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  1. John, I "ran with" your link out of paranoia ... plus it was on 50% off sale since there's a new version, no problems so far on the return trip but good to have "suspenders" to go with "the belt" as it were. Dang, it make me a little sad to leave, so many more people to see (again) and meet (anew) and trails to ride (both categories) unridden. Hopefully it won't be such a gap before I get a chance to come back. I may try for a different part of year though because my allergies did NOT forget their Texas association and within days of being back in town Cedar had my number. Didn't stop me but man I could do without. So, maybe next time, I try ... April or May sometime? Then again, more places to go, so where should the next trip be ... Tucson ? Denver ? Ten Sleep ? Hmmm. Then there's OCONUS ... (a bear can dream) So remember kids, follow the rules #1 - Go To The Trail Head #2 - See rule #1
  2. Assuming you're who I think you are, I agree! Was good to have a few minutes during your SS journey - thanks for your "un-needed" support. @Chongo Loco - you are TOO RIGHT! After I thought about it, the odds of me fubaring something through stupid action after 100+ miles of trail was near certainty! I'm just thankful that it only slowed me down a little. End total for the 8 day run was 8 rides, 136 miles, 12952 ft up. Took 2 trips to one venue to not screw it up. Just to keep things saucy the battery in my car died, so Sunday after the ride there was another round of true OG Mojo support as Nando & Matt schemed on the best way for me to get the replacement and made it possible and it worked out. Now I just need to recover and handle a few days of not biking. Probably my body will appreciate the down time while i'm attending this silly tech conference. Cheers all, until next round!
  3. Apparently the rules have changed. Used to be that it required a new bike purchase to call the rain but today all it took was a bit of drive-train replacement and *whammo* - sorry about that kids, wasn't the plan, but it was necessary after shredding the cassette, chain, & derailleur last night. Still, had a good time last night with Nando, hope to try that trail again before I leave town ... nothing is impossible ... not going into likelihood though. So, rest up, and maybe look for a less rain enhanced activity on the morrow. (and no, 'riding' around in the car today doesn't count correctly, but it doesn't stop me from "i" tonight)
  4. Okay, today's total becomes: 6 rides, 97 miles, 10693 ft up after adding 2 rides. Morning Session I connected up with John and Matt, we had a good tour of Ninja - albeit with more moisture than we'd liked - so not as much playing with the wooden features as maybe properly treated (but the visit isn't over). Still, was a great morning run with great company followed by a fine Belgian style WIT and snacks at Red Horn. Evening session with Nando was well anticipated and started out well enough - playing with marbles so to say - but in the end led to a little bike carnage and not as much riding as intended. Still, the hard work to that point of the ride was well worth the time, and the end DH run on lights through the winding night and drops between the juniper was great. Followed up with snacks, beverages, great conversation, and a fun barkeep at Waterloo. Would have been nice to get away this week without any bike carnage, especially one of the spare parts I didn't bring (cassette), however it looks like we have a line for replacement in hand so tomorrow all will be right as rain (just like the rain and hail that's going to fall) so the adventure WILL continue. And with neigh- onto 100 miles of Austin trail *something* had to break, right? ps. both my chain and my cassette are FUBAR; it's possible my derailleur and hanger are also but it's too late to care ... and I have spares for those so I don't care right now.
  5. Nice day out with Dewayne yesterday, rolled out and headed over thru neighborhood wiggles and connections over to Crgstal Falls trail, had a whoopy-fun ride there, wiggled our way back, and chilled out. Naturally we stopped at the Good Lot and it was good, I think it could be "correct" to have stops like that in middle of many rides. Trail conditions on the falls were perfect, some neighborhood connectors were damp & black but not surprised. Nothing problematic though. I followed it up with a very late getting down at Radio Coffee & Beer, hopefully that was enough of a recharge for today! Trip Total: 4 rides, 73 miles, 7869 ft up.
  6. So what's plan B for today, John's urban? Inquiring animals want to know. If not, just have to try again next week (if I can tear myself away from vendor supplied bbq and brews downtown).
  7. Dunno what you're talking about, it was bone dry at the ranch. (Actually, mostly was ok but for low hanging cloud. 90% of mess I picked up was from low down and near parking field. No pb&j that I saw. Still, probably not good for a crowd. Still, going with the flow here and based on hydromet and noaa rain totals it was tossup between trying RHR & Pace Bend; ended up going RHR since that'd leave me possibly better set for return to N-Austin trail for R&I should that come together (which clearly, not, at this point). Wasn't raining, didn't look like it had just done so either, but certainly morning dew or ambient moisture was a thing as the top surface of the grass and shrubs in the open a bit moist. Under cover, nada, just not as much cover there as one would like? Today, just some mist hanging in the air ... just ... hanging ... so glad I had my big shields in front of my eyes. In motion kept clear enough for fair vision and good protection. Not much wheel kick at all honestly, just ending coming down back into the field. {shrug} Didn't get as much miles as i'd have liked, and honestly I had in mind to ping-pong some of the trail to add but with the hanging mist I just wasn't into it. What-evs, tomorrow comes with fresh options. I would have loved to play on the built features but as I was riding magically through a cloud, solo, chose not to. The added whoop-dips before & after Wall are a great addition. I think it's great the place is back "on" and getting some love, I hope that it continues to do so. SOO, many memories tied up with RHR brought back today. 6 hour events, 24 hour events with chunky peanut butter jamming everyone up, or the drunks shouting "do a trick" at the top of the hill before the reg building, bunny hopping my first rattlesnake - much to the consternation of those following me, Torture Test. You get it, or you don't, i'm not going maudlin here. Ended the ride with a classic cool beverage to recharge a bit, then worked my way back to town and found a post ride snack at an old standby that i'm happy is still standing and jeepers but have we missed that brisket! The Mrs is working up recipes to try, now that we have a smoker, but we haven't gotten "there" yet. Trip Total: 3 rides, 49 miles, 5190 ft up. (and dang-nab it I SHOULD have backtracked some trail just to hit that number) Hopefully Wed will be better for trail time.
