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  1. TAF

    Spider Mountain

    >the lift does NOT appear to have been assembled by carnies on meth Snort!
  2. I figured so - you know where to find it if you need it. Or I can probably deliver it, since I doubt I'll be off riding the trails any time soon 😞
  3. I'm having an old shed dismantled and hauled out of my yard, and I noticed that the rotting plywood base is supported by treated 2 x 4s which seem to be in good shape. Can anyone use this lumber for skills park / feature type projects? If so, I'll have it saved for pickup.
  4. TAF

    2018 EB

    Yup - start and finish anywhere you like on an ITT - we'll send you a sticker or three when you post your ride up! There could even be some shirts ...
  5. I need to score me some of that weed when I get back.
  6. TAF

    2018 EB

    Well, we just can't win - it's raining now, and looks like more heading our way. Sorry, folks - we're gonna cancel this one - it wouldn't be a fun day out. Stay tuned for more shenanigans from the EB team! If anyone rides the full EB over the next few months, and can supply a gpx track, you'll get stickers and goodies.
  7. TAF

    Wanted to Borrow or Rent Bike Rack

    Pretty sure I have a T2 with two-bike add-on. You can take the whole thing if it's easier.
  8. TAF

    2018 EB

    6 am. Would you also like a wake-up call?
  9. TAF

    2018 EB

    Agreed - that seems to be the consensus. I'm prepping for this thing to happen.
  10. TAF

    2018 EB

    I'm afraid it will likely be a late call, but for now, things are looking reasonable. A BCGB bypass will be in effect, taking the paved bike path from Spyglass to the Mopac turnaround trailhead. No creek crossings on this one. If Walnut is deemed not rideable by the time riders arrive in the afternoon, a signboard will be posted on the paved Walnut Creek trail. Neutral support at City Park and Thumper. Word has it that my wife is going to have food delivered on-site from somewhere! Perhaps not an EB for the serious time junkies, but still a good workout for those wishing to try it out for a first time, or who just want a fun ride.
  11. TAF

    2018 EB

    The EB team posted this today on the FB page: Wed noon update: the forecast for Friday continues to look unpleasant. What does "early showers, becoming a light steady rain, continuing into Friday night" mean for the EB? It means that the main trail on the Green Belt will be muddy in places, and all the rocks and roots will be slick as snot. The Rudy's climb will be muddy also. City Park could be a real shitshow, with all the recent reports of motorcycle damage. Lots of mud, puddles, and slick rock. Thumper - well, only Thumper knows. The sun could be shining down there, so that the unicorns and elves can paddle about. Plus, we would likely have to skip Walnut completely to avoid trail damage to a heavily used trail, and some very unhappy trail builders. It sucks, but we'll keep you all posted! If we do have to cancel, we'll perhaps continue to run occasional GB and Thumper rides throughout the spring, and maybe even keep an eye out for an impromptu EB date with clear skies and a following wind.
  12. TAF

    Anyone lose a cateye computer?

    In fact, I'm wondering if that intersection has it's own KOM.
  13. TAF

    Anyone lose a cateye computer?

    Yesterday, there was a roadie who turned right through the stop sign at Shoal Creek and White Rock so fast, I bet he hit some serious Gs. Wouldn't be surprised if shit flew off his bars.
  14. There's always gravel! Plenty of that about.