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  1. Im out here now. Nothing is primo yet and rocky areas are sketchy. Rode the following so far... DD - GTG 1/4 - GTG. Some puddles but rideable, tires not caking. East side is tacky and could use more time but rest of trail is fine. Picnic - GTG. Some wet low spots Peddlers - East side was good but I was getting too much caking riding the west side so I bailed. I’m going to put the chain up but I’m guessing someone will take it down prematurely. Suburban Ninja- GTG
  2. Fairly new stuff from AJ. I enjoy it.
  3. What he said. Got a lot of rain this morning so it was sloppy most of the day. I did walk over to 1/4 about 20 minutes ago and it was starting to look okay, so I’m hoping tomorrow morning is GTG for most trails.
  4. Added more rocks around each post which aren’t pictured here.
  5. Just pinged @HoneyBadgerabout this. Jerks!
  6. Heard there’s a tree down at wall. I won’t be able to make it out there until tomorrow morning so use caution.
  7. @rugger it’s been a shit show, largely due to the increase in riders in the past year. No IMO needed, the berms need serious work soon. I started by trying to address the bypasses (constant battle) and also worked on pulling in some of the lines that have widened significantly. Next step should be repairing drainage issues and the berms. l’ll shoot you a PM.
  8. Thanks to @horncpa for the help yesterday moving the cedar logs over to the drop on Picnic. That was an adventure! @First Bloodi was hoping to use my kayak hauling rig that I use on my gravel bike. Decided that physics would have kicked my butt. Braking would have been sketchy given the weight. Ended up using the trolley and walking the pieces.
  9. I’ll try to make it out there. I’m going to be moving a couple of 10’ cedar logs over to Picnic after work. Hoping that won’t take long. I’ll have to snap a picture of how I’m moving these things 😂
  10. Very doubtful Peddlers will be ready this afternoon.
  11. Essentially, nothing out here is primo. In fact, rocky sections are plenty slick once you’ve accumulated some moisture on your tires. With that being said, the following trails are okay to ride without damaging them... Picnic - GTG 1/4 - GTG Double Down - GTG Rim - GTG. Holy smokes that was sketchy! Peddlers - Left the chain up for now. East side rode fine although tacky, west side has some slimy areas that are getting damaged. Suburban Ninja 🥷- GTG
  12. Yea, I was out there walking at 2:30 in between meetings. Should be okay to ride tomorrow morning. Shaded parts of Quarter were slick, like almost busted my ass walking slick. East side of Quarter was sloppy still but should just be tacky tomorrow morning. Picnic was rideable. Creek crossings will muddy, but no surprise. I plan to be out there early tomorrow morning and plan to post a full report.
  13. Thanks but I took care of the two downed trees this morning. Didn’t walk all of it, so if you’re aware of any of low branches feel free to take care of them.
  14. Yep. I had someone ping me on Twitter earlier today about the downed trees. I’ll be out there in the morning to clear them.
  15. I was out there this morning inspecting trails and clearing downed trees. Trails are still muddy with numerous large puddles still present. Will need probably 2 more days for most trails.
  16. Woah, did you see that on the trail today? Now I’m over here wondering how gullible I am 🤔
  17. Anyone been out there this morning?
  18. Im in North Texas now, but from what I’ve seen posted by AJ and others conditions are still very muddy.
  19. Rode Gandalf yesterday for the first time plus the new trail. What a blast! I’ll have to say, SN may be my favorite trail in this area.
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