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  1. Really liking these jumps on outer log loops! Thanks to the trail builders, awesome work!
  2. I love this! Gonna use this line on myself and friends, especially the fixed gear toe strap riders, LOL!
  3. I've actually made it up some tech climbs on flats that I was never able to make with clipless, I figure this was due to concentrating on good technique instead of just sloppily powering through with clipless.
  4. I remember the toe clips well, they seemed so high tech to me in the early 90's, I was all about bear traps, skate shoes and no skin on my legs. I was trying so hard to look like Shaun Palmer on the dual slalom tracks!
  5. Thought this was relevant, worth it for the comments section alone. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/video-clipless-vs-flat-pedals-the-pros-and-cons-of-both.html
  6. This is confusing, weird the kit just comes with 10wt oil. About to do the lower service on my Fox 36 2020 grip2. This tutorial is what I am using: https://www.worldwidecyclery.com/blogs/worldwide-cyclery-blog/how-to-servicing-fox-suspension-forks Looks like grip forks use 5wt on damper side bath.
  7. Great trail conditions and updates to flow trail are awesome!
  8. rockshins


    I've never been, going this weekend to check it out, I would be down for a group ride in the future!
  9. I have seen quite a few e bikes at Walnut, always thought that was a strange place for them, especially on the pump track. Figured they were just renting them and only knew of Walnut. But yeah these were able bodied people and were using them to haul ass, totally want to call them out, but I guess they were outside and off their phones?
  10. I am also tall with long legs and always went with 175, even thought about some special cranks that came in longer lengths. New bike is super long (515mm reach), slack and has a low bottom bracket. Came with 170 mm cranks on the XL and I was worried since for some odd reason I thought 5mm made a big difference. Cannot feel any difference and definitely helps for the rocks around here.
  11. Thanks, yeah it is a small derailleur hanger screw coming loose and it's aluminum so it looks like this screw will work with the purple 222
  12. In the same boat, my wife was really not excited about me going, but I made it out undamaged. I tried to not stay out their all day since she was losing her sh*t while I was gone. I got plenty of runs in, I was pretty winded. Since I was only out there for 3.5 hours I only stopped to rest on the chairlifts (which are super slow) and took a couple snack breaks at the top, but I was really spent. Got about 5 runs on the flowy blue trails, a few on the green, then did about 4 runs runs on the black trail, forget the name, then did a couple more runs on the blue trail, called it day. It will be worth your while. This was on a busy day out there.
  13. Picking up some loctite tonight for bike bolts and was wondering what color y'all use? Was just gonna go with the blue medium, thoughts?
  14. Looking to explore this weekend, SATN newb, where is a good starting point, only looking to get in about 10 miles. Coming from up north my thought was to park at Slaughter Creek and go out from there. Is this a good point to start from or am I doing it wrong?
  15. Always used the Park Tools green grease. Recently bought Muc-Off Bio Grease and it does the job.
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