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  1. Last 100 for 100 was 2011. Not that hard of a work around if you want to get by.
  2. That’s silly. Texas weather has always been extreme and you’re doing it wrong if you have fewer good days than bad.
  3. The Barton Creek CC area has a nice population. A special tree that’s almost impossible to reproduce commercially. We’re lucky to ride up on them.
  4. Fruit of the Madrone? I’ve never seen that before. Can you eat it?
  5. Colors, the best time and a Black Mamba. Cool shot.
  6. Hopefully, someday…I’ll need one around here.
  7. Trophy Madrone. This is about as East as they grow around here.
  8. There’s also matching Coleman stove and lantern somewhere in the bed.
  9. I only rolled joints in my 1976 Luv.
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