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  1. It was pretty bearable - I spent quite a bit of the summer in the mountains, and have generally only ridden in the morning since I got back, so I was somewhat of a wuss. Glad I took gears!
  2. Pretty sure Endurarace is hosting a TMBRA race out there.
  3. Didn't they just have some world cup action up that way? Pretty sure I saw a selfie of Emily Batty after a nasty looking spill.
  4. Rather a sweeping generalization. My built-in nav works just great, and I use it on every road trip.
  5. Aren't you near Phil's World? Just go hang out at the trailhead with a cooler of beer, some weed, and a wireless hotspot!
  6. Lake Atalanta is fun, fairly climby with a great downhill run in it, and I recall quite a good brewery, as well as a bike shop with beer on tap.
  7. Wash your mouth out, sir - this is an Austin forum.
  8. “Also, a keg (or kegs?) have been donated by a rider-owned local brewery-in-transition with leftover stock.” Got it - I’ll bring some decent beer.
  9. I couldn't find the damn thing - where is it, exactly?
  10. Is there still a daily land use fee?
  11. Looks to be a 50mm. Yours if you want it.
  12. Don't sell yourself short - George Dawkins keeps up with the group at age 80-something on his e-bike, and I sure I hope I'm doing the same in 30 years!
  13. I'm late to the party on this one, and is often the case, I purchased a higher-end option - SRAM AXS wireless dropper for my singlespeed. Not cheap, but boy, is it precise and so nice not to have cabling and zip ties all over the place.
  14. Realized I hadn’t given an update in a while. Been in Salida the last couple of weeks, some lovely rides up on the Crest. Put on a big Indian food cookout at Absolute Bikes this evening - nice to run into Hill Abell! We just booked a rental in Colorado Springs for next week - doing our damndest to stay away from the furnace ….
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