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  1. They'll break that U-Lock in seconds.
  2. We already have the real thing, buddy. https://www.bikereg.com/run-and-gun-gears-and-guns-biathlon-weekend-at-flat-rock-ranch
  3. Don't even get me started. After Jeremiah and the Disciples blew through Flat Creek, there was not much singletrack left. Rather than build their own lines, they used those convenient XC uphill climbs as gravity lines. I miss that place.
  4. There's that old juice place on Barton Springs Rd, but they're not GB-grade bikes.
  5. Well, it seems like a whole goddamn muthafuckin crowd of Mojos, who have their own goddamn muthafuckin private goddamn fuckin thread, decided to show up anyway, without bothering to tell anyone. Fuck the R&I, I'm just gonna make my own.
  6. I may do some urban-ness and then stop off for a chilled beverage on the way home. Got some EB stickers for you, Barry.
  7. Keep us posted! I'm at 45th and Mopac, and it rained a good bit there. But hey, 9 miles can make a difference ...
  8. I'll carry you up Church Hill if you like - heard you ride lifts now.
  9. Barring a major deluge, I'll be there tomorrow ... unless no one else is bothering.
  10. It was good to see you, Antonio!
  11. Seth - don't worry about the troll. Worry instead about the substantial pile of lumber sitting in my yard with your name on it, which is gonna vanish if you don't come pick it up!
  12. >the lift does NOT appear to have been assembled by carnies on meth Snort!
  13. I figured so - you know where to find it if you need it. Or I can probably deliver it, since I doubt I'll be off riding the trails any time soon 😞
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