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  1. Did someone say race on a tandem? When?
  2. Ha! Yeah. Thats right. A million American dollars. In 10s and 20s.
  3. Yeah, the rains created a fair amount of issues. Most all of it is fine now but there are a few sections that are rockier than normal. It is all kind of relative I feel like. If you compare it to City Park and the GB I'd say it's pretty similar in a lot of places but obviously nothing like Flat Rock. It's all in perspective I guess.
  4. I live close enough to check this out. If they continue to add trails it'll be awesome to add it to Flat Rock and to Hill Country SNA. Man, I could imagine an awesome loop of Bandera BP and HCSNA. People poo poo HCSNA but those are people who just don't know the route that is bike friendly.
  5. Size Medium. $1000. This is the link to the original build. https://archive.trekbikes.com/us/en/2017/Trek/stache_5#/us/en/2017/Trek/stache_5/details I'm pretty sure mine is the 18.5 but I need to double check. I'm 5'10 for reference and it fits amazingly well. Upgrades: XT brakes XT rear derailler Minion DHF front tire, Chupa rear. DT Swiss 350 Rear hub with 54 tooth ratchet upgrade New chain and shifter cable Newer bottom bracket (wheels manufacturing) Bike is in mechanically excellent condition. Paint is faded in places, especially on the bottom of the downtube from taking it in and out of my truck with the rear tailgate pad. No dents or dings on the frame. I live in Kerrville.
  6. I'll put up a proper post so as not to hijack this one, but it's a 2017.
  7. I'm about to sell my Trek Stache 5. Geared, mostly stock except xt brakes and rear derailler.
  8. I ride the roads out here occasionally, but not on this bike. I need to clear some space in the garage.
  9. $1000 obo Ti frame (stickers removed). Easton Carbon 90 fork. SRAM Apex shifters, Rival front and rear deraillers, Ultegra brakes, King headset, no name carbon post, Shimano RS 21 Wheels, speedplay pedals. The shifters and deraillers are recent. I preferred the ergonomics of the SRAM hoods. I live in Kerrville but could meet for serious buyers.
  10. $350 I'm selling my son's Spawn Savage 2.0 20 inch mountain bike. Here is a great right up about the exact same bike (and color). https://nsmb.com/articles/spawn-savage-2-0/ My son's bike is stock and all parts described in the article are the same other than the pedals. His came with plastic pedals that will come with the bike. It has some minor scratches on the paint mainly on the chainstay (I tried to show it in the pics) and a bit on the downtube, but nothing crazy. In my opinion it does need a new bottom bracket but other wise is good to go. This was a fantastic little bike and I'm glad I spent the money.
  11. Nah, I trusted the recommendations of several people and went out. It was a fantastic day on the bike. I had to continually remind my brain to ignore the water on the rocks. Never slipped a single time. It's hard for my brain to grasp! Great day on the bike for sure.
  12. The new PI knee warmers are awesome. They have a wide gripper material and stay put. Highly reccomend. Match with a pair of smartwool 12 in ski socks and youve got a great modular set up.
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