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  1. So no payouts in the Beginner category? Does $65 get me beer? I figure someone has to ask ...
  2. He’s out, but I believe he was due to be deported — if Bart didn’t hunt him down first.
  3. This sounds a lot more exciting than R&I, where real cops tend to ignore the beer swilling going on.
  4. The feed I get (NBC Gold) is the two Aussie fellers - they're not terribly interesting, and I usually tune them out. Here's a fascinating read on the technology and logistics behind TdF broadcasting: https://www.velonews.com/2019/07/from-the-mag/inside-nbcs-tour-de-france-television-broadcast_495538
  5. I was going to add a nice map -- can you do that in Power BI? [Thread hijacked]
  6. A $ per month replacement cost in breakages might be an interesting comparison. Somebody run some numbers -- I'll drop em into Tableau!
  7. I got to thinking about the Austin bike polo scene, and I remember now, there was a young fellow who had a blog called Thy Neighbor's Bike, who was a bike polo guy. He got called out on Mojo for mocking riders who wore helmets and pads. A couple of weeks later, he showed up at Walnut just as a large group was setting off. Sans helmet, he shot past everyone by overtaking along that fenceline by the maintenance shed, turned to cross the creek - not the well-armored crossing of today - caught his front wheel and super-manned over the bars in spectacular fashion, splash landing face first in the creek. I reckon you could hear the laughter a couple of zip codes away. Come back, Thy Neighbor - we still wear helmets!
  8. There was a regular at R&I who we haven't seen for some time - Fixie Todd, I think - who used to participate. Pretty sure it's been going on for years, and injuries are common.
  9. The only Yo-Yo'er I know of is Billy Rice - perhaps there have been others? It's the sort of thing you hear those PCT and AT thru-hikers doing, but I guess those guys have no job to go back to or something.
  10. There's absolutely nothing in Antelope Wells - not even a water spigot, I don't think. I recall from a some posts I read a few TDs back, that if you can't get met at the border, there used to be a guy from Silver City who you could pay to come pick you up, otherwise you had to ride back to somewhere like Lordsburg. Not a whole lot of fun, after all that riding!
  11. Chris just finished - wonder if he's getting picked up, or if he has to slog it back to the bus stop in Silver City.
  12. Almost certainly the furthest a Red Wing has ever pedaled - they'd probably want to know all about it!
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