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  1. I can’t add photos for some reason. DM your # and I’ll send you a picture. They’re mainly different shades of gray with hardly any texture.
  2. 2’ x 2’ should be enough to cover a standard two car garage.
  3. 40 or more brand new carpet squares that need a home. I’ll take some beers for them. Thanks.
  4. Didn’t see previous post
  5. Never been happier driving to work.
  6. Sluggo

    Buds Required

    Any one hit wonder suggestions?
  7. We’re lucky our pictures survived the years.
  8. Hopefully, my new e-bike won’t jinx our rain chances.
  9. I think so. The Parmer store will have all the details.
  10. 2019’s were sold out and 2020’s were not yet available in many models.
  11. Yeti Demo 10/20, 12 to 4 from Parmer BSS.
  12. Specialized Demo at Spider Mountain this Saturday and Sunday. Anxious to hear about the new Enduro. Lift ticket not included.
  13. Sluggo

    Skiing Stuff

    Thoughts on skiing Idaho? I’ve never been, don’t know where to go and wonder if it is worth the effort to get there from atx.
  14. swayback packs are top 5 for me.
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