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  1. So there may be a legit reason that the other house is $8k lower. They may have damage or additional depreciation you don’t know about. State law requires that most house that get a reduction in the prior year lasts for another year but that doesn’t mean you get to glom onto that. If your home is higher than several other same floor plans and you haven’t improved yours then maybe you have a case but if only one floor plan is less than yours but several are similar to your value, you don’t get to go to the lowest. It’s a beating but even after a 30% increase, I’m still below what I’d sell my house for. Find several similar floor plans that are on the roll for less and you may have a case but otherwise, if you can get a few present off that may be the best you can do.
  2. My market value increased 31% in Travis near the SATN. For 2020, TCAD mostly rolled the values from 2019 due to the fight they were in with Austin Board of Realtors. Even with the increase, it is still below market and with the homestead cap of only 10%, no tax agent would take the case on a contingency. 2021 is going to be another significant increase since we had a 1997 built, 2,000 sq ft homes selling for $800k. This is not in Circle C, either.
  3. Yeah, I think I mischaracterized what I was talking about. I was using Lee's calculations for a frame size based on reach from the video above and another I got to from that one. Height in cm (178) x 2.5 = 445 RAD x 5.5. RAD was calculated based on my "knuckle height" of 87.25 cm the first several times I measured it for 480. I just redid it and it came in lower, at 85.5 which equates to 470 reach. Still significantly different than the easy "height only" calculation. I am probably still doing something wrong. Anyone have a rec on a good "fitter" in town?
  4. So I used Lee's two RAD measurement calcs and am getting wildly different values. I am 5'10" and have short legs and pretty short arms. Backstory: I dropped enough weight during covid to gift myself a new FS bike. I am coming from a 18" 2014 hardtail with 120mm RS Revelation fork. I demo'd a Revel Rascal from from Velorangutan about a month ago and while I liked it ok, I didn't love it and had some lower back pain. Two weeks ago I tried a medium Ripley and really liked it. Set a bunch of PRs on a 18 mile ride along the SATN and everything about the bike felt really good. It made me want to push and I felt solid on the bike The only issues I had with it was that maybe my sit bones were at the end of the seat, but I didn't have any discomfort, and that the cranks seemed shorter than what I am used to which made it seem harder on climbs when I got out of the saddle. Harder in the sense that I was pedaling quicker revolutions which kinda tired me out. This weekend, I tried the large Ripley and went on the same ride. I had stayed up too late the night before the ride and was almost 1mph slower. The bike felt ok but again, I didn't love it. Swapped it out for a large Occam with the big Fox 36 up front (150mm?). It was a big bike that I liked, but didn't love. I then saw this thread and used my height to calculate my RAD from my height, and ended up with a 445 RAD. This made perfect sense since I felt really good on the medium Ripley which has a 450mm reach and the large has a 475mm. The large Occam is 474. I dived a bit deeper with the Level II RAD calculation by measuring my "knuckle height" and the "neutral" RAD came in at 480, which makes the large bikes the "better" fit. I am not sure whether I should go with my gut or that since I have been on bikes that are too small for me for so long, I do not know how "right" should feel. Any ideas?
  5. Whoops. I missed the very obvious curlicue in the middle of your map that shows what you were talking about. I’ve seen it but figured it was just a crossover for the creek and never investigated on my way to Drip Drop.
  6. If you were coming from Escarpment and crossing Abilene, that’s Long Haul Trucker on Strava. The trail continues on the other side of the creek, although I don’t think I’ve never ridden in that direction, so I don’t know how visible it is. It is definitely there, though.
  7. The Bulldog NICA teams had this same issue and moved to the open parking lot and green space on the southwest corner of Beckett and Slaughter. Someone “in charge” is going to have to be the heavy and just keep reminding people until it reaches a critical mass and just happens on its own. I doubt Frank would ever say anything but maybe if he did, it would carry a bit more weight.
  8. I wear Freeriders on flat pedals. The first time I switched to clipless, I went OTB and broke my humerus at the shoulder. I’m still not quite ready to go try them again but this is quite a deal. My freeriders will give out at some point so does anyone have an opinion on how these would work on platforms only?
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