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  1. Week ago in a great parking spot.
  2. https://youtu.be/IuQ037Hbito Wo fat. Big country tune.
  3. They’re all around good.
  4. Fixin to head south from Arlingfun to Port A with 3 buddies for Spring Break, 1978.
  5. Rock and Roll High School! I bet you guys were styling.
  6. I’m a fan of a bike with little travel, short WB, big brakes and capable tires. I get rad enough on mine, but I’m more of peddler than anything else around here.
  7. Winter Park recommendations? We’ll be up there for the month of September. I’ll get a SP for the park, but definitely will pedal the XC stuff too. I like a good loop. Thanks.
  8. I meant gas…
  9. Steven Tyler at his best. I’m lucky I was young in the 70’s. Cheap tickets, grass and ass.
  10. I carry car tire plugs for big holes and rim shots…
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