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  1. "Also many Boomer's" - Boomers "2 to 3 cars in there family" - their +1 for high school!
  2. Dec 18. I’ll post up in the events page when the bikreg page is up.
  3. Fat Chuck's Final Revenge should be mid to late December -- this will be the Full Pull. No date posted yet, but I'll post deets when I see them.
  4. I usually line up a few, so as not to be disappointed -- or bored.
  5. Would this be a good audio book? Got a road trip coming up ...
  6. Does this ride still happen - if so, where do you start from?
  7. Looked after, and well-secured, I feel that 1Up products will last a lifetime.
  8. 1UP sell one now. https://www.1up-usa.com/product/rakattach/
  9. It’s a great shame that the Austin Ridge Riders seem to have no social media presence whatsoever.
  10. I don't not believe you - it's simply my recollection that signage at Reimers is a stake in the ground with a color and a small arrow. If you are meant to ONLY ride it in that direction, it's probably worth stating as such on the sign -- same as with any trail system. Not that I have ever seen anyone ride it the other way, but you know there are people out there who will.
  11. You had me at ‘Trailforks’. Who knows who submitted that loop. Or perhaps it is listed?
  12. Reimers is a little unique: we voted on the purchase - before your time, possibly - and the trail system, as well as the rock climbing, the horsey stuff and the river access - were all firmly established. Ol Milton made it very clear that all of this was to remain.
  13. I think you should calm down a little. 99.99% of riders ride it as signposted. However, if it is truly a mono-directional trail system, it is worth informing users of that.
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