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  1. 24" Specialized Hotrock $125 - North Austin 7 speed Shimano grip shift, front suspension (RST Capra C7), Deore V-brakes. 11" from center of BB to top of seat tube. Bought used about 10 years ago. I believe it is a 2007 model, possibly a girl's model, previous owner had painted it black. It hasn't seen many hours since we got it. Good condition, has some dings, but shifts and brakes well. Our daughter quickly outgrew it so it has been garaged in Htown near Cypress Creek with the grandparents for when our nephew visited. He has now outgrown it.
  2. Many thanks to the trail builders! We had a great father's day ride two of us hit the blue trail and the new flow trail. Good fun! (Thanks also for the directions to the new trail)
  3. Huge cleanup of the homeless camp west of Mopac along the NCWT yesterday. I talked to one of the workers who said the were hired by the property owner. I imagine he was cited by the city. Incredible what all they had down there. Propane tanks, car ramps, oil change pans.
  4. I hear you. Afternoon in the summer it usually is pretty empty and the people on foot seem to stay off the more bikey trails. I figure anyone that hikes up power line is new to the park (or enjoys frustrating lovers of flow). I had just rolled the drop off Tar Branch last weekend to find 4 hikers in the middle of the next turn heading towards the drop. Fortunately, I slowed in time, I imagine they turned around when they got to the drop.
  5. Wish I never unloaded my old bmx bike. Panda pro am. Red line 1 piece cranks because I kept stripping out alloys. Fun times. My bianchi boss sort of gives me some of that feeling. 3 piece cranks are better now, but now I keep breaking chains.
  6. Yep, got it Last week at the Specs at Arbor Walk (N Mopac). They also had the Konverter Kolsch. Plus a crew sanitizing the fridge area. Although these brews were not in the fridge (on the end cap). Cheers!
  7. These local IPAs are a nice post wheelie practice refreshment. I hadn't seen these in the store before, nice to see Whitestone out there. Of course Real ale has been awesome for years.
  8. Someone found this during this morning's park cleanup. Let me know if it is yours and I'll get it back to you.
  9. Balcones Park to mopac is covered. If we get done in the park we will try to get to hit the mopac stretch, but I'm not optimistic. That area needs it's own it's my park day. There is probably a ton of trash, some from people throwing their crap from mopac and the rest from nearby "camping grounds".
  10. I'm open to a dropper, just haven't tried one and I don't have problems getting behind my seat. The only time I endo'd since I was a kid was when I decided to go to SPDs about 7 years ago. I decided I was too old to relearn how to stop and bail. I still use pedal straps by the way.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking just do the dropper since it is an easier swap, but when i saw the fork weight I was kind of appalled, and it seemed like a logical upgrade. I need to talk to her more about what she is experiencing with the fork. I am also just remembering when I rented a Spec. RH in Breckenridge a few years back and wished I had my rigid fork Redline. Of course now that I have the Dback I am on board with front suspension. I'm not familiar with NICA, but I think she and her roomate just joined the Mtn Bike club at their school (Colorado School of Mines)
  12. Thanks, I am on the fence on whether the upgrades make sense. I was hoping for a modest investment we could make this bike a bridge until the next one, but as I'm discovering it's getting complicated. I don't mind spending the money if it will make the bike better. Even if she gets a better bike later, she would have a spare bike if one is sidelined for maintenance, or for a friend to ride or her Dad when he visits 🙂 I keep my old bikes for the same reasons - I took my old Redline to leave up there last summer, but I brought it back since we were going to ride the Caprock trail on the way home. Installation is something I haven't factored in. She is studying Mech Engineeering and between her and her friends they can probably figure it out. Dropper routing is something I need to chase down. I found info on the forum saying it was internal routing compatible, but Specialized support told me it was not. Appreciate all the advice!
  13. Thanks for the feedback - it does seem like the best deal at this point and the adjustable travel is intriguing. She was wanting more travel, but I think a better (air) fork will get her there. She only weighs around 110 so she shouldn't be bottoming any forks!
  14. According to what I've found on the web it is 1 1/8" steerer, yes I am finding out that it would have been much better if it was a Pro as we were told. My fault for not checking it out. I will have her send me a photo as I'm finding out not everything I'm reading is correct. One forum says it is internal routing compatible, but Specialized support says it is not. I thought it was 34.9 seat tube per the specs but I just realized I misread it - thanks for catching that. I saw the PNW and it looked like a good deal! She rides a medium but is a kind of on the break point for a small size - She is 5'7".
  15. Looking for some advice - we got a 2018 Rockhopper Comp last year for my daughter who is going to school in Golden Colorado. Her previous bike was an 2003 era Gary Fisher (vbrakes era) that she had pretty much outgrown. We thought the Rockhopper was a Pro since it was set up 1X, but I found out is it a Comp by contacting Specialized with the S/N. Here is the link to the specs. https://www.specialized.com/us/en/mens-rockhopper-comp/p/128930 (note hers is has been upgraded to 1x11 (Deore XT) and Ardent tires, not sure if wheels are OEM either) She is progressing pretty rapidly, hitting the bike park and local trails often and is wanting to upgrade the fork and maybe add a dropper post. I probably should have researched more before we bought it, but we were running out of time before she left for school. I'm not a suspension savvy person, having ridden full rigid until I sprung for a Dback Carbon Comp 29er a couple of years ago, which I am very pleased with. (One of the reasons I avoided suspension was the added weight; carbon negated that concern, keeping it low tech to reduce maintenance is another). I did notice the Rockhopper seemed front heavy when I rode it and from what I have been able to find the Suntour XCM is a heavy fork around 2800 grams (6.2 lb) My Dback came with a Recon Gold RL 100 mm fork, which is around $300 and is very satisfactory for my riding. Rockshox does not have show the weight, but I found a German website that lists 1814 g. Any recommendations in that price range ($300? ) or thoughts on the following? Recon RL (Silver) 100 mm is (2025 g per the Germans) is around $250 Suntour RAIDON XC-LO-R retails for $299 (2025 g) and seems comparable, internally adjustable travel and they are offering a 25% discount which would end up being $240. Any of these would drop the fork weight about 2 lb. Dropper post selection seems kind of limited for 34.9 mm. I have no experience with these. Any recommendations for best value? Appreciate any advice.
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