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City Requesting Opinions on Williamson Creek Trail

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Note that I have been advocating for a trail across all of South Austin along Williamson Creek.  This morning I received an email about the Williamson Creek area. Here is a redacted version of the email (redacted remove classified info). I also added the underlines to highlight why I think it would be beneficial to MTB'rs.
Dear Friends and Neighbors~
I’m passing this on even though you should receive a paper copy in the mail sometime in the next couple of days.  Please share with your friends and neighbors, up and downstream of us!!  It is a critical time in the planning process and we want to make sure you have multiple avenues to give feedback, get your questions answered and your concerns addressed.  We have a “real” opportunity to envision and implement pocket parks, community gardens and orchards, wildlife habitats and wildflower meadows, invasive species removal, employment for our local homeless individuals, bicycle facilities, complete sidewalks, restrooms and water fountains, a rail to trail to the airport, recreation and nature trails along Williamson Creek connecting our community to McKinney Falls State Park, the Violet Crown Trail, Dick Nichols District Park, the Onion Creek Metropolitan Park and beyond. Now is the time to “Dream BIG!”.
The Watershed Protection Department is conducting a survey to develop a floodplain restoration and management plan for the floodplain buyout areas in your community. Note that these areas may be needed for a flood risk reduction project in the future.


Because the buyouts are clustered in four areas, we will have individual surveys for each of these areas. We are starting with the Richmond Tributary area near Glen Oak, Aberdeen and Emerald Wood Drive.


Take the Survey online at  www.surveymonkey.com/r/williamson-richmond 
We think the online survey will be the easiest way to take the survey for most of you. But if you would prefer to fill out a paper copy, they are available at the Manchaca Branch Library. We just want to hear from you!


Survey Deadline: Sunday, June 30, 2019


Stewardship and Maintenance
Watershed Protection manages hundreds of acres of floodplain buyout areas throughout the city, generally as natural open spaces. Maintenance includes periodic vegetation management activities and a variety of community enhancements identified by the local residents.

Natural areas help filter pollutants out of stormwater runoff, improve water quality, prevent erosion, provide habitat, and sustain a healthy floodplain. This helps us protect lives, property, and the environment by reducing the impact of flooding, erosion and water pollution. 


The buyouts were part of a two-phase project to reduce the risks associated with flooding in the Williamson Creek area. Please visit austintexas.gov/williamsoncreek to learn more about the ongoing project.
Stephanie Lott
Public Information Specialist Sr.
Watershed Protection Department
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