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  1. He is not in Texas anymore. He responded quickly.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll contact him today and post up when I hear back.
  3. Got a quote for between $360 to $420. Not sure how that compares to anything else. Just wanted to post up for reference for anyone that might search later on. Turn around time of a couple weeks (due to Thanksgiving).
  4. Oh god no. I would be in a dark place if that happened. No, Druber is going to sell me his Yeti SB5C frame/shock. I've been using it for a couple months (so like, 5 rides 🙂 ) and it has a bottom bracket issue that I'd like to get fixed up. As you can imagine, he isn't easy on his equipment. I still need to sell my Waltworks frame. I'm kind of shocked it hasn't sold. I emailed the carbon guy and he responded quickly. Waiting to hear back on a quote.
  5. I went ahead and sent an email. And yeah, you're right about the paint. Not that big of a deal. Just curious.
  6. Is there a place in Austin that does carbon repair? Need a patch job on a bottom bracket. Also, is there a place does will prep and paint a carbon frame? Thanks
  7. Sold. Went back to its homeland.
  8. I agree which is why I bought one for myself (sold). It was a fantastic bike at a fantastic price. I used it for years to commute in Austin as well. Lot's of memories on these bikes.
  9. Size Small (my wife is 5'3 and it fit her great) Totally stock except for the saddle. https://www.rei.com/product/816068/novara-randonee-bike-2014 I took a picture of the scratches. We used this for touring in France and my wife used it for commuting around town. Fantastic bike. She bought a more road oriented bike and it is just hanging in the garage so it needs to go to someone that will use it. I'm in Kerrville, not Austin.
  10. You never check your phone. That or you just hate me.
  11. Pm me and maybe we can work something out.
  12. I'm waiting to post on Pink Bike to see if I get any Austin takers 🙂
  13. Yeah, I was right on the edge of Medium/Large and Vince talked me in to a Medium. It fits just fine for what I intended. If I would've thought about running this more of a gravel bike I would've gone with a large. Both my Walt and Stella are super sexy bikes. I don't ride ugly bikes 🙂
  14. Thanks. It is a pretty fantastic bike. I really would like to have the Chumba Terlingua or a Specialized Diverge or something similar. Chumba is such a kick ass company and want to keep supporting them.
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