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  1. Thought I’d pass this along - Suntour is running a fork demo program where they prep one of their top end forks for you and send it to your door, totally free. You ride it for 3 weeks and then send it back, they cover shipping. $100 refundable deposit is the only commitment (heard its double for Seth though). I’ve heard really good things about these forks both from performance and maintenance standpoints, so I’m inclined to check this out. I have no affiliation with the company and haven’t tried the program, just thought it was cool. Program: https://www.srsuntour.us/pages/dtyd review: https://nsmb.com/articles/try-it-home-sr-suntours-fork-demo-program/#article-comments
  2. Fork sag is super hard to measure consistently and, from my experience and what I hear from lots of others including pros, pretty useless. When your fork feels good, it’s right. I’m usually at less pressure than the manufacturer’s recommendation. As for the rear, most frames are designed for 25-30% sag, so measure that and once you’re close tune based on travel used, ride feel, etc. Compression, rebound, and volume spacers play a big role, so once you’re in the ballpark with air pressure move to those.
  3. Un drank is a fine word. And I promise, if I stumble across an IPA in such a state I will remedy the situation rather than bore this board with it. My work brings me into some interesting parts of town, and I saw this custom hardtail roll by in a very out-of-place context. Unfortunately it kept rolling and all I could grab was the make and model, but if it belongs to someone out there I may be able to at least give a little direction so it can find its way home.
  4. My dad always said keep your eyes on the front hub until things level out. I try to stay on the concrete strip right next to the curb on Beauford to avoid the texture. Sorta helps... Though not long, Smokey Valley into the top of Ladera may win for steepest.
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