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  1. sherpaxc

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    Nah, I trusted the recommendations of several people and went out. It was a fantastic day on the bike. I had to continually remind my brain to ignore the water on the rocks. Never slipped a single time. It's hard for my brain to grasp! Great day on the bike for sure.
  2. sherpaxc

    Cold weather and shorts

    The new PI knee warmers are awesome. They have a wide gripper material and stay put. Highly reccomend. Match with a pair of smartwool 12 in ski socks and youve got a great modular set up.
  3. sherpaxc

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    Thanks yall. I will be there then. I appreciate the feedback. Gotta try out my new Ibis dv9. Just built it today.
  4. sherpaxc

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    So for sure rpr will be ok? Its a 2 hour drive for me and it would suck to get there and trash my bike.
  5. sherpaxc


    So this is my first post in these new forums. I like it. Actually Cody, I was just talking with some friends about tandem bikes today at lunch and I had mentioned that I had done a race with one. I didn't even know this was up. Really REALLY strange timing. That's a day I'll never forget. Fun times.