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  1. The Bones, at RPR. I think I was there that day.
  2. InReach has had issues sending map links to AT&T phones over the past week. They claim it is resolved, but also clearly state that they don’t know what caused it. So ...
  3. Never gets old ... (I was trying to insert the video but I don't know how) okerholm video.AVI
  4. Sounds like a really fun trip - post more pics! We’re heading out of Salida tomorrow, right before an Arctic blast hits the region. Hoping for an awesome ‘winter’ in Austin!
  5. You’re joking, right? I don’t know a single trail runner who would chuck their empties onto the ground.
  6. You could probably take my InReach. Snow is about to hit the high country, though - may be too late in the season for back country adventures.
  7. I’ve been dying to try it, but I suspect my cheap n cheerful home Dell, or even my 24 GB work laptop, will not be sufficiently powerful to run it properly. What do I need - a gaming laptop?
  8. A few years back, I recall being partway up Mt Lakeway when I was ‘passed’ by a 4WD vehicle grinding up what was left of the service road under the power lines. I should have known it was the shuttle for the enduro people!
  9. Along with RA, I have JMR set to ignore.
  10. In this day and age - sadly - you really need to keep your bikes in your house. Ours are all kept in a converted guest room which is also my home office. Although this was originally because we have a carport instead of a garage, I really wouldn't have it any other way right now. Peace of mind, and I'm forced to keep them reasonably clean since I have to wheel em inside.
  11. I have an 820, and I'm very happy with it. Garmin have definitely improved their GUI and syncing abilities -- it works seamlessly with my Android phone, and I do like that SMS and Teams messages pop up on the Garmin while riding - there's even the option to send pre-defined replies from the 820. Thumbs up from me.
  12. It’s probably being disassembled somewhere nearby in the Ben White median. There must be thousands of bikes in there by now.
  13. Man, that could make for an interesting thread over in the General Lunacy forum! Fire away, I say!
  14. Eh? I've filled plenty of tires from a CO2 canister and not thought twice about it. Tires hold just fine.
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