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  1. As have I - it's attached to my shoe, so I don't have to remember to put it on, and it also displays my blood type, which is of the rare variety. Buy one, people.
  2. Tartiflette is kind of fondue meets gratin potatoes - great with ice cold, crisp white wine. I doubt you'd commonly find it in Parisian restaurants, but if you do, I bet it'll be good.
  3. If anyone's had a bike lifted in the past few months, this might be worth following up on: https://www.kxan.com/news/crime/austin-man-accused-of-participating-in-organized-crime-ring-of-bicycle-thieves/?fbclid=IwAR38_MI2X2Ly2dp5NrlOX-IdhQAXXt8JeobLq_U5IjhpdKbybAvIfvp6D1E
  4. Surprised RA hadn't already done so ... but over here.
  5. I have been rather enjoying the Maxxis Rekons - I have 27.5 x 2.8 on my Tallboy, and 29 x 2.6 on my Chumba Stella. Solid grip on the local chunk, and no sliding on cornering. Short-cutting on the road. or some EB 360 riding? Oooph, that's a bit of a workout.
  6. Brian M has one - he's usually at R&I. I've a Tallboy which is pretty similar.
  7. Feb 7 - 9 in Sunsites, AZ. A few of us are already signed up - looks to be 12 hrs drive from the ATX, or a couple hours from Tucson. https://www.bikereg.com/Confirmed/42042
  8. Don’t forget it’s Trivia Night.
  9. Poc - we bought the lot when D1 went out of business, and divvied them up among the crew. Might still have an XXL or two.
  10. Actually, you had a 100% chance of success - that's my helmet size, I was standing right there, and I was done good and early. Actuarial tables be damned.
  11. Ah, I have mine set up so that Bikereg automatically logs me in as a participant, and pays using Paypal which accepts a fingerprint as a login. Took me sixty seconds to sign up for the 3/4.
  12. ... but do we have to have the 'Are you sure?' popup? Cause I'm damn sure.
  13. What - you don't get cell service in the Green Belt?
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