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  1. larlev

    2019 Specialized Fuse comp 27.5+

  2. Sweet, that's a good module
  3. Playing drums is another great stress reliever. My home "quiet" kit. Haha
  4. What gets me is that crap is steep. Gopro doesnt do it justice. Holy hell
  5. larlev

    SRAM Goes Wireless...

    Seeing as how I'm a nutjob when it comes to a messy cockpit I'd love this. Maybe when it trickles down to GX, NX
  6. In my 20's.....yes. Now at 49......hell no
  7. larlev

    Spider Mountain

    I'm from PB, sure do miss those days
  8. I almost bought a stumpjumper ST. Had same concerns with our trails not needing anything more. Went with reg Stumpy 27.5 and feel it's the perfect amount of travel.
  9. larlev

    Wow... Very nice trail website...

    Damn, that is very good. Wish I knew more about doing stuff on the web. It would be cool to see something like that
  10. I'm pretty sure we are going to RPR Sunday for sure. We've got to ride before I loose it
  11. If they dont do anything. Nail polish, sharpie and you wont know its there.
  12. larlev

    Brushy Creek

    Damn, hate hearing this. Makes my arm hair stand up just thinking about it.
  13. larlev

    Are you kidding me?

    I feel bad. GF ask me this morning " I just bought my bike, when do we get to ride". Haha I'm taking her on an urban neighborhood ride now. It will have to do