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    Random Dogs

    Tater tots are a helluva drug🤣
  2. criminally underrated track
  3. Can confirm. Currently managing through listing our house just as things tapered off. With the exception of interest rates, things will be better for Austin buyers by the fall. Cash will be king.
  4. The surface temps the last couple of weeks has been brutal. Been working on concrete and it's like being in a tanning bed 5-6hrs a day.
  5. Death by meeting Used to work for a big corp back in the day. Now living as a free man, I could never do those meetings again😁
  6. Speaking of forecasts, here's a little MTB park comparison. Spider Mountain vs Beech Mountain.
  7. Thanks Definitely looking in Asheville area. After Austin, I've had just about all the flatlandia I can stand.
  8. Especially before 20+ million people realize they'll be out of water in the coming decades, and buy up everything east of the Mississippi.
  9. We're rethinking AZ due to the water issues, and figure we should check out the eastern US as well. TN, VA and NC are on the list with NC being the most appealing because it has a fairly low cost of living, four seasons, mountains and a coastline. Planning on taking a trip out the in the next 30 days to scout it a bit.
  10. Totally agree on the wicking but once im hot, all bets are off. My only focus is to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get out of the heat. Clothing material is secondary. I do use a large golf umbrella with a suction cup to work under when possible. Funny you guys mentioned sweat smell. A couple of years ago I stopped used deodorant/anti-perspirant during the week, and have since developed a mild allergy to it. Luckily i work alone and don't sweat or stink too bad so its not an issue during the day. At night when we go out, I'll use deodorant and then wake up with itchy pits in the middle of the night. Have since switched to some all natural fragrance free roll on deodorant, and that seems to be fine but i still sweat. Bottom line is it has just become too hot for too long here in Austin, and it's getting worse every year. The apocalyptic droughts in the west also have us rethinking living there😬
  11. I work outside 5 days a week, in direct sunlight and just wear cotton shorts, t-shirt and a boonie hat. No matter what you wear, it's going to be miserable outside. I have switched shoes to some fiveten sleuth mesh slipons that breathe well and that seemed to help some. When it comes to hydration, I only drink water, and have been pounding the HEB 1877 mineral water. Used to drink topo until i found out how much pollution was in it (thanks coke). Wont touch sports drinks as the artificial flavoring makes me sick after a bottle or two. IMHO, no chemical that tastes that sweet but has no sugar is worth consuming. If im going to get sick from drinking, it'll come from booze. @mack_turtle For riding in the sun, i've had luck with LS jerseys from Forbike. They used make commencal's clothing, and I got some for christmas a couple years ago. They are euro so they fit a little tighter which made it tough for use over armor but worked great for just casual riding. https://www.forbikeclothing.com/en/ Housing market is cooling here so may be here further into summer than I'd like. Not great.
  12. I was the same way when I lived in Salt Lake City and would fly to Orange County in the dead of winter. 60* never felt so good😁
  13. Can confirm. Buddy of mine from Utah and I did that trail in may of 2017. The heat/humidity was too much for him and he was freaking out saying that he couldn't cool off and was getting sick. Welcome to hell 😆
  14. Interesting option. Does this tie into the new DTC program from specialized? https://www.pinkbike.com/news/whats-the-significance-of-the-specialized-d2c-move-its-complicated.html
  15. Fair point. I rode my buddies single speed niner for a couple of weeks and I've never come so close to throwing up on a ride. That includes some full blown hangover rides with @Chief. He rode that god damned thing UP Captain Ahab in Moab while anyone that likes fun was going down. Freaking beast. However, the first time I took him down a lift assist DH park, he broke his leg within the first 10 minutes.
  16. I have taken my old gravel bike off some drops. It was fucking terrifying🤣
  17. I'll never understand the draw of shingle speed misery. Particularly rigid. But hey, you guys have a higher fitness level and pain tolerance than me. Carry on😎
  18. Hell yeah son!!
  19. not a dig in the least, but i can't even imagine demoing a hardtail.
  20. This for sure. The one thing you can get pretty close on a demo is sag and shock settings. I think most of us look at rear suspension layouts first when choosing a fame, and that is the one thing that's going to define the characteristic of a bike the most. I've only demo'd two bikes of the nearly 30 i've owned and that was when i was a total noob and had no clue of what to look for to begin with🤣
  21. My druid currently has a nearly 78* STA with a 64* HTA. The seat tube angle felt odd at first, coming off a 75* bike but was used to it after a couple rides. I like that the newer bikes place you in the center of the bike rather than hanging over the back, or in a OTB ready position up front. Blarf. I have had to play with stem length a bit more than in the past and have gone from 35mm to 43mm on both my current bikes.
  22. Was doing a job Thursday in Lakeway passed by infamous and figured i'd stop in. Had a couple taproom only beers that were worth checking out. They had one beer that was their spin on an Irish car bomb that was pretty damn tasty. Place was cool and staff were friendly. Definitely worth stopping by after hitting the Lakeway trails (when it's not 100*). Took a 4pack of imperial double IPAs home. https://www.infamousbrewing.com/index.html
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