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  1. Only bottle mounts on my frame are on the underside of the downtube which is a prime spot for trail nasties to land. Had to get creative to fit a bottle in the front triangle. Ugly but gets the job done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah I assumed they were tapped but came with cotter pins like the zee’s. Easy enough to do though. trucker co will be my next pads, my Utah friends also recommend them.
  3. I cannot tell a difference at all. Just had an extra pair from some old zee brakes.
  4. I had to replace my rear brake caliper, it was a Shimano XT 8020 and couldn’t find a deal on one since they are discontinued. Ended up picking up a Deore 6120 caliper. The lower end Shimano brakes take a cotter pin which I hate. I prefer the screw in pin found on the higher tier brakes. I was able to tap in threads to the caliper to fit the screw in pin and also Saint/Zee finned pads fit in these brakes! They feel almost exactly like the XT’s! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes, here's hoping, did really good work!
  6. I run a Dakine hip pack, carries 2L of water but I never fill it up all the way otherwise it gets a little cumbersome. In the hotter days I run that and two water bottles on the bike. Save the big hydration pack for super long remote rides so I can carry spares and tons of water.
  7. Not sure if H Mart or Total Wine has different brands of soju but in my drinking days I found the southern provinces had much better big brand soju than Jinro. Jinro is pretty much ubiquitous in the Seoul area but I remember liking the Muhak Good Day brand and Yipsejoo brand when I was in the south. Many fun trips to the Seokguram Grotto (Buddha carved into the side of the mountain) on that Good Day soju. The cheaper stuff is nasty. Tried some moonshine soju that had dead bees floating in it, tasted like everclear and was not good for keeping memories.
  8. Such a great movie! Saw it in the theater twice, miss those days. Was on a Korean movie kick recently, watched Joon Ho's "The Host," and Chan Wook's "Old Boy."
  9. The housing market is scary stuff for a millennial, got hit hard in the my early 20's with the financial crisis, lost my job and didn't have the ability to own a home at that point. Fast forward to a year ago, finally debt free and looking to buy a house in an expensive city, got crazier from there. Wife has aging parents and was born and raised here, we are staying. Financially we can afford buying a house but not sure we want to enter the fray right now, not that it's going to get any better. We were hoping that things would slow down at some point, seems really nuts to pay these prices right now
  10. Just checked the RAD on my bike and based on Lee Mccormacks guide it is slightly too short for me. This is helpful because the bikes does feel a little short and now I know I am not crazy. Going to try out a 60mm stem, I really love the feel of shorter stems so not loving the idea but we’ll see how this works!
  11. I remember that as well, I want to say it was the Bee Caves location? Apparently the tooling on the Float X2 required tools BSS did not have, I assume no locations at BSS had them. They said it would have to be sent to Fox or locally they recommended 812. I was surprised by this as I had seen the email previously with the nitrogen refill and have had BSS do several shock overhauls throughout the years. 812 did great work and I remember Cycle Progression also was able to work on X2's. Prefer going local over sending stuff away.
  12. Okay good to know, have a float X2 as well and when I needed a full rebuild in the past bicycle sport shop Lamar directed me to 812 as BSS didn’t have the tools to service the X2.
  13. What happened with Cycle Progression? Have thought about using them in the past.
  14. Okay with doing lower leg service, unless I am feeling lazy. Don’t do the damper bleed and don’t mess with the rear shock.
  15. Was looking at those, also love Shimano axles ease of service. Can’t tell from the pics, but are the pins replaced on the opposite side?
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