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  1. Definitely agree with padded gloves. Made it worse for me too
  2. Thank you both. Really badass you guys did that
  3. Just rode Peddlers and who is out there with the family digging.......Ronan. Damn, cant thank you enough.
  4. Agreed, went from 4x4 trucks for 20yrs to my VW GTI last year. Damn, didnt know driving could actually be fun
  5. Please, please dont rain too much. Only day off is tomm.
  6. Agreed. No reason whatsoever you should foot the bill for all of that. How can I get you some cash?
  7. Sooo badass. Damn, cant wait to ride next month when its dry 😉😉
  8. Ive ridden with the lumbar a few times. It's not bad now. I did play around with position and seems to be ok on lower back now. Still prefer backpack though. The Raptor 10 firs really nice compared to my old hydrapak
  9. GF's first ever mtb ride was on Peddlers. She gets excited everytime we ride. Will be taking her 10yo soon. Just bought her a little hotrock. I've had gopro on and shes excited to ride where momma rides. 😁😁
  10. I'm sure they know what their doing. 😉
  11. Something about that Tri-flow smell......puts me in a happy place. 😁 All I've ever used.
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