  8. Mother gives and she takes, Sunday was beauty, Monday ... iffy, so while there had been Plan A involving more dirt wisdom yielded to Plan B so urban it was. Met up centrally and John bonus-surprise Dawn (!) kept us out of trouble and we had a good tour roaming down Shoal Creek and around the lake. We enjoyed intermittent sun with strong rain punctuation, cowering under the bridges when available. I gawked quite a bit at how much the city has so crazily changed, but there's still a bunch of things just as I left them so thanks for that. Today, looks like clouds are blowing through but it'll be a nice day, just going to roll my dice on where I can nab some more wheel time before this afternoon's shenanigans ... whatever those turn out to be. Trip Total: 2 rides, 36 miles, 3536 ft up.
  9. And there was a couple days and nights in transit and then there was a great GB tour just like the Dr. ordered. Stupid rain all the way across Louisiana tested RainX to the extreme but eventually got out of the way. GB was all that I fondly remembered, and i'm likely to hit it again later this week to get the fully-dry trail experience again as it was just a touch on the moist side Sunday. Still, no complaints from me. Only problem I had was forgetting to stuff icewater in my camelbak, i'm blaming "road fatigue" but between driving 1400 miles to get here and crappy sleep once the ride was done I was TOTALLY COOKED. Just pounded beverages & electrolytes to recover (and yes I had that and multiple tabs on the ride). Clearly i've just been gone too long! Rounded out with a nice recovery at Pinthouse and then some more recovery later thanks to Nando & Rocio! Trip Total: 1 ride, 16.2 miles, 2249 ft up.
  10. You're kind of mental in your advancing years. Still, i'd ride with you.
  11. Thanks all ... good inputs so far ... was going to ask where start for Ninja was but then I noticed a brewery close by? Duh. Ridenfool ... I did see the renewal activity out there (here and on FB) and it's on the radar, we'll see what happens. CJB, it was '12 last I visited (yesss, too long) and my memory is most foggy, but it was short and likely only got CP and GB. You've had a ton of new stuff arise since then and I plan on getting a good sampler this round. I noticed the SATN stuff on MtbPrj & TrailForks, in case I'm at ends for a ride buddy one weekday can you suggest a good route or message me one? I'm eyeing the 30 & 40 milers on MtbPrj as possible guides. FYI, one of my favored longer trail rides here in NC that's (kind of) close to home is a variation of Uwharrie Full Tour from mtbproject. Doesn't have as much fun tech as some but is honest trail with some lovely downhill sections and climbs that make you earn the flow.
  12. I have a REALLY OLD Garmin 705 computer if anyone is interested. Works perfectly. Still makes sounds and charges and everything. I think I still have combined street/topo map card for it too. It looks so quaint compared to current hardware.
  13. *(Ride LIke A Bear - looking for fun, diligent paced, essentially no drop but not beginner pace either ... but not like a cat 1/2 racer ... and always with social time after) Ok, whitewash the rocks, line up the goatheads, get those cactus spines in line, and by all that's holy keep the cedar trees in check .. Bear's coming to visit and weather permitting there will be a big bite taken out of the smorgasboard of your trails. Itinerary is not fixed but i'm going to try to stay a day or two ahead and post up here in case anyone wants to join in (well, and show me the new stuff of course). Sun 6th: Nando's Choice; 2 other special guests coming from PA (probably) Mon 7th: AM event TBD; PM event Bear & 1xPA person ... where? Tue 8th: AM "social diligent" locus TBD; PM Nando's Choice Wed 9th: TBD excessiveness Thur 10th: : AM "social diligent" locus TBD; PM Nando's Choice Fri 11th: TBD excessiveness Sat 12th: Nando's Choice Sun 13th: AM event TBD There will be mandatory visits to a few of my old haunts ... BCGB & CP of course. There will be days with morning- and afternoon/evening sessions. There is the potential for super-epic rides. There may even be r**d rides. There's a few in the audience with priority access to influencing my direction ... you know who you are ... for the rest, love to see your thoughts. Areas of interest in no particular order and potential combinations include BCGB, CP, 360, Walnut, St Ed's, Thumper, LGT, Lakeway, (I hear about another L word has trail), Suburban Ninja, Muleshoe, Pace Bend, Further out stuff includes Spider Mtn, Reveille Peak, Rocky Hill, Flat Rock. What should be axed? what should be considered? Looking forward hugely to see old friends, make new ones, and recharge my mojo-battery. Keep the rubber side down.
