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  1. Been to both and each has something unique to offer. AF will have the big mountain experience with a lot of variety to choose from. Weather will obviously be better. Red river and Taos are (were) cool towns to hang out in. Spider is limited to 300ft but well thought out, and a good place to get lots of runs in to practice and improve your skillset. Short drive home is nice too. Can also say Sunrise in AZ is no joke. I ate my words and fair share of dirt too.
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    It seems to be a bit of a crapshoot. Some of my pics taken from the same phone, the same day will upload. Others get the -200 no matter what workaround I use. *shrugs*
  3. Commencal clash. Good choice!
  4. Kicking back with some local scotch ale after a damn good ride.
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    Buds Required

    Never get tired of iggy
  6. have middles school teachers and administrators in our circles.
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    Random Dogs

    Old Talons McGee here loves apples more than anything I've ever seen. They're like heroin to this little terrier.
  8. I want these backyard trails
  9. Sorry man. I've banged myself up pretty good being a cheapskate. Was it worth it? Absolutely😁
  10. Most likely a motion control damper issue. You could try and fix, but those dampers are super cheap. Wifes XC rig has a 2015 SID RCT3 120mm and when it has a failure it'll go on the pay it forward thread or in a dumpster. @AustinBike PIKE would be a game changer compared to the SID. Use this to look up your service parts https://trailhead.rockshox.com/en/
  11. This is the main reason I stay away from fox. My XC bike has a fox factory shock on it thats overdue for a damper service and I'll be sending it out for that. Otherwise i stick with rockshox because I can order just about any part and do the services myself. I've also heard nothing but good things about the Grip 2 damper so there's that.
  12. It's pretty bad ass for sure. The blue jump line is super fun. We were there may of 17 and burned ourselves grinding up the return road😂
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    That's kind of my point. I don't hate the players, I hate the game. A few bad actors using the market to scam people is one thing, but the system not only allowing but also rewarding that behavior is the issue. That system needs to be dismantled.
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    I believe the market has no obligation to morality, only to produce profit so I don't fault a snake for being a snake. It's doing what it's supposed to do. We and our leaders are the ones who are obligated to see that justice is being done. That's not happening. Like @mack_turtle my wife is heavily invested in the market through her public and private retirements. She thinks crypto is insane. Aside from a pension, I've pulled every cent and put it into housing. We are gambling that the magic marketplace will determine that we'll have enough in dirt, and in her retirements to comfortably retire. I have absolutely zero confidence in the digital world, especially when it comes to my long term financial well being. As an old IT friend told me, "the internet lies and it never forgets".
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    You're buying something intangible and completely outside your control. My neighbor bought $5k of some crypto and has been trying to get his money back for over a month. He'll never see it. The Elon pump and dump is a classic example how these things go. Just when i thought it couldn't get any dumber, along came NFTs. Not intending to derail this into market bashing. My biggest problem with the stock market is the baked in nefariousness of it. EX: If a company that has had issues with the services/products decides to do the right thing and take care of the people effected they will be punished in the market for doing so. It is not seen as honorable, only loss in profit. On the contrary if they do the immoral thing they are rewarded for it as long as the quarterly expectations are met. Feckless regulators are bought and sold as we found out multiple recessions ago. For something that started out as an alternative for businesses to generate capital for growth instead of going to the banks, it's just turned into a bunch of MBAs moving numbers around on a screen making money for doing nothing but causing harm. I for one am anxiously waiting for it all to be flushed away.
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    Isn't all investing gambling? To me, Wall street is just a giant casino where the house always wins, and we'd be better off without it.
  17. Staying with the old guy theme. As a older skater it's so cool to see another icon like Cab into MTB. He and No way Rey riding together is just freaking awesome!!
  18. Trip is booked and we'll be riding Sunrise, Tucson and Bisbee next month. Stoked for our first trip since the rona' and looking forward to getting stuck into some of these rough cut trails at sunrise. https://sunrise.ski/ https://twitter.com/SunriseResortAZ for now i can just watch the livestream🤣
  19. Stoked to see Kirt still rippin' it well into his 40s
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