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2023 Enchilada Buffet - Sat, Oct 21


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NO unaccompanied minors on this event. If your Bowie Bulldog or VandeViper wants to ride - you, or someone over 18 rides with em, and doesn't drop em! Hope that is claro.

There will be a printed waiver which I will ask everyone to sign at the start. I will post a version here if you want to save time and print it out.

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Mandatory re-route to avoid construction on 360 which is impacting the shoulder:

On 360, once you pass the Overlook and the cliff face, the next right is Bold Ruler, which you'll take. Then:

Left on Canonero Drive
Left on Waymaker Way
Right on Round Table Rd
Right on Riva Ridge Rd
Left on Carry Back Lane
Cross Westlake Drive and ride THRU Davenport Village. You'll pass La Boulangerie, and if I'm sitting in front of it, I'll buy you a coffee.
From there, exit back onto 360 where there is a five foot shoulder all the way to the bridge. I recommend a good rear blinkie for all the road portions!
I will print these directions out and have them available at the start.
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21 hours ago, Ridenfool said:

I suffer from a severe allergic reaction to riding road.

Thanks for the offer just the same. 🙂

It's a trail ride - and a hard one - you just have to sling a few roads together to get between em. Not for everyone, for sure. Mind you, I'll say the same about RHR.

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