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  1. A Cold War Porter! Isn't that like ... having a chunk of the Berlin Wall?
  2. Yup, bitters and brown ales are meant to be kept in the pantry. not in the fridge - that's where my grandpa kept his. Remember, it's not nearly as warm in the UK as it is here.
  3. Chilled glasses are heresy from the shitty yeller beer industry. If it needs a chilled glass, it‘s not coming out of the tap at the right temp.
  4. Yup. that was likely us. Were you on the singlespeed?
  5. I haven't been in years, but didn't we all just park back then and walk/ride through it? I guess now it's a drive-thru thing or something. I remember chugging a couple of Lone Stars and running the Trail of Lights 5K in the early aughts - is that still a thing?
  6. Yeah, he indicated to me that if he felt a bike was dirty, it would automatically get washed and the owner charged something like $15. Just wondering if he is backing off on this a little. My bikes are damn clean anyway, because they are kept in my home office - better than any Teams backdrop!
  7. Have you had to pay to have your bike(s) washed yet? When I first stopped by, James mentioned that working on clean bikes was a thing with them (fair enough), but I'm assuming that the two of mine he's already worked on passed the cleanliness test, since I wasn't charged for a wash.
  8. You are fortunate down in the Southlands to have probably not dealt with those who manage the Balcones Canyonland Conservation Plan. A proliferation of eBikes in some of the areas they covet might be just the excuse they are looking for - to put up a nice black fence.
  9. I used to work for Watershed Protection, about 20 years ago - probably most of my co-workers have retired by now.
  10. Is this an issue with physically crossing the creek, or an issue with finding available space on each side in order to cross? Just curious.
  11. I'll give em a solid thumbs up. James took care of my bent derailleur situation on opening day for a cheap $25. The website needs tweaking, but he recommends everyone use the built-in appointment scheduler - you won't be charged the indicated $150 for two hours if the repair doesn't warrant that. Nicely remodeled interior, plus a beer fridge. If you drive in off SCB you can park behind the shop without having to venture onto Burnet Rd.
  12. I have a Burley trailer modified for 29er which the wife drove over - most is salvageable. Perhaps the parts would work.
  13. I'm a little confused about how much they charge, but I will stop by and ask them. I see $100 per hour on the website -- and am hoping that is not a minimum, since they're no longer driving to my house. In other words, if it takes 30 mins to adjust my rear der, will it be $50? When attempting to schedule, the only option appears to be "2 hours @ $150", whatever that means, although it appears to include "Bike washed. Wheels trued. Shifting precise. Braking dialed. All other issues addressed." I always drop off a clean bike, so I certainly don't need to pay for that! In any case, I'll drop by and ask em before scheduling anything.
  14. The main creek crossing at Walnut was so slick a few months back, that my bike vanished from under me so quickly I was left suspended in mid-air, still pedaling away, like in the cartoons! A solid landing, but thankfully nothing serious.
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