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  1. I'm not sure my relationship could survive. 不不不不不
  2. Why would you even post something like this? I dont get it
  3. We rode yesterday. Pretty damn badass now, cant imagine what it will be. Very excited
  4. Ah, the good ol Manitou fork. Had the 3 on my first stumpy. Thought it was the shick back then. Elastomers and all I'm looking for a 92 Stumpjumper now
  5. GF does use profanity when I take her on trails above her pay grade. Shes like a sailor back there. 不不不不不不
  6. We just bought a kids bike yesterday, but damn
  7. FWIW, I'm 6'1" 200 and ride large on pretty much everything. I looked at Scott's before buying stumpjumper. Definitely size large
  8. Badass. A huge thank you to Cat mtns owner. Very cool of him to let those trails get built. You guys have done a kickass job out there.
  9. Holy crap that was funny. I'm in costco.....supposedly working and busted out laughing.
  10. Haha, I bought my daughters this for when were on road trips. 不不不不不不不, it didnt go over well.
  11. I'll try it W2E next time. 2 guys passed me going that way.
  12. It's a good technical challenge. With me getting back into riding these last few months it's a great test to gauge where I'm at. Now I just need to check out the rest of what's out there.
  13. Is there a preferred direction for 1/4 notch/deception?. I started up the sidewalk from the picnic entrance.
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