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  1. You gotta get the root system. Gramma's vinegar probably won't do that. Evil Monsanto will, and you'll likely never have to visit it again.
  2. I don't use it generally, except on established, tenacious, bamboo, that I really don't want to ever see again.
  3. Lever action Marlin, sir. Probably have a couple of 9mm at hand to pick off the ones sneaking up the creek bed.
  4. Assuming it's mature - at least one inch in diameter - chop it a couple feet above the ground and pour neat Roundup into the hollow interior. That'll get the roots. Couple weeks later, get you a shovel and start digging that shit up. Fortunately, this stuff is young and I'm getting it early.
  5. If needed, I'll hold the red hats off at the wooden footbridge with my trusty 30-30! - guy without a windchime or a whiff of patchouli
  6. Ditto, and I've plenty of limestone. Started scraping and painting the exterior of the house in 10' x 10' sections. Getting rid of overhanging limbs and bamboo from the neighbors. Pulling up all the cinder blocks which formed the base of an old shed. If the shit hits the fan and we're totally locked down, I plan to build one mother of a flow/features track around my double lot. Fuck whoever buys it after we leave!
  7. I also would like to know which shop - if they pull a stunt like that, they deserve to have their name out there in public.
  8. Heh, heh - those are my peeps, though.
  9. My favorite made-in-store is actually from Randall's. Usually found in the produce section, on the cold shelves, says 'Made in Store' in big letters. They don't short you on the avocado chunks, and no excessive lemon or garlic, either.
  10. You owe the bank $100,000 - they own you. You owe the bank $1,000,000 ....
  11. Especially this: https://www.amazon.com/CyclingDeal-Tubeless-Bike-Tire-Repair/dp/B07WHWY3GN
  12. I think the Gravel Kings are very suited for our central Texas gravel; and another option - now that they are tubeless ready - would be Teravail Cannonballs. Either way, you want to be running tubeless out in the boonies - those cattle grid crossings will give your tubes a pinch flat in no time.
  13. Standard procedure when you go through NOLS training - cut off the branch, leave it in place, let the surgeons deal with it. "Remember, you are NOT surgeons!" our instructor would yell at us pretty frequently.
  14. In your opinion. I wouldn't go near em.
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