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  1. I'm in the same boat - decided to fly into Salida this summer, and save myself the drive. I had my original 2011 Stumpjumper brought up from storage in the Springs. That has an early 1 x 11 on it, and it's gonna be interesting, since I'm so used to my Eagle setup!
  2. I prefer to think of them as the 'Vienna Sausages'.
  3. Never met the fellow, to my knowledge. No great loss.
  4. You’d think after a million posts, he might have said farewell.
  5. Nice shot of Absolute! Did you ride Chicken Dinner? I own a piece of land right across the river from the final descent.
  6. Why is your time here done?
  7. Columbine Mountain Bike Trail, Leadville North, Colorado (mtbproject.com)
  8. Ouch! Those high-speed, unexpected wipeouts can be the worst. When I converted my Tallboy from 29 to 27.5 format - and in every respect it's a better bike - I had to go through a period of adjustment to stop having hard pedal strikes and bottom bracket impacts, often resulting in a sudden, unexpected dismount. I now ride with a higher tire pressure and a little more air in the rear shock, and all is good. There's a circular root out at Suburban Ninja at the perfect height to catch your bike shoe in - I have to remember it's there every time I take this innocent little turn, and one day it's gonna get me. Heal up, man.
  9. That's exactly where I was yesterday morning - didn't spot any critters, though.
  10. Ah - I assumed you rode to the ride! Way more convenient than shuttling!
  11. I wouldn't call that abbreviated, unless you skipped the mandatory post-ride beer in town (I like to go to Benson's).
  12. It's no wonder the BC thread has almost ten times the number of posts as the R&I thread 😞 This would never have happened back on Mojo!
  13. TAF


    I have a whole effen house to build ...
  14. Sorry to miss you - we had gone over to COTA to see Beyond Van Gogh, and boy was I glad that big tent is decently air-conditioned.
  15. TAF

    Euro 2020

    Not all, but as 'European' fans go, they are kind of up there - principally the English and the Scots, just to be clear.
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