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  1. Those old small bikes were pretty tough for us bigger folk. Proper XL and XXL frames, 29" tires and wider bars have made riding so much better and safer. I wonder what riding with Lee McCormack's proper bar width would feel like (height in mm times .440), although I would be crashing into trees constantly.
  2. Looks Like a trail off Old Lampasas, just north of St Eds park?
  3. Only metallic for me, less modulation, but more power. Organics feel great but hard to beat the bite of metallic especially if your rotor gets wet. Had good luck with drywall sandpaper on contaminated pads.
  4. Sorry to hear about the injury. I broke my elbow and cannot straighten my arm fully. I worked really hard in physical therapy and it's pretty close. I can touch the top of my shoulder so that is a win (known other people that could not after the break). Not a fun road to recovery but modern physical therapy will get you back in no time! Sending you healing vibes!
  5. Doesn't Western Michigan University have underground tunnels because of all the snow they receive?
  6. Hah, I think I did pretty well in that department. Parents came to surprise visit me at the dorm one day, however I had been kicked out for having too much fun. But I had a friends couch, a sweatshirt and enough beer money.
  7. Went to college in Madison, WI after going to high school in Singapore, what an awful transition. We had record breaking snowfall my freshman year. My parents gave me money to buy supplies and clothes, obviously I spent it all on beers and party favors. All I had was a sweatshirt. It started snowing in October. I barely left my dorm that winter and got made fun of a lot.
  8. Was an early adopter on dropper posts, they have a lot of issues but I love the performance. Got the first gen Reverb, it failed a bunch, got it serviced under warranty 2 times and finally gave up on it. Got a KS Lev and liked it better, but had a lot of side to side play and failed as well, got it serviced and sold that bike. Ran a Crankbrothers High Line and loved it, ran it for over a year with no issues at all. New bike came with a newer gen Reverb stealth. It has worked so far and will probably get it serviced under warranty when the time comes before I give up on it. Thing is the reverb has a great feel to it, the return is so nice and adjustable...when it still works. Best post I have tried is the Bike Yoke, but out of my price range. Would get a Brand X if I could find a 200mm drop. Looking at PNW and Oneup for my next dropper. How long has anyone ran a Oneup? Any issues?
  9. Love having a fender as well and if you have a newer fox fork you can grab a bolt on fender for a clean setup. https://www.syncros.com/us/en/product/syncros-trail-fender
  10. This one is from the MTB community, not as well put together as Acho's but some valid points: https://www.vitalmtb.com/forums/The-Hub,2/Eliot-Jackson-Santa-Cruz-Bikes-and-racism-in-our-community,10912
  11. Looks like a great aggressive tire for our conditions. Have a soft spot for Kenda from the early 2000's Nevegal days. Kenda seems to be putting out some solid tires again (and now Gwin is in the fold!) . What you guys think about this tire in CTX? https://www.vitalmtb.com/product/guide/Tires,48/Kenda/Pinner,30145
  12. My tire drags at spider mountain on the lift as well, at first I thought I was doing something wrong. Think I will be walking this section, looks super fun though.
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