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  1. Im not on Facebook. Feel free to share it though.
  2. Yeah. Its a bummer. Its a beautiful bike. But it is what it is. I put my step cast on my Chumba Stella which is my "gravel bike" sorry, im keeping it! Also, check your email.
  3. Selling my basically brand new Waltworks. I had this built up last spring. It has 5 or 6 rides total on it. I've had a back injury that has limited me to mostly road riding. I can't let this thing just sit in the garage. I'd be willing to trade for a full suspension xc bike (medium/large) and or sale the frame/complete. Frame would fit someone great between 5'8 and 6 foot. This frame is very similar to a Chumba Sendero in style. Frame: $1800 for frame/headset/seat collar Has a mix of 12 speed xt/slx drivetrain XT is shifter/rear derailler SLX is brakes (4 piston), crank, cassette Custom Onyx hubs to Stans Flow EX wheels (super boost). Custom Jen Green headbadge Fox 34 fork (130mm) (literally just installed, I had a Step cast on there but wanted more travel. Doesn't even have a ride on it). Paint is an amazing sparkle with purples/pinks in the sunlight. Has 3rd bottle cage and rack mounts. All parts were brand new. Does not come with pedals. 4k I live in Kerrville but could meet. I will be in Austin this weekend or could make other arrangements. It took 6 months of waiting and here I am with no way to really enjoy it. Walt geo.pdf
  4. The world is crazy. My Dad is looking to move out here in the next year or so. I went and looked at a house for him on Thursday after work. It had gone on the market that morning. By the time I looked at it the house had 3 all cash offers. My realtor couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. This was a $400k house. I know that is peanuts compared to Austin, but in Kerrville that is a lot of money for a house. Crazy.
  5. Totally. That would be fun. Cody, I only have 6.5 weeks left of school. It's near impossible to get a sub this year so no, I couldn't take a day. I could any other year. Also, something else we've discussed. Seasons. You've got a busy season of life right now. You'll be back. You always are.
  6. Kerrville has Schreiner Park. We've built it out and it now has 10 miles of flowy singletrack. Very similar to Walnut Creek. We have another park in town with 3 miles of singletrack that I've been slowly adding on to. Both are easily rideable by accessing the River Trail from my house. The River Trail is a paved 6ish mile trail that follows the Guadalupe. It's awesome. Flat Rock is a 25 minute drive and I hit that up pretty frequently. Fredricksburg has new trails that are 25 to 30 min away and then Hill Country SNA which is 50 min drive so more of a commitment. I've recently been road riding a lot more because I've got a compressed disk in my back and it my only real outlet of riding that doesn't hurt. Cody, I don't know if you remember saying this but you once mentioned you measured a quality road ride by the amount of cattle guard crossing on the ride (or something to that effect). Well, if that holds true we have world class road riding 🙂 . Seriously, the most dangerous thing we deal with are sheep and cattle and deer. Those things are idiots! Man, it has been a long time since I've actually been involved in a bike forum. Just like old times!
  7. Yep, Kerrville. I love it. I never thought one could actually be "proud" to be from somewhere. I thought that was something in song's or a movies or whatever. But, yeah, I am. Love my town/neighbors/school/and life here. If only we had the trails...
  8. I got my 2nd Moderna shot a couple days ago. It knocked me the hell out for about 6 hours. Like, I couldn't move and sweat and shivered and was nauseous and had ringing in my ears. Then suddenly I felt better hour by hour. By the end of the day I was only fatigued. I went to bed early and woke up feeling totally normal and went on a hard ride later that afternoon and felt great. So strange. I never got Covid that I'm aware of. Being a public school teacher and in class from day one with a classroom full of kids I feel very lucky. I can't wait to go give my Dad a HUGE hug.
  9. Fun topic. We moved from Austin 5 years ago now. Can't believe it has been that long. We straight up cashed out and sold our SW Austin (Oak Hill) house for a hell of a lot more than what we paid for it. Lady from California paid 30k over asking for cash. I wonder what it would go for today. Bottom line, my wife and I are both teachers and we were house poor. Between taxes, life, mortgage, and a kid we just couldn't get ahead. I miss my riding buddies in Austin. I get envious of all the trails. But I got to move to a cool small town and pay off a house before I turned 40. Yeah, the mtbing isn't Austin. But you make due with the cards you're dealt with. I wouldn't trade our decision at all. Austin is great to visit.
  10. Good old Hammerhead bikes. When @CBaron was drinking way too much coffee and eating way too many donuts. That shop was the best.
  11. Yeah. I saw all of it. Looked like a great trip!
  12. Too much technology for me. I have a Timex watch that tells time just fine. I was in town a few weeks back but you were on your vision quest.
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