yourself.
  22. As he does the bigger ones, he does put his weight backwards towards the rear axel. Just for the first impact. This keeps you safe and not over.
  23. A little over 4 years ago I tried 1/4 notch for the first time. Made it to snake ridge and gave up. It was too hard for me so I turned back and vomited somewhere ( so close to the bailout 😂). Today I can do it without dabbing and getting harder bonus lines. B lines would not have helped me progress. Practice and patience were the correct route.
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