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  1. You look at photos like this and think WE CAN BUILD THAT.
  2. I met with Erik (OP) earlier today and walked the area. He had excellent points. Some more infographics like this one could help. "Replace the base" rhymes but it's not a clear message. I knew that the side material was "road base." Most people do not. They would think that you want the entire sidewalk ripped up and replace the base material under the sidewalk.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/631976390664904/ https://www.meetup.com/mountainbikes-130/events/264629057/?fbclid=IwAR3VOvxqrD9xetSIzznslVqH8dZ6CMWoMF1aXSD3aQ3vd1TxCyItHnGtHBI Details Austin Ridge Riders and Lumber Society are building a NEW Trail on the Country Club Creek Greenbelt. This is near downtown Austin about 2 miles south of Buzz Mill. We have cleared the entire corridor so it is rideable now. We need to open up the tight spots and start working the tread. What we'll do We will be building new trail. Trail has been rough cleared and needs more stumps removed and to be opened up. We will also be starting work on the tread by moving organic matter and starting berms and such. We will be doing corridor clearing work, removing invasive trees from the trail path, cutting weeds / tree limbs. Wear closed toes shoes and work / weather appropriate clothes. Children are OK with parental supervision. There is some poison ivy so cover up if you are allergic. • What to bring Bring gloves and water (Camelbak or water bottle). ARR will provide tools (saws, loppers, shovels, etc.) and some gloves. Bring your own tools if you prefer your own. Bring your Pay Dirt form if you need Pay Dirt hours. BRING A BIKE! We are encouraging people to start riding it. That is how we find places that need work. Prefer you ride before or after trail work but some people ride during. • Important to know Please sign our on-line waiver here: https://fs27.formsite.com/eINPMl/form1/index.html ARR is YOUR Local Non-Profit Mountain Bike Education and Advocacy organization to promote mountain biking and create great trails for us to ride. While ARR membership is not required to attend the ride/clinic, we do encourage you to join. As an IMBA Club (International Mountain Biking Association), when you join IMBA and indicate The Austin Ridge Riders as your local club you will become a member of the Austin Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club! Your membership supports trail development/maintenance and mountain bike education and advocacy in and around Austin. To sign up go to Austin Ridge Riders membership (http://www.austinridgeriders.com/membership/) To get credit for pay dirt, you need to download and fill out the form. Bring it with you to have the ARR Trail Crew leader sign. https://www.tmbra.org/paydirt/paydirt.htm
  4. Bike Farm sells several e-MTB's. Not sure about rental.
  5. Summer is ending, so trail work season is kicking back into gear! The vision for Walnut trail work is a combination of routine maintenance stuff (lopping face slappers, fixing erosion/drainage issues, etc.) as well as ADDING FLOW & FUN (berms, rollers, log features) while continuing to recognize the trails' multi-use status (hikers, runners, dogs, etc.). Meet by the pool in the main parking lot. --Cullen, ARR Walnut Creek Trail Steward. Please sign up here or meetup.com so we know how many to expect. https://www.meetup.com/mountainbikes-130/events/264815260/ If you can't make this one, we also have some other upcoming days: Sat Sept 28 Build a NEW TRAIL @ Country Club Creek Greenbelt - 9am https://www.meetup.com/mountainbikes-130/events/264629057/ Sat Oct 5 8:30am Walnut https://www.meetup.com/mountainbikes-130/events/264815379/ Sat Oct 19 8:30am Walnut https://www.meetup.com/mountainbikes-130/events/264815524/ Wear sturdy boots suitable for wading in water. Bring water (hydration pack or bottle). Bring work gloves if you have them. ARR will be providing tools (shovels, Pulaskis, wheelbarrow, loppers, saws, etc) The Austin Ridge Riders is YOUR local not-for-profit Mountain Bike Club. ARR builds and maintains the sweet singletrack we all enjoy. If you are not yet a member of ARR, SIGN UP TODAY! http://www.austinridgeriders.com/membership/ To get credit for pay dirt, you need to download and fill out the form https://www.tmbra.org/paydirt/2018-2019%20paydirt%20form.pdf here. You can get ahead of next year's Pay Dirt starting now.
  6. 22 inch BMX has been a thing for 10 years now (ramping up in the last 5 or so). I still haven't seen any 22" wheel MTB's for kids. I plan on building one for my boy, but he's only 2 now, so it'll be a while. Bead seat diameter for 20" rims is 406mm. It's 451 for bmx racing "mini" bikes (and for OS20). And for 22", the BSD is 457mm. And, an interesting nugget: In the 1970s, the GRACO MX had a 22" front wheel and 20" rear (inspired I guess by motocross, where front wheels are larger). https://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/graco/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/22inchbmx/
  7. The NS CLASH frame is on sale for only $179 right now. I have an NS Surge Evo which I think is a great all-around freeride/Trail/DJ frame. It's a 17" seat tube, but it's actually a Large, so maybe the reach is too long for him. https://www.pinkbike.com/u/cmc4130/album/NS-Surge-Evo/
  8. Any of y'all ridden "old" vs "new" Trail geo on PP? It seems like longer/lower/slacker would not be faster on PP. https://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-gear/how-trail-bike-geometry-has-changed-over-the-last-2-seasons/
  9. Even though I loved my 1997 (it's sitting in the driveway with almost 300K miles), for the last several years it did indeed struggle to get up that 2222 hill west of Loop 360.
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