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  1. We went - and it was good. Trails could have been better, hoping for more next year.
  2. Perhaps a Peleton of Juan Pelota riders will ride straight down the car lane and blow the stop signs!
  3. Damn - that is actually him. Agree with Antonio, he doesn’t belong here, as much as he would deal with RA.
  4. BMW of Austin had a BMW mountain bike on display - since we were dropping many grands on a car, I asked to ride it and they let me. I messed around on one of those fake rocks they display offroad cars on. Kinda fun.
  5. Rather sad that the demise of Dirt Rag gets discussed on the douchebag’s thread. He doesn’t deserve it.
  6. As usual, RA posts a link with no real commentary, and then goes off and plays on his Nintendo for a while. "Thought it might be a good start for a thread" - why not tell us which wheelset you are considering trying them on, etc? Bear in mind I have you blocked, so I'll look tomorrow for this:
  7. Reimer's is closed if anyone is thinking of heading out there. Dammit.
  8. I'm gonna argue that on a 1Up, this takes time. Those wheels are tightly cranked in there. Not impossible, but this current gang is whipping these bikes of racks in mere seconds. I wonder if they are going to risk it taking minutes.
  9. Oh, do piss off. Hey, are you one of these people who likes to have the last word?
  10. I was thinking about that today. I bet an angle grinder would make short work of a one-up wheel lock, but (a) would make some noise, and (b) would likely slice off a spoke. Given that these thefts are high-end, I wonder if they might be wary of taking out a spoke.
  11. Sure the creak is not you? How many miles do you have on you?
  12. We rode 20+ miles out of Red Horn -- almost no water except for the creeks.
  13. Sometimes, it's all in the title: "Since The Subject of an Austin MTB Print Magazine Has Come up" 'Come up' by whom, we might ask? Well by the original poster, who posted it in the third person, and then continued to post as though he/she/it were not the originator of the ridiculous thread. Issues, indeed.
  14. There is very little printed material at South By these days. Pretty much just the film and music guides. The days of a gimme bag stuffed with paper media are well and truly over.
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