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  1. There is gravel on almost every turn and climb at Muleshoe Bend. And IMO it looks like it was put there, not like it occurred naturally. Lots of fist-sized and golf-ball-sized rounded rocks, light-tan-ish color. Would look right at home on a gravel road. -cls
  2. I deserved that. Yes, those trails are remarkably well-marked and accurately-mapped. It is a fairly straightforward system, and probably hasn't changed in 10+ years either, which I'm sure helps. Thanks to whomever did all of that. Was it done recently? -cls
  3. ...for the first time. Man, that's some sweet gravel riding! -cls
  4. AB, could you please clarify something? Are you saying: MTB and MTU share the quality of doing things sans engine, but that's where the similarity ends (because the MTU folks have mad skills, etc.), or MTB folks have skill, whereas OW folks do not, or Something else? I can't tell whether your statement is praise for MTU folks, scorn for OW folks, or what. -cls
  5. Yup. The hikers and dog walkers - who all presumably hate us - are more polite and engaging than my fellow mountain bikers. In somewhat-related news - I don't see how one MTB's with earbuds in. I tried it at Slaughter Creek one deserted afternoon and took them out right after I encountered some chunk - about half a mile in. I felt disconnected, not being able to hear my tires interact with the ground. It was very unnerving. OTOH, on my road bike on the paved SWCT (starts at Govalle Park) I have no issues.
  6. Where is this alternate entrance? Asking for a friend who is no good at that step-up at the entrance by the creek. -cls
  7. Just a fact in support of the above...i saw at least one sign at the park indicating NO HIKERS. Which I think is GREATNESS. I wish I had timed the dang chair lift...it does seem pretty long but then again, as has been pointed out already, that just means you are well rested at the top, every time. Also, cell reception is good IIRC so you can Words With Friends or whatever on the way up 🙂 -cls
  8. The green run is called "Itsy Bitsy" and by my Garmin is 1.35 miles long. My fastest safe time 🙂 was 4m59s @ 16.4 mph avg moving speed, 23.6 mph max speed. Max speed was towards the end, 1.05 miles in. -cls
  9. i only rode the green today. my riding is terrible in general but today i learned in particular that i don't know how to navigate sharp turns. and i'm not talking about my little swerve-and-eat-sh*t event at the bottom after my 4th run; i'm talking about every turn on the run itself. the turns on the green run are pretty sharp and most are almost 180* but they are not tight little switchbacks. they are bermed and very deep, each turn almost has a pocket, if you know what i mean. but i was still crawling through each on e of them. or that's what it felt like, at least. i look forward to going out there and practicing more. in 6-8 weeks. no rocks or jumps on the green. just turns and rollers.
  10. i broke the end of my radius right behind my thumb. there seemed to be quite a few folks there....maybe 40-50 or so. i was able to do 4 runs in literally the time it took to ride the lift up and then do the run. there was no wait at the top or the bottom. the lift ride is slow, at least 5 mins, maybe 7-8. the lift does NOT appear to have been assembled by carnies on meth, which was something i was concerned about. it seemed very solid and quiet. half of the lift chairs have hooks on the backs. the other half have those restraint bars that swing down from overhead and run the whole width of the chair, which seats 3-4. it is arranged every-other-seat i.e bike seat, people seat, bike seat, people seat. you load your own bike at the bottom except for the first time, when they load it for you so you can see how to do it. you dont have to lift the bike too high but the hooks take some practive and i ended up grabbing my bike by the fork with my left hand and the seat stay with my right. but at the top they always unload it for you. the people up at the top were competent and really nice. -cls
  11. Well, it was a $100 day after all. $50 to get in, and $50 for the ER co-pay after I fell off my bike at the end of my 4th run. I came in too fast to the clearing where the lift is. i was headed towards going between a group of ppl and the platform. one of the ppl moved and i swerved and lost it. Just stupidity on my part. it was fun while it lasted, though - snow and all. -cls
  12. Also, you may think titanium is expensive when it is outside of your body... -cls
  13. Yeah, we all need to be reminded that we are just a bunch of flapping labia every now and then. {} -cls
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