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  1. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/paramedics-say-person-dead-after-resuscitation-attempt-wilderness-rescue-call-in-north-austin/
  2. Is this still available? I’d be very interested in it!
  3. I found this list of group rides altho I'm suspicious that it may be out of date... https://www.austintriclub.org/group-ride-directory.html
  4. Is there a roadie or triathlon equivalent to this forum anywhere? I haven't found much... If not, does any one know of weekly public group rides in central or north Austin? Gracias!
  5. Heading to Palo Duro with my kiddos next week, really looking forward to it!
  6. Hahaha - just got done riding/hiking Mt. Lakeway... The trail was bomb!!! 😉 Nice and dry! Enjoy your rides this weekend errrrbody!
  7. Pumped that we have seemed to have dodged a bullet from the rain the last 12 hours! Trails should be good to go! Looking forward to lots of riding this weekend!
  8. I went out yesterday evening... The trails south of walnut creek were unridable in a very short distance from the pavement... I rode Chardog and the Log Loops and they were fine...
  9. Thanks! I just filled this out. In general, I can't stand how the scooters are just littered about in neighborhoods throughout Austin so I'm in favor of any forum to provide feedback both pertaining to the trails and beyond.
  10. We've had about 3 inches of rain from Monday evening thru Wednesday evening. Any rules of thumb for when Walnut Creek will dry up? Also is there an age limit on the ARR trail repair event? I have an 8 & 10 year old that I wanted to get out and ride this weekend but considering pitching in if we can't get on the trails...
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