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Carbon rims and tire pressure

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late the the party as usual ... but have a going-on 6 yr old pair of Light Bicycle 29er rims -- 30mm ID 35mm OD with their "all mountain" layup of the time. Laced to King hubs, they were under 400 delivered. They outlived the Yeti frameset, and the subsequent SIR9 frameset, and are now on my Nimble9 backup. I've had to wholly replace the spokes twice on the rear wheel and once on the front. Considering I had been replacing a rear alloy rim basically annually and the front every 3-4 years I take this as a win.

Those rims got a TON of hard rocky miles in the northeast US and in particular central & NE pennsylvania ... I'll put PA rockiness up as equal- or more abusive to anything in CenTex.

I like the idea of the on-shore carbon builders but frankly they're not worth the cost to me ... the LB though are a decent ROI. Their current model is available with asym drilling and updated layup ... got a bonus this year which funded putting some on my current FS. Even with the "all mountain" layout they're 120-150 grams lighter than a Stans Flow Mk4 that would have been my alloy choice. Shoot, they're lighter than the 27.5 Stan's Flow Mk4.

We'll see how long they hold up, they've been to NC mountains once but have a steady diet coming up in their CY22 schedule. :^)

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6 hours ago, ATXZJ said:

I built up the previous gen this year and have on my FS bike, good stuff. That S model is funky looking to me, for some reason I like the aesthetics of the smooth profile more. there's an argument for compliance though, if that's what you're after.

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