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  1. I struggle with these sometimes. Just seem like a MTB with drop bars which doesn't make much sense to me. In my experience, a real 20-22lb gravel bike goes like stink compared to fat tired heavier bikes. No shade, and to each their own though.
  2. Drinking fancy sours in salt lake city. TF brewing
  3. My gravel bike is one of the only bikes I've regretted selling. I'd rather have one of those in CTX than an XC bike. Those corner bars are magic. Great idea @mack_turtle
  4. And now ever more surreal. Its snowing!!!
  5. The new fezzari looks good and the price is right. Most importantly, they are offering a frame kit for people who build their own. About friggin time! Hopefully this will start forcing other manufacturers to do the same and drive prices down. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/fezzari-launches-timp-peak-long-travel-emtb.html
  6. Surreal tour of north America continues. From Canada to the Mexican borderlands.
  7. Been there man. Bike paranoia knows no limits 🤣
  8. We've tried just about every combo, and two bikes for each of us seems to be our sweet spot. Modern FS trailbikes are so good, you can do just about anything with them. Even hitting the DH park. Just bring extra tires etc. We have secondary big travel bikes for when the shuttle / lift trails get stupid and steep. There's no replacing a super-slack, long wheelbase big hit rig in those conditions. Especially with my poor line choices😆 For CTX, seems a modern full suspension 120-130mm downkuntry or trailbike is about perfect. Throw in a good gravel bike for the days of summer or when heading to flatlandia for a trip. We've rolled all four bikes in & out of numerous hotels and BnBs troughout the USA and Canada over the last couple of years with zero issues. We also have a bad ass case hardened security chain we use to secure like pee-wee when we park the car for a post-ride lunch. Even at that, we still park in eyesight of the dining area or close to the front door, backed up to sidewalk.
  9. currently obsessed with all things Sleaford
  10. Been checking out the Son of Sam series on netflix and this was on the intro. Forgot how good her cover of this was.
  11. FWIW, if anyone is still looking, Terlingua ranch was awesome when we stayed there.
  12. If I could do one thing before I die, sticking that landing would be very high on my list 😎
  13. This x100. Brodie office for the win.
  14. You may have misunderstood What I'm saying is the good days are getting fewer, not that there are fewer good days than bad. As someone who works outside, I can say when we're consistently setting records for heat in the summer, it's far from good in my book.
  15. Was visiting with friends in Austin and Cedar Park during this last storm and it was a real shame to see the all the damage. CTX weather seems to have become a series of extremes. Burning hot, dry summers with occasional flooding in between, and then snow/ice in the winter. The nicer days seem to be becoming fewer and fewer. Hard pass
  16. Bike looks pretty freaking cool. Like the silver pike on it. 62*? That's as slack as my park bike and it's pretty floppy pedaling it to the lift line lol. TBH, I'd be a little upset riding that in CTX and having to band aid it with a angleset. Even though it steepens the HTA, it also raises the BB, slacks the STA, and stretches the cockpit.
  17. The true irony is there are some decent mountains in Texas but the trails are terrible there. I'm for creating a class of bicycles exclusive to the rockbike riding found in CTX. Something with high BB for the gardens and ledges, and good at flat turns. Throw in a half dozen bottle mounts for summer riding and it should be perfect.😁
  18. X2 Definitely recommend this one for kids or new riders
  19. Thanks man! Kind of an apprenticeship situation for me as I'm trading free labor for free training. Totally lucked into it since they were located in the B&B i was staying in. Brewing was something i always wanted to try and they needed some help and were generous enough to teach me. We're heading to Nevada via Austin next month, and want to open a nano distillery there in the future. Time will tell on the latter
  20. Enjoying one of my first solo brews the guys trusted me with😆. https://afogbrewing.com/on-tap Tall boy Ale
  21. new review https://www.pinkbike.com/news/review-7idp-sam-hill-and-sam-hill-lite-knee-pad-review.html
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