  14. I "get" the the Next SL marketing says "ride everywhere North Shore" but if someone has a regular diet of drops over 2" and concerns about critical failure / reliability why wouldn't you get a DH focused part? Sure, it's heavier, but that's better than failure? My riding has certainly changed a lot over the years, and ATX surely gave me more a twist toward technical than I had before, one of those lessons was that even a relatively low-crazy guy like me can damage a 'trail' oriented part. I had issues with both Shimano XT and FSA cranks trail-targeted at different points that ended up with putting Diabalous cranks on the bike, which never ever let me down. Those are still running on the bike they're on, in fact (serving irregular duty on a Titus SuperMoto built out as a DH bike, in NE PA, with a friend of mine). When I got crazy and went carbon crank on my current trail bike I went for the SixC Cinch style ... sure they're not the lightest but I have much more confidence in their long term reliability. They also came in the 165mm length I wanted. Had to swap spindles though for my 73mm BB. I should lay in more spindle options, right now I have lengths for 73 and 83 BSA BB.
  15. IMO people really need to keep the paper-thin tires to the XC races, but maybe i'm biased by past tire trauma.
  16. @jessica ... nice, would be interested in the lasagna recipe. We have one that is zucchini bases we are pretty happy with but options are good. Fwiw, I speculate I'm somewhere on scale between John & Cody ... I'd never say I'm close to Cody's level (never have been) but I've done many fasting mtb rides between '18 and today and have nil problems. I don't usually carry snacks for myself at all anymore. I've had buff trail 25m rides with 10mph avg (fast for me!), 6 hour rides in the Western NC mountains, all kinds of stuff in between. Been debating trying some racing just to see where I am these days (and to socialize more). I'll admit I wouldn't mind losing a few more # but am very stable where i'm at so not highly motivated for that. I also admit that post ride I'm not real steuct about off-keto crap... cider, snack, whatever ... but I try to avoid any habit of crap because I feel it's the regular/chronic intake that causes the real harm.
  17. i admit to it being a couple years, but i found Ledges nowhere as rough on the bike as ATX - has Ledges been changed dramatically in 2 yrs ? Then again i've 10 years of NE PA trails in between and those make ATX trails look like buff dirt.
  18. I'm frustrated that way too as I prefer neither windows or macos ... but there's just not enough market share that most of these hardware companies can support the one offs. I've gotten a windows virtual machine working under Linux and that helps in some cases, but not always. It would be great ifnthwse devices supported updates via only mobile phone, that's like the best-least denominator now. But, for the size of the updates that pretty much requires wifi-direct connections, bluetooth just isn't fast enough. Garmin has been doing a lot more of these phone based updates to devices, but more are needed. Heck, my Fenix watch got and update from the phone that resulted in my watch updating the firmware in my bike's wheel sensor. What a crazy jenga-stack that is!
  19. I'm think you need to PM me beta so I could try to just be coincidentally colocated, by sheer coincidence.
  20. I think Cinch is the combined designation of ring mount and BB/spindle interface. Seems like they made DUB really similar but i've not worked with a DUB crankset so i'm not sure. FWIW I never had a big issue with the shimano style pinch-bolts, and they certainly are easier in some ways, but I think I like the single-bolt things a teeny bit more - as long as they're mounted correctly and to spec to do seem fine. I've had a couple shimano style hollow-tech type cranksets that didn't work out long term, fewer issues with single-bolt systems - but i'm just one statistical sample point. :^)
  21. How much problem has been seen with the RF Cinch? That came on my RIP9 in 2016 and has been trouble free ... I use torque wrench to spec, preload to no slop but not excessively snug, and I think I have had to change bearings once or twice only.
  22. I always felt CP or Thumper would cook you faster, but maybe something with more air? How is Lakeway at worst peak heat?
  23. I actually just put a mandatory 4-5 clise-out meeting Fridays for all my direct reports. Then I skyped then to tell them I'd never be there unless there's and ongoing Incident. Considering repeating for M-Th
  24. "back in the day" ... in the '00s when I lived in ATX and worked in the pixel mines most ppl I worked with got in to the office between 10-11am so I went for ~2 hr GB or CP rides most mornings. Stupid humid, yes, for the warmer times but beat the crap out of not riding. Was quite challenging sometimes considering at the time I rode with double-lensed eyeglasses (RX + sunglass shield) so fogging was a problem. *&*&*^^&^&^ job now has 8am "huddles" and "crap" often kicks up at 3:30-4pm ... why, again, did I go for promotion last summer? Must have been hypnotized.
  25. Fwiw, if you don't have and want some RDU local info or riding time shoot me a pm or email. Usually free weekends and with a bit of planning can make more time. Good luck in your journeys.
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