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  1. Features like that are strictly Forbidden. You're welcomešŸ˜
  2. This thread is becoming very intense. I'll see myself out
  3. Those look pretty interesting. I'll keep them in mind the next time I buy an insert. Been running the Vittorias in my bikes and have been smashing rocks at speed (when possible) with no tire or insert failures. I did crack an ENVE rim but it was going on four years old. I think that's some some of record for longevity for ENVE. My best explanation of how they felt after installation is like replacing your worn out OEM struts on your car with Koni. Just totally settled the bike down. Bet they'd be great on a gravel bike and the runflat feature is nice too. I don't think they provide the absolute protection of cushcore but it's a happy medium.
  4. Yeah, a good option then. RS is also making several open bath, lower priced models with a 35mm chassis. That might be worth considering since prices are so stupid right now. You can always upgrade the damper at a later date. Also, sourcing a used pike should be pretty easy. I've bought several used RS fork and as long as the stanchions weren't scratched they were G2G. I have the charger bleeder kit if you need to borrow.
  5. Glad you had a good experience with Velo! Dudes seem cool, and looks like they might sell on Amazon occasionally. Interesting. I also see a Pike in your future. Super freaking simple to service, with parts that are cheap and easily accessible. I consider Rockshox the AK-47 of suspension. May not be the most refined but will get you home. Don't you ride hardtails? Boost? I can't imagine you need anything too sophisticated for a hardtail on CTX rockbike riding (no offense intended). Probably get away with a motion control if you wanted, but standard charger dampers are super cheap now.
  6. With fox it's a total pita to get information. That's why is stick to RS. Will say that when I had questions about my fox shocks, they responded super quick by email.
  7. Have you considered just upgrading to a leftover grip damper?
  8. Can say, pedaling my 38lb high pivot up hills with 165s and a 34t was not fun. Wait a second. It's not the crank length. I just hate pedaling up hillsšŸ¤£
  9. Yeah man, watching that video of him breaking down and talking about suicidal thoughts was fucking soul destroying. Especially from such a normally positive person. As someone having just needed medical assistance and currently laid up, i can't help but think of this dude. I can't even imagine being that ill with no financial and medical support. Completely abandoned. We have bad ass insurance through the state and I'm still dreading the bills coming in. The fact that these people's lives have been left in physical and financial ruin is a crime.
  10. They Shall Not Grow Old left me absolutely speechless. So freaking good!!
  11. Time stalks us all like a predator searching for it's kill
  12. Not trying to stir the rona' pot but as a YT subscriber I was wondering what happened to this guy. Apparently a lot. As mountain biker, and a fan, I'm totally gutted for this dude. ((this is not a anti-vax post. I've had the jab))
  13. Doing the corpse and sewage decathlonšŸ˜ I kid, i kid.....
  14. New intake of pain meds are keeping me sober, post October. Thanks to @Chief for the heads up on the whitestone hop water. Definitely a new favorite! The other two aren't bad considering they're fake beer.
  15. Tucson is great this time of year. We always seem to end up riding there in the middle of the summer.
  16. Giving thanks for family, health, friends and financial stability in these crazy times. Happy T-day everyone! M
  17. Fair point. My wife did not share the same sentimentšŸ¤£
  18. Went there Sunday and had a surprisingly good time. As some of you know, I can be a bit critical of ctx trails but this one was all smiles. Well marked, good flow and great views. Terrain was really diverse and has a little of everything to offer and feels like a mixture of pedernales (minus all the rocks) RHR, Reimers, Bandera and a little RPR thrown in for good measure. Hours are changing after Thanksgiving to open later and stay open a little longer. Heads up, there are no bathrooms and it's $10 a day. IMHO, the builders laid the trails out with enough flow, that it'd be a super fun place for gravel bikes for @Barry & @mack_turtle etc. The single speed dudes would get a kick out of it as well. There's also still enough challenges to keep it interesting for full suspension bike guys. Wife has declared Fredericksburg her new favorite trail now that most of RHR is basically closed. Was surprised how Well she handled 15 miles her first time out. Totally recommend Only picture I took but there is a lot of cool stuff to see.
  19. Got back from my PCP. Didn't seem too alarmed and recommended physical therapy. Luckily, my doctor and rehab is through Baylor Scott and White and is also located at the entrance to my neighborhood making the process pretty darn easy. Living in a pseudo retirement community, I have a lot of neighbors who go there, and they are really pleased with the results. Worst case they recommend I get a shot, so that was really encouraging. IMHO, this is something that's been around for a while (decades) and age has just finally caught up with me. Glad to have some options before it got too bad. Lastly, thanks going out to you guys for the encouragement and advice!
  20. Thanks man. Surgery is going to be an absolute last resort. From what they described it's somewhat mild so I'll know more about options after todays visit. Pain came on about 14 miles into my ride and progressively got worse until I couldn't move, around 2am. Took 10mg of Valium, 400mg of Motrin, called EMS who shot me up with fentanyl then the ER gave additional anti inflammatorries an steroids, all oral though. By 9am the next morning I was curled up in my shower, unable to move again. 2nd trip to ER was morphine and strong steroids and anti inflammatorries. All injected. That seemed to do the trick and I can at least get up and go to the bathroom now.
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