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  1. I photocopied my friends Central Texas mag, still have it. Little bit outdated but fun to look at! Makes me miss a certain warbler nesting area
  2. Nice having the extra valve cores instead of the hassle of cleaning out the stan's plugged ones.
  3. Had a rider in front of me one time on a sketchy downhill, didn't have his helmet on properly, smashed his head into a rock, was unconscious and bloody. The helmet had moved out the way on the rock and his head took the brunt of it. Only reason I knew he was breathing and alive was because he started snoring. Was in a foreign country on top of a mountain, got help and we had to carry him down to jeep road for an ambulance. I came away pissed he was not wearing his helmet properly. I always call people out for no helmets, at least it will make them think about, can't fix stupid.
  4. What I should have said was to put the money into a XTR shifter and get a SLX rear mech (or SRAM equivalent?), because you will feel the difference in performance in the shifter more than in the rear mech. The shop didn't give you bad advice per se as there is not a huge difference between XT and SLX, but there is a slight difference and an even bigger one moving up to XTR. Had 2 bikes with XTR derailers and SLX shifters stock, upgraded the shifters to XTR and it was a big difference, shifting was so much crisper. Then snapped off one of the XTR rear mechs on a rock and replaced it with SLX, could not tell the difference. IMHO invest in the high end shifter, you can feel it and it is less likely to get destroyed.
  5. Super solid advice, XT/XTR shifter with a SLX derailer for instance, saves money and you'll feel the difference much more at the shifter than at the rear mech.
  6. Awesome trail, this is great news! I am there as well for dig days!
  7. Used to live out there and had some nice loops, would start out at the Balcones park and bomb down that trail and shoot over to Topridge trail and come down on Scotland Wells and hit the side trails of Spicewood Springs up to St. Eds, do that long climb and hit the opposite side drops that link back up to the main trail. Super fun descents. Haven't been out that way in a while, makes me sad to think someone has make the trails mellower. Need to get back out there!
  8. Thought this was pretty cool! https://www.pinkbike.com/news/7-bikes-of-the-tour-divide.html
  9. I don't compromise on the frame or suspension, after that brakes are important and I agree with everyone else on Shimano brakes, they just work better and are easier to bleed. Too many issues with Sram brakes over the years. You can for sure save money building from the frame up, just takes time and detective work.
  10. My friends that kept coming loose on the trail was a Maxle, I have bolt on thru axles, torque them to spec and have had zero issues.
  11. I have seen this happen as well, think it was a result of my friends thru axle not torqued down tight enough, good thing it didn't result in a crash.
  12. ha thought it was one of the better april fools
  13. Well they don’t make bars in the Lee McCormack sweet spot for me, but it is already tricky with tree gates at 800mm. Anyone ride anything wider than 800mil?
  14. Haha yeah I had a Specialized Enduro that had 680mm "wide" bars. Seemed perfectly fine.
  15. That was really cool! Some amazing riding and locations! Also makes me realize I have no style. Brett Rheeder is on another level! Someone got a sweet XTR drivetrain!
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