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  1. I have a bear bell (which you can switch on or off) on one bike, which is handy on the Southies. Otherwise I just holler - often pretty loudly - usually causing the blockage to jump like a startled deer and bolt one way or the other, often with dogs scattering in all directions.
  2. Tell us more. Nothing much has changed inside the service area - most of the same mechanics, and most of them are good. What did you have an issue with?
  3. That reminds me - if there's an event coming up that weekend, there's often pit crews setting up shop, and it's easy to ride right up and check what's going on, chat with them, etc.
  4. The T1 climb is an 11% grade, and it's long enough that it's pretty challenging to go straight upward on a bike - I always find myself switchbacking.
  5. Not judging - just commenting. I honestly don’t give a hoot what other people choose to wear or not wear. Full face helmets at Walnut always struck me as a little OTT, though.
  6. I often ponder his topic when I see the full-face, heavily padded guys circling the parking lot at Walnut or Suburban Ninja. I think these guys have had a very different introduction to mountain biking than a lot of us did - friends making them get off the couch and go to Spider or RPR, that sort of thing - and they really have no idea that you don't need all that protective gear for normal trail riding. Then again, when I see them wobbling around on those high end bikes with coil suspension ........
  7. TAF

    The vaccine

    I have to drop my truck off to get some diagnosis done, and they are quoting me a 5-7 day turnaround time, as "a lot of people ae off sick" right now. Pretty sure I know what with, and I'll be wiping that interior down good and proper when I get it back.
  8. That’s actually from Platform 9 3/4.
  9. Oh, and I believe that was the 4:10 departure. Do we need a Station Master?
  10. We actually met Shredded Elbows or some such - I think he has been posting on here. He had rather unfortunately boarded Barry's 'Express Monorail to Nowhere' and had gotten dropped pretty quickly. Oh, well - you missed the after-party, Elbows!
  11. 4.30 pm seems to be a popular meeting time with our little crew.
  12. If anyone is thinking about going tomorrow, I will be bringing 12 lbs of pulled pork which I smoked for the ASS ride on Sat, which got canceled due to rain.
  13. I already have the R+ -- and it's very tempting to buy the TF just because it's a real beauty ... and it's my real world initials.
  14. T.F. - Why Cycles
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